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八年级上 Unit_3_I'm_more_outgoing_than_my_sister_Self_check

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Self check


Hang zhou

hot, warm, cool, cold, friendly, large, small, clean, beautiful, delicious…

In our group, we like Beijing very much. It is bigger than Hang zhou, but Hang zhou is more beautiful…

hard-working quiet run fast serious smart jump high

funnier more outgoing

faster less friendly

Tom is as smart as me. Tom studies as hard as me. Tom isn’t as/so careful as me.

Tom doesn’t jump as/so high as me.

Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks
quiet funny outgoing kind athletic

athletic 1.My friend likes sports. She’s very _______. 2.Paul is never _____ ! He can’t stop talking. quiet 3.Lu Xiang is really ______. She is very good smart at math, physics and chemistry. funny 4.Mary is a ______ girl. She always makes me laugh. 5. Jane isn’t very _________ . She likes to stay outgoing at home and read.

Ⅱ. 根据所给词的正确形式填空
1. Seen from the mountain, the town looks

more beautiful ________________ (beautiful).

greater 2. She has made far ________ (great) progress
this term than she did last year.

taller 3. She is a head ________ (tall) than I.
4. This room is 3 times ________ (big) than bigger that one.

taller 5. Jim is _______ (tall) than Mary.
6. Baobao is ____________ (young) boy the youngest

in his class. more interesting 7. I believe English is _______________ (interesting) than any other subject.

Ⅲ. 单项选择 1. This year they have produced ____ D grain ______ they did last year. A; as less; as B. as few; as C. as few; as D. less; than 2. Which is ______ classroom, this C classroom or that one? A. bigger B. the bigger C. the bigger D. bigger

3. This apple is ________ that one. D
A. as big twice as B. as big as twice

C. as twice big as

D. twice as big as

4. There are more books in our library B than ________. A. theirs C. that in theirs B. those in theirs D. those in their

5. It is thought that the harder A ________, ________ result you’ll get. A. you work; the better B. you will work; the more better C. you worked; a better D. you were working; more better

Ⅳ. 翻译
1. 他比我大三岁。
He is three years older than me.

2. 我喜欢像我妹妹那样的人。
I like someone who are like my sister. 3. 我像他一样强健。

I am as athletic as he is.

4. We have a lot in common.

5. Black and white are opposites.

6. I don't know him well though I've known him for a long time.

我对他并不了解, 虽然我认识 他已经很长时间了。

Ⅴ. 连词成句
1. my, math, subjects, favorite, English, are, and
My favorite subjects are English and math.

2. parents, his, teachers, both, are
His parents are both teachers.

3. he, little, a, outgoing, more, me, is, than
He is a little more outgoing than me.

Ⅵ. 根据汉语补全句子
1. Their room is ___ _____ ________ a little bigger
(稍大点) than yours.

2. I spend ____ ____ ______(多得多) a lot more
time on Chinese than other subjects. more and 3.

Their life was becoming ______ _____ more difficult ______ ________ (越来越困难).

4. The days get ________ _______ shorter and
________ (越来越短). shorter

something She wants to buy __________ cheap ________ (一些便宜的东西).

1. If you want to be thinner and healthier, you’d better eat ____food and take ____exercise.

A.more, fewer
C. fewer, more

B. more, less
D. less, more

2. He is ___of the two boys. A.tall B. taller
C. tallest D. the

taller 3. He’s not so ____as his brother. A. strong B. stronger
C. the stronger D. the


4. Mum, this T-shirt is much

too small for me. Would
you buy me a ____one? A. good C. large B. better D. larger

5. Which do you like ____,

tea or coffee? A. good
C. best better

B. better
D. the

1、 这是我和我双胞胎妹妹的一些照片。 Here are some photos of me and my twin sister .


The father and the son have some things in commo 3、他们两个都是小学生。 They are both primary school students . 4、我妈妈喜欢每天都看电视。 My mother likes watching TV every day .

适当形式: 1. He has _______ (long) hair than Sam. longer 2. Who is ________ (good) , Tom or Peter. better 3. Whose hair is ________ (curly) , yours or mine? curlier 4. I’m not shy. I think I’m very __________ outgoing (outgoing) Health 5. ________ (healthy) is more important to me than money. swimming 6. Are you good at ___________ (swim)? serious 7. My English teacher is as __________ (serious) as my father. thinner 8. Maggie is a little __________ (thin) than her to worry sister. take 9. You don’t need ___________ (worry) about your son. He can _______ more good care of himself. (take) outgoing 10. This little baby is _______________ (outgoing)

句型转换: 1. Tom is tall. Jim is short.(比较级合并) Tom is _______ than Jim. taller ______ 2. My hair is long. Mary’s hair is longer .(合并成一 句) longer than is Mary’s hair _______ _________ _______ mine. 3. Pedro is thinner than Sam. (改为同义句) fatter/heavier than Sam is _______________ ________ Pedro. 4. My sister is better at study than me. She is smart. (改为同义句) smarter My sister is ___________ than me at study. 5. Peter is funny. Paul is funny, too. (合并成一句) as as Peter is _______ funny ________ Paul.

6. I like singing. Tina likes singing, too . (合并成一 句) Both and __________ he ________ I like singing. 7. My brother does wellgood in English.(改为同义句) is at My brother ______ _________ ______ English. 8. Both of us do enjoy going to parties. What of both ________ _____ _______ ____ you enjoy doing? 9. Sue is 16 years old.are both the old, too. (the We I’m 16 years same. same 合并为一句) Both o us are the same _____ _____ ______ _____ _______ age. f 10.Tom is fatter than any other student in his class. Tom is _____ than _____ other students in his fatter the ______ _______ class.


1. Sam has ______ (long) hair than Tom. longer calmer 2. Tom is ______ (calm) than Sam. taller 3. Tina is ______(tall) and wilder wild) _____( than Tara. shorter 4. Paul is ______ (short) and heavier ______(heavy) than Pedro. funnier 5. I’m _______(funny) than Tara. more serious 6. Tara is ____________( serious) than Tina.

7. Du Jiahao is _______________ more athletic (athletic) than others in Class 19. more outing 8. Mr Cheng is ____________(outgoing) than Miss Qu.

shorter 1. I'm tall but my sister is ________(short).

2. My mother has long hair, and my sister has
longer ________ (long) hair. more outgoing 3.This little baby is _________________ (outgoing) than that one.

4. In some ways we look the same, in some

ways we look ____________(不同). different
5. Ann is a very ____________(安静的) girl, quiet

she hardly makes noise.

1. The twins ______ lovely girls. B A. are all B. are both C. both are C 2. I like drawing and I am good _____ it. A. in B. on C. at 3. That boxer is _______ than others. A A. more athletic B. athleticer C. much athletic

4. She is three years _______ than I am. C

A. old ____. A

B. more old C. older

5. I think a good friend should make me A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh

6. -- Which of the caps will you take --I’ll take _______.one for my B father the other for my brother. A.neither B.both C.all 7. Sam looks like his Dad. They are ______ tall. D A. either B. any C. all D. both

8. There are many tall buildings on ________ sides of the street. C A. either B. all C. both

C 9. ___Lily ___ Lucy may go with you because one of them must stay at home. A. Not, but B. Neither, nor C. Both, and D. Either, or

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