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I’ll help clean up the city parks.

?Come ?Give


由look 引导的短语。 照顾,照料 look after 寻找,找… look for 看… look at 调查;向…里看 look into 浏览,快速地看 look through 小心 look out 向…外看 look out of 查找,查询;向…上看 look up 看起来像… look like


come on come in come out come over come back come from

加油 快点…
进来 出版 顺便来访 回来 来自


give up
give in

放弃 屈服,让步

give out
give away


give back
give off



put away put on put up put off put into put down put out

把…放好 穿上,把…放在…上

推迟,拖延 把…放入,把…翻译成… 记下,放下 放出,伸出

由turn引导的短语。 turn up 把(音量)开大;出现,到达 turn on 打开 turn off 关掉(煤气、水、电等) turn down 把(音量)关小;拒绝 turn to 向…求助;转向… 翻转,翻身 turn over 归还,就寝 turn in 结果是…,证明是…;生产 turn out

What kind of people should we help?

What kind of things should we do?

Pairwork A: What kind of people would you like to help? B: I’d like to help… A: What could I do to help them?

B: You could…

What does it remind you of?
It reminds me of…


What do volunteers often do?
Give away money Visit and help old people Cheer up sick kids Give out food Look after sick animals Clean up the city park

A: Hello,…. I want to be a volunteer. B: So do I . What would you like to do? A: I’d like to work outside/help the young /…… but I don’t know what to do? B: Maybe you could clean up the city parks/help them with their study/…… A: Good idea. Would you like to go with me? B: Sure, I’d love to.

任务:用所学过的句型采访一或二位同学,最后汇 报所得信息。

Name Volunteer Work


Target language: Report : A: What volunteer work would you like to do? B: I’d like to our school a better place, To make … A: Why? to …, because… . Sb would like I’d like B: Because…

to…, because…. And …

Famous people’s volunteer jobs

He likes singing. He often sings for the children and the old. He gives the money to charities.

She called up the others to sing Olympic songs.

She teaches English in TV Program.

Things I like to do :


volunteer work I could do :

Help students learn English and set up an English club in my school.

To make our school a better place, what volunteer work could we do?
Clean up the school Fix up chairs and desks Plant more trees and flowers

Help kids with their schoolwork Make friends with the kids who are lonely Take care of disabled kids Coach a basketball team Sing songs to cheer up some unhappy kids


write a passage .

Being a volunteer is great! Last year,I was very lucky to be a volunteer of our city,I went to ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________ Being a volunteer is great! Helping others makes me happy!

Help others , help yourself!
Help others , you are happy!

Become a volunteer today!

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