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八年级上 Unit_3_I'm_more_outgoing_than_my_sister phrase 3

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Unit 3 一 very outgoing 很外向 more outgoing 更爱交际的 the most outgoing 最外向的 工作更好得多2 work a lot /much better the best 最好的 sing a little more loudly 唱得更大声一点 the most loudly 最大声地 学习更安静地 study more quietly the most quietly 最轻声地 最工作努力的 the most hard-working

Unit 3 一 英语竞赛 the English competition 游泳比赛 the swimming competition 太了不起的 too fantastic 清楚的 be clear 讲得清楚 speak clearly 赢得比赛 win the match 有才干的学生 the talented student 真的有才干 truly talented 更有才能的 more talented 有音乐才能 be talented in music

Unit 3 二 真的关心我们 鼓敲得好 工作一样努力 一样友好 有更短发的那个 最重要的事情 学习一些新东西 哪一个比赛 做和我一样事情 使我发笑

truly care about us play the drums well work as hard as … be as friendly as the one with shorter hair the most important thing learn something new which competition do the same thing as me make me laugh

Unit 3 二 和你的妹妹不同be different from your sister look similar 看起来相似 in what ways 在哪方面 be good at sports 擅长运动 两个都很外向 be both outgoing 两个都爱运动 both like sports 对我来说重要的be important to me be like you a lot 非常象你 more serious 更严肃的 be like a mirror 象一面镜子

Unit 3 三 be necessary 很必要的 使我显现出最好bring out the best in me 英语有好成绩 have good grades in English a saying 一句格言 reach Paris/arrive in Paris/ 到达巴黎3 reach for your hands 伸出手 touch your heart 感动心灵 in fact 事实上 break one’s arm 摔坏了手臂 laugh at him 嘲笑他 对小孩子有办法be good with children

Unit 三 share everything 分享一切 be similar to her 与她相像 at the primary school 在小学 a piece of information 一条信息 寻求更多信息 for more information 喜欢一起学习 enjoy studying together 与。。交朋友 make friends with as long as 只要 不辛勤得多 much /less hard-working 征召学生助手 Students Helper Wanted for primary school students 为小学生

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