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一.T or F 40分

复习范围书本中F or T 的部分再加上书本中老师上课强调且容易错的部分。

二.课前Tune in 的选择题10

三. 问答题40 课前课后的问答题。


1 How to deal with business card?

2What are the limitations of verbal language?

3The functions of non-verbal signs in communication?

4Give some suggestions on gifting to one who is going to Saudi-Arabia? 5What are the tips that you can give for career ladies?

一 How to deal with business card? P15

1You have to left out some information that has nothing to do with your business.

2You have added some information that can make business contact easier. 3You have got some information simplified

4The content of a business card include: company you work for, name, business title, and contacting way.

二What are the limitations of verbal language?p35

1There is no verbal language in the deaf and mute’s world: therefore the verbal language cannot explain anything.

2Furthermore, it is agreed that non-verbal language can convey more than verbal ones.

3Verbal language is not everything.

三The functions of non-verbal signs in communication?p43

Firstly, it can replace verbal communication.

Secondly, it can modify verbal communication.

Thirdly, it regulates social interaction.

Fourthly, it conveys our emotions and our attitude towards the people we are communicating with.

四Give some suggestions on gifting to one who is going to Saudi-Arabia?p31

1Wine is a never gift..

2Food is a taboo during Ramadan.

3There should not be any image of women on the pack.

4The sign or pattern of cross is not allowed on the pack. Just recall what the Red Cross Association is named in Arabia area.

五What are the tips that you can give for career ladies?

A work professionally.

B dress properly

C be serious at work

D never late for work and never leave earlier without excuses. E no gossiping with other people in the office.

F find a suitable way to outlet stress.




课本P25 Situation a

Why does the visitor’s good turn out to be a poor impression on Shu? And can you give him some advice about visiting?

Competent business people always value the qualities of being well-organized and efficiency. So the appropriate practice for paying a visit should be scheduled in advance if it is not urgent enough, otherwise the visit may be of disturbance and cause the visited displeased. In scheming, time should not be overlooking.

On the other hand, in communication both or all sides can monitor it. So one should keep in mind that: It is heard but it isn’t in the way it is uttered.

In this case, the visitor arrives without an appointment in advance. Thus he disrupted Shu who is preparing her paper for the next day’s presentation.

And for a successful visiting, the visitor should set an appointment. Also he has to be punctual.

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