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M 11 课测

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智 联 学 堂 有严 有爱 有成绩

2013 智联学堂同心园校区 春 期 初一英语课前检测 M 11

日期 姓名 分数

一 英译汉

1 鞠躬摇晃v 3 游客,观光者4 拥抱 v 5 一起,共同adv 触摸 7 膝盖 n 8 外国的个人的

10 握着,使不动v 粗鲁的adj 礼貌的

二 用所给词的正确形式填空

1 Maria comes from 2 There are five (Germany) in the room.

3 Can you speak 4 The girl over there is an (India)

5 Paris is in

三 根据汉语意思完成句子

1 杰克和迈克正在握手。

Jack and Mike are 2 丽萨见到我们面露微笑。

Lisa when she saw us.

3 小男孩热烈拥抱了妈妈。

The little boy his mother. 4 我们彼此之间要互相帮助。

We should help .


Anna her parents in Beijing.

四 单项选择

1 She arrived London last week.

A in B at C on D of

2 Look! Here comes the bus.

Wait! Don’t get on it it stops.

A after B till C since D when

3 The iPad 3 is so to have one.

A exciting; exciting B exciting; excited

C excited; excited C excited; exciting

4 There are books in our school library.

A a lot B a lots of C lot of D lots of

5 --- How was your holiday?


A I’m happy B It was great!

C I’m going to have a holiday. D I don’t think so.

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