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八年级上 Unit_3_I'm_more_outgoing_than_my_sister_Section B

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Section B

than 比 (conj .连词). Liu Xiang is tall. Pan Changjiang is short.

Liu Xiang is taller than Pan Changjiang. Pan Changjiang is shorter than Liu Xiang

Check yourself
Pan Changjiang is shorter than Liu Xiang …taller… …funnier… …heavier… …younger… …older… …stronger… …more outgoing … …more athletic… Pan Changjiang

Liu Xiang

The green box is small. The red box is big.
The red box is bigger than the green box. The green box is smaller than the red box.

The purple ruler is long. The blue ruler is short. The purple ruler is longer than the blue ruler. The blue ruler is shorter than the purple ruler.


Lin Xinru is thin.
Liu Yifei is thinner.


Liu Yifei is thinner than Lin Xinru.

Cheng Long is outgoing.

Li Yong is more outgoing.
Li Yong is more outgoing than Cheng long.

The women are fat.

The man and the woman are thin.

The women are fatter than the man and the woman.

1 truly adv. true adj. truth n.

真正地 真实的 事实

The true friend truly cares about you.

2 care about 在意 My mother always cares about me . I don’t care what he said.

3 make sb. do sth.

让(使)某人做某事(make后 跟不带to的不定式)

His words made us feel so excited.

4 laugh v. 笑 He is laughing loudly. Don’t laugh at others.

Is he a good friend? 1. When you fight with others, he helps

you to fight.
2. When you are tired, he does homework for you.

3. When you are thirsty, he gives you a
cup of tea.

4. When you meet a thief, he runs away quickly. 5. When you don’t know the answers in the exam, he gives you the answers to copy.

1b Talk about what you think a good friend should be like.
A: I think a good friend makes me laugh.

B: For me, a good friend likes to do the same things
as me.

C: Yes, and a good friend is talented in music, too.
D: That’s not very important for me …

Friend wanted
Tom: I don?t know how to make myself more handsome. My clothes are too ugly. If my friend have some cool clothes, that will be great. Tom thinks a good friend has cool clothes.

Mary: The schoolwork is so difficult for me. I don’t know how to get good grades. I want to ask my friend for help. Mary thinks a good friend____________.

Tara: I am very outgoing. I like going shopping, swimming, sightseeing and so on. I like to do these with my friend together. Tara thinks a good friend____________. Tim: I am very athletic. I like playing sports and I am good at sports. I want to play sports with my friend together. Tim thinks a good friend__________.

Jimmy: I am not very popular in school. Maybe I am too quiet. I like the student who is very popular with others. Jimmy thinks a good friend__________. Holly: Sometimes I feel tired and sad, I think a good friend_________.

1c .Listen. What do Molly and Mary like about their best friend? Fill in the first column of the chart.

Like about their best friend

The same as Different their b

est from their friend best friend

Molly Peter likes to do the same things . Mary She is a good listener.

We are both pretty outgoing. They are both tall.

Molly studies harder. Lisa is quieter.

more popular funnier more hardworking more serious

quieter friendlier

more outgoing



My friend Mary is quieter than me ,but I am smarter than her.
My friend Tom is friendlier than me ,but I am more outgoing.

Friendship is very important in our life. We may have many friends. Some are the same as us. Some are different. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

1 be like 像……, like介词 Is she a lot like you?
= Is she like you very much?

2 mirror n. 镜子 She looks at herself in the mirror. 3 as long as 只要 I can help you as long as you want.


not as / so …as

He runs as quickly as his father.
The watermelon is as big as a soccer ball.

She doesn?t study so / as hard
as her brother(does).

Do they look the same? Why?
They are twins. They are the same as each other.

4 be different from 与。。不同的 =/= be the same as

Her clothes are different from mine. =Her clothes aren’t the same as mine.

5 both

both“两个、两者都……”, adj.


Both (of) his parents are doctors.
(adj. pron.) = His parents are both doctors.

They both went camping in the

holiday. (adv.)

Both English and math are

very important. (both …and…短语常连接
两个并列的成分, 可连接名词、

动词、形容词和代词等。) 注: both指两者都, all指三者

6 bring out 使表现出 Everyone likes to bring out the best in others.把某人最好的一面显露


7 reach v. 伸手 到达 I reached Beijing yesterday. =I arrived in Beijing yesterday. =I got to Beijing yesterday.

8 in fact 事实上 He said he was tired, in fact he was lazy.

9 break broke 损坏 The boy broke his arm when he rode his bike just now. 10 share v.分享

As good friends ,they share their money and they share their ideas.




2d. How do you and your friends compare with the people in the article? Write five sentences. I’m different from Jeff because I’m louder than the other kids in my class. My best friend is similar to Larry because she’s less hard-working than me. I am the same as Jeff because I am more serious than my classmates.

My best friend is different from Huang Lei because he is much less hardworking than my classmates. I am similar to Carol because I am funnier and kinder than my classmates. My best friend is different from Yuan Li because she is more outgoing than many kids. I am the same as Jeff because I enjoy reading books and study harder.

11 similar adj.相像的 The twins have similar looks. She is similar to me.=

She is the same as me.

3a . Wang Lingling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart below and

compare them.
Wang Linging Liu Lili

tall long straight hair likes reading popular outgoing serious hard-working

tall short straight hair likes sports popular outgoing funny smart

Wang Linging ?s best friend is Liu Lili. They are both tall, but Wang Lingling has long straight hair , Liu Lili has short straight hair.Wang Lingling likes reading, but Liu Lili likes sports. They are both popular and outgoing, but Wang Lingling is serious and hard-working, Liu Lili is funny and smart.

3b . Make notes about two of your friends. One friend should be similar to you; the other should be different.
A friend who is similar to me A friend who is different from me Name:Tom He isn?t as serious as me. She doesn?t work as carefully as me. I am friendlier than he. He is more handsome than me.

Name : Mary She is as tall as me. Her clothes are the same as me. We both like sports. We are both outgoing.

3c . Write two passages describing your friends.
Describe one of your classmates. And let us guess who is she/ he. Remember do not mention his/her name. ) My best friend has long hair. She is taller than me. She wears glasses. She is a very hardworking girl. She is kind to others. She likes singing and dancing.




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