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1. Let' s _____ our dorm' s (寝室的) rules。

A. get B. set C. make D. plan

2. — Mom, can I go to play football now?

—No, you A. must B. can C. could D. may

3. Mr. Green will arrive Beijing this afternoon.

A. at B. in C. on D. to

4. I to cook now.

A. have not B. don’t have C. had not D. didn’t have

5. I smoke here?

A. Must B. Need C. Can D. Have to

6. draw on the wall.

A. Not B. No C. Doesn’t D. Don’t

7. The visitors our school yesterday morning.

A. got to B. reached to C. arrived D. arrive in

8. My mother is not very well, she works very hard.

A. or B. but C. and D. too

9. do you think about Hangzhou?

A. How B.Which C. Where D. What

10. They don’t have to their school uniforms.

A. dress B. have on C. put on D. wear

11. Don’t watch TV school nights.

A. at B. in C. \ D. on

12. We can’t late for class.

A. arrive in B. arrive at C. get to D. arrive

13. You can’t eat outside the dining hall.

A. in B. at C. \ D. on

14. There are too rules in the school.

15. Be home 8 o’clock on Sunday.

A. at B. to C. on D. in

16. Students can’t music in the hallways.

A. listen B. hear C. hear to D. listen to

17. at ten o’clock in the evening.

A. Go to bed B. Goes to bed C. Get up D. Gets up

18. A kid beakfast every morning, because it’s good for his health.

A. have to B. has to C. has to have D. has to has

19. Sorry, sir. You can’t park your car .

A. on street B. on the street

C. outside our school gate D. somewhere

20. It’s good to take after dinner.

A. walk B. a walk C. walks D. the walk

21. The students have to wear uniforms at their school.

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A. a B. an C. \ D. some

22. Don’t arrive late class.

A. in B. of C. with D. for

--- Yes, I do.

A. a rule B. rules C. the rule D. the rules

24. --- May I watch TV, mum?

--- No, you . You do your homework first. A. don’t, must

B. don’t, can’t

C. can’t, must D. can’t, can’t

25. It’s not good loudly in class.

A. talk B. to talk C. talks D. talked

26. --- Does he have to a uniform?

--- No, he doesn’t.

A. wear B. wears C. to wear D. wearing

27. Mike, in bed.

A. not read B. doesn’t read

C. no reading D. don’t read

28. Can your mother for a walk after supper tonight.

A. go out B. going out C. to go out D. goes out

29. My mother is bed now, because she is not very well.

A. on the B. in the C. in D. go to bed

30. --- Does she have to get up so early tomorrow morning?

--- Yes, she .

A. is B. have C. has D. does

31. We can’t listen to music in the hallways, we can listen to it outside.

A. but B. or C. so D. and

32. Sam, you to wear sports shoes gym class.

A. has, in B. had, for C. must, at D. have for

33. She doesn’t have pens. Would you like to give her one?

A. some B. a C. any D. few

34. I have to get up six the morning.

A. at, on B. at, in C. on, in D. on, at

35. Everyone in our class English very much.

A. like B. likes C. is like D. are like

36. You to clean the room every day, don’t you?

A. must B. had C. have D. can

37. There was a party the night of June, 5 th.

A. at B. on C. in D. to

38. you vegetables for lunch yesterday?

A. Did, have B. Do, have

C. Are, having D. Will, have

39. This shirt is too old. Give me a new , please.

A. it B. them C. one D. ones

40. I was late for class I didn’t get up early.

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A. so B. for C. because D. when


1. (not talk). It’s time for class.

2. Mike, (be) quick, or you will be late for school

3. I must (finish) my homework first.

4. She had (get ) up early yesterday.

5. you (go) to school by bike yesterday?

6. What they (do) now over there?

7. My mother doesn’t let me (read) in bed.

8. Her sister (not work) in the city two years ago.

9. Could you please (help) me with the housework.

10. Look, Mike and Tom (talk) with our teacher.

11. We often to the (child) Palace on weekends.

12. He ( not have to) finish the work today.

13. (not run ) in the hallways.

14. I have to practice (play) the piano every day.

15. He often helps me (study) English.



I think I rules at home.


Music in the classroom the hallways.

3.我从来没找着点乐趣。I have any .

4. 在家我经常帮妈妈做饭。

I often help mom at home.

5.请勿大声喧哗。Please speak .


Peter can also go out .


Jim has rules in his family.


Do you dishes after meals?


She has to every day.

10.我有太多的工作要做 。

I have work to do.

11.请安静。 , please.

12.请六点钟前回到来。 back six o’clock.


They the station just now.

14.他昨天抵达了伦敦。 He London yesterday.


What time can we to Shanghai?

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During the weekend. I usually like to at home, but sometimes I like to go out for a walk football. My friend Jack works hard the week. At the weekend, he is not very big, but there is always so much to on the farm. The children look the animals and give them food. Jack and his wife help the fields. At the end of the day, they are all and tired. After Jack' s aunt them a big meal, they go back home in a car.

( )1. A. stand B. sit C. stay D. keep ( )2. A. also B.

and C. but D. or

( )3. A. for B. during C. at D. on

( )4. A. help B. find C. wait for D. make

( )5. A. car B. house C. shop D. farm

( )6.A. help B. make C. do D. see

( )7. A. up B. after C. for D. at

( )8. A. in B. with C. at D. on

( )9. A. angry B. excited C. interested D. hungry

( )10. A. sends B. passes C. gives D. carries


Jack was eight, and he was a very bad boy, but his mother hoped he could be Then his mother and said, "Did you know, Mrs. Turner, that Jack saved (救) another boy when he the river this morning. "

now. I'll tell his father this, and I'll tell his grandfather, too. "Then she turned to Jack and said ." why you tell me that you had saved a boy?" But Jack didn't happy. His face turned red and said, "Well, I pull him out because I pushed him in. "

( )1.A. handsome B. good C. well D. bad

( ) 2.A. the B. an C. a D. one

( )3.A.wrote B. called C. talked D. said

( )4. A. swam into B. jumped in C. fell into D. tell in

( )5. A. heard B. listened C. read D. saw

( )6. A. to B. about C. at D.on

( )7. A. happy B. happily C. sad D. sadly ( )8. A. not B.

won't C. didn't D. don't ( ) 9. A. want B. watch C. see

D. look ( ) 10. A. can B. could C. wanted to D. had to


Mr. Shute works in an office in the town. He lives not far from a small station. It's a little far from the town. He has to get up at half past six in the morning. After he has breakfast, he hurries to the station along an earthy road.

Mr. Shute likes to keep his clothes, hat and shoes tidy. Every morning, before he goes to work, he puts a pair of tidy shoes in his bag. When he gets to the station, he takes off the dirty shoes and brings out the tidy shoes and puts them on. Then he asks

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a friend who works at the station to take care of the dirty ones. And he gets on the train. His office is by the next station. So he always wears a pair of tidy shoes. . ,, ...

One morning, Mr. Shute was busy and couldn't go out on time. When he got to the station, the train started. He hurried to take off his shoes and passed them to his friend. Then he jumped on to the train. When he wanted to bring out

his shoes, there was nothing in the bag !

( )1. Mr. Shute lives_____.

A. at the station B. in the town

C. outside the town D. by the next station

( )2. Mr. Shute goes to work by _____.

A. train B. bus C. car D. bike

( )3. Mr. Shute always brings a pair of shoes with him to the station because


A. the road to the station is earthy

B. he likes to wear tidy clothes, hat and shoes

C. he lives a little far from his office

D. his friend can take care of his dirty shoes

( )4. That morning Mr. Shute didn't put on his tidy shoes before he got on the train

_ 。

A. he left them at home B. he didn't find them in his bag

C. he didn't get to the station on time

D. he had no time to do it

( )5. That morning Mr. Shute was going to(将要 A.

in the dirty shoes

B. in the tidy shoes C. in his friend's shoes D. without shoes

六、请阅读下面的e-mail, 完成下面的任务。

Dear friend,

Now I am new here. I have learned English for only one year, so I can't understand what the teacher says and I am afraid of talking with my classmates in English. I know this is the most important year for me and I really work very hard. Rut the biggest problem for me is that I can't read fast and sometimes I can't sleep the night before the exams. Could you help me?


Li Yan


1. He can't understand __________________________________

2. He is afraid of _____________________________________

3. He ____________________________________________

4. He ___________________________________________

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