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八年级下册Unit9 Period 4课件

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Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

What does Mei Shan do? what does David Feng want to be?

Are they good at English?

Where did/do they study English?

Read and find the answers to the questions above.

3a Read this article from the Hilltop Language School newsletter and write answers to the questions. Come to the Hilltop Language School and change your life.

Here’s what two of our students said about our school. When I was a young girl, all ever wanted to do was traveling, and I decided that the best way to do this was to become a flight attendant for two years now. It’s a really interesting job because I travel all over the world. I discovered that the most important requirement was to speak English well, so I studied English at the Hilltop Language School for five years before I became a flight attendant. It was because I could speak English that I got the job. Thank you, Hilltop Language School! attendant n.出席者;参加者 discover v. 发觉;发现 Mei Shan requirement n.要求;必要条件

I want to be a tour guide. In fact, it’s all I have ever wanted to be. I want to travel, especially to Englishspeaking countries such as the United States and Australia. However , I know that I have to improve my English, so I’ve started taking lessons at the Hilltop Language School. The Hilltop Language School has really helped me learn English. I’ve been a student here for a year now, and I really love it. Maybe when I leave school I’ll think about becoming an English teacher rather than a tour guide!

guide n. 导游 take lessons 上课 rather than 而不 用于连接两个并列结构。其后可 接do, to do或doing等形式。

David Feng

Read and find the answers to the questions below.

Read and find the answers to the questions below.

1.What does Mei Shan do?
2. How long had she had the job?
She has had the job for two years. She’s a student.

3. Why did she want the job?
She wanted to travel.

4. How long did she study English?
She studied English for five years.

5. What kind of job does David want?
David wants to be a tour guide. No.

6. Has he ever been to an English-speaking country?

7. How long has he been studying at the school?
8. What other job is he thinking of doing?
He might become an English teacher instead. He’s been a student for one year.

Describe the two students according to the given words and phrases:
flight attendant all over the world discover requirement get the job especially tour guide such as improve think about rather than

Write an article about yourself for the school magazine. Write about:
The kind of job you want How long you have been studying English Why you started studying English What you like best about studying English

(1)His father is a tour g______. He has been to many interesting places. (2)Yesterday I a______ a meeting. (3)English is a very important l__________. (4)My English isn’t good, so I want t

o i_________ it. (5)------How do you s_______ your name? ------G-R-E-E-N.

(1)也许在我毕业时我会考虑当一名英语老师而不是导游. Maybe when I graduate I’ll think about becoming an English teacher ______ ______ a tour guide. (2)你认为这本小说怎么样? What do you _______ _______ the novel? (3)实际上,这是我一直以来的一个梦想. _______ ________,it is all I’ve ever wanted to be. (4)我发现最重要的就是要精通英语. I discovered that the _______ ___________ requirement was to speak English well. (5)迈克来自伦敦吗? _______ Mike _______ _________ Lodon?

show 1. My English writing is good, but I need to improve my
listening skills.

Fill in the blanks with the words given. understand decide rent improve

2. I don’t understand . Could you explain that again,

3. That’s a special cinema. It only shows foreign films.
4. Have you decided what you want to do after school?
n. 电影

adj. 外国的

5. You can

rent bicycles at the

amusement park.

1.Retell the article and recite the useful expressions.(必做题) 2.根据表格中的信息 Name 写一篇介绍你朋友的文章(必做题) Alice

Age How long has she studied English? Why does she like learning English? What kind of job does she want?

13 5 years
Travel all over the world A tour guide

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