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英 语(半期综合卷二)



1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. ________

二、 听句子,根据所听内容选择正确应答语。(共5分)

( )6.A.Yes, there will be fewer people. B.No, there will be more trees.

C.There will be more trees.

( )7.A.I think I should write him a letter. B.You will take him to the teacher.

C.I think you should talk to him on the phone.

( )8.A.He wasplaying chess with me. B.She was shopping with her mother.

C. Weare having a party..

( )9. A.If you do, you’ll be late for class.. B.Welcome to our school..

C. Thank you for your advice.

( )10.A.I don’t think so. B. It will be sunny tomorrow..

C.Let’s have it tomorrow..

三、听对话,根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案(5 分)

( )11.A A singer . B. A player . C. A teacher.

( )12. A. Playing basketball . B. Studying at home .

C. Eating ice cream.

( )13. A. To ask his friend for help. B. To ask his father for some money.

C. To go to the party without anything.

( ) 14.A.We don’t know . B. Having a party for Jenny.

C. Having a party for the man.

( )15.A.It was at the school. B. It was at the sport center. C. It was on Friday.

四、听短文,根据短文内容及问题选择正确答案(5 分)

( ) 16. Where did Jim go one day ?

A. to the zoo B. to the hospital C. To school

( ) 17. What did Jim buy for his uncle ?

A. some food and fruit B. some fruit and flowers C. some sweets and flowers

( ) 18. How did he go to the hospital ?

A. by bus B. by train C. by ship

( ) 19. What happened then ?

A. He lost his wallet B. He lost his ticket C. He lost his flowers

( ) 20. Where did he find his ticket at last ?

A. in his bag B. in his flowers C. in the food

第II卷 笔试部分(80分)


( )21. I hope your dream will _________.

A. come true B. come out C. come in

( )22. There will be _________ pollution this year than last year.

A. fewer B. much

C. less

( )23. How many birds can you see in the trees? I can see _________ birds in them.

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. five hundreds of

( )24.I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love _____ it .

A. with B. in C. to

( )25. I’ve got a new dictionary. How much did you ________ it?

A. buy B. spend C. pay for

( )26.You don’t like the picture. I don’t like it, ________.

A. too B. also C. either

( )27.Maybe you should ________.

A. call up him B. call him up C. call on him

( )28.If the rain , we’ll have to stay at home.

A. doesn’t stop B. won’t stop C. hasn’t stopped

( )29. What ______ you _______ when she came in?

A. did, do B. are, doing C. were, doing

( )30.She was _______to hear the news.

A.surprised B.surprise C.surprising

( )31.Our English teacher said she _______ speak three languages.

A.can B.could C.will

( )32. We are supposed ______ the lost child at once.

A. find B. to finding C. to find

( )33. The teacher said I could do better _____ English .

A. in B. at C. on

( )34.There an English party this Sunday.

A. is going to have B. will have C. is going to be

( )35. I really don’t know _________.

A. what should I do B. what to do C. what does


Dear Jack,

I had a very unusual experience on Sunday. around ten o’clock the morning, I was walking down the street when a UFO right in front of me. You can imagine strange it was! An alien got of the UFO and walk down Center Street. I followed it to see it was going, and I was when it went into a souvenir shop. it was looking for the souvenirs, the shop assistant the police. Before the police arrived, the alien left the shop and visited the Museum of Flight. While the alien was in the museum, I called the TV station. that amazing?

( ) 36. A. On B. At C. In

( ) 37. A. on B. at C. in

( ) 38. A. land B. landed C. landing

( ) 39. A. what B. how C. very

( ) 40. A. out B. in C. on

( ) 41. A. why B. what C. where

( ) 42. A. surprise B. surprising C. surprised

( ) 43. A. When B. While C. Since

( ) 44. A. call B. was calling C. called

( ) 45. A. Doesn’t B. Didn’t C. Isn’t


( A )

A woman has a problem with her daughter: My nine-year –old daughter ,Lucy, is in Grade 4. Every morning we got into homework fight. Three afternoons a week, she has activities after

school and by the time we get home, homework is the last things she feels like doing. The other two days, she gets home early and we argue about if (是否)she should do her homework, she seems to want me there helping all the time. I do want to help her, but I’m sure that she is going to need to be able to do it herself. And in fact, most of the time I have other things I need to be doing. It seems that children these days have much homework than we did, and some of it is really difficult. As you can see, I’m really worried about homework and I really don’t know what I should do. Any ideas ?

( )46. The woman’s daughter is ______.

A. five years old B. six years old C. eight years old D.9

( )47. Lucy doesn’t have any activities after school for ____afternoon.

A. two B. three C. five D seven

( )48. Lucy wants to _____ first when she gets home early.

A. do her homework B. do activities C. have supper D. have a rest and play

( )49.The woman thinks that Lucy should do her homework ______.

A. by herself B. with the mother C. with the father D. with the classmates

( )50.Can you guess where this passage is from ?

A. A diary B. A Newspaper C. A novel (小说) D. A story

( B )

Mark Twin was famous in his day as a public speaker. In his public speeches he always liked to tell funny stories. He also liked to listen to funny stories and play jokes on his friends. One day one of his friends lost his wallet and asked Mark Twain to pay his train fare for him.“ But I don’t have enough money to pay both your fare and mine,” Mark Twain said. The friend didn’t know what to do. “We can do this,” said Mark Twain. “We can get on the train and when the conductor comes to check the tickets, you can hide under my seat. ” Later, however, when the conductor came to check the tickets, Mark Twain gave him two tickets-one for his friend and one for himself. Then he explained in a loud voice. “My friend here is a strange man. When he travels on a train, he doesn’t like to sit on the seat. He prefers to lie on the floor under the seat.” Of course everybody in the train looked at the poor friend and laughed at him loudly.

( ) 51. The friend asked Mark Twain to buy a ticket for him because .

A. he was too poor to buy one B. his wallet was lost

C. his money was little D. Mark Twain had a lot of money

( ) 52. Mark Twin told him he couldn’t buy him a ticket because .

A. he didn’t have enough money B. he wanted to play a joke on him

C. he wanted to save some money D. he didn’t find his wallet, either

( ) 53. When the conductor came to check the tickets, the friend was A. lying under the seat B. sitting on the seat

C. lying on the seat D. standing nearby

( ) 54. Mark Twain spoke in a loud voice because A. the conductor was standing far away B. his friend was deaf(聋)

C. he enjoyed doing so

D. he wanted all the people here to know there was a man under the seat

( ) 55. Which of the following sentences is not true?

A. The friend didn’t know Mark Twain had bought a ticket for him.

B. Mark Twain not only liked to tell funny stories but also liked to listen to funny stories.

C. Both Mark Twain and his friend got on the train without a ticket.

D. Mark Twain bought two tickets before they got on the train.

( C )

In many English homes people eat four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. People have breakfast at any time from seven to nine in the morning. They eat porridge,eggs or bread.

English people drink tea or coffee at breakfast.

Lunch comes at one o’clock. Afternoon tea is from four to five in the afternoon and dinner is about seven thirty. First they have soups, and then they have meat or fish with vegetables. After that they eat some other things, like bananas,apples or oranges. But not all English people eat like that. Some of them have their dinner in the middle of the day. Their meals are breakfast, dinner, tea and supper and all these meals are very necessary(必要的).

( ) 56. Many English people have meals a day.

A. two B. three C. four

( ) 57. People may have for their breakfast.

A. tea and eggs B. porridge,eggs,bread,tea or coffee C. tea and coffee

( ) 58. People have lunch at

A. any time B. nine C. one

( ) 59. People don't have for their dinner.

A. porridge B. bananas and apples C. some soup and meat

( ) 60. In some English homes dinner comes

A. in the morning B. in the middle of the day C. at night


Eve: I need to get some money to pay for summer

camp. What schould I do? Anna: Eve: I don’t have time.

Maria: I have an idea.

Eve: No, he doesn’t have any money, either.

Dennis: Anna: Or you could sell your CDs. Eve: No, I don’t tinke so. Dennis: Maybe you could have a bake sale.


Dennis: Then maybe you should call “Teen Talk”, the radio advice program.

九. 完成下列句子(10分)


I think there will ______ ______ pollution in the future.

72.我不想和你争吵, 让我们忘记它吧。

I don’t want to ______ you . Let’s forget it.


The girl _____ _______ when she saw a car accident .


My friend ______ ______ ______ English, so she often helps me.


If you go to the party, you will ____ _____ ____ _____.



Dear Mary,

I have a problem and I need your help. I have a good friend and we get on well. One day, she couldn’t find her money, and she thought I took it. But I really didn’t. She even didn’t talk to me any more. I am upset(难过) about this. I don’t know what to do. Can you give me some advice?

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