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Unit 1

1.How often does Kate go hiking?_____

I guess she‘s OK.

About an hour.

Once the week.

Twice a week.

2.There are 50 students in our class. 75% students like going hiking. What does ―75%‖ mean?

A. None of the students.

C. Most of the students. B. All the students. D.Some of the students.

3.They usually do some office work weekdays.

A. in B. on C. at D. both B and C

4.I have time to have lunch.

A. sometimes

—Every Sunday.

A. How soon

C. How much

—Once a week.

A. How much

A. sometime B. How often B. some time C. What time C. sometimes D. How long D. some times 7.I see her in the supermarket.

8.______did you watch TV?

—About two hours.

A. How far B. How often

C. How soon D. How long 9.The results ―watching TV‖ are interesting. A. at B. in

A. isn‘t never C. for D. on C. is always D. is hardly ever 10.He is a good student. He late for school. B. is often

Most students exercise three times a week.(就划线部分提问)

____ _____do most students exercise?

12.I sleep nine hours every night.(就划线部分提问)

_______ ______hours do you sleep every night?

My favorite program is Animal World.(就划线部分提问)

_______ ______your favorite program?

My sister often goes to a movie on weekends.(就划线部分提问)

_______ ______your sister often on weekends?

She sometimes does her homework at school.(就划线部分提问)

______ ______does she her homework at school?

16.—______ is ―Lucky 52‖ shown on CCTV-2?

—Every week.

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How many times

17.—How was the weather yesterday?

—It was terrible. It rained ______. People could go out.

A. hardly; hardly B. hard; hard C. hard; hardly D. hardly; hard

18.----______ ______do you exercise?

—Four times a week.

B. How many times D. How often B. hard C. hardly D. already 5.________do you go shopping? 6.______do you have a class meeting?

A. How much B. How often C. How long D. How many

19.My father plays basketball ____________ (two) a week.

20.Jodie often ____________ (exercise) in the park.

21.Maria is ____________ (act) at school.

22.He ____________ (watch) TV every night.

23.How often does your mother exercise?

—____________ (one) a week.











31.Children like drinking ____________ (牛奶).

32.What would you like, ____________ (咖啡)or cola?

33.ating a lot of fruits is good for our h____________.

34.There are some ____________ (不同) between you and me.

35.吃得太多有害于我们的健康。(be good for?)


36.我将尽力把这份工作干好。(try to do sth.)




38.我有许多作业要做。(a lot of/ lots of)


39.虽然他已80岁了,但他还相当健康。(although/ though)


40.My mother told me ________ you anything.

A. tell not

A. don‘t make B. not tell C. to not tell B. not to make

D. not to tell D. to not make 41.―I‘ll try mistakes again. ‖She said. C. not make 42.Would you like to eat? A. something healthy B. anything healthy D. healthy something

C. is bad for D. is good to C. something health A. is bad to

A. Because 43.Doing morning exercises your health. B. is good for 44.______he works very hard, he fails. B. Since C. if D. Although

45.A lot of vegetables help you ____________ (keep) in good health.

46.My mother wants me ____________ (drink) some milk every day.

47.His ____________ (eat) habits are pretty good, so he‘s very healthy.

48.You must try ____________ (eat) less meat.

49.Good sleep can help you to study ____________ (well).



Running every day is ____________ ____________ our health.


I ____________ ____________ ____________ a lot of vegetables.

53.我健康的生活方式帮着我取得好成绩。 My mother wants me ____________ ____________ ____________ every day.

My healthy lifestyle helps me ____________ ____________ ____________.


I‘m ____________ ____________.


____________ ____________ do you eat ____________ food?

56.You are so busy. What do you want me ________ for you?

A. do B. done C. to do D. doing

57.Alice was ill, so her mother ________ her at home.

A. took after B. looked for C. looked after D. took care Unit 2

58.得(病),患(病) ____________ (单数第三人称) ____________

59.脚,足____________ (复数形式) ____________

60.胃,肚子____________ (复数形式) ____________

61.牙齿____________ (复数形式) ____________

62.疾病____________ (形容词) ____________





67.have a cold____________________

68.have a headache___________________

69.have a sore back____________________

70.hot tea with honey____________________


—I have a headache.

A. What's the matter, Judy?

C. Who are you?

A. needed to B. Where are you, Judy? D. What are you doing, Judy?

C. have to D. has to C. well in D. good for 72.He ________ stay at home and look after his mother yesterday. B. musted B. bad at

73.I think walking is ________ our health. A. good at 74.We should not eat ________ junk food. A. too many B. too much

75.How is the young man?


A. He is twelve.

B. He's much better. D. He's Allan. C. He is a doctor. C. many too D. much too

76.I ____________ (have) a fever today.

77.____________ he ____________(have)a sore back?

78.His mother should ____________ (lie) down and ____________ (rest).

79.He shouldn‘t eat ____________ (something).

80.I hope you feel ____________ (well) soon.













86.He has a fever. (就划线部分提问)

__________ __________ __________ with him?

87.Tom should eat something. (变成否定句)

Tom __________ eat __________.

88.My headache started two days ago. (就划线部分提问)

__________ __________ your headache __________?

89.I have a cold. (变成一般疑问句)

__________ you __________ a cold?

90.She has a toothache. (变成否定句)

She __________ __________ a toothache.

91.It's very cold. There is ________ snow on the road.

A. much too B. too much C. very much

92.Did you ________ some medicine?

A. take B. eat C. drink

93.Are you feeling ________ today?

A. better B. good C. well

94.What's ________ you?

A. matter with B. matter of C. the matter with

95.________ you have a sore throat?

A. Do

A. should B. Are C. Can B. shouldn‘t 96.You be quiet when you are in the reading room. (2006年,沈阳) C. can D. can‘t

97.Mom, I play computer games?

—Yes, you can. But you have to finish your homework first. (2006年,北京)

A. must B. may C. will D. need

98.What‘s the matter with you? (2005年,天津)

—I caught bad cold and had to stay in bed.

A. a; / B. a; the C. a; a

99.I have got a bad cold. I feel terrible.


A. All right.

C. Sorry to hear that. B. Is that so? D. I‘m afraid so. D. the; the

100.I want to drink some water I‘m very t____________.

101.It‘s best to go to bed ____________ (早早地).

102.I ____________ (相信) I can pass the tests.

103.Take some m____________, you‘ll be better.

104.It‘s i____________ to eat breakfast every day.

105.My brother isn‘t at home at the m____________.

106.Don‘t get a____________ with your little sister.

107.He didn‘t go to bed u____________ he finished his homework.


109.stressed out____________________


111.Traditional Chinese doctors____________________


113.Chinese medicine____________________


115.host family____________________


You __________ __________ late.


He shouldn‘t watch TV __________ __________.


__________ after dinner__________ __________ for us.


__________ __________ to have a healthy lifestyle.


I‘m__________ __________ this year.

121.there is (few ,a few,little,a little )meat in the fridge. I have to buy some. 122.They spent (few ,a few,little,a little )hours doing the work.

B C.

123.There are (too much, too many,much too) books on the desk.

124.That‘s (too much, too many,much too)interesting,

125.It's important to eat a ________ diet.

A. balanced

A.too much B. balance B. too many

B. nothing for C. balancing D. balances D. many too 126.My mother is busy. She has housework to do. C. much too 127.You should not eat ________ 24 hours. A. something in

128.My mother is ill.


A. Don't worry.

B. No hurry. D. OK. C. I'm sorry to hear that. C. anything for D. everything at

129.I feel stressed out. I have so much work to do every day.

—You'd better not work too hard. It's good for you to take some ________, I think.

A. health B. exercise C. lesson D. work

130.Do you have water? I‘m ____________ (thirst).

131.He can‘t sleep (入睡). He gets too ____________ out. (stress)

132.______ (tradition)Chinese doctors think it‘s important to keep the balance of yin and yang. 133.England is a ____________ country. (west)

134He ____________ tired after a long walk yesterday. (get)

135.It‘s ____________ learn English well. (importance)


We need ____________ ____________ ____________ yin and yang. 137.或许你体内的“阴”太多。

____________ You have ____________ ____________ yin.


____________ Dangshen and Huangqi is ____________ ____________ this. 139.饮食平衡很重要。

____________ ____________ to eat a balanced diet.


I ____________ think my Putonghua ____________ ____________. 141.听到你不舒服我很难过。

I‘m ____________ ____________ ____________ that you‘re not feeling well. 142.This kind of cake looks and smells .

A. good, well

C. good, good

A. eyes

A. for

A. too much

A. It‘s

A. few B. well, good D. well, well C. mouth D. ears C. as D. and 143.I have to speak to my grandpa loudly because something is wrong with his . B. legs B. like 144.Chinese doctors believe that they should eat more foods tofu. 145.You shouldn‘t drink water before sleep. B. much too B. That‘s C. too many D. too less C. They‘re D. This is C. little D. a little important to exercise every day. 146.There is nothing for dinner, so I have to buy things at the 147.supermarket. B. a few

148—Who is the girl standing over there?

—Well, if you know, her name is Joe.

A. must

A. listens to B. may C. can D. shall D. hears of 149.He the radio every morning. B. listens C. hears

150.The now is that we have lots of to ask. A. question; problem B. question; problems

C. problem; questions D. problem; question

151.He speaks very good English but he knows English people.

A. few B. little C. a few

B. many advices D. a little D. an advice 152.Mrs Jenny gave us on how to learn English well. A. some advices C. some advice

153.—Why don‘t you go to the shop on foot?

—It takes me time.

A. much too B. too much C. very much D. too many 154.They are (plan) to go to Hong Kong for vacation.

155.She‘s (leave) for Hong Kong on Tuesday.

156.I want (ask) you about places to visit in China.

157.A doctor can (give) you medicine.

158.Thanks for (look) after my dogs these days.

159.Grandpa is pretty healthy because he (exercise) every day. 160.Good food and exercise help me (study) better. 161.She often (go) to the movies.

162.I (ask) him a question and he answered me.

163.I watch TV once or (two) a week.


165.Doing eye exercises your eyes.


is easy have a healthy lifestyle.


I like hot tea honey.


When you there?


He took a vacation America last summer.



172.go (过去式)







179.should not(缩写形式)


181.发送;寄 ____________ (过去式) ____________






187.How long____________________

188.babysit her sister____________________

189.on the 12th____________________

190.go away____________________

191.send me a postcard_______________

192.你将去哪里度假?( for vacation)


193.那里的天气怎么样?(how )


194.谁将和你一起去(go with)


195.你将呆多久?(how long)


196.他将周六钓鱼。(go fishing)


197.Susan‘s ______ after supper.

A. takes walks B. take a walk

198.—How about ______? A. to go bike riding B. going bike to ride

199. I‘m sorry I forgot ______ the letter for you!

200.It doesn‘t matter, I‘ll post it myself.

A. to post B. posting

C. post C. takeing walks D. taking walks D. posted 201.She looks ______ because she has a ______ vacation. A. relaxed, relaxed C. relaxed, relaxing B. relaxing, relaxing D. relaxing, relaxed

202.He‘s ____________ (plan) his vacation to Qing dao this summer.

203.My father wants to go bike ____________ (ride) for vacation.

204.I thought about ____________ (visit) her.

205.He plans to have a very ____________ (relax) and ____________ (excite) vacation. 206.I‘m taking walks and going ____________ (fish) there.


Would you like ____________ ____________ ____________ with me?


My mother is ____________ ____________ Beijing.


He plans to ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________.


I want to eat ____________ ____________.

211.They are ______.

A. staying walk

A. What B. going walks B. How

C. taking walks D. going walk D. Who 212.______ is the weather today? C. Which 213.There is ______ for him to do today. A. something important B. important something D. important anything C. anything important

A. come

A. out 214.How about ______ with us to the Great Wall? B. comes C. came D. coming B. of

B. on hike

C. about D. for D. on hiking 215.I am thinking ______ what to do next. 216.They decided ______ in the mountains . A. hiking C. to hike B. unusual something D. unusual anything

C. leaves D. left 217.Did you find ? A. something unusual C. anything unusual A. forgets 218.He is so careless that he always his school things at home. B. forget

219.It Yang Liwei about 21 hours the earth 14times in his spaceship A. spent, circling C. spent, to travel

—About trree weeks.

A. how long B. how far C. how soon D. how often

B. took, travelling D. took, to circle 220. —Could you tell me you‘ll be away?

221. There is in the art exhibition. Please come and visit it.

A. something new B. nothing new C. new something D. new things




1.最舒适的座位 2. the biggest screens 3. so far 4.最好的服装店 5.最差的音乐


6.I have two _________ (票)to the basketball match.

7. Tam listens very c_________ in class. All the teachers like him.

8. That restaurant has good s _________ .

9. (2012,贵州铜仁)He can speak English _________ (更好 地)than I.

10. The supermarket has the _________ (最新鲜的) fruit.


11. Thanks for _________ (help) me.

12. His brother is a _________ report).

13: This coat is _________ (expensive)than That one.

14. You can sit the most _________ (comfortable) at Sun Cinema.

15一What do you think of Funky Fashions? 一I think it‘s the _________ (bad).It has really bad service . 单项选择

16. The People‘s Cinema is close _________ my home.

A. in B, out C. to D. of

17. _________ is the coat?

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How often

18一 _________ is it from your home to school? 一Ten minutes by bus.

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How long

19. FM 97. 4 is the best_ _________ . Lt plays popular music every day.

A. fast food restaurant $. Clothing store C. radio station D. music store

20. (2012,广西桂林)The red pencil is _________ than the green one.

A. short B. shorter C. nice D. the shortest

21: You can buy ticket _________ here.

A. the most quick B. the more quick C. the most quickly D. the more quickly

22..1 like the Big Screen Complex because it has _________ screen.

A. bigger B. the worst C. the biggest D. worst

23.—The weather is _________ today than yesterday.

A. bad B. worse C. badder D. badly

24: Which is__________season in Beijing?

better B. best C. the best D. good

25. (2012,福建福州)Shu-how Lin is now one of _________ basketball players in the NBA.

A. popular B, more popular C. the most popular


26.It is about three miles from the market to the hospital.(对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ is it from the market to the hospital?

27. Movie World has big screens. Town Cinema has bigger screens.(合并成一句)

Town Cinema has__________ screens_ _________ Movie World.

28.Trendy Teens is the best clothes store in town.(对线部分提问)

_________ is the best clothes store in town?

29. This red jacket is cheaper than that blue one.(改为同义句)

That blue jacket is _________ _________ than this red one.

30. Jim is taller than the other two.(改为同义句)

Jim is _________ _________ of the three.



36.My mom is _________ (busy) in my family.

37.Which clothes store is__________ (good),Trendy Teens or Jason‘s?

38. Which city is _________ (beautiful),Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou?

39. She is _________ (old) of us all.

40. What‘s _________ (bad) radio station in town?

41.Oldies 102. 1 FM is _________ (bad) than All Talk 970 AM.

42. Which is _________ (big) of the five ( oranges?

43. Movie Palace has_ ________________ (comfortable) seats of the three.

44.0f all the boxes this one is _________ (heavy).

45.1 want to learn science hard. I think it is _________ (difficult) of all.

Section B&Self Check


荃础知识 (一)基本词汇

天资;天赋 2. common 3.role 4.给 5.实例 6.获胜者 7. prize

基本短语 8.有共同特征 9.be up to l0.make up 11.认真对待 12.寻找 13. be good at 1 4.play a role 15.(梦想)实现 基本句式


Who is _________ _________ _________ ?


They _________ _________ _________ _________ in deciding the winner.


Talent shows are getting _________ _________ _________ _________。


What do you_ _________ _________ the shows?


Who sings _________ _________ _________ ?


21.Tom is very _________ (有创造力的).

22.Not e _________ likes watching TV.

23.Lucy gets a good _________ (奖品).

24.Bill Gates often helps the p _________ in Africa.

25. His mother is s _________ ill.


,6 .The girl is a good _________ (perform).

27. Mr Brown is _________ (funny) of all the teachers.

28.The _________ (win) in the talent shows get good prizes.

29.Chen Daoming is one of the best _________ (act)in China.

30. His dream _________ _________ (come true) at last with his great effort.


31.(2012,山东临沂)English is my favorite subject, and I am good _________ it.

A. for B. to C, at D. of

32.All these talent shows have one thing _________ comcmon.

A. on B. in C. at D. for

33.Our teacher asked us to_ _________ a story about the moon.

A. make up B. make of C. make in D. make out

34.It‘s fun _________ the talent show.

A. watch B, to watch C, watched D. watches

35.There are _________ school things in the store.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. different kind of D. all kinds of

36.Do you enjoy_ _________ English stories?

A. read B, to read C. reading D. reads

37. His dog is lost(丢了).He is_ _________ it .

A. looking for B. finding C. finding out D. looking at

38.The students take the exams__________ .

A. serious B. seriously C. bad D. worse

39.(2012,四)1l广安)-What a nice watch it is! 一Yes. It‘s _________ one of all.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. the most expensive

40.We decide _________ to Beijing tomorrow.

A. going B. go C. to go D. goes

41.They make the little boy_ _________ the room every day

A. cleans B. clean C. to clean D. cleaning

42.Parents play a role in _________ their children.

A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching

43.Our city is becoming _________ .

A. more and most beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful

44.Which subject is_ _________ of all?

A. the most interested B. the most interesting C. the more interested D. the more interesting

45. (2012,贵州毕节)When winter comes, days get _________ .

A. long and long B. short and short C. longer and longer D. shorter and shorter


46.Funky Fashions has the worst clothes in town.(改哭 一般疑问句)

_________ Funky Fashions _________ the worst clothes in town?

47,Mike‘s hair is 5 cm long. Jack‘s hair is 6 cm long.(合 并为一句)

Mike‘s hair is _________ _________ _________ .

48.It costs about 180 yuan for a night in the hotel.(对画 线部分提问)

_________ _________ does it _________ for a night in the hotel?

49.1 think Jason‘s has the best clothes in town.(改为圣 定句)

I _________think Jason‘s _________ he best clothes in town.

50. This jacket is cheaper than that one.(改为同义句)

That jacket is_ _________ _________ than this one.

51. The tall boy wins the game.(改为同义句)

The _________ _________ the game is the tall boy.

七 根据所给汉语完成句子

52. Jasper‘s has the_ _________ (最友好的)service.

53. Hotels usually __________________ (降低它们的价格) in winter.

54. 1 think Cride Theater has __________________ (最舒适的)seats.

55, The Art Festival _________________________ 持续了 大约10天).

56. The moon cakes are very delicious,but I can‘t _________ (再吃).



1. (2013,广东模拟)It‘s getting _________ . We should go now.

A. dark and dark B. more and more dark C. darker and darker D. more and more darker

2.(2011,广东清远)Li Hua studies English very ___ and her English is __ _____ in her class.

A. careful,good B. carefully, well C, careful,best D. carefully,the best

3.(2011,河北)Of all the subiects, chemistry seems to be _________ `for me.

A. difficult B. too difficult C, more difficult D. the most difficult

4.(2011,四川南充)China is one of _________ countries in the world.

A. larger B. largest C. the largest

5. (2011,黑龙江绥化)(陷阱题)Li Kai jumped the _________ in the long jump. He won the game.

A. farthest B. highest C. longest

6, (2012,贵州黔西南)-Which city has _________ popultion, Beijing,Guiyang or Xingyi?

一Xingyi,of course.

the largest B. the smallest C. the most D. the least


Which lesson is__________ (difficult) in Book 2?

Alice writes __________________ (carefully) than I.

This story is __________________ (interesting) than that one.

He is __________________ (clever) boy in the class.

This kind of food must be __________________ (delicious) than that one.

Can you show me_ _________ (near) shop?

Who‘s __________________ ,(careful),Tom,Jim or Kate?

That is __________________ (easy) of all.

That was one of. __________________ (exciting) moments in 2013.



1 .The weather in Beijing is colder than _________

A. of Wuhan B. W uhan C. that in W uhan D. that of Wuhan

2. _________ classroom is much smaller than _________ 。

A. Our;their B. Ours;theirs C. Our; theirs D. Ours;their

3. Xiao Li is the _________ of them two.

A. tall . B. taller C. tallest D. more tall

4‖ How time flies!Ten years_ _________ passed.

have、B. has C. is·D. are

5. It‘s about 20 minutes‘ walk to the farthest restaurant. (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ is it to the farthest restaurant ?


6.(2012,山冻济南)-Sonia, do you think you are differem from Linda?

一Yes. I‘m _________ _at drawing than her.

better B. good C. well D. best

7.(2o12 山东济宁)In the talent show, I performed well and Ann did even _________ .

A. Well B. better C. more D, worse

8. (2012,天津)Who listens _________ , Corn ,Jack or Bill?

A. the most carefully B. more carefully C. the most careful D. more careful

9. (2012,湖南岳阳)Wembley Stadium(温布利大球场)is one of the _________ soccer fields in the world. It will be the place for soccer matches during the Olympics next month.

A. famous B. more famous C. most famous

10. (2012,贵州六盘水)It‘s summer now; the weather is getting _________ .

A. higher and higher B. lower and lower C. hotter and hotter D. colder and colder

Unit 5


What _____ Maria think of Ann?

A.does B.do C.is

Henry doesn‘t like the movie, I don‘t _____.

A.too B.either C.also

--Do you enjoy _____ to classical music?

--Yes, I do.

A.listening B.listen C.listens

--_____ shall we meet in the park?

--What about half past six?

A.What B.Where C.When

My sister didn‘t have a great summer. I didn‘t have a great summer, _____.

A.too B.either C.also

I don‘t like Jackie. _____, I don‘t like action movies.

A.In fact B.At fact C.On fact

Mrs Smith always wears _____ sunglasses.

A.a B.one C.a pair of

The sports report is really boring. I can‘t _____ it.

A.mind B.like C.stand

My friend bought new earrings. She likes _____ very much.

A.it B.them C.me

--What do you _____ the ring?

--I like the ring.

A.think of B.like C.think

I like this watch. _____ your brother?

A.Do B.Does C.What about

Thanks for _____ me the story.

A.ask B.tell C.telling

_____ do you _____ Shanghai?

A.How;think of B.What;think of C.How;think

Each of the students _____ a photo.

A.has B.have C.don‘t have

Do you know he was a _____ boy?

A.ten years old B.ten-years-old C.ten-year-old


Mr Green works in an office. Every morning he had __1___ with his family at half past seven, __2___ his newspaper, drank a cup of coffee, and then __3___ his house at eight o‘clock and ___4__ the bus to work.

One morning he was sitting ___5__ at the breakfast table and reading his newspaper at five past eight. He asked his wife for ___6__ cup of coffee. ―One more?‖she asked. ―But don‘t you ___7__ to the office today? __8___ you have a holiday?‖ ―The office?‖ he looked up from his ___9__ and said, ―I thought I ___10__ the office.‖

A.breakfast B.lunch C.dinner

A.watched B.saw C.read

A.leave B.leaving C.left

A.made B.took C.had

A.happy B.sad C.happily

A.other B.another C.the other

A.going B.to go C.go

A.Do B.Did C.Are

A.book B.magazine C.newspaper

A.was in B.were in C.lived



Host:Welcome to 8 o‘clock Face to Face. Tonight we are talking to Linda, a 14-year-old girl. Welcome to the show, Linda.

Linda:Thank you.

Host:Do you like to watch TV?

Linda:Yes, I like to watch TV very much.

Host:What do you think of soap operas?

Linda:Oh, I love them.

Host:Me, too. And how about sports shows?

Linda:I don‘ mind them.

Host:Really? And what do you think of sitcoms?

Linda:I don‘t like them.

Host:And talk shows?

Linda:That‘s great! I like them.

Host:And what do you think of the game shows?

Linda:Oh, I can‘t stand them. They‘re so boring.

Host:OK! That was interesting. Thanks for joining us.


Linda doesn‘t like to watch TV.

Linda likes soap operas very much.

Linda doesn‘t mind sitcoms.

Linda also likes talk shows.

Linda can‘t stand game shows.


My name is Gina. I like comedies very much. But my parents don‘t like them. They like documentaries. They don‘t think comedies are interesting, and I think comedies are boring. So I never go to the movies with my parents. I often go to the movies with my good friends.

John is my friend. Tom Hanks is his favorite actor. He collects the pictures, reports, and movie VCDs of him. But I love Harrison Ford best. He‘s old but attractive(吸引人的). My cousin Ann also loves Harrison Ford. Ann and I have many things in common. For example, we both like comedies. And we also like thrillers, though they‘re so scary.

Gina‘s parents like _____.

A.comedies B.documentaries C.both A and B

Gina thinks documentaries _____.

A.boring B.interesting C.fun

John _____ Tom Hanks.

A.doesn‘t like B.can‘t stand C.likes

Ann _____ Harrison Ford.

A.loves B.doesn‘t mind C.hates

The _____ are scary, but Gina likes them.

A.comedies B.action movies C.thrillers


Mary loves her belt very much.(对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ Mary _____ _____ her belt?

Mike is a boy of twelve.(改为同义句)

Mike is a __________ boy.

Why not have a party?(改为同义句)

_____ _____ _____ a party?

What do you think of the pen?(改为同义句)

_____ do you _____ the pen?

I think this picture is beautiful.(对划线部分提问)

What _____ you _____ _____ this picture?


一. 单项选择 (每小题1分,共15分)


1.—How are you going to be ?

—I‘m going to practice basketball every day.

A. a basketball player B. a teacher C. a pianist D. a pilot

2. — does he want to be when he ?

—He wants to be a computer programmer.

A. What, grows up B. How, grows up X Kb1. Co m

C. What, grow up D. How, grow up

3. The boy wants to be a(n) . He studies math really hard.

A. writer B. cleaner C. engineer D. artist

4.— My New Year‘s resolution is to travel to Qingdao.

— .

A. That sounds great B. Sorry to hear that C. Sure D. I‘d love to

5.—Is she going to be actor?

—Yes. She is taking lessons on weekends now.

A. a, actor B. an, actor C. an, acting D. a, action

6. —Where is Linda?

— She may be at home. But I‘m not sure it.

A. at B. about C. with D. in

7. This is an important problem. Please .

A. write it down B. write down it C. write it in D. write in it

8. — are you going to visit your uncle?— Next week.

A. Where B. Who C. Why D. When

9. My grandfather me a postcard from New York last week.

A. gave B. sent C. passed D. borrowed

10. —What is a resolution?—It‘s .

A. a promise B. an action C. a message D. a letter

11. the beginning of the term, my mother bought me a new schoolbag.

A. With B. On C. At D. By

12.His resolution the life in the next year.

A. has to do with B. is good at C. is next to D. cross from

13. You are coughing! You should take some .

A. medicine B. meat C. hamburgers D. juice

14. I want to go to the movie tonight. But my parents don‘t agree me.[来源:学|科|网]

A. with B. on C. at D. in w W w .x K b 1.c o M

15. —What‘s your ?— I like swimming.

A. hobby B. name C. age D. habit

二. 完形填空 (每小题1分,共10分)


Kate‘s brother Danny 16 some New Year‘s resolutions this year. 17 , he is going to learn 18 the guitar. She is going to take the guitar lessons 19 practice every day. Next he wants to get good 20 . He is going to study 21 and he is going to do all his homework 22 he watches TV. Finally, he wants to learn 23 new language. He is going to buy some 24 CDs and practice 25 at home every morning.

( ) 16. A. made

( ) 17. A. First

( ) 18. A. play

( ) 20. A. lesson

( ) 22. A. when

( ) 24. A. Japan

( ) 25. A. they


1. 李伟昨天制定了他的新年计划。

Li Wei his New Year‘s yesterday.

2. 他打算怎样成为一名职业篮球运动员?

is he going to a basketball player?


The best is to have no . http://www .xkb1.com

4. 我打算努力学习并取得好成绩。 I am going to study and good grades.


are you to do next year?


1. He is going to go to a cooking school. (对划线部分提问)

is he going to ?

2.My father wants to be a pilot. (写出一般疑问句)

your father to be a pilot?

3.It‘s a good time to make resolutions at the beginning of the year.(写出同义句)

The of the year is a good time for resolutions.

4.Will you make a model plane for her? (写出同义句)

you to make a model plane for her?

5.The resolution is so hard that he can‘t keep it. (写出同义句)

The resolution is hard for him keep.

Unit 7

Ⅰ. 词汇(10分)

A) 根据括号内所给的汉语提示填空。

1. How many new ___________ (建筑物) are there in your city this year?

2. It is ___________ (不可能的) for us to finish the work in such a short time.

B. make C. is make D. making D. Last B. Second C. Third D. and C. grades D. record D. cooler B. playing C. to play D. plays B. class ( ) 19. A. but B. or C. then ( ) 21. A. harder B. worse C. more beautiful B. as C. if D. before D. / C. them ( ) 23. A. an B. a C. the B. their B. Japanese C. China D. America D. theirs

3. That baby is able to ___________ (穿衣) himself now.

4. What will our life be like ___________ (在将来)?

5. ___________ (好像) they have known our new address.

B) 用括号中所给词语的适当形式填空。

6. I hear a great ___________ (science) will give us a talk tomorrow.

7. I think I can do all the housework by ___________ (I).

8. Computers can‘t take the place of ___________ (human) completely.

9. We must try our best to save water and ___________ (electric).

10. Would you like to go ___________ (skate) with us this weekend?

Ⅱ. 根据要求完成句子(5分)

11. There will be a sports meeting this weekend. (改为同义句)

There ___________ ___________ ___________ be a sports meeting this week.

12. I think Sally will be a doctor in five years.(对画线部分提问)

___________ ___________ you think Sally ___________ ___________ in five years?

13. There will be fewer people in 100 years. (改为一般疑问句)

___________ there ___________ fewer people in 100 years?

14. There won‘t be any paper money. (改为同义句)

There will be ___________ ___________ money.

15. My classmates often help me learn English. (改为同义句)

My classmates often ___________ me ___________ my English.

Ⅲ. 完成句子(5分)

16. 凯蒂不能参加运动会了。

Kitty ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ take part in the sports meeting.

17. 昨天有好几百人来我们学校参观。

___________ ___________ people came to visit our school yesterday.

18. 彼得在上海找到了一份工作,他不得不在那里独自生活。

Peter finds a job in Shanghai, so he has to ___________ there___________.

19. 我们家乡的污染没有以前严重了。

There is ___________ ___________ in our hometown than before.

20. 十年后你会是什么样子?

How ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ in ten years?

Ⅳ. 从方框中选择合适的句子完成对话。(有两项多余)(10分)

David (D) and Tina (T) are talking about what they are going to do in the future.

T: What are you going to do after leaving school?

D: I like to visit different places. (21) __________

T: (22) __________

D: Of course I do.

T: That‘s good. You are good at spoken English. (23) __________

D: Really? I‘m trying to learn it better. (24) __________

T: Maybe I‘ll be a PE teacher. I feel like playing all kinds of games with children.

D: (25) __________

T: Yes. I hope my students will like me.

D: Good luck!

Ⅴ. 单项选择(10分)

( ) 26. It ________ us nearly a whole day to finish the work.

A. used

A. few B. cost B. little C. took C. a few D. spent D. a little ( ) 27. There is ________ water in the jar, is there?

( ) 28. This basket is ________ than that one. You can carry the light one.

A. more heavier B. much heavy C. much heavier D. very heavier

( ) 29. It‘s polite ________ the old. We should learn from you.

A. of you to help B. for you to help

A. thousands of B. thousand of

A. will have B. will be C. of you helpingD. for you helping C. thousands C. will hold D. thousand D. has ( ) 30. There are three ________ students in their school. ( ) 31. There ________ an important meeting this afternoon. All of you should attend it.

( ) 32. —________ will you come back from your work, Dad?

—In about half an hour, dear.

A. How long

A. work

A. to watch B. How often B. to work C. What time D. How soon ( ) 33. The boss makes the workers ________ long hours every day. C. works D. working ( ) 34. We had fun ________ the robots do many different kinds of things. B. watched C. watching D. watches

( ) 35. —Will you please ________ do that?

—OK, I won‘t.

A. won‘t B. not C. don‘t D. can‘t

Ⅵ. 完形填空(10分)

Mike loves ships so much. When he was a child, he said, ―I‘m going to be a soldier.‖ But later, he found his eyes were not very __36__. He said, ―I‘m going to __37__ a small boat and travel around the world.‖ But boats were very expensive, he didn‘t have enough __38__.

Last summer Mike found a swimming __39__ near his house. The swimming lessons did not cost __40__, so Mike began to go swimming every weekend and have __41__.

One day, a little boy in that school asked him, ―How can you __42__ so well?‖ With a smile, Mike told the boy, ―__43__ I‘m in the water, I say to myself, ?There is a __44__ boat in front of me. If I __45__ it, it will be mine!‘ Then I‘ll get very excited, and swim very fast.‖

( ) 36. A. big B. beautiful

( ) 37. A. buy B. make

( ) 38. A. food B. work

( ) 40. A. much B. little

( ) 42. A. travel B. make

( ) 43. A. If C. good D. strong C. borrow D. by C. time C. many D. money D. pool D. any D. games ( ) 39. A. park B. school C. farm ( ) 41. A. meals B. lessons C. talks C. do D. swim

C. dangerous

D. pick D. different B. When C. Though D. Where C. build ( ) 44. A. interesting B. beautiful ( ) 45. A. see B. catch

Ⅶ. 阅读理解(20分)

Most people have jobs. They go to work nearly every day. Some people are lucky. They have very interesting jobs.

The most interesting jobs are often the most difficult ones. People take a long time to learn how to do them. For example, to be a doctor, one should study for at least five years.

Some young people have interesting and high-pay jobs. Many young players do their work successfully. Football and tennis players are usually

under 35 years old, for older people cannot play these sports very well. They cannot move fast enough. Golf, however, is a good sport for older people. Many golf players are quite old, but they play it very well.

Most people work until they are about 60 years old. Then they retire(退休) and have a lot of free time. Some people never retire. These people usually have very interesting jobs. Writers, artists, scientists and actors usually work till old.


46. Some ___________ people have interesting jobs, ___________ most people don‘t have such a good luck.

47. Some jobs ___________ a long time to learn because they are ___________.

48. Young players can ___________ very fast, so many of them play these ___________ like football and tennis very ___________.

49. Golf is also a good sport for ___________ people.

50. Most people keep ___________ until the age of 60, but writers, artists, scientists and actors can work all their ___________.

Ⅷ. 书面表达(10分)

假如你是Jack,你有一个梦想,希望将来你家能有一个叫Superman的机器人帮你做很多事情,还可以和你一起玩。请展开想象,以My dream为题写一篇80词左右的短文。

My dream





_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Unit 8

Ⅳ. 单项选择

( )16. —Please come _____ the room. It‘s raining hard outside.

—Thank you.

A. over B. out C. into D. on

( )17. Yang Jie wants to be a singer. She thinks it‘s an interesting _____.

A. work

A. it

A. pour B. job B. them B. put

C. works D. jobs C. these C. peel D. they D. cut ( )18. Bring some butter and put _____ over the bread. ( )19. You must _____ the bananas before eating them. ( )20. I want to watch TV. Please _____ it _____. A. turn, off C. turn, down

—Five yuan.

A. How much

C. How often

A. pass B. How many D. How long C. check D. send B. turn, on D. turn, up ( )21. —_____ are these oranges? ( )22. You should _____ your exam paper carefully before you hand it in. B. look

( )23. The guide has _____. She will show them to us.

A. some old paper B. some special food

C. a new jacket D. some beautiful pictures

( )24. —Let‘s make vegetable salad.


A. Thank you

B. Never mind

C. Here you are

( )25. —_____?

—Boil the noodles.

A. What‘s the matter D. Good idea

B. What should we do next

C. What do you think of the noodles

D. What did you have for breakfast

Ⅴ. 补全对话(本大题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分)


A: Hi, Tara. I want to make banana salad for our food festival, but I don‘t know how to make it.

B: (26) I can teach you.

A: That‘s nice. (27)

B: We need bananas, yogurt and honey.

A: (28)

B: Oh, four bananas should be enough (足够的).

A: (29)

B: First, peel the bananas and cut them up. (30) Then put in a spoon of honey and a cup of yogurt.

A: OK. Is that all?

B: No. Finally, we should mix it all up.

A. Don‘t worry.

B. How many bananas do we need?

C. Next, put the bananas in a bowl.

D. What should we do?

E. What do we need?

Ⅵ. 完形填空(本大题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


I have never taken cooking classes. I 31 cooking from my mother. She liked to teach me 32 to cook very much. The 33 for this was because when my mother got married (结婚), she couldn‘t cook anything. My grandmother 34 let her stay in the kitchen (厨房) when she was cooking.

My mother did not start to cook 35 she was 25 years old. In the beginning, it was very 36 for her, so she had to take cooking classes. After having that experience (经历), she decided to teach me to cook 37 she didn‘t want me to have the same experience.

I 38 I always helped my mother to cook when I was young. Sometimes we prepared (做) meals that my mother knew how to make, and sometimes we prepared them from

39 .

I will do the same with my children because I don‘t want them to have the same experience 40 my mother. If one day I am not with them, I want to be sure that they can carry on their lives without me.

( )31. A. taught B. learned C. went

( )32. A. how B. why

( )33. A. problem B. idea

( )34. A. always B. never

C. usually D. sometimes

B. after C. for D. until

B. expensive C. easy D. hard

B. though C. before D. or

B. forget ( )35. A. if ( )36. A. delicious ( )37. A. because ( )38. A. agree D. did C. when D. where C. reason D. answer

C. remember D. believe

( )39. A. recipes B. letters

C. postcards D. menus

( )40. A. from

★ A ★ B. to C. with D. as Ⅶ. 阅读理解(本大题有10小题,每小题2分,共20分)

Most people in the United States like fast food. But if you think that American people don‘t like cooking, you are not right. It‘s true that most Americans take fast food as their breakfast and lunch. But they also think cooking is interesting. And most Americans say that home-made meals are the best.

Americans have their own (自己的) ways of cooking.

For example, baking (烘烤) is the most popular way of cooking in America. We can see ovens (烤炉) in most American families. American cooks pay attention to the balance of food. In planning a big meal, they try to cook meat, a few vegetables, some bread and some sweet (甜的) food. They also like to make the meal look nice. There are many kinds of food in different colors on the plates. So the meal is healthy and looks nice, too.


( )41. Fast food is popular in America.

( )42. The underlined sentence means that most Americans have fast food for their breakfast and lunch.

( )43. Americans don‘t like to cook food at home.

( )44. The most popular way of cooking in America is boiling.

( )45. The meal looks nice because the food on the plates is in different colors.

★ B ★

Dear Allen,

How‘s it going? I‘m in Beijing now, at Beijing International School. I‘m in Class 2 with twelve other students. They‘re from different countries.

I‘m living with a Chinese family. They are very friendly. They like to eat dumplings, noodles and rice. Now I‘m very interested in cooking. Yesterday they taught me to make noodles with tomato soup, their favorite food. Now, let me tell you how to make them.

First, cut up some green onions and two tomatoes. Turn on the gas cooker and heat about three teaspoons of oil (油) in a pan. Put in the green onions, then the tomatoes, mix well with the oil and cook for about five minutes. Next pour two bowls of water into the pan and cook for about eight minutes. Then crack two eggs into a bowl, beat it up (搅打) and pour it slowly into the pan. After one or two minutes, add one teaspoon of salt. Now the soup is OK. Finally, pour the soup over the noodles. It‘s very delicious! Do you want to have a try?

Write to me soon.

Love, Paula


( )46. From the letter we know there are _____ students in Paula‘s class.

A. twelve

C. fourteen B. thirteen D. fifteen

( )47. Paula needs _____ to make the tomato soup.

A. green onions, tomatoes, eggs, oil, water and salt

B. green onions, oil, tomatoes, eggs and yogurt

C. green onions, tomatoes, relish, water and salt

D. tomatoes, eggs, butter, oil and salt

( )48. The underlined words ―gas cooker‖ probably mean ―_____‖ in Chinese.

A. 搅拌机 B. 平底锅

C. 水龙头 D. 煤气灶

( )49. It takes Paula _____ to make the tomato soup.

A. an hour

B. about fifteen minutes

C. about five minutes D. less than ten minutes

( )50. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Paula is studying in China now.

B. Dumplings are the Chinese family‘s favorite food.

C. Paula is very interested in cooking.

D. Paula‘s classmates are from different countries.

Ⅷ. 词汇(本大题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分)


cup, add, duck, top, instruction

51. She often ________ sugar to her milk.

52. The ________ are on the bottle.

53. There were some trees on the ________ of the mountain.

54. —What would you like?

—Two ________ of tea, please.

55. A ________ is swimming in the river.

Ⅸ. 完成句子(本大题有5小题,每小题2分,共10分)


56. 我们需要三袋大米。

We need _____________________.

57. 你是怎样做汉堡包的?

_____________________ hamburgers?

58. 他把两种不同的东西混合在一起了。

_____________________ two different things.

59. 这儿有一个鸡肉三明治食谱。

Here _____________________ a chicken sandwich.

60. 最后,把烙饼卷起来。

Finally, _____________________.

Ⅹ. 句型转换(本大题有5小题,每小题2分,共10分)


61. I need four potatoes. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ potatoes do you need?

62. You must not drink coffee. (改为祈使句)

________ ________ coffee.

63. They have three bags of yogurt.(对划线部分提问)

________ ________ yogurt do they have?

64. Gina likes lettuce in sandwiches.(改为一般疑问句)

________ Gina ________ lettuce in sandwiches?

65. We need some help.

Ⅺ. 书面表达(共10分) (改为否定句) We ________ need ________ help.


The apple milk shake is healthy and delicious. Do you like it? Now let me teach you how to make it.





一.填空完成句子 (10小题, 每题1分, 共10分)

1.Let‘s ________ (have) a piano lesson.

2.I have to ________(help) my sister.

3. I am going _______ (camp) this weekend.

4. Is Eric going to the _____? (音乐会)

5. For ________ (who) is he waiting? --- I don’t know.

6. Harry has soccer___________(train) every day.

7. This evening, I‘m going to my________(sister) birthday party.

8. They‘re _______ (go) to the dentist soon.

9. Can you play football______ us this afternoon?

10. I have ____________ (太多) homework this weekend.

二, 选择题 (20小题, 每题1分, 共20分)

( )1. Holly likes to play ___ piano, and her brother likes to play __soccer.

A. the, the B. 不填, the C. the, 不填 D. 不填, 不

( )2________ today? It‘s Monday the 14th.

A. What B. When C. What‘s D.When‘s

( )3. I study _____ my science test____ Thursday afternoon.

A. at; on B. on; for C. for; in D. for; on

( ) 4.Would you like ________ cake?

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

( ) 5.Mary is fishing with her grandpa ____________.

A. whole day B. whole the day C. the whole day D. the all day

( ) 6. I‘m free _________22:00 tonight.

A. at B. till C. / D. on

( ) 7. Today is my birthday. Please _____ to my house for the party.

A. come on B. come out C. come over D. come in

( )8、Thank you for _____ me to your party.

A. invite B. invites C. inviting D. to invite

( ) 9--- Can you go shopping with me?

--- I‘d love to, but I ____________. I have much work to do.

A. am not B. can C. can't D. don‘t

( ) 10. --- Do you plan to take a vacation this month?

--- Yes, we ________ to Hainan and ______ here for a week.

A. go, stay B. going, staying C. are going, stay D. are going, staying

( )11、I was born ____ the morning of March 18th , 199l.

A. In B. On C. Of D. at

( ) 12.Bob can't come out to play because he ____help Dad in the garden.

A. can B. can't C. have to D. has to

( )13. We have a ________ day.

A. real busy B. really busy C. busy really D. busy real

( )14. He can go with you, but I ________.

A. am not B. can‘t C. don‘t D. not

( ) 15. --Happy Birthday, Mary. --_____.

A. The same to you. B. Thanks a lot. C. You, too. D. Me, too.

( ) 16. ---What day is it today? ---_________________.

A. It‘s Sunny B. It‘s Monday

C. It‘s Monday the 1st D. It‘s June 2nd

( )17. -Would you like a cup of coffee? ----________.

A. No, I don‘t want B. No, thank you C. I don‘t like it D. I wouldn‘t

( ) 18. It is June 24th and ______ is June 26th.

A. tomorrow B. today

C. the day before yesterday D. the day after tomorrow

( ) 19. It‘s________.

A. May 1st, at six, Friday B. at six, Friday, May 1st

C. Friday, May 1st, at six D. May 1st, Friday, at six

( )20. What‘s the date today?

A. It‘s Friday B. It‘s Monday the 1st C. It‘s June 2nd D. at six o‘clock

三. .根据要求完成句子。(11小题,每题2分, 22分)

Can you come to my party on Sunday?

1.____________________________________. (肯定回答)


3. He can't join us because he has to help his mum.(划线提问)

_______ _______ he _______ us?

4. The party is at seven thirty. (划线提问)

________ ______ the party?







8. Did you enjoy yourself at the party last weekend? (同义句) Did you _______ _______ at the party last weekend?

9. 来加入我们吧!


10. Mark can leave here.

______________________________ . (否定句)

______________________________? (一般疑问句)

11. 星期天, 他必须去学校。


四. 完形填空 (10小题,每题2分, 共20分)

Eliza comes 1 England. She‘s fourteen. She‘s in China with her family now. She is a student 2 No.15 Middle School. She likes her school and all of her classmates. She thinks they are very friendly to her. She likes Chinese, 3 . But she 4 speak Chinese very well.

Eliza gets up very early 5 morning. She has some milk and eggs 6 breakfast. And she goes to school by bus. She doesn‘t like to 7 late.

In the evening she does 8 homework and read newspapers. She 9 to bed at nine. She is very 10 every day.

( ) 1. A. from

( ) 2. A. in

( ) 4. A. can

( ) 5. A. in

( ) 6. A. of

( ) 7. A. be

( ) 9. A. go

( ) 10. A. sad

五 阅读理解 (5小题, 每题3分, 15分)

Dear Carolyn,

I’d love to see you next week, but I’m very busy. I’m stressed out! I have to study for my English test on Monday night. I’m going to the dentist on Tuesday, and you have to see the dentist on Wednesday. My mother’s having a party on Friday, so I have to help her with that. What are you doing on Thursday? I’m not busy that day. Are you working in the afternoon? Can we talk on the phone or listen to CDs? Call me! 阅读短信,判断正(T)误(F)

( )1. David can’t see Carolyn on Monday night.

( )2. David has to see the doctor on Wednesday.

( )3. Dave’s mother is free on friday.

( )4. Dave is free on Thursday.

( )5. David wants to listen to CDs with Carolyn.

六 Writing (Andy邀你下个星期去他家,但你因有事无法参加,请你写封信辞谢) ( 13分)

Dear Andy,





B. in C. of D. with D. with B. of C. at ( ) 3. A. either B. too C. also D. and D. every D. at D. are D. his D. happy B. is C. can‘t D. doesn‘t B. of C. at B. for C. in B. is C. am C. she ( ) 8. A. one‘s B. her B. is go C. goes D. want B. good C. well




unit 10


( )1.You will have fun if you _________ tomorrow.

A. go hiking B. will go hiking C. went hiking D. are go hiking ( )2. ---- Can we bring food to the cinema?

----I ______ so. If you do that, they won‘t let you in.

A. think B. don‘t think C. hope

A. take a pet dog away

C. take it away

A. with D. don‘t hope ( )3. If you bring a pet dog to the party, the teacher will______ B. take away them D. take away it C. wears

C. pay D. at D. cost ( )4. The old man ______ a pair of glasses is a scientist. B. has B. spend ( )5.How do you ______ your spare time? A. take

( )6.You are late again. Why ______ a little earlier?

A. not you come B. do you come

----Li ping and Zhang Li _____.

A. do

A. myself

A. let me into B. did B. yourselves B. let me in

C. will D. carried ( )8.-----Mike and John ,did you enjoy _____ on Children‘s Day? C. ourselves D. themselves D. allow me into ( )9. If I have no ticket, the man won‘t _____. C. allow me in ( )10. What _____ if they ______ to the class late? A. will happen, go C. will be happening, will go

A. good time

A. But if B. will happen, will go D. will be happened ,go C. a time good C. If D. a good time D. Before C. don‘t you come D.you don‘t come ( )7. ----Who carried water for Grandma Li ? ( )11.When is ______ to have our sports meeting? B. good a time B. And if ( )12.______ you study English hard, you will speak English well.

( )13.______ of them like playing golf.________like playing table tennis.

A. Some, Others B. Some, The other C. Few, Other D. Many, The other ( )14. Don’t________jeans to the party.

A.put on

B.wear C.wearing D.dress D. if D. to laugh at ( )15. They didn’t go to bed________ they finished their homework. A. until A. to laugh B. because C. when C. laugh ( )16. We shouldn’t ________their mistakes. B. laugh at

( )17. ----I don’t know if my mother ________tomorrow.

----If she________, I’ll meet her at the train station.

A. will come; comes C. will come; will come B.comes; will come D. comes; comes

( )18. ----Listen! Somebody is coming.

----No, _____ is coming. I can‘t hear_____.

A. somebody, anybody

C. nobody, anything

A. not get up B. anybody, somebody D. somebody, somebody C. to not get up B. make you happily D. not to get up ( )19. The teacher told her students ________so late on weekends. B. don’t get up ( )20. The good news will ________. A. make you happy C. make you be happy D. make happy to you


There is something about New Year‘s Eve. In Scotland the last day of the year is the 56 important holiday of the winter, more important than 57 . On New Year‘s Eve friends and neighbors go about from house to house drinking to each other and wishing good luck, 58 New Year‘s Day all shops and factories are closed and no 59 is done. Families meet 60 for a big meal and a family party.

In England New Year‘s Day is not 61 holiday and people go to work as 62 . But on New Year‘s Eve most people sit up till 63 to see the New Year in or they 64 to parties and dances. Most of the big London hotels 65 a New Year‘s Eve dance.

( )21、A、more B、most C、much D、such

( )22、A、summer holiday B、Sunday C、Spring Festival D、Christmas

( )23、A、In B、To C、On D、For

( )24、A、study B、exam C、work D、reading

( )25、A、gathering B、together C、get-together D、with

( )26、A、a B、an C、the D、one

( )27、A、always B、usually C、sometimes D、usual

( )28、A、midnight B、afternoon C、noon D、morning

( )29、A、run B、jump C、go D、fush

( )30、A、take B、bring C、have D、held



Last Sunday the Greens went to the movies. They got home very late. Father opened the front door and went into the house. It was very dark, so mother turned on the light. On the way to their bedroom, mother said, ―Listen, John! I can hear someone in the bedroom. ‖ They all stood quietly outside the bedroom. They could hear some voices in the room.

―You are right. ‖ father said, ―There are two men in it. They are talking. ‖ Then he shouted, ―Who‘s there?‖ But no one answered. Father opened the door quickly and turned on the light. The room was empty. Then father found something and laughed. ―The TV is still on. I forgot to turn it off this morning!‖ father said.


( ) 31. The Greens got home very early.

( ) 32. On the way to their bedroom, mother heard someone in the bedroom.

( ) 33. They all stood quietly in the bedroom.

( ) 34. There were really two men talking in the room.

( ) 35. Father opened the door slowly and turned on the light.

( B )

Most people who work in the office have a boss (老板). So do I (我也是). But my boss is a little unusual. What's unusual about him? It's a big dig. Many men have dogs, but few men bring their dogs to the office every day. My boss's dog. Robinson, is big and brown. My boss brings him to work every day. He takes the dog to meetings and he takes the dog to lunch. When there is telephone call for my boss, I always know if he is in the office. I only look under his desk. If I see something brown and hairy (毛绒绒的) under it, I know my boss is somewhere in the office. If there is no dog , I know my boss is out.

36. People _________bring dogs to the office.

A. usually B. often

C. seldom (几乎不) D. sometimes

37. My boss is Robinson's ________.

A. boss B. master

C. classmate D. teacher

38. Robinson goes to meetings _________ my boss.

A. for B. without

C. instead of (代替) D. with

39. Robinson is always under the desk if the boss is _________.

A. in the office B. at meetings [来源:学,科,网Z,X,X,K]

C. out of the office D. out of work

40. The passage tells us the boss _________ the dog very much.

A. looks like B. hates (恨)

C. likes D. trust(信任)


It was Jimmy's birthday, and he was five years old. He got a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful drum(鼓).

"Who gave him that thing?" Jimmy's father said when he saw it. "His grandfather did," answered Jimmy's mother.

Jimmy liked his drum very much. He made a terrible(可怕的) noise with it, but his father didn't mind(介意). He was working during the day and Jimmy was already in bed when he got home in the evening, so he couldn't hear the noise.

But one of the neighbors(邻居) didn't like the noise at all, so a few days later, she took a sharp(锋利的) knife and went to Jimmy's house while he was hitting his drum. She said to him, "Hello, Jimmy, there is something very nice inside your drum. Here is a knife. Open the drum and let's find it."


( ) 41. Jimmy got a lot of nice presents from his ________.

A. classmates

A. His father B. friends C. teachers D. family D. His grandfather ( ) 42. Who gave Jimmy the drum?________. B. His mother

C. His neighbor B. he didn't hear it D. Jimmy only played in the evening B. enjoyed listening to the sound of the drum D. didn't like the noise at all B. make a noise on his drum with a knife D. find something nice in his drum ( ) 43. Why didn't Jimmy's father stop him from making noise with the drum? Because________. A. he liked Jimmy very much C. Jimmy was in bed ( ) 44. One of the neighbors________. A. liked Jimmy very much C. wanted to show Jimmy a sharp knife A. stop him making noises


―Dreams may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream.‖ Some scientists say. Dreams take up about one quarter of our sleeping time. People have several dreams each night. Dreams are like short movies. They are usually on color. Some dreams are like old movies. They come to us over and over again. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be aware of trying to find an answer.[来源:学&科&网Z&X&X&K]

Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams. They may think about their work all day. Thesr ideas can carry over onto dreams. Sometimes we wake up with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can‘t remember the dream. The dreams can go away quickly from memory.

( ) 45. What did Jimmy's neighbor really want him to do? To________. C. show him how to hit the drum

Too much dreaming can be harmful. The more we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at working when we dream. That‘s why we may

have a long sleep and still wake up tired.


46、Do we have several dreams each night?

47、Are dreams and movies usually in color?

48、Why do people often dream about their work?[来源:学&科&网]

49、Do people always remember their dreams clearly?

50、What does the story mainly tell us?


51、--I think I‘m going to walk to work.

--If you do,

52、--I think I‘m going to get up late tomorrow.

--If you do,

53、--I think I‘m going to go to the party with Kate.

--If you do,

54、--I think I‘m going to study for the Chinese test.

--If you do,

55、--I think I‘m going to play football in the street.

--If you do,


56、You can‘t run at the party.(改为祈使句)

at the party.

57、She will travel around the world.(改为否定句)

She around the world.

58、Mr Smith did much work to help others.(改为同义句)

Mr Smith did work to help others.

59、People will follow you everywhere.(改为一般疑问句)

people you everywhere.

60、They ate going to finish the homework tomorrow morning.(对画线部分提问)

they going to tomorrow morning.


1. 如果你穿牛仔去参加聚会,老师将不让你进。

If you ______ ______to the party.the teacher won‘t______you _______.[来源:中.考.资.源.网]


If you have problems, you shouldn‘t _______it _______ _________.


If you become a lion,you will _______ ________ _________ __________.


She is ______lazy ______ _______anything.

5. 除非我们向别人倾诉,否则我们会感觉更糟糕。

________ we talk to someone,we‘ll certainly _______ _______.



For many young people, 1 a professional athlete might seem like a dream job. If you become a professional athlete, you‘ll be able to make a living 2 something you love. If you become famous, people all over the world will know you. Many 3 give money to school and charities, and do a lot of 4 to help people. This is a great chance that many people do not have.

5 , professional athletes can also have many problems. If you are famous, people will watch you all the time and 6 you everywhere. This can make life difficult.

If you play sports for a 7 , your job will sometimes be very dangerous. Many professional athletes get 8 .And if you become rich, you will have a difficult time 9 who your real friends are. In fact, many famous people complain that they are not happy. They say they were 10 before they became rich and famous.

1._________ 2._________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5._________

6._________ 7._________ 8.__________ 9.___________ 10._________



If we don‘t have classes tomorrow, I will _______________________________________




( ) 1. I am pretty healthy.

A. very

A. ever B. often C. all C. often D. much D. almost not ( ) 2. He is hardly late for school. B. everyday

( ) 3. Maybe, my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. A. Could A. illness A. matter B. May be B. healthy B. trouble C. Perhaps C. good D. So D. ill ( ) 4. I am not feeling well. ( ) 5. What is the matter with you. C. wrong D. the wrong


( ) 6. What did you do the weekend?

A. at B. on

C. in D. by D. the same to ( ) 7. Is her watch ____ yours or different? A. the same

A. As for

A. stays


B. the same as C. same as D. / ( ) 8. ____ the hotel, it‘s very clean and near the downtown. B. As C. Because ( ) 9. His mother wants him ____ at home today. B. stayed C. to stay D. staying ( ) 10. —____ do they play football?

A. How soon A. is, with A. help me to A. to

B. How much B. are, of

C. How many C. is, of

D. How often

D. are, with

( ) 11. Here ____ the results ____ the student activity survey. ( ) 12. Good food and exercise ____ study better.

B. helps me to B. from

C. help me with D. helping me

C. for

D. at

( ) 13. When I come home ____ work, I felt very tired. ( ) 14. I think drinking milk is ____ our health. A. good at

B. bad for

C. good for

D. good to

( ) 15. Jenny ____ lifestyle. A. has a health B. have a health A. through A. got A. if

B. but

C. has a healthy D. have healthy

C. and C. to get

D. although D. gets

( ) 16. I try to eat junk food only once a month ____ I love it. ( ) 17. Eating fruit can help you ____ more vitamins.

B. getting

( ) 18. You can go to see your doctor ____ you feel sick.

B. although

C. but

D. because of

( ) 19. My dad ____ a lawyer (律师). A. wants me to B. wants me to be A. doesn‘t hardly ever C. isn‘t hardly ever

C. want to be me D. want to me be B. hard ever

D. hardly ever

( ) 20. My mum ____ surfs the Internet. She likes watching TV.

二、 完形填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


My son Joey was born with club feet. The doctors said that with treatment he would be able to walk, but would never run very well. The first three years of his life was 21

in hospital. By the time he was eight, you wouldn‘t know he has a problem when you saw him 22 . Children in our neighborhood always ran around 23 their play, and Joey would jump and ran and play, 24 . We never told him that he probably wouldn‘t be 25 to run like the other children. So he didn‘t know. In 26 grade he decided to join the school running team. Every day he trained. He ran more than any of the others, 27 only the top seven runners would be chosen to run for the 28 . We didn‘t tell him he probably would never make the team, so he didn‘t know. He ran four to five mile every day - even when he had a fever. I was 29 , so I went to 30 him after school. I found him running 31 . I asked him how he felt. ―Okay,‖ he said. He has two more miles to go. Yet he looked straight ahead and kept 32 . Two weeks later, the names of the team 33 were caked. Joey was number six on the list. Joey had 34 the team. He was in seventh grade - the other six team members were all eighth graders. We never told him he couldn‘t do it … so he didn‘t know. He just 35 it. 21. A. spent 22. A. talk 23. A. after 24. A. either 25. A. able 26. A. sixth 27. A. so 29. A. excited 31. A. alone 32. A. riding

B. taken

C. cost

D. paid

B. sit

C. study

D. walk

D. yet D. afraid

B. before

B. too

B. sorry B. if B. tired B. away

C. during

C. glad

D. till

C. though

B. seventh B. family B. hear from

C. eighth C. then

C. school

D. ninth

D. because D. worried D. look for D. already D. running D. grade

28. A. neighborhood 30. A. think about

C. pleased C. almost C. playing

C. agree with

B. walking

33. A. jumpers 34. A. got 35. A. did

B. runners B. kept B. had

C. doctors

C. made C. left

D. teachers

D. found D. took

三、综合阅读 (共三节,计34分)

第一节 综合知识(共6小题;每小题1分,满分6分)

36. If you are weak and tired, Chinese doctors believe you have too much . A. yin

B. yang

C. yin and yang

C. New York

D. yin or yang

D. Canberra

37. The capital city of Australia is . A. Paris A. French A. China

B. Sydney

38. People in Italy speak .

B. English

C. Italian

D. Chinese

D. Europe

39. Pandas are from .

B. America

C. South Africa

40. The NBA is from . A. South Africa A. March

B. America

C. Europe

D. China D. September

41. The first month of the year is .

B. January

C. February

第二节 阅读理解(共7小题;每小题2分,满分14分) 阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,选择最佳选项。 (1)

People eat different things in different parts of the world.

In south China we eat rice every day. Sometimes we eat it two or three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and supper. We usually eat it with fish, meat and vegetable.

The Japanese eat rice, too. They also eat a lot of fish. They sometimes eat raw(生的)fish. In Africa, maize(玉米)is the most important food. People there make maize into flour(面粉).From this flour they make different kinds of bread and cakes.

In western(西方的)countries such as Britain, Australia and the U.S.A, the most important food is bread or potatoes. People there usually make their bread from wheat flour. They cook the potatoes in different ways. In England the most popular food is fish and chips. Sometimes people cook this food at home, but usually they buy it at the shop. They eat this food at home, in their work place, in the park or on the road. People call it "take-away" food. ( (

) 42. This passage is about ______.

A. food

B. drink

C. clothes

D. ways of life

) 43. Who sometimes eat fish when it isn't cooked?

B. People in Japan D. People in Britain

B. fish

C. vegetable

D. maize

A. People in China C. People in Africa ( (2)

A. rice

) 44. The most important food for African people is ______.

Mr. King lives in a city. He owns some shops and makes a lot of money. His son, Mike, studies at a middle school. The boy likes everything but studying. He doesn't listen to his teachers in class and he never finishes his homework on time. He always plays football when he has any free time. He can never pass the exams.

Mr. King is so busy with his business that he has little time to stay at home. He never pays any attention(关心) to his son's studies, so he doesn't know how he is doing. One day Miss Read, Mike's teacher, telephones Mr. King. On the telephone she tells him all about the boy's studies. She wants him to try to help his son at home. When the man hears this, he doesn't feel very happy. In the afternoon when his son comes back from school, Mr. King gives him a good telling off (责备), but soon feels sorry for it when he sees Mike crying in the bedroom. The next morning, before Mike goes to school, he says to him, "Study hard and I'll buy you a car when you pass the exam next year."

Another term is over. Mike doesn't pass the exam once more. Mr. King has a look at the school report for a few minutes and then he asks his son,

"You don't pass the exam again, Mike. What did you do this term?"

"I learned how to drive a car, dad." answers the boy.


45. Mike can never pass the exams because ________.

A. his father has a lot of money

B. he doesn't like studying

C. his teachers are not very good

D. he has to help his father in the shops

46. Miss Read rings Mr. King________.

A. to tell him to take his son out of school

B. to buy things from his shop

C. to tell him about Mike's studies

D. because his son passes the exam once again

47. Which of the following is wrong?

A. Mike doesn't pass the exam at the end of the term.

B. Mike's father buys him a car.

C. Mike doesn't do well in his lessons for another term.

D. Mike thinks his father will buy him a car.

48. In the sentence "..., but soon feels sorry for it when he sees Mike crying in the bedroom.", the word "it" refers to (指) ________.

A. Mike's exam mark (分数) B. telling his son off

C. something that Miss Read tells Mr. King

第二部分 非选择题(40分)

第三节 任务型阅读(共7小题;每小题2分,满分14分)



① It's different between western countries and eastern countries about how to keep healthy. ②Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of cool yin and hot yang to be healthy. In China, herbs are the main medicine but in western countries they use tables(药片).

In China, if you are quiet and always tired, Chinese doctors might think you have too much yin. You should eat more hot yang food. It can give you some energy(能量). But in western countries , doctors will check(检查) your body. They might give you some tables to cure(治愈) your disease. People who are easily stressed out and angry might have too much yang in there bodies. Chinese doctors believe they should eat more yin food.

Now, people all over the world like herbs, because they think those herbs are healthy and they can help them eat a balanced diet.

49. 将①处翻译成汉语

50. 根据②处完成下列句子(每空一词)

Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a of cool yin hot yang to be healthy.

51. Why do people all over the world like herbs?


D. the car

( ) 52.If you want to buy a small pizza, a medium pizza and a large pizza, you can pay_______.

A. $12.20

B. $8.20 C. $8.70 D. $12.70 ( ) 53.If you go to the House of Pizza, you can buy a medium pizza with _____on it. A. pepperoni, onions and olives B.olives and cheese

D.mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese C. green peppers and onions.

( ) 54.If you only $1.5with, you can buy_____ at lunch time.

A. a pizza with green peppers and onions on it.

B.a pizza with cheese and tomatoes on it.

C.the pizza and salad lunch.

D.a pizza with pepperoni and cheese.

( ) 55.If you want to order a pizza, you can ______.

A. go to the House of Pizza. C.call 825—3393 B.get a lunch special D.go to the Pizza Express


第一节 完成句子(共6小题;每小题1分,满分6分)


56. She _______(几乎不)ever eats junk food.

57. My lifestyle is________(不同)from his.

58. I can‘t stand up. I think I have a sore b_______.

59. She believes it‘s i________ to drink some water every day.

60. She often _________(临时照顾)her sister on Sundays.

61. Hangzhou is a _________(著名的)city in China.

第二节 根据语境,用恰当的语言完成对话(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)。 A:62______________________

B:Good morning, doctor. I'm not feeling well. I‘ve got a headache.


B:Yes. My temperature is OK.

A:Open your mouth and say “Ahh”,please.



B:For two days. Anything serious?

A:No, nothing serious. You've just got a cold.


A:Yes. Please stay at home and take this medicine three times a day. You'll be all right soon. B:66__________________

62.________ 63.________ 64. ________ 65. ________ 66. ________

第三节 书面表达(共1题;满分10分)


参考词汇: healthy, exercise, be good for, eating habit, sleep, look after, help, study better. 期末测试(1)

第一部分 基础知识



( ) 1. ---- Can she _______ English or French ? ---- I don‘t know.

A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell

( ) 2.Maria likes thrillers but she _______ comedies.

A. not like B. likes C. doesn‘t like D. like

( ) 3.---- Who‘s the girl _______ red ? ---- Alice‘s cousin.

A. in B. at C. for D. with

( ) 4._______ comes before December, but after October.

A. November B. September C. August D. January

( ) 5. ---- Where ______ Tom‘s shorts? ---- I can‘t see _______ .

A. is, it B. is, them C. are, them D. are, it

( ) 6. Who wants ______ the skating club ?

A. join B. to join C. joining D. joins

( ) 7. We usually ______ late on Sunday morning.

A. sleep B. get up C. play D. have dinner

( ) 8. Sunday is the ______ day of a week.

A. first B. last C. seventh D. second

( ) 9. ---- ______ does he like blue ? ---- Because he likes the sea.

A. What B. When C. Why D. How

( ) 10. ---- _________ ? ---- At eight-twenty.

A. What time is it now ? B. How much is it ?

C. What time does it begin ? D. What day is it today


( )1. This is my sister. ______ name is Grace..

A. She B. He C. Her D. His

( )2. I like bananas, ________ my friends don‘t like bananas.

A. and B. so C. but D. or

( )3. ---When is your father‘s birthday? ---It‘s October 23rd, 2004.

A. October twenty-third B. twenty-third October

C. October twentieth-third D. October the twenty-three

( )4. ----________ is that chicken? ----It‘s three dollars a kilo.‖

A. How many B. How much C. How D. How old

( )5. ----Which is your __________ color? ---I think I like __________ best.

A. month, may B. favorite, blue C. favorite, spring D. best, blue

( )6. ---What kind of ________ _______ he like? ---He likes comedies.

A. movies, do B. food, does C. subjects, do D. movies, does

( )7. ---Can you play the drum very well?

---___________. And I‘m in the music club.

A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can‘t C. Yes, I do. D. No, I don‘t

( )8. ---________ do you often go to work? ---At around 8:00 am.

A. How old B. What time C. What D. Where

( )9. Please have a look ________ the interesting picture.

A. in B. on C. at D. of

( )10. She wants __________ baseball with her sister.

A. to play B. play C. playing D. plays


( ) 1. My brother Jack can play _______guitar but he can‘t play ______ volleyball.

A. the, the B. the,/ C. /,the D. a, a

( ) 2.This is _______ grandfather.

A. he B. she C. I D. his

( ) 3.December is _______ month of a year.

A. the twelve B. the twelveth C. the twelfth D. the twelvth

( ) 4. What do you usually do _______ Saturday evening?

A. in B. on C. at D. to

( ) 5- He ___________ sports. He only ________ them on TV.

A. don‘t play, watch B. doesn‘t play, watch

C. not play, watches D. doesn‘t play, watches

( ) 6. It‘s ten o‘clock in the evening. Let‘s _______.

A. go to school B. have lunch C. go to bed D. get up

( ) 7. I like comedy, ______ I don‘t like thriller.

A. or B. and C. but D. for

( ) 8. ______ do you want to join our club? I want to learn swimming.

A. Why B. How C. What D. How much

( ) 9. The boy doesn‘t like documentaries, because it‘s _______.

A. fun B. interesting C. relaxing D. boring

( ) 10. ― Can I help you ?‖ ―________‖.

A. Thank you B. You‘re welcome

C. Yes, please. I want a pen. D. I‘m sorry



Dear Jane,

It‘s Tuesday, November11. I‘m really busy! At 8:00 I have math. I don‘t like math. Then at 9:00 I have science. It‘s difficult, __1__ interesting. Next, _2__10:00, I have history. It‘s boring, but at 11:00 I have P.E. That‘s my favorite subject! I eat lunch at 12:00. After lunch, I __3___ music. Music is___4____. I like my music teacher, Mr Cooper. He‘s fun . My last class is at 2:00. __5____ class I have volleyball for two ___6____. Our teacher is very strict and I‘m usually very tired after class. Then I have ___7___ history club. It‘s really interesting!


Lin Mei

( ) 1. A. and B. or C. but D. so

( ) 2. A. at B. for C. on D. in

( ) 3. A. see B. have C. listen D. like

( ) 4. A. scary B. boring C. sad D. relaxing

( ) 5. A. After B. Before C. under D. near

( ) 6. A. days B. subjects C. hours D. clocks

( ) 7. A. Canada B. Japan C. France D. Chinese



It‘s September 1st. Miss White is talking to her class.

?Hello, children! Nice to see you again. Today is the first day of this term. Now I‘m going to tell you our class timetable. We have school from Monday to Friday. We have a Chinese lesson every day. And we have a math every day, too. We have four English lessons every week, the first on Monday, the second on Wednesday. And the other two are both on Friday. You‘ll learn art and music. Every week you‘ll have two art lessons and two music lessons. Now I‘ll tell you the sports time. You‘ll have a P. E. class every day. And Friday afternoon will be your sports time. Boys, don‘t you like it? And you will begin to learn computer. Wish you‘ll enjoy your school life.‘

Miss White is a 1 . The students 2 on Saturday and Sunday. The students have 3 Chinese lessons a week. There are four 4 lessons every week. The students have two English lessons on 5 . On 6 , there are no English lessons. The students learn 7 . There are two art lessons 8 . 9 is the new subject for the students. The students will 10 on Friday afternoon. How interesting their school life is! The students will enjoy their school life very much.

1. A. students B. teacher C. doctor

2. A. go to school B. don‘t go to school C. can‘t stay at home

3. A. 5 B. 4 C. 3

4. A. art B. P. E. C. English

5. A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Friday

6. A. Tuesday and Wednesday B. Tuesday and Thursday C. Friday

7. A. art only B. music only C. both art and music

8. A. every week B. every month C. every day

9. A. Science B. P. E. C. computer

10.A. play computer games B. have sports C. have a class meeting

三. 阅读理解:

1) Read this advertisement and answer the following questions.

Welcome to the Zoo

Days Open:

Monday to Friday

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday to Sunday

8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Try our Train Ride for $ 2.00 per person!(每人)



Ages 8 – 14:

Ages 15 – 18:

Under 8:

$ 8.00

$ 3.00

$ 6.00


1. On Sunday, the zoo opens at ______.

A. 10:00 in the morning B 8:00 in the morning C. 8:00 in the afternoon

2. The zoo opens ____ days a week.

A. two B. five C. seven

3. If(如果)you are 13 years old, how much do you pay(支付)to go to the zoo?

A. 3 dollars B. 6 dollars C. Free

4. Kate is twelve, and his little sister is 6, they have to pay ______ to go to the zoo.

A. 9 dollars B. 11 dollars C. 3 dollars

5. If you are fourteen and your brother is seven, how much do you pay for the train ride?

A. 2 dollars. B. 4 dollars. C. 6 dollars.


2) ―You are welcome to have dinner with me on Sunday.‖ said John. ―But I don‘t know where your house is.‖ said Henry. ―It‘s easy. You get off the bus. Then you cross the road. You take the first on the left. You walk for five minutes. Then you come to a big tree. You take the second on the right after the tree. About a hundred metres down this road there is a big red house, you go past the big house, and after about five hundred metres, you‘ll see a small yellow house beside a little tree. Open the door with your foot.‖ ―With my foot?‖ said Henry. ―Why, yes.‖ said John, ―Well, you won‘t come to my house empty handed, will you?‖

1. From the story we know that John asked Henry ______.

A. to go to the cinema together B. to have supper with him

C. to go to the bus stop D. to go to the big red house

2. ―You take the first on the left‖ means you ______.

A. go ahead on the left B. take the first bus on the left

C. take the first road on the left D. must buy something first

3. How far was it from the big tree to the big red house? It was ______.

A. about one hundred metres away B. five minutes‘ walk

C. about five hundred feet D. a hundred minutes‘ ride

4. Where was John‘s house? It was ______.

A. on the right after the big tree B. a big red house

C. a small yellow house D. beside a little tree

5. Why did John ask Henry to open the door with his foot? Because Henry ______.

A. had no hands B. had nothing in his hands

C. was afraid to o0pen the door with his hands D. would carry a lot of things in both hands

3).Two Russian hunters meet. "I shot a gigantic bear yesterday," says Ivan. "Look at the hide (兽皮)!"

"How do you find such huge bears?" Sergei asks.

"Easy," says Ivan. "You stand in front of a cave and whistle (吹哨子). When the bear comes out, you shoot."

Weeks later the two meet again. Sergei is covered in bandages(绷带). "Didn't you follow my advice?" Ivan asks.

"Sure I did. I stood, in front of a cave and whistled, " Sergei replies.

"And what came out?"

"To me, "says Sergei, "it looked like the Trans-Siberian Express (穿越西伯利亚的快车). "


① Ivan shot a gigantic bear yesterday.

② Ivan showed Sergei the hide of the bear.

③ Ivan taught Sergei how to hunt huge bears.

④ Sergei didn't follow Ivan' s advice.

⑤ Sergei was hit by a train.

4) Your pen pal is coming from Australia to your city for a vacation. You send him the E-mail to tell him something about the hotels.


Oct 1--- Dec 31

Jan 1--- Mar 31

Apr 1--- Apr 30 (closed)

May 1--- May 31

Jun 1 --- Sep 30


Prices (a night)






Prices (a night)





( ) 1. If you want to watch dancing, you can call _____.

A. 4668736 B. 4021877 C. 4886888 D. 4686788

( ) 2. You can see the whole of Chinese history at _____ in April in Anhui Museum.

A. 3pm every day B. 9pm from Mon to Fri C. 7am at weekend D. 7pm every day

( ) 3. You can enjoy _____ at Jack Stein‘s.

A. American Jazz B. Scottish dancing

C. 12,000 pieces on show D. yourself all night

( ) 4. Sun Hotel and Rose Hotel are open for _____ months of the year.

A. nine B. ten C. eleven D. twelve

( ) 5. You have ¥148, and you can _____ in May.

A. listen to jazz B. watch Scottish dancing

C. Go to Anhui Museum D. stay in Sun Hotel for a night

5) The Jacksons live in Campton. It is an old small town. Grandpa Harry is 65 years old. He is very healthy and he likes to go fishing in the fishing pond with Joe and play chess with his friends. The Jacksons often have Grandpa‘s fish for supper. Joe is fifteen years old and football is his favorite sport. He often plays it after class at school. Joe has a sister. Her name‘s Mary. Mary likes swim-ming very much. She often swims in summer with her classmates. Joe‘s father, Bill, is an art teacher in Joe and Mary‘s school. He is very good at basketball. He is in the basketball team of the town. Joe and Mary like to watch their father playing other teams. Joe‘s mother, Diana, likes sports, too. She is good at playing tennis. She often goes shopping with Mary. She often buys beautiful clothes and healthy food for the family. All the family members like sports and they often go to the sport center(中心)in Campton on weekends. Campton is small, but they love it.

1. The Jacksons often have fish for supper. And the fish is from _____.

A. the school B. the store C. Joe‘s father D. the fishing pond

2. What sport does Joe like most?

A. Basketball B. Football C. Tennis D. fishing

3. Joe and Mary are _____.

A. students B. teachers C. clerks D. runners

4. How many people are there in the family? There are _____.

5. All the family members like _____ on weekends. A. six B. Five C. Four D. I don‘t know

A. shopping B. fishing C. doing sports D. watching sports

第二部分 综合能力


同学们已经学习积累了不少词汇. 现在请你按要求把下面的单词分类.

pencil, sweater, your, chair, under, cousin, soccer, fun, boring,

relaxing, aunt, basketball, her, his, notebook, eraser, eggs, fruit,

sofa, shorts, volleyball, interesting, pen, socks, parents, bed

衣物:____________ 、____________ 、____________

家具: ____________ 、____________ 、____________

描述性词汇:____________ 、____________ 、____________

运动: ____________ 、____________ 、____________

key: 1. egg, apple 2. sweater, shoes, pants 3. play basketball, go to a movie 4. sing, dance, play the piano



1. how, these , pants, are, much,


2. is, Helen‘s, when, birthday,


3. color, what, it, is,


4. you, do, want, a, to, movie, to, go


5. I, thrillers, scary, are, think


6. favorite, science, my, is, subject,


7. she, can, English, speak,


8. kind, like, of, you, movies, what, do,


9. club, what, do, join, you, want, to,


10. time, does, what, she, eat, breakfast,



1. 咱们打网球吧。Let‘s______ ________.

2. 早饭我喜欢吃鸡蛋。I like _______ for ________.

3.听起来很有趣。That _______ ________.

4.八月是一年中的第八个月。_______ is the _______ month of the year.

5.我喜欢喜剧片,我也喜欢京剧。I like _______ and I ______ like Beijing Opera.

6. 你会弹吉他吗?Can you ______ ______ _______?

7. 我想加入音乐俱乐部。I want to join _____ _______ ________.

8. 凯特八点钟到达学校。Kate ______ ______ school at 8:00.

9. 早晨他总是很忙。He is always ______ in the morning.

10. 她最喜欢的学科是科学。Her _______ _______ is science.

11. 我们星期三有体育课。We have P.E. ______ ________.

12. 他能讲英语也能讲一点法语。He can _______ English and ______ ________ French.

13. 我不喜欢物理, 物理太难了。I ______ ______ physics. It‘s ______ ________.


1. 把下列对话按照正常的语序排列

( )Speaking. Hi, Tony.

( )Yes?

( ) Hello! This is Tony. Is that Nick?

( )Nick, do you have free time on Sunday?

( )Do you want to go to a movie?

( )That sounds great. But what‘s the name of the movie?

( )Oh, I don‘t like action movies. And is there another movies on?

( )How about comedies?

( )Ok! Let‘s meet at 3 o‘clock tomorrow at the gate of the Capital Cinema.

( )It‘s Rush Hour.

( )See you tomorrow!

( )Great. I like them very much because I think they can make me relaxed.

( )See you!

2. A: ___1___ my new T-shirt, Mum? Do you __2____ ?

B: Is it on the sofa ?

A: No, it‘s ___3__ there.

B: Well, let ____4__ Help ___5___ find it.

A: Thank you, Mum.

B: Ah, here it is.

A: No, this is a ___6__ one. Where‘s my long one?

B: Look! What‘s ___7____ on the bed?

A: That‘s it. ___8___ me put it on. Is it too____9___ (小)?

B: I think it‘s fine.

A: ___10_____, Mum.

Keys:1. Where‘s 2. Know 3. not 4. me 5. you 6. short 7. that 8. Let 9. small 10. Thanks

3. A: Can I help you?

B: __1____ ,___2___. I want a pair of pants.

A: What ___3____ do you ___4____?

B: Black.

A: Here __5____ ____6___.

B: __7____ ___8____ are they?

A: 35 dollars.

B: I‘ll take them. ___9____ you.

A: You‘re __10_____.

Keys: 1.Yes. 2. please 3. color 4. want 5. you 6. are. 7. How 8. much 9. Thank 10. welcome

4. Match:

( )1. When do you have history? A. Mr. Smith.

( )2. Do you like salad? B. I can draw.

( )3. Who is your English teacher? C. Yes, it is.

( )4. What can you do in the art club? D. On Tuesday morning.

( )5. Is your birthday October 28th? E. No, I don‘t like it.


1. Look at the form and then fill in the blanks.





7:00 a.m

get up

4:00 p.m

play tennis

7:30 a.m

have breakfast

6: 20 p.m

have dinner

Lucy is a tennis star. She‘s thirteen years old. She sually ____ ____ at seven o‘clock. She ____ ______at seven thirty. …

2.你收到一位美国中学生的邮件, 他想通过这个方式与你成为笔友. 请仔细阅读他的邮件并给他回一封邮件介绍一些你的情况. Dear friend,

I am John, an American middle school student. I am 13 years old and I am in Junior One. My parents are both teachers. They work hard. I work hard too at my studies. At school, we have four lessons a day. And my favorite subject is math and science. They are interesting and fun. All my teachers are nice. After classes, we have many clubs. I can dance and sing so I join the music club. In the evening, I usually watch TV or go to movies with my friends. But I have to go back home at 8:30. Do you know what my favorite food it? Ice cream. Do you want to be my pen friend? Can you say something about you in your e-mail? I want to know your name, age, favorite food and some of your school activities? Best wishes to you and your family.



3、12月是学校举办艺术节的时间. 同时,学生会也筹备了丰富多彩的活动丰富同学们的校园生活. 为了把活动办得更好, 请你配合完成下面的任务。

1)、下面这些活动中,你最喜欢哪一项? 为什么?( 5分 )

a. speech contest b. Christmas and New Year‘s party c. basketball game d. art festival e. an English party f. going to an action movie g. jump rope competition

h. a Friday market

My favorite activity is ______________________ because it‘s__________________.


We can also have a/an___________________ because that‘s ___________________.

And I think it should be on ____________________. (提示:用英文表示)

3)、如果安排一个Friday market,要求大家都用英文来购物, 你会使用学过得英语吗?请将下面一段购物的对话补全. (10分) Clerk: Can I ______ you?

Mary: Yes, please. I want a sweater.

Clerk: What _______do you want?

Mary: Blue.

Clerk: Here you are.

Mary: ____________ is it?

Clerk: 20 dollars.

Mary: I‘ll ________ it. Thank you.

Clerk: You‘re ______________.

4)、如果安排电影节, 你最喜欢看的三种影片类型是什么? (提示:用名词复数形式) (3分)

They are _____________、__________________and __________________.



Kevin Johnson is a great actor. His new movie is Danger Zone. It‘s an action movie. The movie is exciting.

下面写写你自己的意见: (5分)



(满分100 时间70分钟)


( )1. ---_______does your mother watch the Talk show? ---Once a week.

A.How long B. How often C. How son D. How many

( )2.We couldn’t see the road clearly _____ the heavy snow.

A.because B.because of C.so D.though

( )3. The weather in Beijing in summer is ___than that in Shanghai. They are different.

A.cool B.much cooler C.hot D.much hotter

( )4. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon _____ sound.

A.and B.of C.with D.in

( )5. It’s bad for your eyes _____computer games too much.

A.plays B.to play C.play D.to playing

( )6. ---Do you play computer games?

---No,_______. I don‘t like them at all.

A.always B.often C.usually D.never

( )7. I can’t stand _____ the noisy music,let him _____ it.

A. hearing, stop B.to hear,stop C.hearing,to stop D.to hear, to stop

( )8. Timmy tells me that you find_____on the Internet.

A.something new B.anything new C. new something D. new anything

( )9. My mother ____me to read for 30 minutes every morning.

A.wants B.makes C.has D.lets

( )10. I hope _____on time.

A.her to come B.she can come C.she can comes D.her comes

( )11. Parents usually ______ a role in _____their kids.

A.play,helping B.make, helping C.play,help D.make,help

( )12. Can you finish ____the book in about a week?

A.read B.reading C.to read D. reads

( )13. Of the two coats, she ’d like to choose the ____one to save money for a book.

A.cheapest B.cheaper C.more expensive D. Most expensive

( )14. Do you enjoy ____football? I hear there will be a football match tomorrow.

A.playing B.play C.played D.to playing

( )15. The meat is _____dear and eating ____meat is bad for your health.

A.too much,much too B.too much,too much

C.much too,too much D. Much too,much too

( )16. Students should study hard to make their dreams________ .

A.come out B.come up C.come true D.come on

( )17. He tries _____English well. And he practices _____English every day.

A.to learn, to speak B.learning,speaking C.to learn,speaking D.learning,to speak

( )18. I‘m looking forward to_____my little sister.

A.see B. seen C. seeing D. saw

( )19. If Allen ____ to the party, he‘ll have a good time.

A.go B.went C.will go D. goes.

( )20. There _____ a football match on TV at nine tomorrow evening.

A.will have B.is C.is going to be D.are


A French student went to London for his holiday. He thought, ―I know a little English. I think people can 46 me.‖

One day he went to a restaurant and sat down at the table. He wanted to 47 a cup of tea and some eggs. Soon the waiter came up to him, and asked, ―Can I help you?‖ ―A cup of tea and…‖ he could not remember the 48 word for eggs. He looked 49 him, but nobody was eating eggs. Then he 50 a picture-book on the table next to him. There was a picture of a cock on 51 cover (封面). He 52 the picture to the waiter. ―What‘s the English 53 this?‖ he asked. ―A cock,‖ answered the waiter. ―What do you call a cock‘s wife?‖ he asked again. ―A hen.‖ ―And what do you call a hen‘s children?‖ ― Chicks.‖ ―And what do you call chicks 54 they‘re born?‖ ―Eggs.‖

―Very well,‖ said the French student happily. ―Bring me two eggs and a cup of tea, please.‖ And he sat down 55 a smile on his face. ( )1. A. understand B. know C. help D. speak

( )2. A. drink B. take C. have D. eat

( )3. A. French B. Chinese C. new D. English

( )4. A. at B. for C. after D. around

( )5. A. saw B. had C. bought D. drew

( )6. A. it B. it‘s C. its D. his

( )7. A. drew B. put C. gave D. showed

( )8. A. for B. of C. in D. about

( )9. A. when B. before C. after D. if

( )10. A. of B. with C. in D. about



Mr Smith gave his wife money every Friday evening. His wife always spent it all the next Wednesday, so that for the next three days she had no money to spend at all. One day Mr Smith asked her," But how did you spend all that money?" She answered, "I don't know . "So one Friday evening, Mr Smith gave her money together with an exercise book and a pencil. He said to his wife ,"Please write down how you spend the money . "Next Tuesday, his wife had no money again. Mr Smith took the exercise book to see how she had spent it. "I have done what you told me ,"she said gladly. She had written "Friday, I got 18 pounds from Mr Smith. "on the first page, and on the second page, she wrote ,"Tuesday, I have spent it all. "

( )1. Mrs Smith always spent all the money ____.

A. the next day B. in four days C. in a week D. on next Wednesday

( )2. Mr Smith gave his wife an exercise book and a pencil and asked her____

A. to do homework B. to have a look

C. to write down how she spent the money D. to draw a picture on it

( )3. Mrs Smith was ____ to do what Mr Smith asked her to .

A. happy B. sad C. sorry D. excited

( )4. Mr Smith gave his wife money ____ a week.

A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times

( )5. The story tells us that Mrs Smith was not very ____.

A .glad B. tall C. careful D. good


― Dreams may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream.‖ some scientists say. Dreams take up about one quarter of our sleeping time. People have several dreams each night.

Dreams are like short films. They are usually in color. Some dreams are like old films. They come up over and over again. That may be the dreamer worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer.

Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams. They may have been thinking about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over into dreams.

Too much dreaming can be harmful. The more we sleep,the longer we dream. The mind is still at work when we dream. That is why we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired.

( )1. It may be less important to sleep than to _____.

A.think B.dream C.work D.study

( )2. Dreams and films are usually _____.

A.very long B.in color C.about work D.very sad

( )3. Why do some people often dream about their work?

A.Because they are tired in the daytime.

B.Because they not interested in their work.

C.Because they may be thinking about their work all day.

D.Because they have too much work to do.

( )4. The main idea of the story is that_____

A.what dream is B.people like to sleep

C.dreams are like films D.we always remember dreams

( )5. Which sentence is RIGHT?

A. It is good to sleep longer.

B. We will feel tired after a long dream.

C. The mind isn‘t work when we dream.

D. All people can find an answer of the work in the dream.


Bruno was a boy of eight. His father worked in a cinema and his mother worked in a shop. He lived not far from his school. He always walked there and walked home. On his way to school, he had to pass a playground. It was very wet after it rained. One day,when he got home,his clothes were all wet. His mother became angry and said,‖ don‘t play in the water on your way home from school!‖

On the next day Bruno came back wet and dirty(脏的)clothes. His mother became even angrier.” I’ll tell your father you come back wet again.” said his mother,” He’ll punish you,you know.”

The third day the little boy was dry when he came home.

“you‘re a good boy today,‖ his mother said happily,‖you didn‘t play in the water.‖

“No,” the boy said unhappily.” There were too many older boys in the water when I got there this afternoon. There wasn’t any room(空地方) for me at all.”

( ) 1. Bruno went to school _____every day.

A.by bike B.by bus C.by car D.on foot

( ) 2. The playground was between _____.

A.two classrooms B.the cinema and shop

C. Bruno‘s house and school D.the shop and Bruno‘s school

( ) 3. The little boy liked to play on the playground______.

A.when it snowed

B.when there was some water there

C.when the children played football there

D.when his father was busy with his work

( )4. Bruno was afraid of _____ most. A.his father B.his mother C.his teacher D.the other boys

( )5. That afternoon, the boy‘s clothes were dry because ____.

A.nobody made room(地方)for him in the water.

B.there was no water on the playground

C.he took off his clothes before he played there.

D.he played in the water carefully.



Hello,boys and girls. My name is Li Jing. I am a girl student. I am thirteen years old. I think as students, we should work hard at school on weekdays. But we also need to have a good rest to relax myself. So I always study hard when I am at school, but on my day off I often do something else to relax myself.

I had a very relaxing day off. In the morning, I got up at seven o‘clock. Then I went to run with my father. I think we need to exercise every day. After all, it‘s important to keep healthy. After running, I took a shower and had breakfast. At nine o‘clock, I went to the aquarium with my friends. We saw some sharks and seals there. Sharks are very scary but the seals are cute. We also saw a dolphin show. I think dolphins are very clever animals. In the giftshop, we bought many gifts. We had great fun there.

In the afternoon, my parents took me to see my grandparents. They live in the beautiful countryside. They were very happy to see me. I talked with my grandparents for long and he told me many interesting things about him. My grandmother cooked lots of delicious food for us. In the evening, I watched TV with my cousins. We watched a basketball match. The match was very exciting. We were glad when we saw our favorite team in the match.

What a happy day off I had! I hope all of you can have an interesting day off!

Information card

What Li Jing does when she is at school 1________________________________________

What she did after running 2______________________________________

What she thinks of sharks 3-______________________________________

Who cooked dinner for Li Jing 4_______________________________________

When Li Jing watched TV 5_____________________________________


One day, Mr Black came back from a party very (1) . It was too late, and the weather was very cold. There was no bus or taxi, so he had to go home on(2) . He held his (3) under his arms.

When he got home, he opened his bag.He wanted to get his keys. They were always there. But he couldn‘t find the keys this time. He was worried and he didn‘t know(4) to do.When he looked up, he suddenly saw his window was (5) . Smiling to himself, Mr Black thought of an(6) .

There was a ladder behind his house.He carried it to the window.Then he began to (7) up the ladder. How dark it was! It was (8) for him to do that, because he was very nervous and his hat fell down. So he was very careful.

A moment later he jumped into the room and he was very happy. But suddenly when he put his hand into his (9) , he was surprised to find his(10) just right there.


1. 今天下午和我一起购物怎么样?

________ _______ ______ shopping with this afternoon.

2. 学习英语真有趣。

It is______ ______ to learn English.

3. 由于生病了,他没有去上学。

He didn‘t go to school _____ _____ his illness.

4. 他被邀请来这个电视剧中扮演一个角色。

He was invited to _______ _______ _______ in this TV play.


__________________any lies. That‘s _____________.


What role do you play? _________________________













( )1. A. Don‘t do that. B. It‘s very nice of you.

C. Take it easy. You will be OK.

( )2. A. No, she can‘t. B. Yes, of course.

C. My English is poor.

( )3. A. It‘s very nice of you.. B. Help yourself. C. I think so

( )4. A. I‘m sorry to hear that. B. He should be careful.

C. Excuse me.

( )5. A.Yes, he is B. A doctor C. By car.

( )6. A. That‘s right B. All right C. Thank you!


( ) 7.A. making clothes B. making bikes C. making kites

( ) 8. A. a red dress B. a white dress C. a red shirt

( ) 9. A. a coat B. a camera C. a bike

( ) 10. A. She is watching TV. B. She is doing her homework.

C. She is doing the housework.

( )11. A. in a restaurant B. in a shop C. in a post office

( )12. A. Yes, very much. B. No, not at all. C. Yes, a little.

第三节:短文理解,根据你所听到的短文内容,从三个选项中选出正确答案(每小题1.5分),听两遍。 A

( )13. What do sports change with?

A. The season.

A. Running.

A. Football. B. The weather. C. The time. ( )14. Which of the following sports is the oldest? B. Basketball. C. Volleyball. B. Jumping.

C. Swimming. ( )15 What do people in all countries near the sea prefer? ( )16. Why do people from different countries often become good friends after a game? A. The game is exciting.

B. Sports help them understand each other.

C. They begin to know each other.


( )17. I go back home _____________.

A. on foot

B. by bike

C. by bus C. 3 ( )18. I have ____________ classes every day. A. 4 B. 7 ( )19. I have lunch ____________. A. at home A. at 9:30 B. at school C. on my way to school C. before 9:30 ( )20. I take a bath ___________. B. after 9:30



( )21.It‘s quite smart _________ she __________ out the problem.

A、of, working B、for, to work C、for, working D、of; to work

( )22.How much did you _________ the bike?

A、spend B、pay C、buy D、pay for

( )23.Mike ________ the movie yesterday, but he ________ it tomorrow.

A、was seeing; am not going to see B、saw; see

C、see; would see D、didn‘t see; is going to see

( )24.My parents ______ about 200 dollars for my clothes every year.

A. spend B. take C. pay D. cost

( )25.------ Would you mind my taking this seat?

------- _________.

A. No, you can‘t take it B. Yes, take it, please

C. No, of course not D. Yes, sit down, please

( )26. __________students went out to see what happened.

A. Hundred of B. Three hundred of

C. Hundreds of D. Three hundreds

( )27. --------Whose books are these?

--------_____, I think.

A. They B. Them C. Theirs D. Their

( )28. There‘s _ __ in our school today.

A .important anything B. something important

C. anything important D. important something

( )29. They arrived ___ Beijing___ a hot summer morning.

A. in, at B. in, on C. at, on D. at, in

( )30. The movie is very _ __ and I`m _ __ in it.

A. interesting, interesting B. interesting, interested

C. interested, interesting D. interested, interested

( )31. Mike saw a wallet _______ on the ground when he walked past the school gate.

A. lie B. to lie C. lies D. lying

( )32. ---How much are the water?

---You don‘t have to ___ . They are free.

A. pay them B. spend them

C. cost them D. pay for them

( )33. ___ will he leave the city?

A. How long B. How fast

C. How often D. How soon

( )34. You don‘t need ___ it at once if you are busy.

A. to finish B. finished C. finishing D. finish

( )35. I heard someone _______ outside. Can you hear?

A. shout B. shouted C. shouting D. to shout

( )36. Would you please _______ your football here?

A. not to put B. don‘t put C. not putting D. not put

( )37. I‘m not sure if it _______today.

A. will rain B. to rain C. rains D. rain

( )38. It is _______ photo!

A. very an old B. quite a old

C. an very old D. quite an old

( )39. There is little rain this winter, _______?

A. isn‘t there B. is it C. isn‘t it D. is there

( )40. Tom is _______ than Jim.

A. careful B. more carefuler

C. less careful D. carefully



Television has now come to nearly every family.It has 41 a very important part in 42 life.School children in the US watch TV about twenty-five hours 43 .Some parents think the television is good 44 their children because it helps them to learn about their country and the world. 45 the help of some education programmes, children do 46 in school.

47 parents do not let their children 48 TV too much.They say that some of the TV programmes are not good and children often 49 bad things from them.

Man have invented many things which have brought us much convenience.Television is one of them.If it 50 carefully planned, watching TV can be good for children.

( )41.A.become B.becomes C.became D.becoming

( )42.A.people B.people‘s C.peoples D.peoples‘

( )43.A.a day B. one day C.one week D. a week

( )44.A.at B.of C.for D.to

( )45.A.With B.Under C.By D.Below

( )46.A.worse B.good C.better D.best

( )47.A.Other B.Others C.Another D. The other

( )48.A.to watch B.watch C.watching D.watched

( )49.A.study B.learn C.listen D.see

( )50.A.\ B.will be C.was D.is




Before you go to another country it is a great help if you know the language and some of the customs(风俗) of the country.

When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say, ―How do you do?‖ but hardly shake hands(握手). Usually they do not shake hands when they just meet or say goodbye. But they shake hands if their last meet is a long time ago or they will be away from each other for a long time.

Last year a group of German students went to England for a holiday. Their teacher told them that the English people hardly shake hands. So when they met their English friends at the station, they kept their hands behind their backs. The English students learned that the Germans shake hands as often as possible, so they put their hands in front and got ready(准备) to shake hands with them. It made both of them laugh.

51. It is __________ if you know the language and some of the customs of the country.

A. not useful B. not helpful

C. very helpful D. very bad

52. English people usually shake hands when they ______________.

A. meet every time B. meet for the first time

C. say goodbye to each other D. will be away from each other for a long time

53. Which of the following statement(陈述) is right?

A. German people shake hands as often as possible.

B. English people like shaking hands very much.

C. German people hardly shake hands.

D. English people kiss each other for their first meet.


54. If you want to _________ , you can go to the first floor.

A. cook a dinner B. make your kitchen more useful

C. have a dinner D. buy some dresses

55. When you feel tired or thirsty, you‘d better go to ________________.

A. the first floor B. the third floor

C. the fifth floor D. the sixth floor

A. Take a No. 25 bus.

B. Take a bus from Los Angeles to Washington.

C. Take a train from Los Angeles to New York.

D. Take a train from Los Angeles to Washington.

57. What can we know from the passage?

A. We can buy dresses for spring on the fifth floor.

B. We can eat some Western food in the shopping center.

C. The International Shopping Center is in Washington.

D. We can‘t buy school things in the shopping center.


56. If you live in Los Angeles, how can you get to the International Shopping Center?

Disney is a big family that has a lot of cartoon stars such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Donald Duck is the most bad-tempered one, but has got lots of fans around the world during these years. Now, Donald Duck turns 75.

From the beginning, the famous cartoonist Walt Disney created Donald Duck as a foil(配衬)to Mickey Mouse. While Mickey is most loved by children, Donald Duck has more adult fans. The duck is a funny character with the wildest dreams.

In his 75 years, Donald Duck has tried his hard at more than 100 different jobs, but failed at them all. Donald always seems to be short of money and make a habit of getting into all kinds of troubles.

But no matter how often he fails, Donald Duck keeps moving on. That‘s why he has so many fans. Donald Duck is known for his funny speech and his good heart. His first show on the movie was in 1934 in a short cartoon film called Little Wise Hen. And, the achievement that would probably please Donald most is that he has appeared(出现) in 128 films — more than Mickey Mouse.

58. How old is Donald Duck this year?

A. 75 B. 100 C. 128 D. We don‘t know.

59. What is Donald Duck like?.

A. He is funny. B. He has a bad temper.

C. He has a good heart. D. All of the above

60. Who likes Donald Duck more all over the world?

A. Some children. B. Some adults.

C. Some young ladies D. Walt Disney.

61. Why do people love Donald Duck?

A. Because he is a good foil to Mickey Mouse.

B. Because he is a funny character with the wildest dreams.

C. Because no matter how often he fails, he keeps moving on.

D. Because he is in 128 films.


As young students, you have many dreams. These dreams can be very big, such as winning the Nobel Prize; they can also be small, such as becoming one of the best students in your class.

Once you find a dream, what do you do with it? Do you ever try to make your dream come true?

Andrew Matthews, an Australian writer, tells us that making your dreams come true is life‘s biggest challenge(挑战). You may think you are not good at some school subjects, or that it‘s impossible for you to become a writer. Those kinds of ideas stop you from realizing(实现) your dream.

In fact, everyone can realize his dream. The first thing you must do is to remember what your dream is. Don‘t let it leave your heart. Keep telling yourself what you want every day and then your dream will come true faster. You should know that a big dream is, in fact, made up of many small dreams.

You must also never give up(放弃) your dream. There will be difficulties on the road to your dreams. But the biggest difficulty comes from

yourself. You need to decide what is the most important. Studying instead of watching TV will help you to get better exam results, while saving

five dollars instead of buying an ice cream means you can buy a new book.

As you get closer to your dream, it may change a little. This is good as you have the chance to learn something more useful and find new hobbies.

62. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. Only big dreams can come true.

B. Making your dreams come true is life’s biggest challenge.

C. You can give up your dreams when you feel they‘re difficult.

D. The biggest difficulty comes from other people.

63. If we have dreams in our hearts and work hard, our dreams_________.

A. can‘t be realized B. can be very small.

C. will come true. D. can be very big.

64. How do you make your dream come true faster?

A. Remember what your dream is.

B. Don‘t let your dream leave your heart.

C. Keep telling yourself what you want every day.

D. A, B and C.

65. To make your dream come true, the first thing you must do is_________.

A. to remember what your dream is

B. to decide what is the most important

C. to learn something more useful and find new hobbies

D. to get better exam results.



66.He bought me a present yesterday(改同义句)

He bought a ________ _____ me yesterday,

67. Work hard, and you‘ll pass the exam. (改为同义句)

__________ you work hard, you __________ pass the exam.

68. My uncle has already gone to New York. (改为否定句)

My uncle_________ gone to New York____________.

69. Kate is very young. She can't go to school.(改为同义句)

Kate is __________young ___________go to school.

70.“Do you have a good sleep ?” David asked Jim. (两句合一句)

David asked Jim ___________he ___________well last night.

VI.情景交际。(5分) 从方框中选出填在句中空白处的最佳选项,完成下列对话,其中有2项为多余选项。 Tom: Hello, Joe, nice to see you again._______71__________

Joe: Hello, Tom,_______72__________. What do you want to know?


Joe: A bike.


Joe: On my sixth birthday.


Joe: My parents.

Tom: You are so lucky!

A. When did you get it?

B. May I ask you some questions?

C. Who gave it to you ?

D. Nice to see you, too.

E. What‘s the best gift you have ever received?

71._____ 72._____ 73._____ 74._____ 75._____



76 England, people don‘t often talk 77 each other when they travel .If you get on a bus

78 a train, you can see people sitting and 79 out of the window.Other people may be reading 80 or newspapers.

When you 81 somebody in England, you may start 82 talking about the weather.So when you want to chat with somebody in England, you can say,‖Nice weather for the time of the year!‖

―It was a bit cold yesterday.‖Somebody may answer.

―But it will get a little 83 now than before.‖You can answer.

Talking 84 this, they will think,‖ 85 friendly you are!‖

76.___________77.____________ 78.__________ 79.__________ 80.___________

81.___________ 82.____________ 83.__________ 84.__________ 85.__________


人人都有梦想。你将来的生活会是什么样子?以 ― My happy life in the future‖为题写一篇文章,畅想一下你的未来。


参考词汇:manager(经理), robot, work in my factory, go to work by car, live a happy life(过幸福的生活),dress neatly(整洁的), have a pet and a big apartment…




26.____TV too much is bad for your eyes.

A. watching B. watch C. watches D. watched

27.One of____students in our class won the first prize in the competition.

A. well B. good C. the best D. better

28.---Mum, I‘m very ____now.

---Oh, you should stop_____a rest.

A. tired, having B. tired, to have C. tiring, having D. tiring, bad

29.---You don‘t like watching documentaries, do you?

---_____. I think they are boring.

A. Yes,I do. B. No, I don‘t C. Yes, I don‘t D. No, I do

30. I think he _____Canada because he knows a lot about it .

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. is going to

31. Could you please __________ baseball here?

A. not play B. not playing

----Go straight and you‘ll find it.

C. not to play D. playing 32.---Could you please tell me ____?

A. where is the restroom B. where the restroom is

C. where was the restroom D. where the restroom was

33.---Would you mind my taking this seat? ----_____.

A. No, of course not B. Yes, sit down please C. Yes, take it please D. No, you can‘t

34. Tom has been here _____ just one year, but his father has worked here ______ ten years ago.

A: since, for B: since, since C: for, since

35.---_____did it take you to get to the subway station?

---Half an hour.

A. How far B. How long C. How much D. How soon

36.---What ____you do ____you find lots of money on the street?

---I will hand it to the police.

A. will, if B. could, when C. will, while D. hardly, hard

37. I‘m sorry I _____go home now. It‘s too late.

A. have to B. can C. may D. need

38.---Tina passed the final exam, ----_____and____.

A. So did he, so I did B. So he was, so I was

C. So was he, so I was D. So he did, so did I

39.Love is like wind. You an not touch or see it , but you can ____it.

A. expect B. sound C. feel D. wish

40.Kate has the same scarf_____.

A. like you B. as yours C. like yours D. as you

41.— Look at these flowers. —__________ beautiful!

A. How B. Do

A. Five thousand of

C. Thousands

A. Both C. What D. Which 42. __________ animals live in the forest. B. Thousands of D. Five thousands 43. — Which would you like, coffee or tea? —__________ is OK. B. Any C. Either D. None

44.Tom is ready for the party, ____________?

A. is he B. isn‘t Tom C. isn‘t he D. is Tom

45.The news ______ be true . I knew everything about it

A can‘t B. mustn‘t C. may not D. needn‘t


Tom did not like doing his homework, because he liked to do 1 things after school. And his teacher always 2 a lot of mistakes in his homework. Then one day his maths teacher 3 at Tom‘s homework and saw that he got all his answers right. He was very 4 and surprised. The next morning before class, he called Tom 5 his desk and 6 to him, ―You got all your answers right this time. Did your father help you?‖ Sometimes Tom‘s father helped him with his homework, 7 this time he didn‘t help Tom because he 8 at home. So Tom answered, ―No, sir. He was busy last night, so I 9 to do it 10 .‖

( )1. A. others B. another C. the other D. other

( )2. A. looked B. looked at C. found D. made

( )3. A. saw B. looked C. knocked D. laughed

( )4. A. pleased B. pleasure C. sad D. please

( )5. A. to B. for C. in D. at

( )6. A. spoke B. said C. asked D. talked

( )7. A. so B. and C. but D. or

( )8. A. can‘t be B. didn‘t C. never D. wasn‘t

( )9. A. wanted B. mustn‘t C. liked D. had

( )10 a. itself B. of them C. myself D. himself



Lucy Brown teachers English in a junior high school. She loves her students very much, and she works hard. She often tells them some interesting stories in class and her students like her,too.

Yesterday, Lucy found some boys always made faces(做鬼脸)in class. She didn‘t want them to do that again, so she got all her students together and said, ―Boys and girls, when I was young, I liked making faces in class, too. But one day, my grandmother told me not to do that again. She said, ―If you make faces again, you will be ugly when you grow up.‖ So you shouldn‘t do that again.‖

Some students thought she was right, but some students didn‘t .One of the boys put up his hand. ―Oh, Tom! Wha do you want to say?‖ asked Lucy.

The boy stood up and said, ― Miss Brown, you must regret(后悔)listening to your grandmother now.‖

1.Lucy is _____.

A. a Chinese teacher B. a math teacher C. an English teacher D.a history teacher

2.In her class, Lucy often _____her students.

A. sings English songs to B. performs magic tricks for

C. tells interesting stories to D. plays the piano for

3.What did Lucy find yesterday?

A. Some boys always didn‘t listen to her .

B Some boys always ate snacks in class .

C. Some boys always had fights in class.

D. Some boys always made faces in class

4.How did Lucy make them not to do that again?

A. She called their parents and told them about it.

B She told her grandmother about it.

C. She made the boys stand in front of the other students.

D. She told them a story about herself.

5. From the passage, we know____.

A. Tom didn‘t think Lucy was beautiful

B. Lucy will be happy after hearing Tom‘s words

C. Lucy‘s grandmother didn‘t like Lucy

D. Lucy thought the boys in her class were very ugly.


My grandmother was a great Japanese woman. She died when she was 87 years old in 1991. She was not rich(富有的), but she always had a smile on her face. She wore kimonos he whole life. She had eight children –two sons and six daughter. She was proud(自豪的)of them. About fifty years ago, there were not any electrical appliances(电器).She was very busy every day. The housework was very hard because her husband never helped her .Every morning , she got up very early. She usually went to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. When she came back home, she began to cook breakfast for the family. When I was a child, she always told me about her life. I liked to listen to her stories very much.

1.How many children did the writer‘s grandmother have?

A. One B. Two C. Six D. Eight

2.What does the word ―kimono‖ mean in Chinese?

A. 胡须 B. 首饰 C. 和服 D. 婚纱

3.Which one is TRUE?

A. The writer‘s grandmother came from Japan .

B. She had a lot of money.

C. Her husband often helped her with the housework.

D. About fifty years ago, there were many electrical appliances.


1.Jim‘s father likes Beijing Opera. He can go to _____to enjoy it.

A. Grand Hall B. Grand Theater C. People‘s Hall D. People‘s Theate

2._____will give a concert on Sunday night.

A. Li Shengsu and Yu Kuizhi B. Lin Junjie and Li Shengsu

C. Cai Yilin and Yu Kuizhi D. Lin Junjie and Cai Yilin

3.The Smurfs is the name of _____according to the above ads.

A. a book B. a TV play C. a movie D. a lecture

4 Mr Zhao and his seven-year-old son are going to watch The Smurfs. They should pay _____for the tickets.

A. 65 yuan B. 70 yuan C. 80 yuan D. 120 yuan

四 看图填词

TV is one of the most important things of the day.Many people like to (1)________ TV.TV brings (2)________ outside world closer to people's homes.Some people say the world is smaller (3)________ before because of TV.

What's going on in (4)________ countries? How do people live in places far away? Is (5)________ a good sports game somewhere? What's living in the deepest part of the sea?

If you want to answer these and other kinds of (6)________, just turn (7)________ the TV.You can see a lot and learn a lot.Of course, people

can also learn if they read or (8)________ to the radio.But with TV they can learn better and more easily.Why? Because people can listen and

watch (9)________ the same time.

TV helps to open our eyes.TV also helps (10)________ to open our mind.TV often gives us new ideas.We learn newer and better ways of doing something on TV.





















Ⅰ. 单项选择。

( )1.—Would you like to climb mountains with me this Sunday?

I‘d love to. But I _______ play table tennis between Class Three and our class. A.am going B.am going to C.am D.going to C.When D.Which B.join C.took part in D.joined ( )2.—_______ do you prefer, walking or running?—I like running better. A.What B.How A.take part in ( )3.—Are you going to _______ our English club? —Yes, I am. ( )4.The foreigners arrived _______ Shanghai _______ night. A.at; at B.in; at C.in; in D.at; in A.leaving for B.leave for C.to D.left A.grow up B.talk about C.get up D.was born C.read D.to read ( )5. Xu Xia and her teammates are _______ the U.S.A. next week. ( )6.I want to be a doctor when I _______. ( )7.I see Wei Han _______ English almost every morning. A.reads B.reading

( )8. I spent a lot of time ______ English last weekend.

A. to practice speaking B. practicing to speak

C. practicing speaking D. practice speaking

( )9.There _______ an English Party in our class next week.

A.is going to have B.is going to be C.will have D.have

( )10. It‘s too hot. Would you mind my ___ the window?—___. Do it as you like, please.

A. to open; OK B. opening; Certainly not C. opening; Of course D. open;Good idea

( )11. —Do you mind my turning on the TV? — . I‘m doing my homework.

A. No, of course not B. Yes, please C. Not at all D. Better not

( )12.That’s very kind _______ you, but I think I can manage it myself.

A.to B.at C.of D.from

( )13.Li Ming will take part in the boys‘ _______.

A.800-meter raceB.800-meter races C.800 meter race D.800-meter-races

( )14. Hello! Is that Kate speaking?—Yes, ______.

A. it‘s Kate B. I‘m Kate C. this is Kate D. Kate is me

( )15. Did you watch the basketball match(比赛) yesterday?

Yes. We were all _______ about the _______ match.

A. exciting, excited B. exciting, exciting C. excited, excited D. excited, excit(rooms.

A. the worse B. most comfortable C. best D. the most comfortable

( )17. Where is Jack? ——He basketball on the playground

A. plays B. is playing C. is going to play D. play

( )18. He likes singing songs, but I sing than he does.

A. more good B. best C. more worse D. better

( )19. Could you please help me do the laundry this afternoon?

I will be free after 2:30 in the afternoon.

A. Sorry, I can‘t B. No, you can‘t C. Sure, I‘d love to D. Of course not ( )20. did he play soccer? —About 3hours.

A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How long

( )21. Let‘s buy a big house the money.

A. for B. with C. use D. spend

( )22. The art exhibition will me rich and famous

A. do B. have C. help D. make

( )23. When did she the USA ? —Three years ago

A. tour B. travel C. go D. watch

( )24. Her younger brother is young to go to school

A. so B. very C. too D. really

( )25. Who‘s ,Tom or Tim? —Tom is

A. quieter B. more healthy C. worst D. best

( )26. Do you look the same? —No, I am taller than her

A. Little B. few C. a little D. many

( )27. Who the souvenir? —Maria did

A. is going to bay B. bought C. buys D. wants to bay ( )28.Arthur is a loving grandmotherYeah, she all her free time with her grandchildren.

A. pays B. takes C. uses D. spends

( )29. I‘m going to write articles and them to magazines and newspapers.

A. send B. take C. bring D. give

( )30. When did he go to Beijing? —He went there may 12th

A. in B. at C. on D. by



16. The hotel is the best here. It has )

t. ( )1. What’s your favorite sport? A. Sorry, I won’ ( ) 2.Would you mind giving me a pen? B. Base ball, of course! ( ) 3. Will you join us ? C. It doesn‘t matter! ( ) 4. Don‘t be late next time! D. Not at all. Here you are! ( ) 5. I‘m so sorry for losing your ruler. E. Yes ,I‘d be glad to.! 选择方框中的句子完成对话。 Tom: Hello! 6._______________ Jack: Speaking!

Tom: Jack, we are going to climb a mountain next Sunday. Let‘s go together!

Jack: Good idea! 7.______________ Tom: Mount Fanjing.

Jack: OK. 8._________________ Tom: At nine o‘clock.

Jack: It‘s too late.9._________________ Tom: All right. 10. __________________ Jack: At the bus station. Tom: OK. See you then. Jack: See you. A. B. C. D. E. F.

Let‘s make it half past seven When shall we meet? Is that Jack speaking? Where shall we meet? Where shall we go Who‘s that speaking?

完形填空 (每小题1分,共10分)请阅读下面短文,选择最佳答案。

Li Dong is a farmer. He has a very big 1 . On the farm, he grows oranges, grapes and bananas. Many people come to 2 his farm. He is a successful(成功的)young man and becomes very famous.

In 2003, he went back to his hometown 3 he finished middle school. ―What work can I do?‖ he said to himself. Then he had an idea. ―I 4 farming. I can grow fruit!‖ He began to watch many 5 on TV about growing fruit. He also read a lot of books about it. Then he went to 6 on Mr Wang‘s farm for two years. He learned a lot the re.

In 2005, he started his own(自己的) fruit farm. 7 , Li Dong’s farm was small. But now, his farm is much bigger(大多了). His fruits are very good. He sends them to many big 8 in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. He 9 grows ve getables and r aises chi ckens on his farm. His family eats very 10 food. He has a very happy family. ( )1. A. farm ( )2. A. look ( )3. A. but ( )4. A. enjoy ( )5. A. games ( )7. A. At last ( )9. A. too

B. park B. take B. after

C. school

C. for

D. shop

C. visit

D. catch D. so

D. follow

B. encourage B. songs

C. throw

C. programs D. plays D. work

D. At once D. farms

( )6. A. see B. play ( )8. A. villages ( )10. A. healthy Ⅳ.阅读理解。(20分) (A)

C. eat

B. At that time C. At this moment C. cities

B. schools B. also B. bad

C. either C. happy

D. as well

D. unhealthy

All over the world, people enjoy sports. Sports are good for people‘s health. Many people like to watch others play games. They buy tickets or turn on their TV sets or may be online to watch.Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room. Sometimes they play outside. We can find sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting and people

everywhere like them. Football, for example, is very popular in the world. People from different countries cannot understand each other, but

after a game they often become very friendly to each other.

( )1.Sports are good for _______.

A.the players B.people‘s health C.the coaches D.people who like sports ( )2.If you like sports, you can _______. A.buy tickets to watch the games B. watch the games on TV C. watch the games on the Internet A.the same game D.A、B and C D.all kinds of games ( )3.People play _______ in different seasons. B.different games C.any games

( )4._______ is very popular in the world

A.Table ten nis B.Baseball C.Football D.Skating

( )5.From this passage we can see that _______ can become very friendly.


Shane Battier (肖恩 巴蒂尔) is a famous basketball player. Now he plays in Houston Rockets (休斯顿火箭队). Yao Ming is also in the team. Shane Battier was born in 1978 in Michigan. He is 2.03 meters tal l. He loves his parents very much. He always remembers their words: Be kind to others. In Shane Battier's everyday life, he likes playing golf and tennis. He also likes playing chess(象棋). His favorite movie is Meet the Parents. His favorite singer is Marvin Gaye. He hopes to be a boss (老板) in the future.

He began to play basketball at the age of four. In 2006, he joined Houston Rockets, and became one of the most important players. We often see him wear a sportswear(运动装)with the number 31 in the game More and more basketball fans regard(当成) him as a hero(英雄)! He is a team-player. He once said, "There are many excellent(优秀的) players in our team, so I shouldn't only try to show myself, instead I will try my best to help my partners(同伴)to play well. Teamwork is the most important."

It is his hard work that makes him successful and famous. Let's wish him good luck in the future.


We each have a memory(记忆力. That’s why we can still remember things after a long time. Some people have very good memories and they can easily learn many things by heart, but some people can only remember things when they say or do the again and again. Many of the great men of the world have got surprising memories.A good memory is a great help in learning languages. Everybody learns his mother language when he is a small child. He hears the sounds, remembers them and then he learns to speak. Some children are living with their parents in foreign countries. They can learn two languages as easily as one because they hear, remember and speak two languages every day. In school it is not so easy to learn a foreign language because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are busy with other subjects, too.

But your memory will become better and better when you do more and more exercises.

( ) 6. Some people can easily learn many things by heart because __________ .

A. they always sleep well B. they often eat good foot

C. they read a lot of books D. they have very good memories

( ) 7. Everybody learns his mother language __________ .

A. at the age of six B. when he is a small child

C. after he goes to school D. ]when he can read and write

( ) 8. Before a child can speak, he must __________ .

A. read and write

B. make sentences

A.people from different countries all B.people from the same country C.people who do the same sports D.after a game, people from different countries

C. hear and remember the sounds D. think hard

( ) 9. In school the pupils can‘t learn a foreign language easily because __________ .

A. they have no good memories B. they have no good teachers

C. they don‘t like it D. they are busy with other subjects

( ) 10. Your memory will become better and better __________ .

A. if you have a lot of good food B. if you do more and more exercises

C. if you do morning exercises every day D. if you get up early


Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you? It‘s after lunch. I‘m writing to you from my camp.

Yesterday we left school at 8: 00 am. The camp is only 200 miles from our home, and the school bus got us here at noon.I share a room with three boys. Two of them know how to use computers. They‘re in Mr. Green‘s class. I‘m learning how to use computers, so I am in Mrs. Brown‘s class.I have to design my own program this week. All of the campers have to. I want to design a game. Then I can teach it to you.

We must take part in two other activities every day. I am going to choose swimming and tennis. In my free time, I am going to play games on the computers. So are most of the campers. I like camping, but I d0n‘t like the food.. It‘s very bad. We have our breakfast, lunch and supper in a very big room. When we are eating, everyone is talking and there‘s a lot of noise. I have to say ―goodbye‖ now. See you in two weeks. Love,


( )1.Chris wrote the letter ____________.

A. in the morning B. in the evening C. at 8: 00 D. at noon

( )2.It took the school bus ____________ hours to go from school to the camp.

A. two B. four C. three D. five

( )3.There were ____________ boys living in Chris’s room.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( )4.They ate ____________.

A. a lot of good food B. in a small room C. in a noisy room D. with three boys

( )5.Chris was going to be at the camp for ____________.

A. two days B. ten days C. twenty days D. fourteen days

第二部分 写作 (40分)



1.Liu Ying will take part in the girls’ relay race. Let’s c_________ her on .

2.The Big Big World is a very p____________ song. Everyone enjoys singing it .

3. His ____________________(梦想)is to be a doctor.

4. —I like this camera! Is it yours?Yes, I _____________(花费)1,200yuan on it last year.

5. Dr. White _____________(发明)a kind of new camera last year.


1.Jane prefers _______________ (cycle).

2.Running can help you keep _______________ (health).

3.Ann is going to go ____________ (skate) with her classmates tomorrow.

4. Would you mind ___________(close)the window? I feel a little cold.

5. We __________________(swim)in the river the day after tomorrow。

6. Wang Lili is good at_________(run).


1. 他长大了想干什么? What does he want to be when he _________ __________?

2. 越来越多的外国人将在 中国生活。

_________ and ____ _____ foreigners will live in China.

3. 老师刚才生我的气了。 The teacher was ____________ __________ me just now.

4. 我们应该尽力学好英语。 We should _________ ___________ best to learn English well.

5. 我非常想和你交朋友。 I want to ______________ _____________ with you very much.

6. Could you please not speak loudly?(改为同意句)

Would you mind_________ ____________ loudly?

7. I went to our school yesterday. (把 yesterday 换成 tomorrow)

I _______ ___________ to our school tomorrow.


运动对我们的健康非常重要,你最喜欢哪项运动呢?请以“My Favorite Sport”为题写一篇短文介绍一下你最喜欢的运动及喜爱它的原因。

要求:1 语句通顺、连贯,无语法错误。2 词数60左右。3 可适当发挥。

第一节 词语释义(5分) 选出与句中划线部分意义最接近的解释。

( )26.How can we keep fit in winter.

A. keep calm B.keep balanced

C.stay healthy D. stay strong

( )27.He is going to travel all over the world after he retires.

A.around B. above

C. somewhere in D. to study

( )28.-Thank you for you help

-Not at all

A. Don‘t say to B. You‘re welcome

C. It‘s my duty D. It doesn‘t matter

( )29.she has a lot of books to read.

A.much B.many C.some D.any

( )30.Tomorrow will be better in China.

A.The next day B. The second day

C. The future D.The whole day

第二节 单项选择。(20分)

完形填空 (共10小题,每小题1分, 满分10分)

The Sea

What do you know about the sea? Some people often see it, 1 the others don't. The sea looks 2 on a fine sunny day. Millions of people hope to take their 3 by the sea. They can swim in it, or lie on the beaches in the sun. They 4 themselves there. But it can be very rough(粗鲁) when there is a strong wind. What other things do we know about it?

Of course, the sea is very large. Looking at a 5 of the world, you can see it is much bigger than land. There are a lot of 6 in the sea. Some of them are big and the others are 7 .

Did you swim in the sea? If you answer ―Yes", you may know that the water is salty(盐). Rivers carry 8 from the land to the sea. Some places of the sea are more salty(咸的) than other places. Do you know the Dead Sea? Fish 9 live in it. And people can easily swim in it. Nobody is afraid to 10 in the water.

( )51.A. and B. so C. but D. or

( )52.A. useful B. beautiful C. terrible D. weak

( )53.A. classes B. sports C. meetings D. holidays

( )54.A. enjoy B. like C. stop D. begin

( )55.A. book B. map C. newspaper D. picture

( )56.A. roads B. shops C. houses D. islands

( )57.A. small B. young C. little D. good

( )58.A. sugar B. butter C. salt D. oil ( )59.A. can B. must C. can't D. mustn't ( )60.A. lift B. sink C. walk D. sleep

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