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班级____________ 姓名_______________ 分数 ______________


( ) 1. — Did you go fishing with _________ yesterday?

— Yes, I went with my father.

A. someone B. anyone C. no one D. everyone

( ) 2. Do you enjoy ________ photos?

A.to take B.take C.taking D.takes

( ) 3. I _________ my homework last night. I went to the cinema with my parents.

A. did B. didn’t C. didn’t do D. don’t do

( ) 4. I ________you yesterday afternoon,but you ________at home.

A. call,aren’t B. am calling,aren’t C. called,were D. called,weren’t

( A. something interesting B. nothing interesting

A. boring , boring B. bored , boring C. boring, bored D. bored , bored

( ) 8.—I am________. May I have something to eat?

—OK. Here is some bread.

A. thirsty B. hungry C. tired D. sleepy

( ) 9. We have to stay at home ________ the heavy rain.

A. because B. because of C. but D. and

( )10. He went into his room and ______to work.

A. begins B. began C. beginning D. to begin

( ) 11. — ________ are they staying?

—Two days.

A. How many B. How often C. How long D. When

( ) 12.________ he is ill, ________he goes to school.

A. Although; but B. /; / C. Although; / D. But; although

( ) 13. They watch TV________.

A. one a week B. once a week C. one the week D. once week

( ) 14. The old man is well because he often_______.

A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. play

( ) 15.—________do you read English books?

—Twice a day.

A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How often

( ) 16. Nancy is ________ because she has a good habit.

A. tall B. busy C. interesting D. healthy

( ) 17. He ________ late for school.

A. is often B. often is C. does often D. often does

( ) 18.Tom, your father is waiting ________ you at the school gate.

A. for B. at C. with D. as


( ) 19. Liven is ________ than I am.

A.funny and outgoing B.more funnier and outgoing

C.funnier and more outgoing D. more funny and outgoing

( ) 20. Tina is _______ taller than Tara, but Tara is _________ serius than Tina.

A. more; much B. much; more C. little; much D. much; a little




Tom and Tony are brothers. Tom exercises every day. He plays soccer three times a week and he swims and runs every morning. He drinks milk and eats fruit and vegetables every day. He doesn’t eat junk food. He sleeps eight hours every night.

Tony doesn’t like to exercise, but he sometimes plays soccer with his brother. He really likes to watch TV. He watches TV for four or five hours every night. He never drinks milk, and he hardly ever eats fruits and vegetables. He loves junk food. He eats junk food five or six times a week. He often plays computer games, too. He sleeps eight hours every night.

( ) 1. Tom looks after his health, but Tony doesn’t.

( ) 2. Tom doesn’t drink milk every day.

( ) 3. Tom and Tony never exercise together.

( ) 4. Tony often eats junk food. He eats it five or six times a week.

( ) 5. Tony sleeps eight hours only on Saturday night.


Some years ago there was an old woman. She had no children because she did not like children at all. But she loved cats. She had mother cats and baby cats. She had black cats and white cats. The children in the neighborhood came to her house to play with the cats. More and more cats came to the old woman’s house. There were too many cats. The old woman couldn’t feed them all. Then she had an idea. “The children love my cats,” she thought. So she gave each child a cat. Then she was very happy. And the children were very happy, too. And the cats were pleased, too, because they each had a room.

( ) 1. The old woman didn’t like________.

A. old cats B. baby cats C. old people D. children

( ) 2. Why did the children come to the woman’s house?

A. To look at her house B. To help the old woman

C. To play with the cats D. To buy young cats

( ) 3. The word “feed” in the passage means___________.

A. give food to B. look after C. live with D. play games

( ) 4. The woman gave each child a cat because.

A. the children liked the cats B. she couldn’t feed so many cats

C. more cats came to her house D. children came to her house very day

( )5. Finally(最后) the woman.__________

A. began to love children

B. sold (卖掉) all her cats to children

C. bought enough food for the children’s cats

D. could get enough (足够的) food for the cats in her house


Students learn their lessons in class.____1_____ Students sit in theclassroom listening to the teacher. This is a way of learning.

____2____ Of course not.There is another way to learn.That is students can teach themselves.Every student can teach himself, and every student is teaching himself when he is learning something.For example,if you cannot 2

remember something when you are doing your homework.what will you do? You can look at your book to find the answer.This is a way to teach yourself.And it is not a difficult way. _____3____

_____4_____The first thing you must do is reading.Read something you are interested in,not you have to read.The second is that you must ask yourself questions.____5____ You call write down these questions.A clever student is usually good at asking questions.The third is to answer the question yourself by thinking hard,by reading the text or other books,and sometimes by asking other people.These are the ways of teaching yourself.And you must do these all by yourself.And you must do like these for a long time.


Nowadays more and more people in the world are getting fatter, which troubles

them a lot. In the past 25 years, the number of the people with obesity(肥胖症)

in Europe has doubled. Experts say that it has a lot to do with our eating habits.

Our eating habits are very important for good health and a strong body. Most of

us like eating sweets and ice cream better than meat and rice. Sweets and ice

cream are not bad for us if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them before

a meal, they may take away our appetite(食欲).

It’s important for us to eat our meal at the same time each day. When we feel

worried or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago, in England, some judges often decided whether a man was telling the truth by giving him some dry bread. If the man could not swallow(吞)the bread, it meant that he wasn’t telling the truth. A man who is worrying something has difficulty in swallowing anything dry, because he loses his appetite.


1. Are more and more people getting fatter in the world?


2. Do most people like eating sweets or meat?


3. What may happen to people when they feel worried or excited?


4. Why did the judges give some dry bread to the man in old England?


5. What are good eating habits?


三、用所给词的适当形式填空 (7分)

1. Linyi People’s Park is a ______________ (wonder) place to have fun.

2. There are many _____________ (different)between the two pictures.

3. Why didn’t you buy something for ______________ (you)?

4. You don’t look well. You should look after your ______________ (healthy).

5. Lu Xun is a famous ______________ (write).

6. I’m ______________ (thin) than my sister.

7. I think my parents ___________ care about me. (true)

二、四、用所给动词的适当形式填空 (把正确形式写在答案卡上) (8分)


Monday, July 15th

I ____1____ (arrive) in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was sunny and hot, so we decided ___2_____ (go) to the beach near our hotel. My sister and I ____3_____ (try) paragliding. I _____4____ (feel) like I was a bird. It was so exciting! For lunch, we had something very special ——Malaysian yellow noodles. They ____5____ (are) delicious! In the afternoon, we _____6______ (ride) bicycles to Georgetown. There are a lot of new buildings now, but many of the old buildings are still there. In Weld Quay, a really old place in Georgetown, we ___7_____ (see) the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago. I wonder what life was like here in the past. I really enjoyed _____8_____ (walk) around the town.

答案卡: 1.____________ 2._____________3._____________ 4.______________

5. ____________6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________

五、选词填空 (10分)

his, car, lazy, often, mind, but, feel, exercise, everywhere, walks

How can we keep healthy? It’s important to exercise __1__. The Rich family try to

exercise every day. Mr. Rich cannot __2__ in the morning because he must go to work

at seven o’clock. But he runs every evening. He ____3____ a lot, too. He walks to his

office every day and sometimes he plays badminton with __4__ friends after work. Mrs.

Rich goes to a yoga (瑜伽) class three times a week, __5__ it isn’t always this way.

Last year Mr. and Mrs. Rice drove (驾车) ____6_____. They thought they should use

the __7__ all the time. Now the Rices don’t use their car, and they all __8__ better. And

they think they mustn’t be __9__. They think exercise is healthy for the ____10____

and the body.

1.____________ 2. ____________3. ____________4. ____________5. ___________

6. ____________ 7. ____________8. ____________9. ____________10. _________

六、补全对话 (10分)

A: 1._______________________________________?

B: My best friend is Lucy.

A: 2._______________________________________?

B: She has long straight hair and big eyes. She is beautiful.

A: 3. _______________________________________?

B: She often wears a white T-shirt and jeans.

A: 4._______________________________________?

B: Yes, she is good at sports. But she is more serious than me.

A: 5. _______________________________________?

B: She likes soccer best.

三、书面表达 (15分)


visit Qingdao, sunny, go to the zoo, go to the beach, go to the aquarium(水族馆), go to the gift shop, have a good time.




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