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江苏省宜兴市屺亭中学2013-2014学年八年级第一次阶段性测试(10月)英语试题 注意事项:1.试卷满分为100分。2. 试题的答案必须全部写在答题卷上。

第Ⅰ卷(客观题 共55 分)

一、单项填空 (本大题共20分,每小题1分)

( )1. I have _____________ to tell you.

A. anything interesting B. something interesting

C. interesting nothing D. interesting something

( )2. I believe __________, because he is ___ honest man.

A. the words he says; a B. what he says; an

C. he says what; the D. what does he say; an

( )3. —He must be a true friend, isn’t he?

—Of course he is. He seldom ____________ a bad word about others.

A. speaks B. talks C. says D. tells

( )4. I don’t think skiing is so __________as skating.

A. more dangerous B. danger C. most dangerous D. dangerous

( ) 5. It is _________ in October, but it is even _________ in November.

A. cold,cold B. cold,colder C. colder,cold D. colder,coldest

( ) 6.Beijing is bigger than ___________in Anhui.

A. any cities B. any other city C. the other cities D. any city

( ) 7. Helen is my friend. She is in ______ at Beijing No.11Middle School.

A. Year 3 B. 3 grade C. 3th Year D. grade third

( )8.Welcome to our hotel! I hope you’ll have a good time _________ your stay here.

A. after B. during C. with D. at

( ) 9. I am sure that we can do our job better with______ money and _________ people.

A. less; less B. fewer; fewer C. less; fewer D. fewer; less

( )10. -- Did Kate do best in the final exam?.

-- No, but of all the students she did __________.

A. most carefully B. more careful

C. the most careful D. more carefully

( ) 11.Some animals in the zoo looked very ________ and ________.

A. beautiful, love

B. beautifully, lovely D. beautifully, love C. beautiful, lovely

( )12. He hopes his son _________ a doctor in the future.

A. to be B. be C. will be D. to become

( )13.— Let’s go and listen to Mr Smith’s speech on Western culture, shall we?

— ______ It’s getting to the end.


A. Why not? B. That's all right. C. I’m afraid not. D. Never mind.

( )14.This is a ________ film and everyone feels ________ .

A. boring; boring B. bored; bored

C. bored; boring D. boring; bored

( )15.________ is your school life like? --It’s very wonderful.

A. How B. Where C. What D. Why

( )16. After class, we always have a good time ________ to each other.

A. telling B. talking C. saying D. speaking

( )17. The number of the teachers two hundred in our school.

A. is B. are C. be D. were

( )18. He always looks _______. Now he’s looking ________at his new drawing.

A. happy, happily B. happy, happy

C. happily, happily D. happily, happy

( )19. The students come to school early, but the teachers come __________.

A. much earlier B. much early C. more earlier D. the earliest ( )20.___________ the three questions, which one is the most difficult to


A. As B. In C. Than D. Of


S1: Jane, I read a report about sharks (鲨鱼) today.

S2: Oh, I’

Sharks have a right to(权力) live.

S1: I .will tell mine ,too

A . It says that many sharks die because people eat shark fin(鳍) soup.

B. I’ll tell my friends to stop eating shark fin soup.

C That’s too bad.

D Yes, I think it’s wrong.

E What does the report say?

三、完形填空 (本大题共10分,每小题1分)


The wild donkey always wished he could live __6__ the tame donkey.

One day, the wild donkey was looking for grass on the hill. Looking down, he saw the tame donkey walking slowly along the road, __7__ heavy wood. As he watched, the tame donkey stopped to eat some __8__ by the roadside. Suddenly, his owner began to drive him with a __9__.

“I don’t want your way of life,” thought the wild donkey. “I see that you have to pay __10__ for the food they give you.”

( ) 1. A. house B. zoo C. wild D. river

( ) 2. A. danger B. noise C. drink D. food

( ) 3. A. taller B. shorter C. weaker D. stronger

( ) 4. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

( ) 5. A. eat B. smell C. drink D. feel

( ) 6. A. with B. without C. like D. unlike

( ) 7. A. cutting B. carrying C. eating D. burning

( ) 8. A. grass B. meat C. fish D. water

( ) 9. A. stick B. knife C. fork D. string

( ) 10. A. easy B. easily C. heavy D. heavily



Jyoti Amge, an Indian girl, is the world’s smallest woman. She is only 0.628 metres tall. She is small, but her dream is great. On her 18th birthday in 2012, she shared the good news with others. She would act in two movies.

Jyoti is the youngest of the five children in her family. She stopped growing after her first birthday. Because of her size, Jyoti has special clothes and jewellery(珠宝首饰). She even has her own desk and chair in a regular(普通的)school. Jyoti also loves movies and fashionable dresses like others. Before 18, she acted in a music video along with a famous Indian singer.

Jyoti said, “I’m just the same as other people. I eat like you, and dream like you. I don’t feel I am different.”

( ) 1. How old is Jyoti Amge in 2013?


A. 16 years old B.17 years old C.18 years old D. 19 years old

( ) 2. On her 18th birthday, Jyoti said she would _____________.

A. go to France B. act in movies

C. go to school D. win the name of “the smallest woman”

( ) 3.How many sisters and brothers does she have?

A. 3 B.4 C.6 D. we don’t know

( ) 4. Jyoti’s _________is (are) not different from others’.

A. clothes B. jewellery C. chair D. school

( ) 5.What did Jyoti do before 18?

A. She acted in a music video B. She played in two movies

C. She sang a song in a movie D. She made special clothes for herself


What do Napoleon, Clinton and Wang Nan have in common? They are all left-handed. Today about 15% of the people are left-handed. But why are people left-handed? The answer is the way the brain (大脑) works. The brain has two halves---the right half and the left half. The right half controls (控制) the left side of the body, and the left half controls the right side of the body. So right-handed people have a strong left brain, and the left –handed people have a strong right brain.

The two halves of the brain are about the same size. But each side controls different things. The left side controls language, Maths and logic (逻辑). When you remember new words, or when you put things in order, you use your left side.

The right side of the brain controls colour and music. It is also good at recognizing (认出) faces. This does not mean that all artists are left-handed and all accountants (会计师) are right-handed. Some right-handers have a strong right brain, and some left-handers have a strong left brain.

( ) 6. From the passage we know _____________.

A. all artists are left-handed

B. all accountants are right-handed

C. the left side of the brain controls your love of art, colour and music

D. some right-handers have a strong left brain

( ) 7. Whether(是否) people are right-handed or left-handed is mostly decided by

________________ .

A. their parents B. their minds

C. the way the brain works D. the way the head works

( ) 8. Each side of the brain _____________ .


A. likes music and Maths B. controls different things

C. controls the same thing D. has two halves

( ) 9. When you are singing, you are using your ___________.

A. logic thinking B. heart

C. right brain D. left halves

( ) 10. Which part of the body does the right half of the brain control?

A. The right side of the body.

B. The left side of the body.

C. The heart.

D. The language.


Jack is the name of a game. It is quite popular with children. To play jacks, you will need a small ball and ten small metal objects (物体) called jacks.

The rules for this game are quite easy. To begin with, put the ten jacks on the floor or ground in front of you. Toss the ball high, pick up one jack and then catch the ball. Keep the jack in your hand and go on to pick up the other jack one at a time. You lose your turn if you do not catch the ball, or if you do not pick up a jack, or if you drop (掉) any of the jacks from your hand.

When you finish all the ten jacks, you now try to do the same thing again but with two jacks at one time. This is more difficult, of course. You lose your turn if you make any of the above three mistakes (错误) or if you do not pick up two jacks each time.

( ) 11. To play jacks is ___________.

A. difficult for boys B. interesting for children

C. difficult for girls D. interesting for old people

( ) 12. The word “toss” here means __________.

A. drop B. catch C. throw D. pick

( ) 13. If you want to finish the first and second parts of the game, you have to

pick up jacks __________.

A. ten times B. fifteen times C. twenty times D. thirty times

( ) 14. The jacks are made of _________.

A. paper B. glass C. metal D. water

( ) 15. After you pick up the first ten jacks, the game becomes more difficult

because you must pick up _________ at a time.


A. two jacks B. four jacks C. three jacks D. only one

第Ⅱ卷 (主观题 共45分)


A) 根据句意,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. —— Who is the _________ (slim) girl of all? —— Lily is

2. The ________ of the tall building is about 236 meters. (high)

3. The more exercise you take, the ________ (health) you will be.

4. If you listened carefully, you could answer the questions ________ (easy).

5. Simon likes jumping, he jumps _____ than any other student in our class. (far)

B) 根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。

6. There are many kinds of different ______________(语言) in the world.

7. You can read these ___________(杂志) in the reading room.

8. Do you think these books are those ___________(青少年) over there?

9. Lucy can speak not only English but also ___________(法语).

10. My best friend Wang Lin came first in the music _________(竞赛) last week.

六、动词填空 用括号内动词的正确形式填空(本题共10分,每小题1分)

1. Sandy and Simon always have a great time _______(talk) to their friends at lunchtime.

2. Why did you choose __________(sit) in the front of the coach?

3. I hope you ___________(not forget) to clean the blackboard next time.

4. Tom! __________(not do) it like that next time.

5. Be quiet! The girl with her grandma ___________ (sleep) now .

6. Her smiling face always makes us __________ (feel) very happy.

7. If you ____________ (not be) careful, you‘ll make many mistakes.

8. ---When ________ you ________ (finish) your homework? --- Just now.

9. Is Peter willing __________(share) his computer with his best friend, Daniel?

10. Listen! How beautiful the music ___________ (sound)!

七、完成句子 (本题共10分,每格0.5分)

1. 他比我在夏天休更少星期的假。

He ________ ________ ________ ________ in summer than I .

2. Max很有幽默感,总是讲笑话逗我们笑。

Max ______ a ______ ______ of ______ and always makes us ________.

3. 他每天坚持用英语记录他的日常生活。

He ___________ ___________ in English about his ____________ life .

4. 我们每天只有一小时的家庭作业。

We have only _________ ________ ________ homework every day

5. Mary 花在购物上的时间比她的妈妈多多了。

Mary spends ________ ________ ________ shopping than her mother.

6. 我爸爸做的家务最少。

My father does _________ _________ housework.


八、短文填空 答卷上所填单词必须完整写出。(本大题共5分)

Everyone n___(1)___ friends. We all like to be close to someone. It is nice to h___(2)___ a friend to talk, laugh, and do things with. Sometimes we need to be a___(3)___. We don’t always want people around. But we feel lonely (寂寞) if we have n___(4)___ friends.

No two people are just the s___(5)___. Sometimes friends make each other u___(6)___. That doesn’t m___(7)___ that we no longer like each other. M___(8)___ of the time we will make up (和好). Sometimes friends move away, then we feel very s___(9)___. We miss them very much. So we call them and w___(10)___ to them.


请根据提示内容,以“My best friend”为题写一篇80词左右的英语短文。 内容要点如下:

1. 最好的朋友是汤姆;

2. 长得又高又瘦,戴着小而圆的眼镜;看起来很聪明;

3. 慷慨大方且乐于助人,经常在公交车上给别人让座。

4. 酷爱体育,擅长打篮球;每周二下午练习打篮球;姚明是他的偶像;

5. 长大后……(2-3句)



装 订 线 - 屺亭中学初二英语阶段测试答卷2013/10 第Ⅰ卷 (客观题 共55 分) 一、单项填空 (本大题共20分,每小题1分) 1.____________ 2.__________3.__________4.__________5.___________ 6.____________ 7.__________8.__________9.__________10.___________ 11.___________ 12._________13._________14._________15.___________ 二、选择适当的句子,完成对话。(本大题共5分,每小题一分) 三、完形填空 (本大题共10分,每小题1分) 3.__________4.__________ 5.___________ 8.__________9.__________10.___________ 四、阅读理解(本大题共20分,1至10题每题1分,11至15题每题2分) 1.____________ 2.__________3.__________4.__________5.___________ 6.____________ 7.__________8.__________9.__________10.___________ 11.___________ 12._________13._________14._________15.___________ 学校: 班级_________ 姓名__________ 学号___________ 第Ⅱ卷 (主观题 共45分) 五、词汇运用(本大题共10分,每小题1分) 1.____________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.___________ 6.____________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9. __________ 10.___________ 六、动词填空 用括号内所给的动词的正确形式填空(本题10分,每小题1分) 1.____________ 2.__________3.__________4.__________5.___________ 6.____________ 7.__________8.__________9.__________10.___________ 七、完成句子 根据所给汉语,用英语完成下列句子。(本题共10分每格0.5分) 1. 他比我在夏天休更少星期的假。


He ________ ________ ________ ________ in summer than I .

2. Max很有幽默感,总是讲笑话逗我们笑。

Max _______ a _______ _______ of _______ and always makes us __________.

3. 他每天坚持用英语记录他的日常生活。

He ___________ ___________ in English about his ____________ life .

4. 我们每天只有一小时的家庭作业。

We have only _________ ________ ________ homework every day

5. Mary 花在购物上的时间比她的妈妈多多了。

Mary spends ________ ________ ________ shopping than her mother.

6. 我爸爸做的家务最少。

My father does _________ _________ housework.

八、短文填空 根据短文内容和所给首字母,在空格内填 人一个适当的词,使短文意思完整。所填单词必须完整写出。(本大题共5分)

1.____________ 2.__________3.__________4.__________5.___________

6.____________ 7.__________8.__________9.__________10.___________


请根据提示内容,以“My best friend”为题写一篇80词左右的英语短文。 内容要点如下:

5. 最好的朋友是汤姆;

6. 长得又高又瘦,戴着小而圆的眼镜;看起来很聪明;

7. 慷慨大方且乐于助人,经常在公交车上给别人让座。

8. 酷爱体育,擅长打篮球;每周二下午练习打篮球;姚明是他的偶像;

5. 长大后……(2-3句)

My best friend



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