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Unit3 Reading

Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?

school rules
We have to… We are (not) allowed to…

family rules
I have to… I am (not) allowed to…

Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

should be allowed to… shouldn’t be allowed to… 1.go out with friends on too wild/young/silly school nights not serious enough 2.have part-time jobs not old enough 3.get ears pierced not calm enough 4.choose their own clothes a good experience 5.get to class late achieve one’s dream 6.design their own uniforms 7.volunteer and help others 8.have hobbies

Do you ever argue with your parents/teachers?

isagreements d____________

generation gap 代沟

What’s the meaning of …?
get in the way of
achieve one’s dream influence make it difficult to do not do for fun worry about make one’s dream come true take time to do sth v. have success

not daydreaming base on facts

realistic adj.
be serious about spend time on care about succeed

Main idea
1. A boy named Liu Yu would like to be a professional athlete _________________________________/ make his own decision _____________________________. 2. His parents would like him to _____________________________________ on his be realistic and spend more time _____________________________________ studies because they think very few people can become professional _____________________________________. athletes


different opinions Main-Idea Chart


Liu Yu’s parents’ _____________ opinions He needs to be realistic.

3 4

_____________ opinions Liu Yu’s He is serious about running. Liu Yu’s parents’ _______________opinions
He should study hard and spend time on schoolwork.


Liu Yu’s ______________opinions He should make this decision for himself.

Read the passage and circle “TRUE”, or “FALSE”. 1. Liu Yu wants to be a writer. 2. Parents worry about his study .



3.Liu loves running so much.
4. Parents think he should spend time on homework. 5.Liu Yu isn’t serious about running.

6.Parents think he needs to be realistic.



Work in groups
Parents’ Points Liu Yu’s Points

He wants to be a They worry about success professional athlete his_______ at school. _________________. They think he should He just wants to do enjoys spend time on study. what he ______ . ______ They think he needs realistic to be ________.

→ →

He is serious about running ________.

They think it is a very He _______ himself. believes achieve difficult dream to______.

Choose the best answer
B 1. They should____ practice their hobbies.
A. allowed to B. be allowed to C. are allowed 2.Liu’s parents think he needs _____ realistic. C A. be B. to C. to be C 3.Liu Yu should spend time_____ his homework.
A. in B. with C. on A 4.Liu Yu is serious _____running

A. about

B. in

C. with

B 5. They have taught me the ______working hard.
A. i

mportant of B. importance of C. of importance

Read the article again and choose the correct answer.

( A ) 1. What is Liu Yu’s dream? A. To be a professional athlete. B. To be a judge. C. To be a P.E. teacher. D. To be an actor.

( A) 2. Why don’t Liu Yu’s parents allow him to practice running every day? A. Because they want him to spend time on his homework. B. Because they think running too much is bad for his health. C. Because they don’t want him to be a running star. D. Because they don’t like running.

( B) 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Liu Yu isn’t serious about running. B. Liu Yu is a 15-year-old boy from Shandong. C. Liu Yu’s parents are against running. D. Liu Yu doesn’t think that his parents care about him.

Answer the questions. 1. Are teenagers’ hobbies always good for their schoolwork? _________________________________ No. Sometimes the hobbies can get in the _________________________________ way of schoolwork. 2. What might parents worry about? They might worry about their child’s _________________________________ success at school. _________________________________ 3. What does Liu Yu think he should be allowed to do? He thinks he should be allowed to make ________________________________ decisions for himself. ________________________________

Language points
1.These hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork. ★get in the way of :妨碍,阻碍
eg: Computer games will get in the way of study. 2. They taught me the importance of working hard. ★the importance of: ……的重要性 All students should know the importance of study. 3. I am serious about running. ★be serious about:对……热爱;严肃,认真

eg: We must be serious about our homework.

4.He needs to spend time on his homework. ★spend (time/money) on: 在……上花时间/花钱

eg: I spent 40 yuan on my coat. ★be allowed to do: 被允许做某事 eg: We should be allowed to choose hobbies.

5. I should be allowed to make decisions.

3a Chinese---English 1. 这个孩子的懒惰是他进步的障碍。

( get in the way of ) The boy’s laziness got in
the way of his making great progress.

2. 他每天花大量的时间打篮球。( spend time on ) He spends much of his time on basketball every day.
3. 那个山村里的孩子们渴望上学。 The children in that ( be serious about )

mountain village are serious about going to school.

4. 家长关心孩子,孩子也应关心家长。
( care about ) Parents care about their children and children should care about their parents, too. 5. 每一个人都有机会实现自己的梦想。( achieve ) Everyone will have a chance to achieve his dreams. 6. 大部分成年人在日常生活中都比青少年实际得 多。 ( realistic ) Most adults are more realistic than teenagers in daily life.

Scan the reading to find the points(要点,论点)
(Read quickly to find the information you need)

Liu Yu’s parents care about him.
1.His parents worry about his su

ccess at school. 2… 3…

Liu Yu is unhappy with his parents.
1.His parents won’t let him practice when he wants. 2… 3…

Can you help Liu Yu finish this letter?
Dear friends, I am unhappy these days because my parents don’t allow me to practice running as much as I would like to. I am serious about ___________ running. I want to be a professional runner. I believe I can achieve my dream But they are always talking about what will ____________. succeed care about happen if I don’t _________. I know my parents __________ me, but they don’t believe in me. They think running may get in the way of ______________my schoolwork. So they don’t allow me to practice running on school nights. They think I need to be realistic __________. What should I do? Should I be allowed to make my own decision? How much time should I spend on my training and my schoolwork? I need your help. Please write to me soon! Yours, Liu Yu

Write a letter to Liu Yu.
Sept 24th, 2008 Dear Liu Yu,

Should he be allowed to make his own decisions? Why? How much time should he spend on schoolwork?

What are your suggestions?

Yours, __________

Don’s forget to use the new language you have learned.

Thank you!

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