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Unit 1

1、- I’m sorry I left my homework at home.

-_____________, but tomorrow please give it to me.

A. It’s very sad B. What a pity C. That’s right. D. It doesn’t matter

2、-Do you know the pandas in China?

-Yes, I was greatly _______ by them when I spent my vacation in China.

A. impressed B. boring C. interested D. excited

3、Last summer we drove to Tibet, our car ____ on the half way and we had to call the police to ask for help.

A. broke up B. broke off C. broke down D. broke








11. -His English mark is very high.

-Oh, really? How does Lin Tao learn _______ a test?

A. with B. to C. for D. from

12. -How do you learn English?

-We learn new words ______ reading papers and magazines.

A.by B.through C. from D. with

13. It’s best ______ English like this.

A. learning B. to learn C. learns D. learned

14. -Do you really understand the answer?

- No, I don’t _______ understand the answer.

A. quite B. very C. so D. too

15. - How do you learn English? - ______.

A. I learn English for the people B. I learn English by working with some students

C. I don’t like English D. I also like English

16. He didn’t know the matter. I didn’t know it, ______.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither

17. The difficult problems make him _____.

A. studying hard B. study hard C. to study hard D. studies hard

18. Do you have a partner to speak English ________?

A. for B. to C. on D. with

19. Isn’t she _____you today?

A. with B. for C. of D. on

20. She said that he got ______ A in this test.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

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