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八年级上 Unit 4 What's_thebest movie theater Section A

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tallest taller A: tall short quick thick light cool warm quiet wild calm tall

the -- est


heavy easy tidy dry busy happy

y -- i-- est



C: large
late nice

-- st


big hot thin wet fat


biggest hottest thinnest wettest fattest

delicious dangerous interesting popular beautiful careful friendly

the most -- adj .


good well bad badly many much far

better worse more

best worst most

farther farthest




? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. good better best 2. comfortable more comfortable most comfortable 3. big bigger biggest 4. happy happier happiest 5. cheap cheaper cheapest 6. many more most 7. difficult more difficult most difficult 8. little less least

Snow White is more beautiful than the Queen. Snow White is the most beautiful lady in the wor

radio a good radio station

radio station a better radio the best station one

The superdog is strong.

The superboy is stronger than the superdog.

The superman is stronger than the superboy.

The superman is the strongest ( of all ).

Li Na is thin


Zhang Yining is thinner than Li Na .

Liu Xuan is the thinnest




Xiao Shenyang is the funniest (of all).

Can you find some “best” from our classmates!(班级之最) For example: …is the tallest in our class. …’s … is the …in our class. ...jumps highest of all (girls) in our class.

movie theater= cinema

How do I choose a cinema to go to? Which is important for me? Which is not important for me?

It’s important to have comfortable seats.

comfortable seats

big screen

friendly service

in a fun part of town

big screen

good quality

comfortable seats


friendly service.

Which cinema do you like to go to? comfortable The first cinema has comfortable seats. The second cinema has more comfortable seats. The third cinema has the most comfortable seats.

Which cinema do you like to go to? friendly The first cinema has friendly service. The second cinema has friendlier service. The third cinema

has the friendliest service.

1 service n.服务 v. serve The waiter serves us pretty well. It has the best service.

adv. 相当 adj. 漂亮的=nice The girl is pretty. She is pretty smart. 2 pretty

Which cinema do you like to go to? cheap The first cinema is cheap.

The second cinema is cheaper.

The third cinema is the cheapest.

Which cinema do you like to go to? popular The first cinema is popular.

The second cinema
is more popular. The third cinema is the most popular.

Which cinema do you like to go to? screen The first cinema has a big screen. The second cinema has a bigger screen.

The third cinema
has the biggest screen.

Which cinema do you like to go to? close The first cinema is close to home. The second cinema is closer to home. The third cinema is the closest to home.

How do you choose a cinema to go to

Which is important?Which is not important?

comfortable seats

big screen

friendly service

distance from home

in a fun part of townnew movies


cheap tickets

1a How do you choose what movie theater to

go to? Write the things in the box under “Important” or “Not important”.
comfortable seats big screens best sound cheap new movies close to home buy tickets quickly popular Important big screens comfortable seats best sound popular Not Important close to home cheap new movies buy tickets quickly

What is the most important for you in a movie theater?
A: I think comfortable seats are the most important for me . B: For me, … and … are the most important in a movie theater. C: But I think …is the most important. D: In my opinion, I think … is the most important

1c Pairwork

Practice the conversation. Talk about the movie theaters that you know. A: What’s the best movie theater? B: Showtime Cinema. It’s the cheapest. A: But I think Gold Theater has the most comfortable seats.

Talk about the supermarkets, restaurants, … around us from service, quality and prices.

restaurants parks hotels

supermarkets banks

Welcome to …

… bookstores

Talk about the supermarkets, restaurants, … around us from service, quality and prices.

close comfortable


cheap service

Welcome to …

… big

For example:
A: Do you want to go to the supermarkets? B: Sure. A: I’ll go, too. B: Great. What’s the best supermarket to go to? A: … supermarket. It has the friendliest service. B: I think … supermarket is the closest to home.

1 worst adj. adv. 最坏地 Who is the worst in your class? Who studies the worst in your class?

2 cheaply adj. 便宜地 adj.cheap The clothes are the cheapest in town, so you can buy clothes the most cheaply there.

3 choose v. 选择 chose Please choose friends carefully. 4 carefully adv. 小心地 adj. careful v. care I don’t care if my friend is the same as me or different. Lucy is the most careful of all. Please do your homework carefully.

5 reporter n.记者 report He hopes he will be a reporter later on.

6 so far 到目前为止 I have more than ten friends so far.

7 comfortably adv. 舒服地 comfortable adj. The theater has the most comfortable seats and you can sit the most comfortably .

worst good
more expensive the most expensive worst most comfortably better

the best


most interestin

Good –bye Thank You!

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