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---Yes,I’d like some tea.

A.Where are you? B.Do you like me? C.What do you do? D.Can I help you

2.---Does he A.has;with B.wears;wears C.with;wears D.wear;with

3.(2013云南省)-----We’re free today. How about going out for a picnic this afternoon? -----_______.

A. Good idea B. Never mind

C. Good luck to you D. You’re welcome

she often go when she was young?

A.does B.was C.did D.is

A.But B.And C.Then D.So

6.---Why do you look so happy?


A.made;feeling B.make;to feel C.make;feeling D.make;feel

A.for;for B.as;for C.for;is D.for;as

8.---How is the weather?

---It’s sunny today,but yesterday was a day.

A.sunny B.rainy C.cloud D.raining

A.is 80-years-old B.is 80 year old C.an 80-year-old D.a 80 years old

10.(2013江苏南京)There _____ still some apple juice in the fridge. It’s not necessary for us to go to the

supermarket now.

A. was B. were C. is D. are


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