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( )1. September is the_______ month of a year.

A. ninth B. nineth C. nine D. ninetieth

( )2. _______ beef and ham shall we get?

A. How long B. How many C. How much D. How

( )3.Thereareabout_______ students in our school.

A. three thousands B. three thousands of

C. three thousand of D. three thousand

( )4. I'm looking forward_______ you at the concert tomorrow evening.

A to seeing B. to see C. seeing D. see

( )5. She will go there_______ underground and I will go there _______ a bus.

A. by; by B. on; on C. by; on D. on; on

( )6. A theatre is a good place_______ Beijing opera.

A to see B. to play C. play D. see

( )7, Don't_______ it in Chinese. Please_______ English.

A. say; speak B. speak; say C. say; say D. speak; speak

( )8. What kind of house do you_______?

A. live B. live in C. to live D. to live in

( )9. - What's your plan for tomorrow?


A. I go to the supermarket

B. I'm going to visit my uncle

C. I often do my homework at home

D. I am having a good time

( )10. Here's a number "twenty-three million, two hundred and sixty thousand, one hundred

and one". Which of these is right?

A. 230,260,101 B. 23,260,101

C. 23,206,110 D. 23,206,101


Christmas is coming, A lot are going to town. They hope to some for their families. A bus comes. They try to Robert, a strong young man, rushes in first. He occupies(占) two : one for his girlfriend Mabel and the other for himself.

there. 1

There are some old men among them ," answers the kind-hearted young man. "I can't bear(忍受) to see the poor old men!"

( )1. A workers B. soldiers C. farmers D. drivers

( )2. A lend B. sell C. borrow D. show

( )3. A. books B. pens C. newspapers D. presents

( )4. A. get on B. get off C. lift D. sit down

( )5. A tables B. seats C. boxes D. steps

( )6. A after B. for C. up D. around

( )7. A standing B. sitting C. lying D. sleeping

( )8. A. touch B. look over C. open D. close

( )9. A terrible B. sadly C. happy D. dangerous

( )10. A. Something B. Anything C. Nothing D. Everything



A Gold Cup for an Orange

There is a poor man. He has an orange tree. On the tree, there are many fine oranges. One of them is very, very big. It is as big as a football. Nobody sees so big an orange. The poor man is very happy. He takes it to the king(国王). The king is so pleased(高兴) that he gives the man a lot of money for it.

When a rich man hears of it, he says to himself, "It's only an orange. Why does the king give so much money for it? I'll take my gold cup to the king. He'll give me more money."

The next day when the king receives(收到) the gold cup, he says to the rich man, "What a beautiful cup! I'll show you something wonderful. Please take this great orange away. "

( )1. How many people are there in the story?

A. Four. B. Two. C. Three. D. Five.

( )2. The orange is_______.

A. fine and big B. fine and beautiful

C. good and fine D. small

( )3. The rich man takes his gold cup to the king for_______.

A. the orange B. the orange tree

C. a football D. money

( )4. The orange is_______.

A. a football B. like a gold cup

C. like a football D. like an egg

( )5. The king receives the orange and the gold cup_______.

A. on the same day B. the next day

C. every day D. on different days


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