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班级_____________ 姓名_____________

I.选择填空 (共10分)


( ) 1. _________ name is Nick Brown. His first name is ___________.

A He’s, Brown B. His, Nick C. He’s, Brown D. Her, Nick

( ) 2. He _________football games ____________ TV.

A. look, on B. watch, on C. looks, on D. watches, on

( ) 3. He ____________ baseball. He plays __________.

A. don't plays, soccer ball B. doesn't play, soccer

C. doesn't play, a soccer D. don’t play, the soccer

( ) 4. Thanks________ the photo ________ your family.

A. to, at B. of, to C. for, of D. on, in

( ) 5.—Let's __________ tennis.—That ____________ good.

A. play, sounds B. to play, sounds C. to play, looks D. playing, sound

( ) 6. My cousin ____________ many computer games.

A. have B. has C. don't have D. don’t has

( ) 7.—Do you have tennis rackets? —____________.

A. Yes, it is B. Yes, we have C. Yes, we do D. Yes, we are

( ) 8.—Does John play sports every day? —No,____________.

A. he does B. he doesn't C. he isn’t D. he don’t

( ) 9. Can you take the notebook ___________ your sister? She _______ it.

A. to, needs B. to, need C. in, needs D. at, need

( ) 10. There is ___________“u” and _________“s” in the word “bus”.

A. a, an B. an, an C. a, a D. an, a

II. 完型填空(共10小题,计10分)

阅读下面一篇短文, 理解大意,然后从各小题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,使短文连贯完整。

My uncle Bob Smith is sixty-six, but he looks young. He __1___ two children. One is a son and the other is a __2__. Bob has five___3_____ rackets, nine baseballs, ten soccer ___4___ and seven volleyballs. ___5___ he never plays ___6___. He__7__ collects these things. His son, John, likes soccer. He is a member of the soccer __8__. He plays soccer __9__ day with his friends. And his daughter, Stella, likes volleyball. But she __10__ play it. She watches it on TV.

( ) 1. A. is B. are C. has D. have

( ) 2. A. boy B. girl C. man D. daughter

( ) 3. A. tennis B. tennises C. sport D. sports

( ) 4. A. rackets B. bats C. balls D. players

( ) 5. A. And B. But C. So D. Because

( ) 6. A. it B. its C. them D. they

( ) 7. A. only B. doesn’t C. has D. like

( ) 8. A. ball B. sport C. player D. club

( ) 9. A. one B. a C. every D. whole

( ) 10. A. isn’t B. don’t C. doesn’t D. never


III. 阅读理解 (共25分)

阅读下面对话,判断下列句子是否符合对话内容,符合的用“A”表示,不符合的用“B” 表示。

(共5小题, 计5分)


Jim: Let’s play computer games.

Peter: That sounds good. Where’s your computer?

Jim: I don’t have a computer. Do you have a computer?

Peter: No, I don’t. But I have a TV. Let’s watch TV.

Jim: No, it’s boring. Let’s play tennis. I have a tennis racket.

Peter: Good. Where is it?

Jim: On the sofa. Do you have a racket?

Peter: No, I don’t. Does your brother have a racket?

Jim: Yes, he does. And he has tennis balls.

( )1. Jim has a computer.

( )2.Peter has a TV.

( )3.Jim’s tennis racket is under the sofa.

( )4. Peter’s brother has tennis balls.

( )5.They want to play tennis.

B) 阅读下面短文,从各小题所给的三个选项中选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳答案。(共10小题,计20分)

( A )

I am a student in China now. My name is Kelly Smith. I live with my parents, two sisters and a brother in Beijing. My parents teach English in No. 6 Middle School. I study in the same school. I am happy here, because I like my new school and the classmates. They are very kind to me. They like to play with me because I look different from them. I have blue eyes and long blond hair. They often say I look like a doll (洋娃娃). Also I speak English well, so lots of students like to talk with me to improve (提高) their English.

( ) 1. How many people are there in Kelly’s family?

A. three B. five C. six

( ) 2. Kelly’s parents are _______.

A. doctors B. teachers C. farmers

( ) 3. Why does Kelly like her new school?

A. Because it is very big. B. Because it is very beautiful

C. Because the classmates are kind to her.

( ) 4. What color are Kelly’s eyes?

A. blonde B. black C. blue

( ) 5. Why do students like to talk with Kelly?

A. Because Kelly is a beautiful girl. B. Because Kelly’s English is very good.

C. Because Kelly is very interesting.

( B )

There is a new park near Andy’s home. It’s fine today. Andy and his family are in the park now. On their left, there is a café(咖啡屋). On their right, there is a big lake. There are many flowers and trees around the lake. There’s a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there are two signs(提示牌). One says, “Don’t swim in the lake!” The other says, “No fishing!” But you can go boating on the lake. There is a beautiful garden in the middle of the park. There are 2

green grass and beautiful flowers in it. There are some small shops between the lake and the garden. The park is so nice. Andy and his family like it very much.

( ) 6. The park near Andy’s home is ____________.

A. new and beautiful B. old and beautiful

C. clean and new D. old and clean

( ) 7. Is there a café in the park? ___________________

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, there isn’t. C. Yes, there is. D. No, there is.

( ) 8. People can_____________________ on the lake.

A. swim B. fish C. boat D. play

( ) 9. The shops in the park are not ____________________.

A. small B. big C. good D. pretty

( ) 10. Do Andy and his family like the park? ____________________

A. Yes, they don’t. B. No, they do. C. Yes, very much. D. No, they don’t.

IV. 完成句子 (共10小题,计l0分) 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子

1. These are his__________(parent) photos.

2. She ____________(play)sports every day.

3. Let ____________(we) play tennis.

4. She ____________ (not have) two basketballs. She has only one.

5. My mother ____________(watch) TV every day.

6. I have a computer game. It's ____________(interest).

7. These green ____________(plant) are beautiful.

8. ---Let’s play volleyball.

---That ____________ (sound) fun.

9. We have many sports ____________(club).

10. She needs ____________ (look) at the picture first.

V. 任务型阅读 (共10分)

A) 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,完成下列各题(共5题,计5分)

Look at the picture on the blackboard. We can see a house in it. Behind the house there is a hill with many trees. Near the hill we can see a river. There are three boats in the river. One is blue, the other two are yellow. There are some students in those boats. Near the house we can see a big tree. Under the tree there is a small bus. It’s a white bus.

1.There is _________________ on the blackboard.

2. There are __________________________ on the hill.

3.In the river, __________________ are yellow.

4.Some ________________ are in the boats.

5._____________________ is under the big tree.

B) 阅读下面短文,将方框内所给句子抄写在短文的适当位置,使短文意思完整。(共5小题,计5分)

This is a classroom. 6.____________________ The windows are big and the walls are white. There is a blackboard on the front. On the wall there is a map of China. In front of the blackboard there is a big desk. 7._____________________ What is on the teacher’s desk? 8. _______________________ They are for our teachers. Miss Green is our English teacher. She is a good teacher. 9. _________________________ There are 40 small desks and chairs in the room. 10. _________________________ I like our classroom because it’s clean and beautiful.


VI. 短文填空 (共10分)


I have 1_______(a) uncle. 2________(he) name is John. He can play many ________(sport). He can play basketball, baseball, volleyball and 4________(many). He 5__________ (play) basketball very 6__________(good). And he 7__________(watch) the sports games on TV.

He 8 ____________(have) a sports collection. He has eight9 ___________(basketball) and three volleyballs. But he 10______________(not play) sports every day.

VII. 完成对话 (共15分)

A) 根据对话内容,将方框内符合对话情景的句子抄写在对话的空白处,使对话恢复完整。(共5小题,计5分)

A: Wow, a new volleyball! 1_______________________

B: Yes, I do. 2______________________

A: Collection? 3______________________ B: I play football and volleyball. A: 4____________________ It's too difficult. B: Well, Let’s play volleyball. A: 5 _____________________ B) 根据下面对话中的情景,在每个空白处填入适当的语句,使对话恢复完整。(共10分)

T-Tom , M-mum)

T: Hello, mum! I need some things for class. 6___________________________?

M: Sure. What do you need?

T: 7______________________________.

M: Math book? 8___________________________?

T: It’s on the dresser. And I need my notebooks.

M: 9______________________________?

T: Yes, they’re on the desk. Oh, the video tape!

M: Is it on the bookcase?

T: 10_______________________. It’s in the drawer. Thank you, mum!

M: You’re welcome.

VIII.书面表达 (共10分)

以My bedroom 为题, 介绍自己的房间。

My bedroom

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4



I. 1—5 BDBCA 6—10 BCBAA

II. 1—5 CDACB 6—10 CADCC

III. A) 1—5 B A B B A

B) A: 1—5 CBCCB

B : 6-- 10. A C C B C

IV. 1. parents’ 2.plays 3.us 4. doesn’t 5. watches

6. interesting 7. plants 8. sounds 9. clubs 10. to look

V. A) 1. a picture 2. many trees 3. two boats

4. students 5. A white bus/ A small bus

B) 6. It’s a nice big room.

7. It is for our teachers.

8. There are some flowers on it.

9. We all like her very much.

10. They are for students.

VI. 1. an 2. His 3. sports 4. more 5. plays

6. well 7. watches 8. has 9. basketballs 10. doesn’t play

VII. 1. Do you like sports?

2. And I have a sports collection.

3. What sports do you play?

4. But I can’t play football.

5. That sounds good.

6. Can you bring them to school?

7 I need my math book.

8. Where is it? / Where is you math book?

9. Are they on the desk?

10. No, it isn’t.



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