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A. 根据句意及汉语提示写出单词正确形式.

1. The old man is ill in ______(医院). 2. It’s_____(晴朗的 ).Let’s take a walk in the park.

3. I want to buy a _______ (照相机) to take photos. 4. Who are you ______ (等待) for?

5. We’re ______(吃惊的)that he can’t pass the exam.

B. 用所给词的适当形式填空.

6. Listen! Who _____ (play) the guitar in the park? 7. The weather _____(be) cloudy today.

8. Thanks for ______(help) me with my English. 9. He wants ______(go) to the park after school.

10.Let’s _______(begin) our class.


( )11. He _____his homework in his study room now.

A. is doing B. was doing C. are doing D. were doing

( )12His father’s work is exciting _____kind of dangerous.

A.and B.but C.or D.with

( )13.Doctors and nurses usually _____white uniforms when they are at work.

A. dress B.put on C.wear D.in

( )14.Jone is a bank clerk. People ____their money to him or ___their money from him.

A.get;get B.give;give C.get;give D.give;get

( )15.---What is your mother doing. ---______.

A.She cooks meal B.She is cooking dinner C.She is a doctor D.She is fine

( ).16.Tim can’t go with you.He____ the classroom now.

A.clean B.cleaning C.cleans D.is cleaning

( ).17.My mother often _____TV in the evening. He’s___TV now.

A.watches;watches B. watches;watching C.watch;watches D.watching;watching

( )18.Do you like to talk with people and write stories? The come and work____us_____a reporter.

A.to;as B.for;as C.for;to D.as;as

( )19.____your parents eating dinner?

A.Do B.Are C.can D.Be

( )20.Paul with his brother____ playing basketball very much.

A.liking B.like C.likes D.are liking

( )21.I ____swim, so I never go to the swimming pool.

A.can B.couldn’t C.can’t D.could

( )22.---_____? ---It is rainy.

A. What day is it B.How are you C.What’s the weather D.How’s the weather

( )23.---You brother looks____. ---Thank you.

A.cool B.cold C.warm D.hot

( )24.What____it is today!

A.nicer weather B.a nicer weather C.nice a weather D.nice day

( )25.Look! It’s____. Let’s go to the park.

A.sunny B.cold C. windy D.raining


26. Amy sits on my left. Roy sits on my right.(合并成一句 ) ____sit____Amy___Roy.

27.He’对划线部分提问 ) ____ ____ he ____?

28.The little girl is running on the road.(改为一般疑问句 ) _____ the little girl _____ on the road?

对划线部分提问 ) _____ is _____ ______ today?

对划线部分提问 ) ____ _____ she want to be?


Have you ever seen snow? A lot of people in the world have not. A lot of countries_31____ have snow or they have it only on the tops of very high mountains. In Scotland and in the north of England, there is quite a lot of snow every_32___,but in the south of England, there is usually _33___.

When a student from__34__ country like Malaysia or Indonesia comes to Britain in autumn for the first time,he feels cool at first.There are _35___ dark clouds, gray sky and cold rain in Britain in autumn, and most students from countries do not like this.

But snow is difficult. It is very cold but it’s very_36__. Perhaps, after several dark mornings,the student wakes up one day, and there is a lot of __37___ in his room.He thinks, “Is it so late?” and jumps out of the bed.But no,it is not very late. He _38___ out of the window---and there is the _39__ on the ground and on the roofs of the houses and _40___. The light in his room came from that clean,beautiful white snow.

( )31.A.often B.never C.only D.ever

( )32.A.spring B.summer C.autumn D.winter

( )33.A.little B.a little C.few D.a few

( )34.A.a cold B.a windy C.a warm D.a rainy

( )35.A.no B.not C.often D.even

( )36.A.dirty B.bad C.beautiful D.handsome

( )37.A.light B.dark C.wind D.bright

( )38.A.sees B.looks C.looks at D.reads

( )39.A.rain B.wind C.fog D.snow

( )40.A.somewhere B.nowhere C.everywhere D.anywhere



I am Henry. My family lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. My family is from Rome, Italy. My grandparents live in Rome, but my parents, my brother, and I live in New Orleans. It is our new home. We live in a small apartment.It isn’t fancy(色彩夺目的 ),but it is comfortable.My grandparents have a large house in Rome. My unmarried uncle lives with them. He has his own bedroom.

My father works in the office of a factory.He is a computer technician. My mother is a bilingual secretary. She works in an office,too. She likes books and flowers. My brother, Bruno, is a student. He is a musician. He plays the violin and the drums in a band. I am a student,too.I don’t play the violin but I play soccer. I am a good goalie(守门员 ).

I like my family.I see my parents and my brother every day, but I miss my grandparents very much.

( )41.Where does Henry’s family live?

A.New Orleans B.Rome C.Italy D.Orleans

( )42.___ live(s) with my grandparents.

A.My parents B.My brother C.My uncle D.I

( )43.How many people are there in the big family?

A.5 B.6 C.7 D.8

( )44.Bruno is not only a____ but also a_____.

A.musician;goalie B.computer technician;student C.student;secretary


( )45.Which of the following is true?

A.My father and mother work in the same office. B.Both my brother and I are students.

A.I can both play the violin and play football. D.My father is a worker in a factory.



Clothing Store

( )46.Which is the cheapest(最便宜的) of all?

A.hat B.T-shirt C.pants. D.Socks

( )47.How much are two sweaters and a hat?

A.$14 B.$20 C.21 D.$22

( )48.You can buy(买到)___

A.Black pants B.a blue sweater C.a green hat D. red socks

( )49. you like red and you only have $6.you can take___

A.a sweater B.a hat C.a T-shirt D.none(全无)

( )50.You only have sixteen dollars. You can buy__

A.a swester and a pair of pants(裤子) B.two T-shirt and a pair of socks

C.a sweater and two pairs of socks D.a sweater and two hats


In England,people often talk about the weather because they can experience(经历) four seasons in one

day.In the morning,the weather is warm like in spring.An hour later black clouds come, andthen it rains hard.In the afternoon the sky will be clear, the sun will begin to winter,or have winter in summer.So in winter you can swim and in summer you should take warm clothes with you.

When you go to England ,you will see that some English people usually that an umbrella or raincoat with them on a sunny day,but you should not laugh at them. If you don’t that an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret(后悔) later in English.


( )51.It is usually warm in the morning in English.

( )52.In summer,it is usually too hot in English

( )53.In English,sometimes it is hot in winter

( )54.some English people usually take an umbrella or a raincoat with them because it often rains in English

( )55.If someone takes an umbrella or a raincoat,he will regret later in the day

VI. 根据对话内容,从方块中选择恰当的选项补全对话(选项中有一项为对于选项)

A:—56——— B: I’m watching TV. A: The TV show is boring. _______57_____

B: That sounds great._____58____ A: Yes, I do. I have a new soccer. B: _____59_____.

A: It’s sunny outside. It’s good for sports. B:____60 __A:At the door of the park, OK?

B: Great. See you.

1. where are we going to meet?

2. what are you doing, Tom?

3. How is the weather outside?

4. Do you have a soccer ball?

5. Let’s go and play soccer ball

6. Are you watching TV

VII. 基础写作。





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