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八年级What are you doing for vacation

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Unit 3: What are you doing for vacation? (Section B)

执教者:九江外国语学校 吴文娟

Warming Up
歌舞青春 What Time Is It

Where am I going ?

How am I going to Hainan ?

A. B. C.

By air
By train

By bus

What things am I taking with?






Guide Book

Travel in Hainan

What can people do in Hainan ?
Go: Play: Eat: Others:
go boating, go fishing, go diving, go bike riding play with sand, play beach volleyball eat fruit, eat seafood ride a motorboat, glide in the sky, sunbathe, read in the sun, take photos

1a Match the words with the pictures.

d 1. ___ go bike riding

b 2. ___ go sightseeing
c 3. ___ take walks

a 4. ___ go fishing

e 5. ___ rent videos

They are going bike riding.

What are they doing for vacation?

They are going fishing.

He is going boating.

What is he doing for vacation?

He is going swimming.

She is going shopping.

What is she doing for vacation?

She is playing tennis.

Listening practice (2a.2b)
? Please look at your paper. Finish Task Two .

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