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第一部分 基础知识



( ) 1. ---- Can she _______ English or French ? ---- I don?t know.

A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell

( ) 2.Maria likes thrillers but she _______ comedies.

A. not like B. likes C. doesn?t like D. like

( ) 3.---- Who?s the girl _______ red ? ---- Alice?s cousin.

A. in B. at C. for D. with

( ) 4._______ comes before December, but after October.

A. November B. September C. August D. January

( ) 5. ---- Where ______ Tom?s shorts? ---- I can?t see _______ .

A. is, it B. is, them C. are, them D. are, it

( ) 6. Who wants ______ the skating club ?

A. join B. to join C. joining D. joins

( ) 7. We usually ______ late on Sunday morning.

A. sleep B. get up C. play D. have dinner

( ) 8. Sunday is the ______ day of a week.

A. first B. last C. seventh D. second

( ) 9. ---- ______ does he like blue ? ---- Because he likes the sea.

A. What B. When C. Why D. How

( ) 10. ---- _________ ? ---- At eight-twenty.

A. What time is it now ? B. How much is it ?

C. What time does it begin ? D. What day is it today Keys: A C A A C .B B A C C


( )1. This is my sister. ______ name is Grace..

A. She B. He C. Her D. His

( )2. I like bananas, ________ my friends don?t like bananas.

A. and B. so C. but D. or

( )3. ---When is your father?s birthday? ---It?s October 23rd, 2004.

A. October twenty-third B. twenty-third October

C. October twentieth-third D. October the twenty-three

( )4. ----________ is that chicken? ----It’s three dollars a kilo.”

A. How many B. How much C. How D. How old

( )5. ----Which is your __________ color? ---I think I like __________ best.

A. month, may B. favorite, blue C. favorite, spring D. best, blue

( )6. ---What kind of ________ _______ he like? ---He likes comedies.

A. movies, do B. food, does C. subjects, do D. movies, does ( )7. ---Can you play the drum very well?

---___________. And I?m in the music club.

A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can?t C. Yes, I do. D. No, I don?t ( )8. ---________ do you often go to work? ---At around 8:00 am.

A. How old B. What time C. What D. Where

( )9. Please have a look ________ the interesting picture.

A. in B. on C. at D. of

( )10. She wants __________ baseball with her sister.

A. to play B. play C. playing D. plays


( ) 1. My brother Jack can play _______guitar but he can?t play ______ volleyball.

A. the, the B. the,/ C. /,the D. a, a

( ) 2.This is _______ grandfather.

A. he B. she C. I D. his

( ) 3.December is _______ month of a year.

A. the twelve B. the twelveth C. the twelfth D. the twelvth

( ) 4. What do you usually do _______ Saturday evening?

A. in B. on C. at D. to

( ) 5- He ___________ sports. He only ________ them on TV.

A. don?t play, watch B. doesn?t play, watch

C. not play, watches D. doesn?t play, watches

( ) 6. It?s ten o?clock in the evening. Let?s _______.

A. go to school B. have lunch C. go to bed D. get up

( ) 7. I like comedy, ______ I don?t like thriller.

A. or B. and C. but D. for

( ) 8. ______ do you want to join our club? I want to learn swimming.

A. Why B. How C. What D. How much

( ) 9. The boy doesn?t like documentaries, because it?s _______.

A. fun B. interesting C. relaxing D. boring

( ) 10. “ Can I help you ?” “________”.

A. Thank you B. You?re welcome

C. Yes, please. I want a pen. D. I?m sorry

Keys: B D C B B C C A D C



Dear Jane,

It?s Tuesday, November11. I?m really busy! At 8:00 I have math. I don?t like math. Then at 9:00 I have science. It?s difficult, ____10:00, I have history. It?s boring, but at 11:00 I have P.E. That?s my favorite subject! I eat lunch at 12:00. After lunch, strict and I?m usually very tired ___ history club. It?s really interesting!


Lin Mei

( ) 1. A. and B. or C. but D. so

( ) 2. A. at B. for C. on D. in

( ) 3. A. see B. have C. listen D. like

( ) 4. A. scary B. boring C. sad D. relaxing

( ) 5. A. After B. Before C. under D. near

( ) 6. A. days B. subjects C. hours D. clocks

( ) 7. A. Canada B. Japan C. France D. Chinese

Keys: C A B D A C D



It?s September 1st. Miss White is talking to her class.

?Hello, children! Nice to see you again. Today is the first day of this term. Now I?m going to tell you our class timetable. We have school from Monday to Friday. We have a Chinese lesson every day. And we have a math every day, too. We have four English lessons every week, the first on Monday, the second on Wednesday. And the other two are both on Friday. You?ll learn art and music. Every week you?ll have two art lessons and two music lessons. Now I?ll tell you the sports time. You?ll have a P. E. class every day. And Friday afternoon will be your sports time. Boys, don?t you like it? And you will begin to learn computer. Wish you?ll enjoy your school life.? lessons a week. There are four every week. The students have two English How interesting their school life is! The students will enjoy their school life very much.

1. A. students B. teacher C. doctor

2. A. go to school B. don?t go to school C. can?t stay at home

3. A. 5 B. 4 C. 3

4. A. art B. P. E. C. English

5. A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Friday

6. A. Tuesday and Wednesday B. Tuesday and Thursday C. Friday

7. A. art only B. music only C. both art and music

8. A. every week B. every month C. every day

9. A. Science B. P. E. C. computer

10.A. play computer games B. have sports C. have a class meeting Keys: BBACC BCACB

三. 阅读理解:

1) Read this advertisement and answer the following questions.

Welcome to the Zoo

Days Open:

Monday to Friday

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday to Sunday

8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Try our Train Ride for $ 2.00 per person!(每人)



Ages 8 – 14:

Ages 15 – 18:

Under 8:

$ 8.00

$ 3.00

$ 6.00


1. On Sunday, the zoo opens at ______.

A. 10:00 in the morning B 8:00 in the morning C. 8:00 in the afternoon

2. The zoo opens ____ days a week.

A. two B. five C. seven

3. If(如果)you are 13 years old, how much do you pay(支付)to go to the zoo?

A. 3 dollars B. 6 dollars C. Free

4. Kate is twelve, and his little sister is 6, they have to pay ______ to go to the zoo.

A. 9 dollars B. 11 dollars C. 3 dollars

5. If you are fourteen and your brother is seven, how much do you pay for the train ride?

A. 2 dollars. B. 4 dollars. C. 6 dollars.


2) “You are welcome to have dinner with me on Sunday.” said John. “But I don?t know where your house is.” said Henry. “It?s easy. You get off the bus. Then you cross the road. You take the first on the left. You walk for five minutes. Then you come to a big tree. You take the second on the right after the tree. About a hundred metres down this road there is a big red house, you go past the big house, and after about five hundred metres, you?ll see a small yellow house beside a little tree. Open the door with your foot.” “With my foot?” said Henry. “Why, yes.” said John, “Well, you won?t come to my house empty handed, will you?”

1. From the story we know that John asked Henry ______.

A. to go to the cinema together B. to have supper with him

C. to go to the bus stop D. to go to the big red house

2. “You take the first on the left” means you ______.

A. go ahead on the left B. take the first bus on the left

C. take the first road on the left D. must buy something first

3. How far was it from the big tree to the big red house? It was ______.

A. about one hundred metres away B. five minutes? walk

C. about five hundred feet D. a hundred minutes? ride

4. Where was John?s house? It was ______.

A. on the right after the big tree B. a big red house

C. a small yellow house D. beside a little tree

5. Why did John ask Henry to open the door with his foot? Because Henry ______.

A. had no hands B. had nothing in his hands

C. was afraid to o0pen the door with his hands D. would carry a lot of things in both hands Keys: BCADD

3).Two Russian hunters meet. "I shot a gigantic bear yesterday," says Ivan. "Look at the hide (兽皮)!"

"How do you find such huge bears?" Sergei asks.

"Easy," says Ivan. "You stand in front of a cave and whistle (吹哨子). When the bear comes out, you shoot."

Weeks later the two meet again. Sergei is covered in bandages(绷带). "Didn't you follow my advice?" Ivan asks.

"Sure I did. I stood, in front of a cave and whistled, " Sergei replies.

"And what came out?"

"To me, "says Sergei, "it looked like the Trans-Siberian Express (穿越西伯利亚的快车). "


① Ivan shot a gigantic bear yesterday.

② Ivan showed Sergei the hide of the bear.

③ Ivan taught Sergei how to hunt huge bears.

④ Sergei didn't follow Ivan' s advice.

⑤ Sergei was hit by a train.


4) Your pen pal is coming from Australia to your city for a vacation. You send him the E-mail to tell him something about the hotels.


Oct 1--- Dec 31

Jan 1--- Mar 31

Apr 1--- Apr 30 (closed)

May 1--- May 31

Jun 1 --- Sep 30


Prices (a night)






Prices (a night)





( ) 1. If you want to watch dancing, you can call _____.

A. 4668736 B. 4021877 C. 4886888 D. 4686788

( ) 2. You can see the whole of Chinese history at _____ in April in Anhui Museum.

A. 3pm every day B. 9pm from Mon to Fri C. 7am at weekend D. 7pm every day

( ) 3. You can enjoy _____ at Jack Stein?s.

A. American Jazz B. Scottish dancing

C. 12,000 pieces on show D. yourself all night

( ) 4. Sun Hotel and Rose Hotel are open for _____ months of the year.

A. nine B. ten C. eleven D. twelve

( ) 5. You have ¥148, and you can _____ in May.

A. listen to jazz B. watch Scottish dancing

C. Go to Anhui Museum D. stay in Sun Hotel for a night Keys: BABCC

5) The Jacksons live in Campton. It is an old small town. Grandpa Harry is 65 years old. He is very healthy and he likes to go fishing in the fishing pond with Joe and play chess with his friends. The Jacksons often have Grandpa?s fish for supper. Joe is fifteen years old and football is his favorite sport. He often plays it after class at school. Joe has a sister. Her name?s Mary. Mary likes swim-ming very much. She often swims in summer with her classmates. Joe?s father, Bill, is an art teacher in Joe and Mary?s school. He is very good at basketball. He is in the basketball team of the town. Joe and Mary like to watch their father playing other teams. Joe?s mother, Diana, likes sports, too. She is good at playing tennis. She often goes shopping with Mary. She often buys beautiful clothes and healthy food for the family. All the family members like sports and they often go to the sport center(中心)in Campton on weekends. Campton is small, but they love it.

1. The Jacksons often have fish for supper. And the fish is from _____.

A. the school B. the store C. Joe?s father D. the fishing pond

2. What sport does Joe like most?

A. Basketball B. Football C. Tennis D. fishing

3. Joe and Mary are _____.

A. students B. teachers C. clerks D. runners

4. How many people are there in the family? There are _____.

A. six B. Five C. Four D. I don?t know

5. All the family members like _____ on weekends.

A. shopping B. fishing C. doing sports D. watching sports Keys: DBABC

第二部分 综合能力


同学们已经学习积累了不少词汇. 现在请你按要求把下面的单词分类.

pencil, sweater, your, chair, under, cousin, soccer, fun, boring,

relaxing, aunt, basketball, her, his, notebook, eraser, eggs, fruit,

sofa, shorts, volleyball, interesting, pen, socks, parents, bed

衣物:____________ 、____________ 、____________

家具: ____________ 、____________ 、____________

描述性词汇:____________ 、____________ 、____________

运动: ____________ 、____________ 、____________

key: 1. egg, apple 2. sweater, shoes, pants 3. play basketball, go to a movie 4. sing, dance, play the piano



1. how, these , pants, are, much,


2. is, Helen?s, when, birthday,


3. color, what, it, is,


4. you, do, want, a, to, movie, to, go


5. I, thrillers, scary, are, think


6. favorite, science, my, is, subject,


7. she, can, English, speak,


8. kind, like, of, you, movies, what, do,


9. club, what, do, join, you, want, to,


10. time, does, what, she, eat, breakfast,



1. 咱们打网球吧。Let’s______ ________.

2. 早饭我喜欢吃鸡蛋。I like _______ for ________.

3.听起来很有趣。That _______ ________.

4.八月是一年中的第八个月。_______ is the _______ month of the year.

5.我喜欢喜剧片,我也喜欢京剧。I like _______ and I ______ like Beijing Opera.

6. 你会弹吉他吗?Can you ______ ______ _______?

7. 我想加入音乐俱乐部。I want to join _____ _______ ________.

8. 凯特八点钟到达学校。Kate ______ ______ school at 8:00.

9. 早晨他总是很忙。He is always ______ in the morning.

10. 她最喜欢的学科是科学。Her _______ _______ is science.

11. 我们星期三有体育课。We have P.E. ______ ________.

12. 他能讲英语也能讲一点法语。He can _______ English and ______ ________ French.

13. 我不喜欢物理, 物理太难了。I ______ ______ physics. It’s ______ ________. Keys:1. play baseball 2. eggs, breakfast 3. sounds interesting 4. August, 8th/eighth

5. comedies, also 6. play the guitar 7. the music club. 8. gets to 9. busy 10. favorite subject

11. on Wednesday 12. speak, a little 13. don?t like, too difficult


1. 把下列对话按照正常的语序排列

( )Speaking. Hi, Tony.

( )Yes?

( ) Hello! This is Tony. Is that Nick?

( )Nick, do you have free time on Sunday?

( )Do you want to go to a movie?

( )That sounds great. But what?s the name of the movie?

( )Oh, I don?t like action movies. And is there another movies on?

( )How about comedies?

( )Ok! Let?s meet at 3 o?clock tomorrow at the gate of the Capital Cinema.

( )It?s Rush Hour.

( )See you tomorrow!

( )Great. I like them very much because I think they can make me relaxed.

( )See you!

Answer :2-4-1-3-5-6-8-9-11-7-12-10-13

2. A: ___1___ my new T-shirt, Mum? Do you __2____ ?

B: Is it on the sofa ?

A: No, it?s ___3__ there.

B: Well, let ____4__ Help ___5___ find it.

A: Thank you, Mum.

B: Ah, here it is.

A: No, this is a ___6__ one. Where?s my long one?

B: Look! What?s ___7____ on the bed?

A: That?s it. ___8___ me put it on. Is it too____9___ (小)?

B: I think it?s fine.

A: ___10_____, Mum.

Keys:1. Where’s 2. Know 3. not 4. me 5. you 6. short 7. that 8. Let 9. small 10. Thanks

3. A: Can I help you?

B: __1____ ,___2___. I want a pair of pants.

A: What ___3____ do you ___4____?

B: Black.

A: Here __5____ ____6___.

B: __7____ ___8____ are they?

A: 35 dollars.

B: I?ll take them. ___9____ you.

A: You?re __10_____.

Keys: 1.Yes. 2. please 3. color 4. want 5. you 6. are. 7. How 8. much 9. Thank 10. welcome

4. Match:

( )1. When do you have history? A. Mr. Smith.

( )2. Do you like salad? B. I can draw.

( )3. Who is your English teacher? C. Yes, it is.

( )4. What can you do in the art club? D. On Tuesday morning.

( )5. Is your birthday October 28th? E. No, I don?t like it.


1. Look at the form and then fill in the blanks.





7:00 a.m

get up

4:00 p.m

play tennis

7:30 a.m

have breakfast

6: 20 p.m

have dinner

Lucy is a tennis star. She?s thirteen years old. She sually ____ ____ at seven o?clock. She ____ ______at seven thirty. …

2.你收到一位美国中学生的邮件, 他想通过这个方式与你成为笔友. 请仔细阅读他的邮件并给他回一封邮件介绍一些你的情况.

Dear friend,

I am John, an American middle school student. I am 13 years old and I am in Junior One. My parents are both teachers. They work hard. I work hard too at my studies. At school, we have four lessons a day. And my favorite subject is math and science. They are interesting and fun. All my teachers are nice. After classes, we have many clubs. I can dance and sing so I join the music club. In the evening, I usually watch TV or go to movies with my friends. But I have to go back home at 8:30. Do you know what my favorite food it? Ice cream. Do you want to be my pen friend? Can you say something about you in your e-mail? I want to know your name, age, favorite food and some of your school activities? Best wishes to you and your family.



3、12月是学校举办艺术节的时间. 同时,学生会也筹备了丰富多彩的活动丰富同学们的校园生活. 为了把活动办得更好, 请你配合完成下面的任务。

1)、下面这些活动中,你最喜欢哪一项? 为什么?( 5分 )

a. speech contest b. Christmas and New Year?s party c. basketball game d. art festival e. an English party f. going to an action movie g. jump rope competition h. a Friday market

My favorite activity is ______________________ because it?s__________________.


We can also have a/an___________________ because that?s ___________________. And I think it should be on ____________________. (提示:用英文表示)

3)、如果安排一个Friday market,要求大家都用英文来购物, 你会使用学过得英语吗?请将下面一段购物的对话补全. (10分)

Clerk: Can I ______ you?

Mary: Yes, please. I want a sweater.

Clerk: What _______do you want?

Mary: Blue.

Clerk: Here you are.

Mary: ____________ is it?

Clerk: 20 dollars.

Mary: I?ll ________ it. Thank you.

Clerk: You?re ______________.

4)、如果安排电影节, 你最喜欢看的三种影片类型是什么? (提示:用名词复数形式) (3分) They are _____________、__________________and __________________.

5)、下面是Edward对他最喜欢的演员的评论。你最喜欢哪位演员?请模仿Edward 的评论写写自己的意见。

Kevin Johnson is a great actor. His new movie is Danger Zone. It?s an action movie. The movie is exciting.

下面写写你自己的意见: (5分)


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