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龙文学校 An






二、听下面两段对话,选出一个最佳选项,每段对话读两遍。(共5分,每小题1分) 听第一段对话回答第6—7小题。

( )6.What is the woman’s favourite colour?

A.Blue. B.Black C.Red

( )7.Where are they?

A.In a park. B.In a shop C.In a school


龙文学校 An

( )8.Where is the T-shirt?

A.On the chair. B.Behind the chair. C.Under the chair.

( )9.Where are the boy’s shoes?

A.In the bag. B.Under the bed. C.In the desk

( )10.What colour are the shoes?

A.Black and purple. B.Pink and white. C.Brown and white





( )11.Scott often plays________ guitar after _________ breakfast

A.the;/ B./;/ C.a;the D.the;a

( )12.I have a big family.This is my sister_________ those are my parents

A.and B.but C.why D.or

( )13.This is my watch.Where is________ watch?

A.she B.me C.he D.her

( )14.________ your friend like tomatoes?

A.Is B.Are C.Does D.Do

( )15.How many chairs are there? _______ ten chairs.

A.There is B.There are C.It is D.They are

( )16.The girl is from_________ and she is________

A.China;Chinese B.English;England

C.American;America D.Chinese;China

( )17.Mum,_________ is my American pen pal,David.

A.these B.this C.she D.those

( )18.Can you swim,Julia?

No.I__________. __________I can skate.

A.can’t;And B.can;But C.can’t;But D.can;And

( )19.What are your_________ jobs?

A.parents B.parents’ C.parent D.parent’s

( )20.She________ she can__________ English.

A.say;speak B.speak;say C.says;speak D.says;speaks

( )21.He can’t get into the room because he________ a key

A.hasn’t got B.doesn’t C.isn’t D.aren’t

( )22.Where are the trees? They are________ the house.

A.next B.on C.under D.in front of

( )23.Have we got_________ juice?

Yes,we’ve got________ juice but we haven’t got______ milk

A.some;any;any B.any;some;any

C.any;any;some D.some;some;any

( )24.There are two________ students in our school.

A.thousand B.hundreds C.thousands D.hundreds of

( )25._________?

She’s my mother.

A.HOW is this B.What’s she C.Where’s this D.Who’s this


龙文学校 An

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后各题所给的四个选项中选择能填人相应空白处的最佳的一项。 Li Ming is a middle school student now.He’s very__.He . He often gets up at 7:(30 in the morning.:2CL He usually comes

to school at 7:do.:m He has maths,Chinese,:00

to 11:00 In the afternoon,,art,P.E and computer.He often :00.He likes playing football.He eats dinner at 6:30.Usually

he doesn’t __.He does his homework.He goes to bed at about 9:20.He .

( )26.A.beautiful B.polite C.happy D.late

( )27.A.have B.there is C.there are D.has

( )28.A.They B.He C.We D.Their

( )29.A.Then B.After C.When D.Again

( )30.A.begins B.begin C.have D.has

( )31.A.at B.from C.about D.in

( ) 32.A.1ike B.are like C.likes D.is like

( )33.A.and B.to C.with D.of

( )34.A.100k B.read C.see D.watch

( )35.A.works B.starts C.studies D.enjoys





There are some new students in my class this term.John is from Tokyo.He speaks Japanese

very well.Mike comes from New York.He is twelve years old.Kathy’s mother-town is Paris.David

lives in Toronto.He is now in our city with his parents.And the tallest girl,Vicky is from Brazil.

She likes soccer very much.The other forty students are all Chinese.They get on well with each


( )36.John is from_________ .

A.China B.Japan C.Japanese D.the USA

( )37.Where does Mike come from?

A.He comes from England. B.He is from France.

C.He comes from the USA. D.He is from Japan.

( )38.Which is NOT right?

A.David is a Canadian.

B.David’s parents are in Canada now.

C.David and his parents are all in China now.

D.David can speak English and French very well

( )39.Vicky___________

A.is short B.is from Argentina

C.likes soccer D.doesn’t like China

( )40.There are_________ students in our class.

A.forty B.forty-two C.forty-five D.forty-three


The Skyscrapers in New York City

龙文学校 An

New Y0rk is the most exciting city in the United States.It is not only the center of commerce

and business for the United States.but also one of the three“world cities”.Together with London

and Tokyo,it controls the world’s finance.There are many high-rise business buildings in this city.

People call them skyscrapers.The tallest skyscraper was the World Trade Center.It had one hun-dred and ten floors.Sadly,this building was destroyed(被摧毁)by the terrorist attack on Sept.11, 2001,and yet,the glory and image of it still remain vividly(生动地)in the memory of the world people.The Empire State Building is not as tall as the World Trade Center,but it is the tallest

building in New York City now.It has 102 floors.The skyscrapers in New York City are world-fa-mous for their grandeur and their beautiful architecture(建筑).Every year millions of people come

to visit them.

( )41.What kind of city is New York? It is

A.the biggest city B.the most beautiful city

C.the most exciting city D.the hottest city

( )42.Why is New York very important? Because________

A.it's in the middle B.it controls the world’s finance

C.it controls the world’s banks D.it has many people

( )43.How do people call those high-rise buildings? They call them

A.skyscraper B.skyscrapers C.skies D.scrapers

( )44.How many floors did the World Trade Center have? It had

A.112 B.92 C.102 D.110

( )45.What is the Empire State Building famous for? It is__________ .

A.the tallest B.beautiful and majestic

C.the greatest D.the oldest


In the world,soccer or football is the most popular sport.This is because many countries have

wonderful teams for the World Cup.The World Cup is held(举行)every four years.

To remember 2006 FIFA World Cup,children from different countries and more than 60 chil-

dren from Japanese schools came together and spent three weekends drawing a big picture called

“Dream World Cup”in Japan.The children drew animals,flowers,and people playing soccer un-

der a blue bright sky.They wished each football team good luck by drawing the flags of all the coun-

tries that took part in(参加)the World Cup in Japan and South Korea.The picture was put up in

a park near a playground in Yokohama(横滨).Some football teams will have games there.

Are you a football fan? The World Cup makes more and more people interested in football.

Teenagers like playing and watching football.Many of them love some football stars so much that

they get the pictures of their favourite players such as Figo,Oven and Pauleta.And they put up the

pictures on the wall of their rooms.That is the way to show their love for the World Cup as the

children in Japan.

( )46.If a country wants to take part in the World Cup,she must have

A.many football fans B.a very good team

C.many football players D.a big playground

( )47.The next World Cup will be held in__________

A.2010 B.2007 C.2008 D.2009

( )48.From the passage,in the picture children drew many things except(除了)

A.people playing football B.pictures of some football stars

C.a sunny sky D.flowers

龙文学校 An

( )49.In“Dream World Cup”.the children drew the flags of some countries

A.to show their love for their own(自己的)country

B.to tell the people their stories

C.to show their good wishes for the football teams

D.t0 show their new ideas about football

( )50.Many teenagers have the pictures of some football stars because

A.they are interested in football

B.they are football fans

C.they think their favourite players are great

D.all of A,B and C





6.How do I write___________ (I)homework on the computer?

7.Connect the monitor to the computer____________ (one)

8._________(final),switch on the computer

9.The________(print)is to print the document

10.How many family__________(photo)do you have at home?

A lot of

11.Who is your___________(father)best friend?

Mr Green.

12.Darning doesn’t_________ (use)a computer to do his homework

13.My good friend,Becky,often________ (download)music from the Internet

14.We don’t use the Internet___________ (do)our homework

15.Do you like_________ (play)computer games on the Internet?


16.How old are you? _________________________________

17.Have you got a computer? _________________________________

1 8.How many students are there in your class? _________________________________

1 9.What’s the weather like in winter in Beijing? _________________________________

20.What’s your favourite sport? _________________________________



龙文学校 An

________________________________ in the classroom.

22.谢谢你帮助我。________________________________ me

23.我们送给她一张音乐会票吧。Let’s ________________________________

24.咱们周日待在家里吧! ________________________________ on Sunday!

25.你愿意去钓鱼吗? ________________________________ fishing ?


Dear Robert,

How time flies! It's one year since we became(成为)penfriends.I am writing to you in my

school.It is a middle school.I am in Class 1 Grade 1.There are five teachers and forty-five

students in my class

We go to school from Monday to Friday.Usually there are four classes in the morning and three

classes in the afternoon.We often do our homework after school.I have three foreign friends at school One of them is Jack.He’s from Canada.He speaks English,French and a little Chinese.I

like to play games with my friends.We often play football.What about you? Can you tell me some-

thing about your school?


Li Fen


26.Who is the letter to? _______________________________

27.How many classes does Li Fen have in a day? _______________________________

28.When does Li Fen stay at home? _______________________________

29.Can Jack speak Chinese? _______________________________

30.Does Li Fen like sports? _______________________________


31.假设你校校刊决定举行一次以My good friend为题的英语征文比赛,请根据下列提示写一







My good friend









龙文学校 An

龙文学校 An

龙文学校 An

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