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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级《Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad Period 6 Reading》课件 人教新目标版

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Unit 13 Rainy days
make me sad.

Sing songs

Can you guess what gifts …?


1.If my best friend gave me a history book, I would feel

2.If my grandmother gave me some homemade cookies, I would feel 3. Receiving a new schoolbag would make me feel

How many gifts have you received? Make a list like this Tell your experience in your words.
Gift From whom When feeling


my sister

last year


Fast reading: Scan the story and find the main idea of the story.

Receiving money makes me uncomfortable

Careful reading:
Fill in the chart. Each group discuss one paragragh.

Groups Main ideas Group 1 P.1 Receiving a gift can be ________.

Group 2 P.2 Receiving a _____makes Xiaojing_______. Group 3 P.3 Receiving a ______ makes Hanling ______. Group 4 P.4 Receiving money _____________________.
Teacher P.5 ________ people have ________ thoughts on receiving gifts.


Many books have been written about ”the art of giving“. But what about the art of receiving? Sometimes, receiving a gift can be difficult, especially when someone buys you a gift you don’t want!


“I remember when I was about twelve years old, my parents bought me a purple purse ,“ laughs Guo Xiaojing. “I really made me feel embarrassed, because to be honest, I thought the purse was really ugly! Still, I pretended that I liked it because I knew it would make my parents happy!”

Han Ling agrees. “That sounds like my grandparents! A few years ago, my grandparents gave me an orange sweater for my birthday. I used to wear it every time I visited them, but when I left their unhappy. Receiving a sweater makes HanLinghouse, I took it off! Of course, this made me feel guilty. It was a very nice thought, but my grandparents have different taste from me! I think it’s hard to buy clothes or other personal things for people.”


To make things easier, some people would rather just give money. In some cultures, however, receiving money can make people uncomfortable. “When someone gives me money, it just makes me think they’re being lazy,” says John Wilson. “In England, we have a saying: It’s the thought that counts.


When someone gives me money, I feel they didn’t think at all. I prefer to receive a gift that has some thought behind it. I don’t mind if it’s something I don’t need. If someone has thought about a gift for me, it always makes me happy.”


Different people have very different thoughts on this subject! So maybe the art of receiving is even more difficult than the art of giving! What do you think?

decide Giving a gift is not always easy. How do you 1_____ which is the right gift for your friend, classmate, family for member,or 2___ co-worker? Will they like? How much money should you spend? * 3 __ different situations, there In are some gifts that will always 4 ___ well. If you know help what they are , it can 5 ____ giving gifts very easy. 6 make At ___a dinne

r party, flowers are often needed. If you think flowers are too femine a gift for a man to receive, you can consider giving a plant 7 _____. * Giving money 8 __ a gift instead as is a simple thing to do. But some people may think money lazy gift means the giver is too 9 ___ to go out to find the tradition right gift. But money gift is a 10 ________ during the Chinese Spring Festival.

for help

decide instead

lazy in

tradition make

as At


1. Receiving money might make people uncomfortable.

2. We might pretend to like a gift because
it would make the people who gives gifts happy.

3. Han Ling wore the sweater but very unhappy. 4. It’s important to make people feel that
different people have different taste.

5. It’s sometimes easier to
just give money.


Choose an adjective from the reading that expresses a feeling.To “make the word your own”.Write about a time when you felt this way.


Discuss how you think the person would feel about each suggestion. Then write down the gifts that your group decides is best for Tina and Peter.

Name Tina Peter

Reason for gift She is moving to another country. It’s his birthday.


Best gift


Make notes about a gift that you have received.

1. What was the gift, who gave it to you and why? 2. How did you feel when you opened it, and do you Think the person who gave it thought carefully about it?

Home work


1. Read the story in Sections again or further comprehension. 2. Revise the target language in this unit.

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