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八年级上 Unit_4_What's_the_best_movie_theater Section B

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This computer is cheap.

This computer is cheaper than that one.

This one is the cheapest of a

The weather is bad.

The weather is worse.
The weather is the worst.

good better This car is the best of the three.

big bigger
This apple is the biggest of all.

10 yuan

more expensive
20 yuan

50 yuan

This pen is the most expensive of the three.

their opposites in the chart

Write these words and phrases next to

most boring loudest

most creative quietest

worst most serious

best funniest


Write these names under the performers: Names Eliza Vera

Vera 1.________


Steve The math teachers 5.________

Dennis 3.________ The math teachers 2.________

Eliza 4.________


Listen again. Fill the chart.

Name Eliza Steve Vera Dennis

What people say

best, excellent, great
funniest most creative worst loudest

The math teacher

1 talent n. 天资 talented adj. She has a talent for dancing.

2 have …in common 相同 The twins have many things in common. 3 magician n. 魔术师 Liu Qian is a popular magician.

4 beautifully adv.漂亮地 beautiful adj. The beautiful girl sings beautifully. 5 be up to 由。。。决定 You can join the club once or twice a week, it is up to you.

6 play a role 发挥作用 Mother plays an important role in our life.

7 prize n. 奖 Tom won a prize yesterday.

8 make up 编造 Our teacher asks us to make up a story. 9 seriously 严肃地adv. serious adj. He is a serious person. He does everything seriously. Teachers often take students’ homework too seriously. 认真对待

They try to look for the best singers, the most... and so on.

The people who watch the show.

Because they think that the lives of the performers are made up Because they are fun to watch.

I think they can make people’s dream come true.

the fastest
the most crowded

the most creative the most quietly

10 performer n. 演员 perform v. 表演 performance n. 表演 The performer performed a play last night.

Good –bye

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