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成都七中育才15级初一上期英语期末复习六 (1)

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七年级上期期末复习(六) -Made by Gan Li and Ni Ning

Class__________ Number____________ Name___________

复习范围: Unit8



1. ______________ 2.______________ 3.______________4.______________

5.______________ 6.______________7.______________ 8.______________

9.______________ 10.______________


1.______________ 2.______________ 3.______________4.______________

5.______________ 6.______________ 7.______________ 8.______________



三、知识运用:小组合作,请根据话题和重点知识自编对话,并将对话写在下面的横线上 (供参考-What activities do you have? -What activities do you like? Why.../-When..../Who.../ Do you like...?)




( )1.-_______is the second month of the year. There are_________days in this month.

A. January; thirty B. February; twenty-eighth C.February;twenty-eight

( )2.-When is your uncle’s birthday? -It’s____________ March.

A. at B. on C. in

( )3. - _________she? -She is 28 years old.

A. How is B. Who is C. How old is

( )4. -Today is Jack’s_________birthday. And he has 12 birthday___________now

A.twelve; parties B. twelfth; parties C. twelve; party

( )5. - _________people ________Spring Festival very much. It’s usually in February.

A. China; likes B. Chinese; like C. Chinese; likes

( )6.-Our school doesn’t have_______art festival but ________a school trip in March.

A. a; has B. an;have C. an;has

( )7. -Do you like sports? -We have some fun_______ ________you this term.

A. things; for B. clothes; about C. fruit; for

th( )8. -When is ________ Day? -It’s _______ March 8.

A. Children’s; on B. Teachers’; in C. Women’s; on

( )9. -Hi, Alan. Happy birthday! -____________________

A. Happy birthday!Jack. B. Thank you !Jack. C. Let’s go!Jack.

( )10. - When_______ your parents’ birthdays? - _________birthdays are in June.

A. are; Their B. is; They C. are; our


A: How many_1____________are there in a year?

B: There are _2______________. From January to December.

A:_3___________your favorite month?

B:My favorite month is June.Children’s Day is_4_______ June and my birthday is _5_______June 7th.

A:That_6___________interesting. You must get many nice things.

B:Yes, I _7____________get great things from my birthday. And I also like giving things to others.

A: Cool. Tomorrow is my birthday. Do you want _8__________to my birthday party?

B:That’s for__9__________.When and where is your party?

A: _10________my house and at 5p.m.See you there.


Hello, everyone! 1______ name’s Yu Chen and I am a 2_______ girl. Do you know 3______ is New Year’s Day? It’s on January 4_______. What do you usually do on that day? I usually have some 5_________ and fun things. For example, in the morning, I play basketball 6______ my father. Basketball is difficult for me, 7_______ I love it. After 8______, we ask some friends 9_______ to our home and we have a party. We 10________ have a good time.



Here are some survey results(调查结果) in a school magazine(杂志).

Eric: Hello, everyone. My birthday is on March 13th. And my favorite day is Wednesday, because I

have P.E. on that day. I love sports very much.

Mike: Hi, my birthday is on Children’s Day. And my favorite day is Monday, because I think I can

have a new beginning from Monday.

Linda: Hi, my birthday is on September 20th, and my favorite day is Saturday. Do you know why?

Because my friends and I always go to watch a movie on Saturday. I’m a movie fan.

Lucy: Hello, my birthday is on April 17th, and my favorite day is Friday, because our Chinese

The first term is Most students are class every day, and they have homework for every class. After class, .After high school ,many students go to college(大学).They usually have to pay(付款)a lot of money. So, .


There are fifty-six students in our class.

A. So you can see all of us study hard.

B. Thirty-four of us are boys and twenty-two are girls.

C. We really have a good time at school.

D. We listen to the teachers carefully in class and we never copy others’ homework.

E. We love studying in class, and we love playing basketball with our friends after class. ______--______--______--______--______



1-5 CCCBB; 6-10 CACBA


1.months 2.twelve 3.What’s 4.in 5.on 6.sounds 7.often 8.to come 9.sure 10.At/In

3. 选出正确的词并用其恰当的形式填空。

1. my 2. Chinese 3, when 4. first 5. interesting

6. with 7. but 8. that 9. to come 10. really



1. June 1st . 2. September 3. has P.E. 4. watching a movie 5. school library


C E A B D C)阅读排序: B D A E C

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