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重庆南开中学初2012级七年级(下)期中考试英语 试 题

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第Ⅰ卷 (60分)

听力部分 (20分)



( ) 1. A. waiter B. writer C. world

( ) 2. A. look at B. look for C. look up

( ) 3. A. next to B. across from C. in front of

( ) 4. A. The people are really interesting.

B. The people are really relaxed.

C. The people are really hungry.

( ) 5. A. Where are pandas from?

B. Where do pandas live?

C. Where do pandas work?

( ) 6. A. I like writing for a newspaper.

B. I am reading a newspaper.

C. I work for a newspaper.



( ) 7. A. Because it is ugly. B. I don't like tigers. C. Because they are smart.

( ) 8. A. A reporter. B. 21 years old. C. A Chinese.

( ) 9. A. It's black. B. It's snowing. C. It's a book.

( ) 10. A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, there is. C. Yes, he is.

( ) 11. A. Thank you, too. B. You are welcome. C. That's right.



( ) 12. A. Math. B. Music. C. P.E.

( ) 13. A. An actor. B. A bank clerk. C. A doctor.

( ) 14. A. On Fifth Avenue. B. Behind the hotel. C. In front of the library.

( ) 15. A. She's watching TV. B. She's cooking. C. She's playing computer games.

( ) 16. A. See a movie. B. Go shopping. C. Go to the zoo.

Ⅳ. 短文理解。(每小题1分,共7分)



( 第1页 共8页

A. Shanghai B. Beijing C. Tianjin

( ) 18. Zhang Yining learned(学了years old.

A. 3 B. 28 C. 6

( .

A. she can't smile (微笑)

B. her friends think she doesn't smile

C. she is the No.1 ping-pong player in the world


( ) 20. From the school radio station(广播电台), A. the weather report B. sports news C. music

( from the radio station.

A. sports news B. beautiful music C. news about NBA

( ) 22. The students can noton the radio.

A. give their best wishes to their friends

B. learn how to study well

C. learn how to cook

( A. helps her a lot B. doesn't help her C. is boring


Ⅴ. 语音辨析。(每小题1分,共5分)


( ( ( ( ( Ⅵ.单项选择。(每小题1分,共15分)


( --- It's near our school.

A. Excuse me. B. Sorry.

C. How are you? D. Can I help you?

( A. American; England B. American; English

C. American; American D. Americans; English

( A. a; A B. an; A C. an; The D. the; The

( you the way my house.

A. talk; of B. say; to C. speak; of D. tell; to

( ) 33. ---Let's go to the dolphin show. A. It's boring. Let's go.

B. Where do you want to go?

C. Good idea. Let's go.

D. Sure. What are you talking about?

( a garden. It's very beautiful.

第2页 共8页

A. for B. of C. with D. at

( TV.

A. eating; to watch B. to eat; watching

C. eat; watch D. eating; watching

( ) 36. There are many children in the park. Some are dancing, A. Others B. Others children

C. Other child D. The others children

( ) 37. ---I think you are a good student. A. No, I'm not B. Thank you very much

C. It's fine D. That's all right

( ? --- I'm a nurse.

A. What do you do B. Who are you

C. What's your job D. Both A and C

( under the tree near the river.

A. lies B. lying C. is lying D. is liing

( early every day. It is good for my health.

A. get to B. get up C. get in D. get down

( ) 41. ---How is your summer vacation going? .

A. Hot B. Great C. Sure D. Of course

( A. meat; grasses B. grass; meat

C. grasses; meat D. grass; meats

( at it.

A. sound; surprise B. sounds; surprising

C. sounds; surprised D. is sound; surprised



Dear Johnny,

your letter and the great photos of your family. I really like to be your pen pal. Here is something about me and my life in China.

have any brothers. I am the only child in my family. I live with my grandparents and parents. Now I am a student in No. 3 Middle School. I go to school from Monday to Friday. I have many lessons at On weekends, I don't go to school. I stay at home. I do my homework and help my parents do some housework. I and watch TV. Sometimes I play computer can't play too much. It's bad for my eyes(眼睛).

, walk the dogs, visit museums, see films and watch ball games.

Please write to me soon and tell me more about yourself.

Zhang Lan

( ) 44. A. at B. for C. in D. on

第3页 共8页

( ) 45. A. Children's B. Women's C. New Year's D. Teachers'

( ) 46. A. so B. or C. with D. but

( ) 47. A. they B. him C. her D. them

( ) 48. A. good B. well C. bad D. hard

( ) 49. A. lot of B. a lots of C. many D. much

( ) 50. A. see B. look at C. read D. watch

( ) 51. A. And B. But C. So D. Because

( ) 52. A. to talk B. talking C. talk D. talks

( ) 53. A. pool B. mall C. supermarket D. street

Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(每小题1分,共10分)



The World Expo(世博会) 2010 will be held in Shanghai. It will last(持续) from May 1st to October 31st,

( A. a year B. four months C. five months D. six months

( functional zones in World Expo 2010.

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

( A. Zone A B. Zone B C. Zone C D. Zone D


One summer morning, a tiger is walking near a lake (湖). He hopes to find something to eat. In the lake a duck(鸭子) is swimming. The tiger thinks, "There is my breakfast."

The tiger says, "Good morning, Mr. Duck. I only want to tell you something about my friend Miss Dog. If you are not interested, I will go. Goodbye, Mr. Duck." And the tiger turns.

"Wait a minute," says the duck. "I don't know about it. Tell me."

The tiger looks around and says, "I don't want other animals to hear (听见) it. Come here and I will speak in your ear."

Mr. Duck swims quickly to the tiger. When he comes to the tiger, the tiger gets him and eats him.

( A. some water B. some food C. a duck D. a chicken

( in the lake.

A. swimming B. eating C. playing D. reading

第4页 共8页

( ) 59. At last(最后 A. eats the duck

B. eats the chicken

C. tells the duck something about Miss Dog

D. swims in the lake with the duck


Australia has a lot of lovely animals. You can only find them in Australia. The most famous ones are kangaroos (袋鼠) and koalas.

The kangaroo is the symbol(象征) of Australia. They have big eyes and ears. They don't walk, they jump(跳). 带着) their babies. The babies stay inside to get milk and keep warm.

Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia. They are on TV, in books and in the shops. But people kill(杀死) many kangaroos every year, because there are too many kangaroos. In Australia, kangaroos are more than(比...多) people. Some kangaroos are hungry because there is not enough food to eat. They go into farms for food. Farmers are very angry with them.

The koala is another famous Australian animal. They look like bears, and have small eyes and big noses. They eat leaves from gum trees. Koalas have a special smell. They use it to mark their home---" This is my place, ( A. China B. France C. Australia D. South Africa

( A. 育儿袋 B. 肌肉 C. 尾巴 D. 犄角

( .

A. people want to eat meat of kangaroos

B. there are too many kangaroos

C. kangaroos want to kill people

D. the kangaroo is the symbol of Australia

( ) 63. This passage (文章.

A. koalas B. kangaroos C. kangaroos and koalas D. Australia




Kate: Hello! Is that Mr. King?

Mr. King: Yes. Who's that?

Kate: This is Kate. I read your ad(广告) in Times. Mr. King: Yes, we do. And do you like to write stories?

Kate: Yes. I really like writing stories.

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Mr. King: Kate: I work in a school.

Mr. King: Kate: Yes, I am. I work as a Chinese teacher.

Mr. King: Then why do you want to be a reporter?

Kate: I like to talk with people. I think teaching is boring. So I want to change(改变) my job. Mr. King: OK,

Kate: I don't mind (介意) that.

Mr. King: Then you can come next Monday to do the new job.

Kate: Thank you.


--- Yes. Her room is dirty.

--- History.



--- Sorry.

can you speak? ---English.



(work) hard.

(leaf) on the trees in summer.

(sun) today.

(study) well.

(friend) to us, so we all like him.

(teach) them Chinese every day.

(help) their friends.

(not like) it.



1.Susan does her homework at home.(变一般疑问句)

her homework at home?

2.My friend gives me a new watch.(同义句)


3.Is there a park near here?(肯定回答)



第6页 共8页

5.Pandas are very cute,but they’re kind of shy.(同义句)

Pandas are very cute,but they’re shy.

6.Do the young people run in the morning?(用now改写句子)











on Fifth Avenue.

ⅩⅣ. 短文填空。(每小题1分,共10分)


Most American families like to have a vacation in summer. Summer is a good time for a vacation. It is to school during these two months.

vacation. One day an American woman goes to Japan. This is her first time (次)to Japan and she wants to make the American woman in "Hi" to her. Then he begins his first talk with someone from an English-speaking country.

a good time in Japan," he says to the woman.

"Thank you very much," the woman answers.


"The US."

"How old are you?" the man asks.

," answers the woman.

with the question?

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1-6 BABBAC 7-11 CABBB 12-16 CBCAA 17-23 BCBBBCA 24-28 CADCB 29-33 ADCDC 34-38 CDABD 39-43 CBBBC 44-48 BABDB 49-53 CCBBA 54-58 DCABA 59-63 ACABC


Ⅹ.1.cleaning 2. subject 3. dangerous 4. hospital 5. raining/rainy

6. photos 7. quiet 8. language 9. through 10. Sunday

Ⅺ.1. beginning 2. first 3. are working 4. us 5. leaves

6. go; sunny 7. exciting 8. to study 9. friendly 10. teaches

11. helping 12. to read 13. likes; doesn’t like

Ⅻ. 1. Does; do 2. to me 3. there is 4. What’s; doing 5. a little

6. Are; running 7. Where does; arrive

ⅩⅢ. 1. is wearing 2. strict with 3. waiting for 4. What’s; like

ⅩⅣ. 1. hot 2. go 3. But 4. with 5. says 6. have

7. come 8. age 9. doesn’t 10. him

第8页 共8页 5. Turn left

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