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八年级上 Unit4 _What's_the_best movie theater Self check

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the cheapest the most popular

the most comfortably

the worst
the best

1.We are going to the Green Restaurant for lunch. (就划线部分提 问) Where are ________________ you going for lunch? 2. Sam is the shortest in his class. (改为同义句) shorter any _______ Sam is _________ than _______ other student in his class. the other Sam is shorter than ______ __________ students in his class. _________ Sam is shorter than_________ ________ in his class. _________ anyone else 3. How do you like Screen City? (改为同义句) _______ What do you _____________ Screen City? think of

Ⅲ. 请从括号中选出适当的词语完成下列句 子。 1. Mr Green often wears (puts on / wears) a white shirt _______
in summer. 2. I think Vera is the best ______________ (perform / performer performer). 3. Who do you think is the funniest _____ (actor / act) actor or 4. Which do you like best, chocolate, apples ___ (and / or) hamburgers? 5. They need some _______ (another / more) singers for more the talent show.

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