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M 2

Unit 1

一 翻译下列短语

1. 相当好 2. 在二十世纪八十年代

3.在海岸上 4. 事实上


二 写出下列单词

1. Tom is taller ______比 Lucy.

2. The _____________人口 of china is over 1.3 billion people.

3. The river is too _________宽 for me to jump across.

4. The fossils may be a _______________百万 years old.

5. When you reach the top of the __________小山,turn to the right.

三 用词的适当形式填空

1.This apple is ___________(big) than that one.

2. My bike is as (new)____________as yours.

3. lucy’s room is clearner than _________________(she).

4. I’d like __________(go)there one day.

5. About two_______________(million) people visit the city every year.

6. Remember ____________(close) the windows before going to bed.

7. I’m _______________(busy) today than yesterday.

8. Ten years ago, he ___________(become) a doctor.

9. How _____________(be) your weekend?

10. I’m two years __________(old) than my sister.

四 单项选择题

1. This line is longer _____that one.

A if B as C with D than

2. __________is the population of Shenzhen?

A How B What C How many D How much

3. How is your father?

He is _______better than before.

A many B more C much D little

4. Who is taller, Tom or Tina?

It is hard to say. I think Tom is as _____as Tina.

A tall B taller C old D older

5. The population of China is _______than __________of Japan.

A. larger, that B more, that C larger, it D more, it

Unit 2

一 写出下列单词

1. 北方 2. 东方 3.西方 南方

5. 家乡 6. 大学 7. 乡下 的 9. 岛

二 单项选择题

1. China is famous ______the Great Wall.

A. as B at C for D with

1 4. 8. 低

M 2

2. What is your hobby?

I like sports ,_________swimming.

A. quickly B slowly C Luckily D especially

3. Nancy and Lucy are twins. In some way they look the same, but Nancy is ____than Lucy.

A tall B taller C high D higher

4. The actress is already 50, but she looks______than she really is.

A young B more young C more younger D much younger

5. what kind of house do you like?

I like the one ______a garden.

A have B has C with

2 D for

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