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时 量:70分钟 分 值:100分

一.知识运用 15%

1. -Let’s go to the movies tomorrow afternoon, Nick.


A. That’s B. Sounds great C. See you.

2. -- Are you going to study medicine at a university?

--I’m not sure ________ that.

A. about B. at C.in

3. Which language is _____, English, French or Chinese?

A. difficult B. more difficult C. the most difficult

4. I'm sorry. I disagree ________ you.

A.to B.at C.with

5. —It's ________ to swim in the river in summer.

—Sure it is.Look at the sign. It says “No swimming.”

A.funny B.exciting C.dangerous

6. Some scientists think that it will take________ of years to make robots do most work for


A.hundreds B.hundred C.thousand

7. Mr.Brown will come back ________ a week. You can ring him up then.

A .on B.for C.in

8. I think Bob is the suitable person to take the job because he can do the work well with

________ money and ________ people.

A.less;less B.less;more C.less;fewer

9. ________ an English party in our school this Friday evening.

A.There will be B.There will have C.There is going to have

10.It's important for her ________ English well because she will go to England next year.

A.learning B.to learn C.learns

11. —Will people live to be 200 years old?

—________.They can't live so long.

A.No,they won't B.No,they don't C.Yes,they will

12. ________ a teacher,he is always ready to help any students.

A.As B.To C.From

13. No one knows what____ next.

A.doing B.to do C. do

14. It usually Mum about half an hour to cook supper.

A. pays B. takes C. spends

15. —Where are you going to move?

—I’m going to move _________________

A .anywhere interesting B. somewhere interesting C. interesting somewhere

二.完形填空 10%

When Mr Smith retired(退休), he bought a small in a village near the it and hoped to live a quiet life in this house.

But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most in the village. From morning to night there outside the Mr Smith’s garden. This was too much for Mr Smith. He decided to ask the visitors to he put a notice on the window. The notice said, “好奇心),come in and look round. Price: twenty dollars.”coming,

every day showing them around his house.“I came here to (导游),”he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away.

( )16.A. garden B. shop C. house D. school ( )17. A. liked B. hated C. sold D. built

( )18. A. big B. interesting C. small D. clean ( )19. A. children B. students C. parents D. tourists ( )20. A. no B. none C. many D. much ( )21. A. come B. leave C. stay D. play

( )22. A. to satisfy B. satisfy C. to satisfying D. satisfying ( )23. A. go on B. stop C. continue D. not

( )24. A. take B. cost C. spend D. pay

( )25. A. play B. work C. watch D. retire

三.阅读理解 40%



RIO de Janeiro (里约热内卢) will host the 2016 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (国际奥委会) announced it on October 2. Rio beat Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid to win the bid (赢得举办权). It will be the first South American city to host the Games. The city will also host the 2014 World Cup. Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil (巴西).

Rio has the world's largest urban (城市中的) forest, the Tijuca forest.

Every year Rio de Janeiro holds a carnival (狂欢节). It is like a big party. People dress up, dance samba (桑巴) and have fun. It usually lasts for a week.

More than 2 million tourists come to Rio every year. Half a million people visit the city for the carnival each year. People celebrated when Rio won the 2016 Olympic bid.

( )26. RIO de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil.

( )27. Tokyo will host the 2014 World Cup.

( )28. A carnival usually lasts for a month.

( )29. RIO de Janeiro will be the first South American city to host the Olympic Games.

( )30. Lots of people visit RIO de Janeiro for the Olympic Games each year.


The History Museum


Adult: $60

Group (10 or more): $40

Student: $30


Take Subway Line 9 to Central Station and transfer (转乘) to buses 255, 304 or 330 and get off at the History Museum.


Open all year; 9:00 —17:00


●Don’t take pictures.

●Don’t touch the exhibits (展品).


31. The museum is open for _________ hours a day.

A. six B. seven C. eight D. Nine

32. Lucy is a middle school student. She went to the museum with her parents last Sunday. They

paid _________.

A. $90 B. $120 C. $150 D. $180

33. Which one is TRUE?

A. The museum is closed every Monday.

B. People can take some exhibits out of the museum.

C. You can get to the museum only by subway.

D. People are not allowed to take photos in the museum.

34. If you arrive at the museum at 8:30, you will find _________.

A. the museum is not open

B. there are many tourists in the museum

C. some of the exhibits in the museum are on sale

D. there is nothing in the museum

35. The underlined word "touch" means "_______"in Chinese.

A. 接近 B. 碰触 C. 品尝 D. 观赏


One morning ,Mr Black is driving in the country and looking for the Sun Hotel.When he sees an old woman on the side of the road, he stops his car and says to the woman,"Excuse me,I want to go to the Sun Hotel,do you know it?"

"Yes,"the woman says,"I'll show you the way."She gets into Mr.Black's car,and they drive about twelve kilometers.When they come to a small house,the old woman says,"stop here."Mr.Black stops,and looks at house."But this is not a hotel."He says to the old woman.

"No,"the old woman answers,"This is my house.And I'll show you the way to the hotel.Turn round and go back nine kilometers.Then you'll see the hotel!"

36.What's Mr.Black doing that morning?

A.He is walking in the country B.He is working for a restaurant

C.He is looking for a hotel to live in D.He is driving a small bus

37.Mr.Black asks the old woman_______.

A.to take his car B.the way to the hotel

C.to help mend his D.the way back home

38.After she gets into the car,they drive______and stop.

Anine kilometers B.twenty kilometers

C.twelve kilometers D.twenty- one kilometers

39.Why does the old woman asks him to stop in front of the small house?

A,Because she gets home B.Because she is too hungry

C..Because there is something wrong with the car D.Because they get to the hotel

40.Which is right?

A.The woman doesn't know the way to the hotel

B.The old woman doesn't get off and goes back to the hotel with Mr.Black

C.Mr.Black drives twenty-four kilometers all together

D.Mr Black drives more than eighteen kilometers than fact(实际).


Why do people cry? Scientists say the body produces tears because they need them. One kind of tears is for the eye, the other is for the heart. They both work as cleaners. If something else like dust(灰尘) gets into your eye, tears also come into the eye to clean it out. If you are hurt by something, your strong feelings produce some poisonous chemicals(毒素) in your body, and at the same time, tears come out with them. If these poisonous chemicals are not cleaned out of your body as soon as possible, they will do harm to the heart sooner or later.

In the United States men have heart problems more often than women do. Doctors say heart problems have something to do with the pressures(压力) of living and working now. Perhaps men suffer more from these illnesses because they do not cry enough. They need to cry more.

In fact, you can find many ways of reducing the pressures to keep fit. Crying is a natural and physical one.

41.How many kinds of tears does the body usually produce?

42.What do tears do when dust gets into your eye?

43.Will the poisonous chemicals in the body do harm to the heart?

44.Why do men suffer more from heart problems than women?

45.What will you do to reduce the pressures of living and working to keep fit?

Please give TWO examples.

五、完成句子 (5%)

46.株洲变得越来越美丽了。(become, beautiful)


47.对我们来说学好英语是必要的。(It’s necessary…)


48.那听起来像是一个不错的主意(sound, idea)




50. 有朝一日我将环游世界。(travel, world)


六 补全对话 10%

A: Hi, Kate! Long time no see!

B: Hi, Lucy ! I was on vacation last month..

A: Really? Where did you go?

B: 51____________________________________.

A: How did you like it?

B: 52_____________________________________.

A: Did you go to the beach?

B: 53___________ .It was beautiful,and we took quete a few photos on the beach.

A: 54___________________________

B: Yes, I bought something special. Oh, I bought a nice shell for you. Here you are!

A: Wow, it’s cool. Thanks a lot.

B: 55_______________________ .


In 10 years,I think I’ll be a newspaper ____56___(记者). I’ll live in Shanghai,because there will be more jobs in that city. ___57__(作为) a reporter, I think I will m__58___ lots of interesting people, so I’ll have ___59__(更少的) pets,because I’ll have less ___60__(闲暇的) time.And my apartment will be no good for pets because it’ll be too small.So I’ll probably just keep a bird. D__61_____ the week,I’ll wear smart clothes.On the weekend,I’ll look less smart but I’ll be more ___62_____(舒服的). In the f___63__, people will work more so they’ll probably have fewer v______64______, but I think I’ll take a holiday in Hong Kong when p____65______.One day I’ll even go to Australia.

八.书面表达。 10%

My dream job


株洲建宁国际实验学校2013级八年级上期第二次月考英语答卷 时 量:70分钟 分 值:100分 单项选择: 1-5 ___________________ 6-10____________________ 11-15_____________________ 阅读部分: 16-20_________________ 21-25___________________ 26-30_____________________ 31-35_________________

36-40 __________________ 回答问题: 41______________________________________ 42.________________________________ 43.______________________________________ 44.________________________________ 45.______________________________________ 完成句子: 46._________________________________ 47. __________________________________ 48. __________________________________ 49. __________________________________ 50. ___________________________________ 补全对话: 51____________________________________ 52 _____________________________________ 53 __________________________________ 54 ______________________________________ 55 ___________________________________ 写单词补全短文 56 _________ 57 _________ 58 __________ 59 ___________ 60 _____________ 61 _________ 62 __________ 63 __________ 64 ___________ 65 _____________ 书面表达: _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________


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