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英 语 试 题

Name Class No. Mark________



( ) 1. A. b B. d C. e

( ) 2. A. MBA B. NBA C. CBA

( ) 3. A. color B. clock C. black

( ) 4. A. 2331-0745 B. 2631-0747 C. 3661-094

( ) 5. A. His name is Tony Miller. B. Your name is Mike Green.

C. My name is Jack Brown.


6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ⅲ .听问题,选答案。(听二遍)(5分)

( ) 11.A.It’s a key. B.It’s my key. C. It’s key.

( ) 12.A.bag B.It’s a bag. C. B-A-G

( ) 13.A.Yes, he is. B. No, he is. C. No, he’s my brother.

( ) 14.A. On the desk. B. It’s on the desk. C. They’re on desk.

( ) 15.A.Yes, they are. B. They are blue. C. They’re rulers.


( ) 16. What’s this?

A. It’s a pen. B. It’s a pencil. C. It’s a pencil sharpener.

( ) 17.What are red?

A. Desks. B. Backpacks. C. We.

( ) 18.Where is the notebook?

A. In the bed. B. On the bed. C. Under the bed.

( )19. Is Mrs Green Lucy’s mother?

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, he is.

( ) 20. What color is Tom’s hat?

A. Blue. B. White. C. Blue and white.



( )21、早上老师进教室上课时,同学们应对老师说:― ‖。

A、 Hello! B 、How are you? C、Good morning,Mr /Miss…!

( )22、 ―Are you Lin Lin?‖ ― ‖

A、My name is Lin Lin. B、Yes,I am. C、I am not.

( )23、The keys are_______ the drawer and the book is______the floor.

A.on; in B.in; under C.in; on D.on; under

( )24、当你向别人介绍你的朋友Jim时,你应说:― .‖

A、This is Jim B、He is Jim C、You are Jim

( )25. Is your brother's name Jack? -----_____________.

A,Yes, it's. B.No, he isn't. C.Yes, he 's D.No, it isn't.

( ) 26. Her name is Gina Green. Her last name is .

A.Gina B. Green C. Gina Green

( ) 27. She has an . A. map B. oranges C. uncle

( ) 28. --- _______is my notebook? --- It’s in the drawer.

A. Where B. What C. What color

( ) 29. Thank you ______ your dictionary. A. to B. at C. for

( ) 30. Are ______ her parents? A. this B. these C. she

( ) 31. A baseballl and a bag under the bed. A. is B. am C. are

( ) 32. ---Is this a key? --- ______. A. No, it isn’t. B. It’s a ruler C. Yes, it’s.

( ) 33. Your jacket is very nice . --- A. Where? B. No. C. Thank you.

( ) 34. -- Here _____a set of keys, the keys_____on the table.

A. are ; is B.is; is C.are; are

( ) 35.—Are your pens in the drawer? -- .

A. Yes, they’re. B.Yes, it is C.Yes, they are.

D.is; are


( ) 36. How are you? A. No, she doesn’t.

( ) 37. Good morning! B. Fine, thanks.

( ) 38. Do you have a ball? C. It’s a pen.

( ) 39. What’s her name? D. Her name is Amy.

( ) 40. What color are the pens? E. Nice to meet you,too!

( ) 41. Nice to meet you! F. Good morning!

( ) 42. Is this a green pen? G. Yes, I do.

( ) 43. What’s this in English? H. Yes, it is.

( ) 44. Where’s the pen? I. They’re green.

( ) 45. Does your mother watch TV? J. It’s in the bag.



A: Excuse 46 , Tony. Is this your 47 ?

B: Yes, thank 48 . And that’s my pencil.

A: Tony, what’s this?

B: It is 49 eraser..

A: What 50 is it?

B: It’s white.

46 47 48 49 50


My name is Bill. 51 an English boy. Here is a photo 52 my family. Let’s look at it. My father is in (戴着)the red hat. He is a teacher (教师). My mother is near(在……附近) my father. 53 is a teacher, too. I have two 54 . They are Kate and Gina. They have a baseball. It’s under the table, 55 the floor .They often (经常) play baseball .

( ) 51. A. Im B. I’am C. I’m

( ) 52. A. in B. of C. at

( ) 53. A. Her B.He C.She

( ) 54. A. sisters

B. sister C. a sister

( ) 55. A. on B. in C. under


Look at this . Here’s a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. It’s on the desk. Look! This is a pen. It’s black. It’s in the pencil case. This is a ruler. It’s yellow. It’s in the drawer. Where’s my math book? Ah, it’s there, under the sofa.

( ) 56. This is pencil case.

A. my B. her C. his

( ) 57. is in the pencil case.

A. A black pen B. A pencil C. A red pen The

( ) 58. The yellow ruler is .

A. in the backpack B. in the drawer C. on the pencil case

( ) 59. The is orange.

A. pen B. pencil C. pencil case

( ) 60. Where is my English book?

A. Under the sofa B. On the desk C. Sorry, I don’t know.




My name’s Ye Zilu. I am a boy. I am ten. My telephone number is 0577-62985462. I have a backpack. I have some pens, pencils, an eraser and an ID card in it. But yesterday (昨天) I lost an ID card. I am very sad (伤心). Do you know where it is?


阅读下列短文,根据短文内容判断句子正误,正确的在题前括号内写―A‖,错误的写―B‖(6分) This is Jane’s room. The computer game is on the desk. Where’s her photo? It isn’t on the wall(墙壁). It’s on the desk, too. Her pens and pencils are in the pencil case. The pencil case is in the backpack. Where’s her backpack? It’s on her desk. Where’s her desk? It’s between the bookcase and the dresser. It’s at the windows.

( )31. The computer is on the desk.

( )32. The photo is on the wall.

( )33. Her pencil case is on the desk.

( )34. Her backpack is on her dresser.

( )35. Her desk is at the windows.

( )36.This isn’t Jim’s room


1.this(反义) 2. photo(复数)

3. are not(缩写) 4.don’t (全写)

5.brother(对应词) 6. family(复数)

7.to(同音词) 8. under the table(英译汉)

9.一串钥匙(汉译英) 10. those(单数)

Ⅸ.用所给词的正确形式填空。 (5分)

1. She (be)a good girl.

2. Mike and I (be) in No.2 middle school.

3. ________(her)is my sister.

4.Are (this) your computer games?

5. These are two (watch) on the desk.


1.This is an eraser.(变为复数句)

are .

2. He is a boy.(变为一般疑问句)

a boy?

3. The baseball is under the sofa.(对划线部分提问)

the baseball?

4. She is Jim’s sister.(变否定句)

She Jim’s sister.

5. do it you how spell (连词成句)



1. Where is my book? – I aren’t know.( )


2. Can you take the book to me?—Yes, I can.( )


3. These computer games is on the floor.( )


4. Please call Anna in 123~6543 ( )


5. Some picture are on the wall.( )







3、句中要有on, in, under等表示方位的介词。

My room


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