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( ) 1. We are disappointed why _______ few students could make _________ a wise decision.

A. so, so B. so, such C. such, so D. such, such

( ) 2. Mum prepares breakfast for us every morning, so she __________ early.

A. used to get up B. is used to get up

C. used to getting up D. is used to getting up

( ) 3. ---_________ is the way from your hometown?

---Maybe it’s about 20km from here, but I’m not sure.

A. How far B. How long C. How many D. How soon

( ) 4. ---Will you come to the party? ---__________ you also invite Blade.

A. Why not B. Only if C. If not D. When

( ) 5. The charity show will be _______ the morning of next Sunday.

A. in B. on C. at D. from

( ) 6. Don’t worry. There’s still ________ time _________.

A. few, left B. a few, to leave C. a little, left D. a little, to be leaving

( ) 7. I think you can help ____________ a donation or doing some voluntary work.

A. to make B. by making C. for making D. with making

( ) 8. Is there _______________ to sleep for half a day?

A. somewhere enough silent B. somewhere silent enough

C. enough silent somewhere D. anywhere silent enough

( ) 9. There were two small rooms in the house, ____ smaller of which served as ____ kitchen.

A. the, a B. a, the C. the, the D. a, a

( ) 10.---How often ___________ the Olympics _____________?

---Every four years.

A. is, taken place B. is, hold C. does, hold D. does, take place

( ) 11 . Those singers have lovely ___________ and they sing very well.

A. sounds B. noise C. voices D. voice

( ) 12. ---Do you mind taking the guitar to the office for me?

---________. Put it in my car, please.

A. Not at all B. Of course C. Yes, I do D. Never mind

二、 用括号内所给动词的正确形式填空:

1. When ________ Luoshe Middle School __________ (set up)? ---In 1940.

2. I was made ________ (perform) the dialogue once more by Miss Chen.

3. Dr. Zhang like other volunteers ________ (train) the local doctors and nurses when we

went to visit him.

4. ---How do you like our city?

用心 爱心 专心 1

---Wonderful. I _________ (stay) here for two more days.

5. Any book in the library mustn’t ___________ (take) away.

6. A fridge is used _________ (keep) food flesh.

7. Doctors should pay more attention to _________ (operate) on the ill people.

8. Adults always told children the sun _________ (rise) in the east when they were young.

9. If it __________ (not be) rainy tomorrow, we will have a trip to Yangshan.

10. ________ the police ________ (group) themselves into a team of nine since they started

to work?

三、 根据短文内容,在A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项:

Please help!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming to this concert. I hope you have enjoyed the music. The purpose of this concert is to (1) money for children in Africa. Every day (2) children in Africa die because they have diseases or have not enough (3) . There are two main reasons. First, there are no jobs for the children's parents, so they have no money to buy food or (4) . Second, the governments in many African countries do not have the money to take care of poor people. Most African countries are poor. The land is not good for (5) food and the weather is also bad for farming. The organization we are trying to help, the Feed Africa Fund, _(6) a lot of money every year on food for poor people in Africa. The money comes (7) people like you kind, generous people who do not want to see children die form hunger. Just one dollar can buy enough rice or corn to (8) a family of four for three days.

How much do you spend on food every day? Ten dollars? Twenty dollars? I am sure you can spend a little (9) on your own food so that you have a few dollars for The Feed Africa Fund. Ladies and gentlemen, we will now take a (10) . Please be generous. Thank you.


( ) 1. spend pay borrow raise

( ) 2. hundred hundred of hundreds of hundreds

( ) 3. to play to eat to drink to pay

( ) 4. clothes medicine houses furniture

( ) 5. eating drinking growing watering

( ) 6. costs borrows lends spends

( ) 7. to from with about

( ) 8. build develop feed organize

( ) 9. more fewer less most

( ) 10. show collection look seat

四、 阅读下列短文,然后根据短文内容选出正确答案:


Mr. Brown was going away for a week. Before he left, he said to his son, "if anyone asks for me, you can tell him that your father has been out for doing something, and will be back

用心 爱心 专心 2

in a week, then be sure to ask him to sit down for a cup of tea."

"OK, Dad," said his son. But he was afraid his son couldn't remember this, he wrote these words down on a piece of paper and gave it to him. His son put it into his small pocket, took it out and looked at it every now and then.

Four days passed, but no one came to see his father. The boy thought that there was no man to come and that the piece of paper was of no more use for him, so he burnt it that evening.

The next afternoon, someone knocked at the door. The boy opened it. A man was standing at the door and said, "Where is your father?" The boy put his hand into his pocket at once and looked for the piece of paper. He could not find it. He suddenly remembered he had burnt it, so he shouted, "No more."

The man was very surprised. He asked, "No more? I met your father last week. When did it happen?" "Burnt yesterday evening."

( ) 1. Mr. Brown told his son that _____.

A. he would be away from home for four days

B. he would be back in seven days

C. he would be back in a month

D. he liked a cup of tea

( ) 2. Mr. Brown wrote the words down on ________.

A. the wall B. the door C. a piece of paper D. his son's pocket

( ) 3. A man came to visit the boy's father on ________.

A. the second day B. the third day C. the fourth day D. the fifth day

( ) 4. The man was very surprised because _________.

A. he thought the child's father was dead B. the child didn't ask him to sit down

C. the child gave him a cup of tea D. he couldn't find that piece of paper

( ) 5. What was burnt? ___________.

A. The piece of paper. B. Mr. Smith. C. The visitor. D. The boy.


Many places in the world need more fresh water. Every country is trying to find ways to turn salt water into fresh. Why aren't there many factories like the Symi factory?

In some places the sun is not hot enough. Or it does not shine every day.

In such places other ways of heating sea water can be used. These ways cost more money, but they work faster than the sun. By boiling sea water with high heat a lot of fresh water can be made quickly.

But heating is not the only way to get fresh water from salt water. Other ways are tried. One way is freezing. The fresh part of salt water freezes first. To get fresh water, the bits of ice are taken out.

Which way is the best? The one that gives the most water for the least money. It may be a different way for each place.

用心 爱心 专心 3

Symi's way seems very good for small, hot places. It does not make much water at a time. But the factory is easy to build and costs little.

That is why people in many dry places talk about Symi.

( ) 1. From the passage we know that fresh water _____________.

A. is needed in many countries B. is needed in every country

C. can be used in many ways D. is very important for factories

( ) 2. The Symi factory __________.

A. turns salt water into fresh B. can be built everywhere

C. can make much fresh water at a time D. doesn’t need sunshine every day

( ) 3. Which is the best way for small and hot places to get fresh water?

A. Boiling the sea water. B. Heating the sea water.

C. The Symi’s way. D. Freezing the sea water.

( ) 4. What fact doesn’t the passage mention (提到)?

A. New ways of getting fresh water.

B. A lot of fresh water can be made quickly by heating.

C. The best way is to get the freshest water with the least money.

D. The Symi’s way doesn’t work in dry places.

( ) 5. The Symi’s way is not suitable for _________ places according to the passage.

A. small B. hot C. cool D. dry


A. changed B. important C. quietly D. fool E. in fact F. running away from G. came to H. cover I. thing

When I was 14, I left Houston for California. I was following my dream. On my journey I met an old man, a homeless man, on the street corner. He asked me if I was ______ home. I told, “Not exactly, sir.” Since my father had given me his blessing (祝福). “It is ______ to follow your dream, son.”

The friendly old man then told me to follow him. We ______ a library. The old man found two old books. He then said the words that (54)______ my life. “There are two things that I want to teach you. Number One is never to judge a book by its cover, for a cover can ______ you. You think I’m just a homeless person, don’t you?”

I said, “Er, yes, I guess so, sir.”

“I’m one of the richest men in the world ______, but one day I realized that there were certain things I had not yet experienced in life, one of which was what it would be like to live without a home. So, you see, don’t ever judge a book by its ______. Number Two is to learn how to read. There is only one ______ that people can’t take away from you, and that is your wisdom.” He put my hands upon the books. He hoped that I would never forget what he had taught me.


How can we help the people who are not as l___1_____ as us? There are lots of things we can do.

用心 爱心 专心 4

A snowstorm hit much of south china one January. And the disaster caused a great l____2____. Many houses were destroyed and thousands of people became h__3____. The government did a lot for them. And so did many charities. Millions of people, both young and o___4___, donated money and clothes to charities.

In fact, we can also do lots of things in our everyday l___5_____. For example, we can help a b____6____ people cross the road. It won’t cost anything. I have a cousin she often helps the d___7____ children to dance to gestures (手势). Both the children and she h___8____ enjoy it. I think she is doing a great j__9_____. She says she gets a lot from others, and she can pay back by helping those who need help.

She is right. Everybody can do something for others. And if you feel you’re needed b___10_____ others, you will feel happy.

1. l___________ 2. l___________ 3. h__________ 4. o___________ 5. l__________

6. b__________ 7. d___________ 8. h__________ 9. j___________ 10. b_________



1-5 B D A B B 6-10 C B D A D 11-12 C A


1. was set up 2. to perform 3. was training 4. will stay 5. be taken

6. to keep 7. operating 8. rises 9. isn’t 10. Have, grouped


1-5 D C B B C 6-10 D B C C B


1-5 B C D A A 6-10 B A C D C




1. lucky 2. loss 3. homeless 4. old 5. life

6. blind 7. deaf 8. job 9. by 10. yourself

用心 爱心 专心 5

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