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听力测试 (10分)

一.听句子,选择你所听到的单词。 (5分)


( )2.A.basketB.bookC.ticket

( )3.A.otherB.the other C.another

( )4.A.nervousB.surpriseC.mad



( )6.A.Would you do me a favor?B.Would you help him,please?

C.Would you look after him?

( )7.A.We will fly to the moon for vacation

B.We would like to live on the moon.

C.Wewant to go to the moon by spaceship.

( )8.A.Do you think people like robots in their homes?

B.Do you think there will be computers in people’s homes?

C.Do you think there will be robots in people’s homes?

()9.A.She said she liked to take a walk with the child.

B.She said she enjoyed playing with the child.

C.She said she liked to take good care of the child.

()10.A.I think I am going to leave home tomorrow.

B.I think I am not going out tomorrow.

C.I think I am going to see my new home tomorrow.


( ) 1.There ____an English party in our school tomorrow evening .

A .have B. will have C. is going to have D. will be

( ) 2. Don’t forget to give my best wishes to your mother. _________

A. No, I won’t B.OK,I will C. Yes, I won’t D. Yes, I do

( ) 3.--Can I help you, sir?

--I’d like to have 100 ____. I want my students to draw pictures

A.piece of paper B. pieces of paper

C.pieces of papers D.piece of papers

( ) 4. Where isorange coat? He can’t find it. Who can help?

A、an his B、an himC、the him D、an

( ) 5、--I want to take this table to the classroom. But it’s too. --I it.

A、small can’t carry B、big can take

C、heavy can carry D、heavy can’t carry 1


( ) 6、A、bagsof peachsB、bags of peaches

C、bag of peaches D、bags of peach

( ) 7、It’s time. We mustnow.

A、to go to school, goes B、to go to school, go

C、going, go D、going, goes

( ) 8、——You look hungry. Would you like some bread?

——. I would like some hamburgers.

A、Yes, please B、No, thanks

C、Yes, I’d like to D、Yes, thank you

( ) 9、——Thank you for your help.


A、No, thank you B、That’s all right

C、All right D、I’m all right

( )10.I think it would start a _________ habit if you copy my homework.


( )11.You should ______ a new pen for your sister.

A.buy B.to buyC.buyingD.bought

( ) 12. Lana said that she wasn't mad_______ Marcia anymore.

A. to B. at C. for D. on

( ) 13. Do you think _________ an English film tomorrow night?

A. is there B. there is going to be

C. there is going to have D. will there be

( )14、——Can Iyour English- Chinese dictionary?

——Sorry. I it now.

A、borrow, lend B、borrow, am using C、lend, borrow D、lend, am using

( ) 15. You are _________ to return the book to the library in two weeks.

A. supposed B. wanted C. shouted D. thought

( ) 16. Do you think it is difficult _________?

A. study English well B. studies English well

C. studying English well D. to study English well

( ) 18. I hope you are ______ good health.

A. in B. on C. with D. for

( ) 19. ___ Did you get on ______ with others?

___Yes. I made a lot of new friends.

A. bad B. good C. well D. kind

( ) 20.I will have a surprise party______ Lana ______ Friday night.

A. of ,in B. for, on C.for ,at D.with,in



Mr Smith had a nice, brown coat. He __1__ it very much, __2__ his wife didn’t like it, because it was _ 3__ . She often said, “Give it to a __4__ man.” But Mr Smith always said, “No, I like it.” One day a cigarette fell on it and made a hole in it, _5__ Mrs Smith said, “Please don’t __6__ it again.” Mr Smith took it to a small tailor’s and said to the tailor, “Please make another coat __7__ this one.” The tailor made the coat very __8_ . Then he hit a cigarette and made a __9__ in the __10 _ place. ()1. A. wore B. had C. put D. loved

()2. A. but B. so C. and D. for

()3. A. new B. big C. small D. old

()4. A. rich B. kind C. poor D. friend

()5. A. so B. and C. but D. or

()6. A. had B. wear C. wore D. take

()7. A. about B. with C. like D. of

()8. A. happily B. hard C. sad D. carefully

()9. A. picture B. hole C. map D. flower

()10. A. same B. different C. great D. important



Bob has a good friend, Caesar. He is a brown dog. He is not very old. Bob gets him from Mr. Mason.

One day Bob’s father, mother and Bob go to the Mason’s farm (农场) for lunch. After lunch, Mr. Mason says, “I’m going to a big city. So I can’t take him there. You can’t have a young dog in a big city.”

“ Let me have him, ”Mr. Mason, “ he knows me well and we have no dog, ” Mr. Mason looks at Bob’s mother and father.

“Please , Mother, let me have him,” says Bob.

“Ask your father,” says she.

“Please, Dad?”

“Yes, you can have him.”

“Thank you, dear dad. Thanks, Mr. Mason. Come here, Caesar.”

“See! The dog is his now,” says Mr. Mason.

()1. What color is Caesar? It’s

A. black B. yellow C. brown D. white

()2. How old is the dog? It’s

A. very old B. not very old C. half a year D. one year and a half

()3. Mr. Mason works .


A. in a school B. in a factory C. with Mr. Green D. on a farm

()4. Mr. Mason wants to .

A. take the dog to a big city B. give Bob the dog

C. leave (离开) home with the dog D. sell the dog

()5. Caesar is Bob’s

A. friend B. brother C. doll D. name


Long, long ago there was no zero. To write the number sixty-three people wrote

63.To write six hundred and three, people wrote 6 3.The space between six and three was there to mean." not any "tens. Sometimes people did not remember the space. It was hard to see and read.

Later people used a dot to hold the space. Six hundred and three looked like this

6.3.But the dot was hard to see. So people put a circle around it like this 6⊙3.Then people could see the dot. They remembered the space. at last ,only the circle around the dot was used. It was like a zero. This is one story of how the zero came to be used.

Now zero has many important uses .Zero tells how many. Can you tell some other ways of using zero?

( )6. Long long ago people didn`t know how to ____.

A. write B. write zero C.write numbers D. sixty-three

( )7. Long long ago if they wrote two hundred-eight, people wrote_____.

A.28 B.2 8 C.228 D.208

( )8. Later ______ was used to mean space.

A. "not any" B. letter"0" C. zero D. a dot

( )9. People used circles _____________.

A. to remember ways B. to remember numbers

C. not to forget the space D. to mean nothing

( ) 10.The story tells us _____.

A. how zero came to be used B. how to write zero

C. what’s the use of zero D. that zero means a dot, a circle or space

In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games was held (被举行)in Athens, Greece. Since then many countries have successfully held the Olympics, such as England, France, Germany, Canada, the USA, Spain and Australia. After more than a century the Games returned to its hometown in the year 2004.

When people hold the Olympic Games, they always make an emblem (会徽). The emblem of the Athens Olympic Games of 2004 is a white circle of oliver branches in 4

the sky.

Four years later, the Olympic Games was held in China. The emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has a single Chinese character on a red seal and means “Chinese seal-dancing Beijing.” Below it, there are

the words “Beijing 2008”. The character in the emblem is “Jing”. It means“capital” of China and it is also like a runner or a dancer. The running figure (人形) of the emblem shows the spirit of the Olympics --- faster, higher and stronger.

11. In which country was the first modern Olympics held? ________.

A. Greece. B. China. C. Australia. D. France.

12. How many years passed when Beijing held the Olympic Games?

A. 100. B. 104. C.108. D. 112.

13. Which city is the capital of Greece?


14. What is the emblem of the Athens Olympic Games of 2004?

________________________________________________________ ?

15. 将文中划线的句子译成中文。



1.While I was getting out of the shower, the telephone rang. ( 改为同义句 ) I was getting out of the shower the telephone 2.They are doing morning exercises now. ( 用this time yesterday改写句子 ) They morning exercises this time yesterday.

3.She has some money,too. ( 改为否定句 )

She doesn’t money ,either. after school. ( 对画线部分提问 )

they do after school ? (对划线部分提问)


6.He said ,“ I ‘am gald to see you ” (变为间接引语)

He said ___________________________

7.The teacher said, “The earth is round ” (变为间接引语)

The teacher said ________________________

8.Tom said to me “Are you going there with me ?” (变为间接引语)

Tom asked me _________________________

9.He asked me “What ‘s your name? ” (变为间接引语)

He asked me ___________________________

10.”Who can answer this problem ?” the teacher asked . (变为间接引语) The teacher asked me ______________________________


七. 根据汉语完成句子,每空一词。(10分)

1. 他所有的梦想最后都变成了现实。

All his dream ______ ______ at last.


I need some money to _________ _________ summer camp..


The girl ______ _____ when the alien got out of the UFO.


Our flight will ________ ________ in an hour.

5. 她收集雪花球有7年之久了.

She’s ______ ______ snow globes for 7 years.


1.The girl bought some f for her mother on Mother’s Day.

2.After the end-of-year exams, I got my r card yesterday.

3.An accident h on the road yesterday.

4.This skirt is out of s .She doesn’t want to wear it.

5.When I got home ,my mother was cooking in the k .

1.Don’t be stressed out(伤心). You should try ( be ) relaxed.

2.The children enjoyed ( they ) in the zoo last weekend.

5.Next Sunday Jim’s going to fish with his friend if it ( not rain ).

6.Tomorrow is Sunday.My mother is ( leave ) for Shanghai.

9.We are ( suppose ) to go to school on time.




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