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一、选择 (25分)

1. It was clever ______ you ______ this question.

A. of; to answer B. of; answer C. for; to answer D. for; answer

2. Andy has ______ for five years. Five years______ a long time.

A. come back home; is B. come back home; are

C. been at home ; is D. been at home; are

3. I’m hungry. I would like to have __________ nice to eat.

A. any B. something C. anything D. some

4. I’ve decided _________ it myself.

A. do B. doing C. did D. to do

5. You ______ be late for class. You must get to school on time.

A. can B. must C. can’t D. may

6. taking photos in the park this afternoon?

A. Let’s B. You should C. Why not D. How about

7. We didn’t hold the football match ________ the heavy rain.

A. because B. since C. because of D. about

8. I will visit the West Lake with my family. you ever there?

A. Do, go B. Have , gone C. Did, gone D. Have, been

9. Have you finished dinner, Mum? I’m hungry now.

A. cooking B. cooks C. cook D. cooked

10. So far, China up man-made satellites to space.

A. send B. sent C. have sent D. has sent

11. --- do you clean your classroom? --- Once a day.

A. How many B. How long C. How often D. How much

12. --- have you lived in that old house?

---For nearly twenty years.

A. How soon B. How far C. How often D. How long

13. My mother can’t come to the parents’ meeting today. She __________ to Australia.

A. goes B. went C. has been D. has gone

14. Mr. Green has little time today,

A. have he B. hasn’t he C. does he D. doesn’t he

15. ---What was he doing at this time yesterday?

--- He to sing a song in English .

A. was trying B. is tried C. is trying D. was tried

16. Please stop . It’s time for class.

A. talk B. to talk C. talked D. talking

17. --- How much do you for your new bike?-- About $300.

A. cost B. pay C. take D. spend

18. of your parents are teachers.

A. All B. Both C. Neither D. Either

19. ---Why does he look --- He doesn’t feel today.

A. sad, well B. sadly, well C. sad, good D. sadly, good

20.—Where is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall?

—It’s here, ________ the Great Hall of the People and the Museums.

A. next to B. between C. over D. among

21. Let me tell you my house.

A. the way B. way to C. the way to D. way

22. ─I think English is more useful than Chinese.

─I don’t __________ you. They are both useful.

A. agree with B. depend on C. look after D. hear of

23. the weather like today? It’s rainy.

A. How’s B. How C. What D. What’s

24. It will be tomorrow.

A. snow B. snowy C. snows D. to snow

25. I have a garden _______ many flowers and trees.

A. with B. of C. in D. To

二、 完形填空。(10分)

Jane is a nice girl and likes small animals. On her way back from school afternoon, she always stops the animals in the pet(宠物)shop. She likes to see the dogs. One of them is a little white dog, and Jane likes it the dog in the pet shop. She often forgets(忘记) the time. So she comes home very . One day her parents asked she was late. Jane told them about the dog in the pet shop.

The next day Jane stopped to look the window of the pet shop, but she could not the dog. She was very sad and went home early.

When she home, her mother showed her a big cake and her father gave her the little white dog from the pet shop. It was her birthday. Jane was very glad. From that day, she did not come home late. She ran home early to play with the little white dog every day.

1. A. each one B. every C. this D. ×

2. A. looking at B. looks at C. to look at D. looked at

3. A. very many B. very much C. very D. little

4. A. watches B. watch C. see D. saw

5. A. to play B. play C. played D. plays

6. A. late B. early C. fast D. first

7. A. what B. why C. when D. where

8. A. at B. to C. into D. onto

9. A. looked B. looked at C. saw D. see

10. A. got B. got to C. arrived in D. arrived at



Can you make a telephone call? Of course you can make it in Chinese .But the call in English is quite different from the one in Chinese

If you want to ask somebody to answer the telephone , you cannot say, “Please to Mr./ Mrs./ Miss…… please?”If you want to ask who is answer the telephone. Instead, you must say” who is that……(somebody) speaking” instead of “who are you”. If you want to tell the one who you are,

you should say” This is……(somebody)speaking”


A hard B difficult C same D different

( )2 If you want to ask Mr. Li to answer the telephone, you should say,“

A Who are you? B. Ask Mr. Li to answer the telephone, place

C. May l speak to Mr. Li, please? D. Where is Mr. Li, please?

( )3 If you want to ask who is answering the telephone, you can’t say,

A Who is that B ls that Mr……? C ls that Mr……speaking D Who are you?

( )4 If you want to tell the other one you are Jim Green, you can’t say””

A l’ m Jim Green B This is Jim Green

C This is Jim Green speaking D. both B and C

( A.A story about Mr. LI and Jim Green B. How to make a call in English

C A story about telephone D.A call in Chinese


This is a street crossing. There are red and green lights at each corner. Drivers must watch the lights carefully.

When there is a green light, the car may go on. When there is a red light, the cars must stop. They must wait until the red light changes to green. Then they can go on. Sometimes the cars want to make a right turn or a left turn. They can make a right turn when the light is green or red . But they must wait until the green light is shining if they want to turn left.

Some people are color-blind(色盲).they cannot see the difference between red and green. These people must not drive, or else will be accidents.We must keep our streets safe.

carefully at each corner

A green lights B red lights C both green and red lights D orange lights

A the car must stop B the car may go on

C the cars may make a left turn D the cars may make a right or left turn

A there is a red light B there is a green light

C there is a red or green light D there is no light

A they are blind B they can’t see the lights

C they can’t see the difference between the red and green lights

D they can’t hear cars

10. must not drive.

A. people that are deaf B. people that are blind

C .people that are color-blind D both B and C




There are eighteen different kinds of seals (海豹). Some live in Antarctic, and some live in warmer waters. Adult seals are excellent swimmers. They can dive very deep into the

sea. Some can even stay under the water for an hour. Their bodies are the perfect shape

for swimming, but they find it very difficult to move on land.


Baby seals are born early in the spring, but they don’t swim immediately. For about two weeks they stay on large blocks of ice floating on the sea. Later, they dive into the water with their mothers to catch fish and so on.


The African elephant is the largest living land mammal(哺乳动物)in the world. It

is also the strongest. However, studies have shown that it is also very friendly, too.


The African elephant can eat up to 225 kilos of grass, leaves and plants per day, and

can drink up to 136 liters of water at a time! Elephants usually eat and drink at night, or in the early morning or evening.


African elephants usually live for about 70 years. However, many die younger because hunters kill them for their tusks(牙). Although hunting is illegal(非法)now, some people continue to break the law(法律).


Long, long ago there were only a few thousand people in the world. These people move form place to place over the land, hunting animals for food. lives changed. They did not have to look for food any more. They could stay in one place and grow it.

People began to live near one another. And so the first village grew. Many people came to work in the villages. These villages grew very big. When machines appeared(出现), life in the villages changed again. Factories were built. More and more people lived near the factories. The cities grew very big.

Today some people are moving back to small towns. Can you tell why?

16. The best title of the text should be ___.

A. Cities or Villages B. Back to Towns

C. How Cities Grew D. People and Animals

17. The underlined word "they" in the second paragraph refers to(指的是) ___.

A. villages B. animals C. cities D. people

18. When factories were built, ___.

A. more people live near the factories B. people began to live in the factories

C. many people began to work in villages

D. many machines appeared in big factories

19. We can learn from the text that ___.

A. people like to work only in big cities

B. some people don't like to live in big cities

C. there will be no small towns in the future(将来)

D. it is better to live in cities than in villages

20. In what order did people do the following things?

a. Worked in villages b. Lived near the factories.

c. Learned to grow food. d. Built factories.

e. Began to live near each other.

A. d, b, a, e, c B. e, a, c, d, b, C. c, e, a, d, b D. a. c. d. e. b


根据下面对话内容及所给选项,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,有两个为多余选项。 Two students are talking about their visit to the reserve.

A: We have to meet the others at 8: 00 at the reserve, don’t we?

B: A: Do you know how to get there?


A: What do you know about the reserve?

B: ww w.xk b1.co m

A: What kind of animals will we see there?

B: camera with me.

A: That’s a good idea.




________ will the weather _________ like tomorrow?

2. John has never been to the USA, ________ __________?(完成反意疑问句)

3. 对划线部分提问)

_______ do pandas _______?

4. The policemen haven’t found anything in the room yet. (改为同义句)

The policemen have found _______ in the room yet.

5. Because it’s raining, we must stay at home. (改为同义句)

We must stay at home __________ __________ the rain.



The tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. The big cat weighs about 363 and is about two metres long.

Tigers wait until it is dark, then they go out to find . When a tiger sees an animal , it moves very , then jumps on the animals to kill it. Sometimes it can take , then it covers the dead animal Later, when the tiger is hungry again , it comes back to eat some more.

others in the cat family: they like water, and they often jump into .

Some tigers live in very cold places of North Korea, eastern Russia, and Northeast China. Other tigers live in —in India and parts of Southeast Asia.

All tigers are in danger. People killed them to use medicine. In addition, there is also less and less land for tigers to . But now people know that tigers are in danger and have made plans to protect them.

七. 书面表达(共20分)


班级_____________ 姓名_____________


1.____________ __________ 2.____________ 3 ____________ ___________

4.___________ _____________ 5.____________ _____________


1.__________ 2.___________3.___________ 4.___________5.____________


七. 书面表达(共20分)

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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