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第一节 单项选择(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


1.—Do you know____ beautiful girl in red?

—Sure. That’s Mary. She is ______old friend of my sister’s.

A. a: a B. a; an C. the; an 2. —The books are so nice, which one can I take?

—Oh, you can take ____of them. I’ll keep none.

B. both B. all 3. —What do you think of your handwriting?

—C. careful

C. more careful


— A. for; deny

B. so; so D. such; so

6. — C. feet; can D. feet; has to

7. ——No, I stopped to the half way to get myself a drink.

D. to stop B. stopping C. stopped D. stop

8. When you attend a big concert, you should wear ______and formal.

A. smart something

C. something smart B. smart anything D. anything smart

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9. I’ll never forget the songs ____attract me and encourage me a lot my life. A. who B. which C. whom D. whose 10. —Sandy, can you tell me_______? —Sorry, I’ve no idea.

A. how many guests have been here

D. to point D. with D. which D. excited D. is made

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B. when is the party

C. pointed C. in

15. A. point 16. A. of 17. A. who 18. A. exciting 19. A. make

B. pointing B. to

B. when C. whose

B. excitedly B. makes

C. excitement C. is making







阅读下列四篇短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和D项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 ( A )

Dream House in Georgia isn’t a house for only one or two children. It’s one for many children who need help. It’s a family. It’s a future!


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B. But C. When D. Though


Imagine that a child has been staying in hospital for many years because of his illness. Imagine that a child has to stay on a cold street because there’s no other place to stay. As a little child, Laura Moore decided that she would offer a warm home to those sick and homeless children when she grew up. When she became a nurse, she made her dream come true. In November 2001, Laure set up Dream House. Dream House provide help for :

sick and homeless children aged from 2 weeks to 19 years;

their families and care givers.

Laugreatly. No presents are too small!” Laura Moore says.

31. Whom is Dream House in Georgia for?

A. Only one or two children.

C. All the children.

B. 1.000.

D. 1,0000.

B. Everyone should do what they can to help those in need.

C. Laura Moore offers help for all the sick and homeless children.

D. Everyone should give presents to the children no matter they’re small or not.

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( B )

Harry’s father bought a magazine which gave its readers information about all kinds of products and helped them make the best choice while buying.

Harry borrowed his father’s magazine when he needed a new computer. “ I’ll read it and choose the best one.” He said.

D. it would work for him for a long time C. it looks cool

40. The magazine doesn’t suggest buying the CGP 8PT because .

A. It’s not fast enough. B. It doesn’t have enough memory.

C. It’s not very good value for money. D. It’s not reliable.

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( C )

“ If you want to see a thing well, reach out and touch it!” That may seem strange. But touching things can help you see them better. Your eyes can tell you that a glass ball is round. But by holding it in your hands, you can feel all these about the ball, you really see it. With your skin, you can feel better. For example, your fingers can tell the difference between two coins in your pocket. You can feel a little drop of water in the back of your hand, too.

to touch it.

There are ways of learning to see well by these things. You are too used to them.

touch!” There you can feel everything on show.

A. Your skin. A. try them on first

45. What is the best title of the story?

A. Touching by Feeling

C. To See Better, Do Touch

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( D )

When I was a kid in Minnesota, watermelon was expensive. One of my father’s, Bernie, was a rich businessman, who owned a large store in St. Paul.

Every summer, when the first watermelons arrived, Bernie would call us. Dad and I would go to Bernie’s place. We would sit on the edge of the dock (码头) , feet dangling (摇晃) , and getting ready for a big meal. Years later, I realized that it was not Bernie’s wealth (财富) I could.

Well A. relaxed D. angry

D. They shared only one piece.

B. worked hard all the time

D. only knew how to make money

A. the best part of the watermelon B. the writer’s busy life

C. the writer’s decision of making money D. the best part of pleasant life

50. It can be learned from the passage that _______.

A. one has to work hard to reach his goal B. a friend in need is a friend in deed

C. watermelon is the healthiest fruit D. one should balance work and life

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第一节 单词拼写 根据句子意思和所给的首字母写出缺陷的单词。答案写在答卷相应的位置上。(必须完整的写出单词)(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

51. Eye contact can be the k_______ to successful communication.

52. I miss my family and really feel l_______ without any friends in this new city.

53. Do remind(提醒)me because I’m l_______ to forget.

54. H_______ is more important to most people than money.

第二节 完成句子 小题,每小题2分,满分10分)

56. 多做运动对我们有好处。

_______ _______ _______ will do us good.

57. 据说他的书很值得一看。





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Way(s) for Students to Relax

I am a middle school student. I have made a survey of the students my on relax after class.__________________________________________

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一、语言知识及运用Keys:1---10 CBDCD DBCBA


二、完形填空 Keys:21—30 BADCC CBCAD

三、阅读理解 A篇:DCBAB B篇:BACDD



第一节:51. key 52. lonely 53. likely 54.Health 55. practice

第二节:56. Taking; more; exercise 57. is; worth; reading

58. must; be; done; smoking 59. what; to; say 60. such; as; so; on

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