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II. Key Phrases (重点短语):

1. how often 多长时间一次

2. junk food 垃圾食品

3. a lot of 许多

4. hardly ever 很少

5. start with 以?开始

6. try to do sth. 试着去做某事

7. look after 照料

8. be kind of unhealthy 有点不健康

9. once a day 一天一次

10. twice a month 一个月两次

11. be good for 对?有好处

12. once in a while 偶尔

13. see a doctor / dentist 看病/看牙医

14. get a cold / fever 感冒/发烧

15. have a stomachache 肚子疼

16. have a toothache 牙疼

17. have a sore throat 嗓子疼

18. lie down and rest 躺下休息

19. drink hot tea with honey 喝加蜂蜜的热茶

20. be stressed out 紧张

21. listen to ? 听?

22. get tired 变的疲劳

23. keep healthy 保持健康

24. at the moment 此刻;目前

25. watch TV 看电视

26. play basketball 打篮球

27. babysit her sister 照看她的妹妹

28. visit my friend 拜访我的朋友

29. relax at home 在家放松

30. sports camp 运动野营

31. something interestingyouqud 有趣的事情

32. go hiking / camping / fishing / shopping / sightseeing 去徒步旅行/野营/钓鱼/购物/观光

33. go away 离开

34. get back to school 返回学校

35. stay for a week 呆一个星期

36. go bike riding 骑自行车兜风

37. takes walks 散步

38. rent videos 租录像带

39. sleep a lot 睡得多

40. think about 考虑

41. take the subway / bus / boat / plane 乘地铁/公共车/小船/飞机

42. get to 到达

43. go by bus / plane / boat 乘公共车/飞机/小船

44. train / subway / bus station 火车/地铁/公共车站

45. bus ride 乘公共车的旅行

46. ride a bike 骑自行车

47. bus stop 公共汽车站

48. on foot 步行

49. leave for 离开去?

50. school bus 学校班车

51. the early bus 早班车

52. be different from 与?不同

53. half past six 六点半

54. in North America 在北美洲

55. a quick breakfast 快捷的早餐

56. need to do 需要做?

57. more than 多于

58. play soccer 踢足球

59. baseball game 棒球比赛

60. school team 校队

61. come over to 过来到?

62. the day after tomorrow 后天

63. be good at 擅长于?

64. two years ago 两年前

65. be outgoing 外向的

66. all the time 一直

67. in some ways 在一些方面

68. look the same 看起来一样

69. talk to everyone 与大家谈话

70. make me laugh 使我笑

III. Key Sentence Structures 重要句型:

Unit 1:

1. -What do you usually do on weekends?

-I usually go to the movies.

2. -What does he sometimes do on weekends?

-He sometimes surfs the Internet.

3. How often do you exercise?

I exercise once a week.

4. How often does she eat vegetables?

She eats vegetables three times a day.

5. Most of the students go to the beach every year.

6. It makes a big difference to my grades.

7. My eating habits are pretty good.

Unit 2:

1. What’s the matter?

What’s wrong?

What’s the trouble?

2. I’m not feeling well. I have a cold / fever/ stomachache / sore throat. /I have a lot of headaches.

3. Maybe you should see the doctor / dentist.

You should drink some hot tea with honey.

4. You shouldn’t eat anything for 24 hours.

5. Don’t get stressed out. It will make you sick.

6. I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

Unit 3

1. -What is she doing for vacation?

-She is babysitting her little sister.

-That sounds nice / interesting.

2. -When are you going?

-I’m going on Monday.

3. -Where are they going?

-They are going to Tibet.

4. -Who is she going with?

-She is going with her parents.

5. -How long is he staying.

-He is staying for a week.

6. -How is the weather there?

-I’m hoping the weather will be nice.

7. He is leaving for Hong Kong the first week in June.

8. Have a good time.

Unit 4:

1. -How do you get to school?

-I get to school by bus.

2. -How does he go to work?

-He usually walks to school.

3. -How long does it take?

-It takes about twenty minutes.

4. -How far is it from his home to school?

-It’s three miles.

5. What do you think of the transportation in your town?

Unit 5:

1. -Can you come to my party on Wednesday?

-Sure, I’d love to. / I’m sorry, I have to have a piano lesson.

2. -Can she go to the movies on Saturday?

-No, she can’t. She has to help her mom.

3. -Can you go to the concert on Monday?

-When is it?

-It’s at four o’clock on Friday.

4. Thanks a lot for the invitation.

5. I’m going to study for a test this evening.

6. What’s the date today?

Unit 6

1. Pedro is funnier than Paul.

2. Tina is (a little)taller than Tara.

3. I am more athletic than my best friend.

4. My hair is longer than hers.

5. Liu Ying is not as good as her sister.

6. In some ways, we look the same.

7. For me, a good friend likes doing the same things as me.

8. I’m quieter than most of the kids in my class, and so is my friend.

9. Who do you think should get the job, Ruth or Rose?

Ⅲ. 英汉互译:

1. 至于家庭作业 2. 一个月五次

3. 网上冲浪 4. 在周末

5. ?? 的结果 6. look after

7. most students 8. in good health

9. pretty good 10.my favorite food

Ⅳ. 单项选择:

( )1. Does the girl do ______?

A. morning exercises B. eyes exercises

C. math exercise D. eye exercise

( )2. Bill is in good ______. He’s pretty ______.

A. health, health B. healthy, healthy

C. health, healthy D. healthy, health

( )3. _____ are you away from school ? About two weeks.

A. How often B. How long C. how many D. How old

( )4.______ friends do you have? Only one.

A. How often B. How long C. how many D. How old

( )6.______do you go swimming ? Sometimes.

A. How often B. How long C. how many D. How old

( )7.Katrina watches TV once ______ week.

A. a B. the C. an D. ﹨

( )8. Please drink some milk. It’s good ______your health.

A. to B. for C. at D.with

( )9.The students exercise every day and they try ______ themselves


A. keep B. keeping C. kept D. to keep

( )10.Mary couldn’t go to the cinema with us because she had to _____

her little brother.

A. look for B. look after C. look at D. look into

( )11. Is the boy ______ shy ?

A. a kind of B. kind of C. kinds of D. all kinds of

( )12. I can see hardly _____ words on the blackboard. I’m


A. a B. some C. any D. no

( )13. We don’t know ______to do next.

A. how B. when C. what D. where

( )14. He is very hungry, ______ he works very hard.

A. and B. but C. or D. then

( )15. ______I have one healthy habit, ______I’m not very healthy.

A. Although , but B. Although, / C. Although ,so D. but , / 经典句型

1.My mother wants me to drink it. 我妈妈让我喝了它。

2.It’s good for my health. 它对我的身体健康有好处。

3.How often do you eat junk food? 你多久才吃一次垃圾食品。

4.How many hours do you sleep every night? 你每天晚上睡几个小时?

5.I try to eat it only once a week. 我尽量一周只吃一次它。

6.I look after my health. And my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades.


7.Good food and exercise help me to study better.好的食物与锻炼帮助我学得更好。

8.Is her lifestyle the same as yours or different? 她的生活方式和你的一样还是不一样呢?

9.What are the differences? 区别是什么?

10.I am kind of unhealthy. 我身体有点不太健康。

11.So maybe I am not very healthy, although I have one healthy habit. 所以或许我不是很健康,但是我有一个健康的习惯。

2.It’s good for my health.

(1)Be good for 对??有好处 be bad for 对??有害处


Taking more exercise is good for your health.


Reading in the sun is bad for your eyes.

1)look after 照顾,重视,留意的意思。当照顾讲的时候等于take care of look after sb well = take good care of sb 这个词组的意思为“照顾好某人”。



( )1.He tries _____ English well, because it’s important.

A. learn B. learning C. to learn D. learns

( )2.The doctor wants me ________ milk for breakfast every day.

A. get B. to drink C. to buy D. have

( )3.Getting up early and going to bed early _________your health.

A. is good for B. is good to C. is good at D. is bad for

( )4.Can you help me _____my room?

A. clean B. cleaning C. to cleaning D. cleaned

( )5.Mary has the same hair color _________her favorite pop star.

A. as B. with C. of D. like

( )6.Eating too much junk food is an _______habit.

A. healthy B. unhealthy C. interesting D. important

( )7._____do you watch TV at one time? –Two or three.

A. How much B. How many hours C. How often D. What time

( )8.Let’s talk about the _____between English and Chinese.

A. difference B. different C. differents D. differences

( )9.He is ______fat because he eats_____food.

A. much too, too much B. too much; much too

C. too much; too much D. much too, much too

( )10.Good _____and _______ help her to study.

A. foods; exercise B. foods; exercises C. food; exercise D. food. Exercises


1.__________(take) exercise every day is good for your _________(health).

2.My mother want s me ___________(drink) milk.

3.My eating __________(habit) are pretty good.

4.Tina is kind of _________(health). She doesn’t like sports.

5.I can _________(hard) hear you, please say it loudly.

6.He has been to Shanghai ____________(two).

7.What do you ___________(usual) do on Sundays?

8.Do you find the ______________(different) between the twins?

9.He tries __________(be) a good student.

10.I have a lot homework __________(do) this evening.


( )1.Thank you for _____my grandpa when I was away.(2005,陕西)

A. looking after B. look over C. looking at D. look for

( )2.Robert does well in playing table tennis. (2005年,宁德)

A. is good at B. is interested in C. likes D. hates.

( )3.—I like my teacher. He is very kind ____us.

–Oh. That’s very kind _____him.(2005,辽宁)

A. of, to B. to, of C. to, to D. of, of

( )4.Is the weather ____in different parts of Australia?

—No, it’s quite different. (2005,安徽芜湖)

A. like B. different C. the same D. same

( )5.My mother often tells me____ my classmates when they want. 山东潍坊)

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps 2004,(

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