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( ) 1. There is ___ “s” and ___ “u” in ___ word “bus”.

A. a; an; a B. an; an; a C. an; a; the D. a; a; the

( ) 2. Where’re my shoes? I can see only two ___ and three ___ on the floor.

A. watches; knives B. watchs; knives C. watch; knife D. watches; knifes

( ) 3. Lisa is a ___ girl. She is ___ years old this year.

A. good; twenty-two B. fine; twenty and two

C. nice; twenty two D. well; 22

( ) 4.(2013福建泉州) ----How about having a picnic with me this weekend?


A Good idea B Here you are C Sorry to hear that .

( )5. -------“___ one do you like? The yellow one ___ the white one?”

--------“The yellow one.”

A. Which; or B. What; and C. What colour; but D. Whose; also

( )6. These socks are ___, but the coats are his two ___.

A. Brad; cousin B. Brad’s; cousins’s C. Brad; cousins D. Brad’s; cousins’

( )7. This dictionary is ___ nice. I ___ like it ___.

A. much; very; much B. very much; very; /

C. very; /; very much D. very; very; much

( )8.(2013湖南长沙)------Which season do you like _______, summer or winter? ------Summer.

A.well B.best C.better

( )9. “Do you have ___ eggs?” “Sorry, I don’t have ___, but I have ___ hamburgers.”

A. any; any; some B. some; some; some

C. any; some; some D. any; any; any

( )10. Let’s ___ clean the room with ___.

A. goes to; they B. going to; them C. go and; they D. go to; them



A. Where’s Sandra now? B. Where’re your grandparents?

C. Shanghai is very far. D. Welcome to Shanghai.


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