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七下 期末测试

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( )21.Cathy _____________of medium build and _____________ curly hair.

A. has, has B. is, has

C. is, is D. is, has a

( )22. ---David, there ______ a dictionary and some books on your

desk.Please put them away.

---OK, mum. I’ll do it right now.

A. is B. are

B. C. has D. have

( )23.---Jack, is there __in today’s newspaper.


A.anything important

B.something important

C. important anything

D. Important something

( a red hat.

A .has, has B. with, on

C. has , wears D. with, wearing

( the train station?

A. got to B. get

C.arrived at D.arrive at

( )26.We are having a math lesson now, you must stop _________ music.

A. listen B. to listen

C. listening to D. for listening

( )27.- of shoes do you wear? - Size 7.

A. What B. What size

C. What kind D. What color

( )28.The children want to eat ______ dumplings for lunch.

A. a chicken and cabbage

B. fishes and cabbages

C. mutton and cabbage

D. eggs and tomatoes

( )29..----Would you like something to eat?

I’m not hungry.

A. I’d like it B. I would

B. Yes, thanks D. No, thanks

( )30.He is an old man, so he walks

A.fast B.faster C .slow ( )31.He ate apples, so he doesn’t want to eat anything.

A.too much B.much too

C.too many D. many too

( )32. Don’t forget_____ your book here tomorrow.

A. to bring B. Bringing


C. to take D. taking

( )33.I sometimes ____ my bike to go to school.

A. by B.by a C.ride D.on

( )34.I have two skirts. One is from my aunt; ________is from my sister.

A. other B. the other C. othersD. another

( )35.--- How ___________ your last weekend, Tony?

--- It __________ very good.

A. is, isn’t B. was, wasn’t

C. does, doesn’t D. did, didn’t


In China , there’re manykinds of food. Some of them are very The real Chinese food is dumplings. Now let’s talk about them.

Everyone in China likes dumplings very much, and there’re many kinds of

dumplings at home. If you have no time to make them, you from market. Then you can take them home and eat them with vinegar.( 醋)

The Spring Festival(春节) is very important(重要的) , we make dumplings.Usually we put a coin(硬币) in a dumpling. If one eats the

to China, we’ll invite(邀请) you to eat the real Chinese food---dumplings.

( )36.A.same B. different C. difference D. difficult

( )37.A.important B. easy C.fun D.popular

( )38.A. they B. we C. others D. you

( )39.A.Chineses B. Chinese C. China D. Chinas

( )40.A. say B. do C. work D. make

( ) 41.A. sell B. buy C. want D. like

( )42.A.gets B.goes C.comes D.likes

( )43.A.on B. for C. with D. of

( )44.A. good B. well C. fine D. Lucky(幸运的)

( )45.A. Fast B. Welcome C.Quick D.Quickly



A well-dressed man goes into a restaurant one day. He sits down at a table near the window. A waiter comes up to him and says, “Can I help you,Sir?”The man says , “Can I see the menu?” “Sure.” The man wants a good meal and he wants a lot of nice dishes (菜). The waiter gets them for him. The man is having his meal. At this time, a boy comes in and sits down beside(在……旁边) the man. He asks the man to give him an ice cream. The man says, “I go out for a newspaper.” Then he goes out. After the boy eats his ice cream up(吃光), he stands up and goes to the door, “ Excuse me, your father doesn’t give the money.” The waiter stops him and says.“Father? You are wrong. He isn’t my father. I don’t know him. I meet him in the street. He says he will(会) give me an ice cream if I come here at 12 o’clock.”


( )46.One day a _____ into a restaurant.

A.well-dressed man goes B. girl goes

C. woman goes D. well-dressed man and his son go

( )47.The man asks the waiter to bring him_____

A. a lot of ice cream B. only bread

C. a lot of nice dishes D.a newspaper

( )48.The man asks ___ for the boy.

A. some bread B.an ice cream

C. some dishes D. some chicken

( )49.The boy comes into the restaurant____

A. with the man B. to buy an ice cream

C. at twelve o’clock D.to have lunch

( )50.The boy ___

A. is the man’s son B.is the waiter’s son

C.doesn’t know the man D.knows the man


Once a Frenchman lived in England. He did not know English very well. One day he went to the post office with a letter.He bought(buy的过去式) a stamp(邮票) and gave it with the letter to the girl at the desk ."Oh, no,"the girl said."You must stick(贴)the stamp on yourself."The Frenchman stood(stand过去式) there and he didn't understand her words."Why must I stick the stamp on myself?And where must I stick it ?" "Oh,"said the girl ."I mean that you must stick the stamp on the letter.And you must do it yourself."

( )51.This happened(发生)________.

A.in an American city B.in a place of England

C. in Australia D. in a small Japanese town

( )52.The Frenchman________

A.know English very well B. didn't know English

C.knew little English D. knew a little English

( )53.He went to the post office to ______

A.give the letter and a stamp to the girl B.buy a stamp

C. post a letter D. buy a book

( )54.At last________

A. the girl didn't say anything

B.he understood (understand过去式)the girl's words

C.he didn't post his letter

D.the girl didn't give the Frenchman any help

( )55.Which of the following sentence is true?

A.The Frenchman can speak very good English

B.B.He knew the girl in the post office

C.He understood the girl very well

D. He sticked the stamp himself at last.



Tom likes fish very much. He often buys some fish in the shop and takes it home. But when his wife(妻子) sees the fish, she says to herself, “Good, I can ask my friends to have lunch, and we can eat the fish.They like fish very much”

So when Tom comes home in the evening as usual(像往常一样), the fish is not there and his wife always says, “Oh, your cat eats it”.And she gives Tom some bread for his supper. Tom is very angry. He takes the cat and his wife to the shop near his house and weighs(称重) the cat. Then he turns to his wife and says “My fish weighs one kilo(公斤) .This cat weighs one,too. If my fish is here, you see, then where is my cat?”

( A.cat B.his wife C.fish D.hfriends

( )57. What does Tom eat for supper?

A.Fish B.Bread C.Nothing D.We don’t know.

( )58.Tom weighs in the shop with his wife.

A.the fish B.the cat

C.his wife D.his friend

( )59.How much fish does Tom often buy?

A.one kilo B.two kilo

C.three kilo D.four kilo


A.Tom B.Tom’wife

C.The cat D.Tom’s wife and her friends

61 They tell him what the criminal ___________

62 .the farmers ______strawberries from December to June

63 . At the museum ,I ______a lot about robots

64,As a special gift , my parents _____to India

65. if he or shi blow out all the candles in one go , the wish will _________-



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