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( )1.(2013湖南长沙)Mary was born in 1998 and she began to play ____ guitar at the age of seven.

A.a B.不填 C.the

( )2. ------How about ______ some songs with me?

-----I’m sorry I have no time.

A. sing B. singing C. sings D. to sing

( )3. The people here _______ very kind.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( )4. ----- May I have ______ water?

------ Sorry, I don’t have _______.

A. some ; some B. any ; some C. any ; any D. some ; any

( )5. ------ _________ are the apples?

----- They’re ten kilos.

A. How many B. How much C. How old D. How heavy

( )6. --How do you ______ the blue cap? -- Oh, it’s too small.

A. think B. think of C. like D. think about

( )7. Mary often has lunch ______ the restaurant ______ twelve.

A. in ; in B. on ; at C. in ; at D. at ; of

( )8. --Are these ________ books?

--No, they’re _________.

A. your ; her B. your ; hers C. yours ; her D. yours ; hers

( )9. You and your brother ___________. You are like your mother and he is like your father.

A. look the same B. look different C. look like D. look at

( )10. The _________ often go to the zoo on Sundays.

A. boy B. girl C. kid D. children

( )11. Linda _______ with her mother every Sunday.

A. go shopping B. goes shopping C. to go shoping D. to go shopping

( )12. -----Can you ______ English?

-----Yes, but a little.

A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk

( )13. -------May I speak to Jane?

--------_________ .

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, you may.

C. Speaking. D. No, you can’t.

( )14. ------ _________ ? -----I’m fine.

A. How do you do B. How old are you

C. How are you D. Where are you

( )15. ------- Thank you all the same.


A. That’s right. B. You’re right.

C. You’re welcome. D. Don’t say so.


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