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七年级下册9-10 单元测试

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Class:_______ Name:_________ No.:_______ Mark:________

一、 词汇。(每题1分,共10分)

A) 根据句意和首字母补全单词.

a party last night.

your weekend?

to play tennis.

B) 用所给动词的适当形式填空.

6. He 7. We (be) in Dalian last year.

8. Old Henry watched his dog _________ (play) with a cat.

9..Last night I (study) for the math test.

10..Listen! The students


( ) 1. Where ______ he go on vacation? He went to the mountains.

A. is B. does C. has D. did

( last weekend.

A.on B.in C.at D. /

( ) 3.They enjoyed A. to read B.read C.reading D.do reading

( ) 4. .Lucy practiced the piano last weekend.

A.play B.plays C.playing D.played

( ) 5. The funny story made us _________.

A. to laugh B.laughing C.laugh D.laughed

( )6. The shops were too________ , so I _____ enjoy it.

A. crowd; don't B. crowded; don't

C. crowded ; didn't D. crowd; didn't

( )7. --Where _______ you go yesterday?

--I _______ to the beach.

A.did,go B.did,went C.do,go D.do,Went

( )8. -- What _______ they______ now?

--They are playing football.

A.do,do B.are,doing C.can,do D. did do

( A.On B.In C.At D.For

( ) 10.My homework is A.little B.a little C.few D.a few

( ) 11.Last week, I a funny story.

A.readed B.looked at C.read

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( they go there last month?

A.Does B.Did C.Do D.Are

( ) 13.— —That’s a good idea.

A.going B.to go C.went D.goes

( ) 14.—I cleaned my room last night, you?

—I did my homework.

A.What B.How C.What about D.What


( ) 15.— —She cleaned her room.

A.Why B.What C.When



One day Wang Ping’s class 批改)the

students’ papers and then gave them back to the students. Wang Ping looked at her

paper.She her marks(分数): It was 85.

Class was over. The students all and played on the ground, Wang Ping still sat there.She didn’t leave, butthe exercise again(又,再), she gave her paper to the teacher. This time she got the exercises right.

One of her classmates her, “Why did you do the exercise again? You

won’t get for that.” Wang Ping answered a smile(微

笑). “I don’t study 10_ marks only.”

( ) 1. A.have B.had C.has D.are having

( ) 2. A.looked B.see C.saw D.look

( ) 3. A.studied B.worked C.went D.did

( ) 4. A.but B.and C.still D.when

( ) 5. A.does B.did C.do D.is doing

( ) 6. A.but B.or C. / D.then

( ) 7. A.told B.answered C.said D.asked

( ) 8. A.a B.many C.any D.a lot of

( ) 9. A.on B.at C.by D.with

( ) 10. A.at B.for C.to D.of

四、按要求完成句子。(每空2分,共20分) 就划线部分提问)

__________ __________ you ____________ yesterday? 就划线部分提问)

__________ ___________ her vacation?

3 Jim went to the library last night.(改为一般疑问句)

__________ Jim __________ to the library last night?

4. Was the weather sunny last Monday?(作否定回答)

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5. She wanted to be a shop assistant last year.(改为否定句)

She to be a shop assistant last year. 对划线部分提问)

your father last year? 划线部分提问)

________ ________ he ________ his friends?

8. We read books ervery afternoon.(用yesterday afternoon改写)

We ________ ________ yesterday afternoon.



My friend has a big police dog named Kim. Police dogs are often very smart. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Kim for a long walk in the park. Kim likes walking very much.

One Sunday afternoon a man visited my friend.He talked to my friend a long time. They talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Kim for his walk, but the man still stayed. Kim became very worried(担忧) about his walk in the park. He walked around the living-room sometimes and at last sat down in front of the man and looked at him. But the man went on talking.

After thirty minutes(分钟), Kim couldn’t stand(忍受) it. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down in front of the man again but this time he held(叼着) the man’s hat in his mouth.

( ) 1. The story is about __________.

A. dogs B. cats C. people D. a police dog

( ) 2. What is the dog like?

A. Smart B. Dangerous C. Big D. Easygoing.

( ) 3. Where do they go for a walk?

A. In the park B. Outside the house C. Behind the park D. In the living-room

( ) 4. When do they go for a walk?

A. On Mondays B. On Saturdays C. On weekends D. Every Sunday afternoon

( ) 5. Which of the following sentences is true(正确)?

A.The man knew Kim wanted to go out for a walk.

B. Kim doesn’t like walking with my friend.

C. The man thought Kim was dangerous.

D. Kim sat down in front of the man because he asked him to leave.


I’m Very Sorry to Hear It

Mr Smith was old, so it was often difficult for him to remember(记) things.However(可是), he still liked traveling very much, so he and his wife(妻子) went to Spain(西班牙)every year. One summer when they were there, they went to visit their friends, the Browns.They had two young daughters.

One afternoon Mr Smith was talking to one of the girls in the garden after lunch. “

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一、A)1. had 2. wrote 3. spend 4. decided 5. Museum

B) 1. lived 2. were 3. play 4. studied 5. are listening 二、1-5 D D D C C 6-10 C B B B B 11-15 C B A C B 三、1-5 B C C A B 6-10 D D C D B

四、1. What did , do 2. How was 3. Did,go 4. No, it wasn’t

5. didn’t want 6. Where did work 7. Where did , meet

8. read books

五、A)1-5 D D A D D B)6-7 F F F T T

六、 E B D C A

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