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一. 短语

1. 做作业 _____________ 2. 踢足球_______________________

3.打扫房间___________________ 4. 去海滩_______________________

5. 去看电影__________________ 6.上周末 _______________________

7. 在周六上午_____________________ 8.拜访我的阿姨__________________

9. 做运动__________________ 10.呆在家里_____________________

11. 阅读_________________ 12.学习准备地理考试_______________

13.写一首新歌________________ 14. 第三中学__________________

15.对于大部分学生来说____________ 16.玩电脑游戏_____________________

17. 去图书馆________________ 18. 有点难__________________________

19. 一个有趣的谈话节目_________________20. 和。。。玩____________________


1. Is there ________ in today’s newspaper?

A. something important B. important something

C. important anything D. anything important

2. Let’s _______ a rest, shall we?

A. have B. to have C. having D. to having

3. Is there a _______ in your neighborhood?

A. Dumplings House B. House of Dumplings C. House of Dumpling

4. Would you like me _______ you?

A. to help B. help C. helping

5. These cars are different _______ those ones.

A. of B. from C. in D. at

6. What ______ shoes would you like ?

A. sizes B. size of C. sizes of D size

7. They are busy ______ the geography test.

A. study for B. to study for C. studying for D. studying of

8. Teacher came into the room _____ a book ____ his hand.

A. with , in B. with, of C. with, from. D. in, in.

9. It’s time ________.

A. to have dinner B. for have dinner C. to dinner D. for to have dinner.

10. They spent 2 hours _______ their homework yesterday.

A. finish B. on finishing C. finishing D. on finish.

11.What did you do last night?

A. I had fun B. I had a busy day C. I write a new song. D. I visited friend.

12. Did you watch them _________ soccer last Sunday afternoon?

A. played B. to play C. to playing D. play

13.Have a nice weekend! __________. The same to you.

A. Thank you B. That’s OK. B. No problem D. You’re joking.

14. Did Cathy go surfing yesterday? No, she ____ .

A. wasn’t B. didn’t C. weren’t D doesn’t

15. I often _______ history books. I ______ a book about American history last night.

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A. read read B. reads reads C. read readed D. read reading.

16. Yao Ming practiced _______ basketball every day when he _____ young.

A. play, is B. play , was C. playing , is D. playing , was

17. Don’t worry. There is still _______ time

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

18 Are there any good ________ tonight?

A. talk show B. talks show C. talking shows D. talk shows

19. It _______ me 2 hours _______ my mike yesterday.

A. took mending B. take, to mend C. take,s to mend D. took, to mend

20. Did you study ______ the English test last weekend?

A. for B. of C at D. to .


A l______ boy came to a new town with his p______. His name was Peter. His f_______ was very rich. They had a d_______ and they had a c______, and a lot of s__________.

Peter was going to a new s_____. On the f______ day his m_______said to him,” Peter, be modest at your new school. Don’t say we are rich.” And Peter said, “ Yes, mummy.” So Peter went to school. The first class was c________. The s__________ of the composition was My Family.

“My name is Peter. My family is very poor. Both my father and mother are very poor. Our d_____is very poor and the c_______ is poor, the other servants are poor…


Hainan island is a very beautiful place _____ (spend) holiday there. Many people enjoy _______ (play) there. Look! Many children ________ (have) fun in the sea with their parents.

I ______ (go) there with my friends last winter. The island ______ (have) beautiful golden(金色) beaches and blue sea water. The weather _____ (be) warm and munid. We _____(stay) there for a week. I was very interesting. We went _____ (swim) and sunbathing(日光浴)every day. We played beach volleyball together. We ______ (eat) seafood, too. We _____ (feel) very relaxed.


第一题:1. do one’s homework 2. play soccer 3. clean the room 4. go to the beach

5. go to the movie 6. last weekend 7. on Saturday morning

8. visit my aunt 9. play sports 10. stay at home 11. do some


12. study for geography test 13. write a new song 14. No. 3 Middle


15. for most of the students 16. paly computer games 17. go to the

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18. a little difficult 19. an interesting talk show 20. play with

第二题:1---5 DABAB 6---10 DCAAC 11---15 DDABA 16---20 DDDDA 第三题:1. little 2. parents 3. family 4. driver 5. cook 6. servants 7. school

8. first 9. mother 10. composition 11.subject 12. driver 13. cook

第四题:1. to spend 2. playing 3. are having 4. went 5. had

6.was 7. stayed 8. swimming 9. ate 10. felt

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