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Unit 8

Why don’t you get her a scarf?

入睡 赠送 胜于 听说 对……感兴趣 与……交友 取得进步 一个学习英语的方法 ……怎么样? 提高他们的英语 用不同的方法 参加比赛 在舞台上

来自全中国 获奖

……的获胜者 使某人对……感兴趣

鼓励某人做某事 做……是个好主意



要求某人做某事 半路 这些日子

不 必做某事 容易照顾 ……的优点

有足够的时间做…… 与某人共度


1.What should I get for sb…? 2.How about sth./doing sth.? 3.How do you like sth.? 4. What about sth./doing sth.? 5. Why don’t you buy/get…? 6. Why not buy/get…? 7. They’re too expensive/cheap/personal… 8. Great!/Good idea!/OK…. I’ll get/buy…

1. The dictionary __________ me $20. A. paid B. spent C. took D. cost 2. Mr. Lee was _______ tired that he couldn't keep his eyes _________. A. too,open B. so,closed C. too,closed D. so,open 3. --May I go now? --No. You _____ let the teacher know first. A. need B. must C. can D. may

4. Mr. Smith ________ an hour on this work. A. spent B. took C. used D. paid 5. --I called you at about half past eight last night,but nobody answered. --Oh,I ____ in my office at that time. A. will work B. was working C. worked D. had worked 6. --Why not come and join us in the game? --____. But I must go to meet Mr Smith at the airport. A. I‘d like to B. Let’s go C. Yes,please D. It's a pleasure

7. --Would you like some tea? --Yes. Just ____. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few 8. The teacher tells the students ____ in class. A. don't make faces B. not make faces C. not to make faces D. to not make faces 9. --I have finished my homework. --When ____ you ____ it? A. have;finished B. do;finish C. will;finish D. did;finish

10. What ____ good idea it is! A.a B. an C. the D. 不填 11. What should I get my mom _______ her birthday? A. for B. on C. at D. in 12. Why don't you ________ a camera? That’s too cheap. A. got B. get C. gets D. getting

13. What’s the best gift John ________ ever received? A. have B. has C. had D. having 14. When did Joe get his first gift? On his _________ birthday. A. six B. the six C. sixth D. the sixth 15. What a _________ boy! A. luck B. lucky C. luckily D. lucking

16 Who _________ the first gift to you? My mom. A. give B. gives C. gave D. giving 17. __________ are the most popular pets. A.Dog B. The Dog C. Dogs D. A dog 18. Dogs are _________ to people A. friendly B. friends C. friend D. make friends

19 Dogs are too __________ to take care of. A. more difficult B. the most difficult C. difficult 20. Mrs Green is a ___________ woman. A.30 years B. 30 year C. 30-year-old D. 30-years-old

1.Must we ________ the work at once? (start) 2.Where ________ our English teacher? (be) She ________ wi

th some students over there. (talk) 3.His work ________ at half past five. (finish) 4.What ________ your brother ________ in the USA? (do) 5.What time ________ Mr. Read ________ lunch every day? (have)

6.I ________ the washing tomorrow. (do) 7.We _________ any classes next week. (not have) 8.They all like to ________ me Bob. (call) 9.They are beginning ________ the apples. (pick) 10.I want to go to the city ___ Shanghai. (call)

1.What’s the best gift your sister has ever r____________ ? 2.Her voice s________ very sweet. 3.What p______ should I give my mother for Mother’s day? 4.Many people like to keep small animals as their p_____________. 5.I’m going to i________________ myself this year. 6.A girl n____________ Lily called you.

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