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Unit One
How often do you exercise?

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ----- Benjamin Franklin 早睡早起能使人健康, 富有, 明智。 本杰明 . 富兰克林


habit 习惯 try 设法;努力;试图 of course 当然;自然 look after 照顾;照看 lifestyle 生活方式 grade 分数;成绩 better 更好的; 健康状况有所好转的 same 同样的;相同的 as 像……一样 different 不同的;有区别的 want/ask sb to do sth 想要/要求某人。。。。。

be good for …对……有效,有用
This medicine is good for TB.

Spring is good for sports.
be good at …擅长….. She is good at tennis.

He is good at speaking English
be bad for …对……不利

Watching TV is bad for your eyes.

? be good/bad for 对 有好处/害处 ? Vegetables are good for our health. ? be good at+ving在 有特长 ? She is good at dancing. ? be good with 善于 于相处 ? Lily is good with the kids.

Words preview difference unhealthy go on line maybe although stay up late a lot of keep must less 不同;差异;区别 不健康的 上网 或许;大概 虽然;即使;纵然 熬夜 大量;许多 保持;使保持某种状态 必须 较小的;更少的

1 5


2 6


5 through prep.凭借 穿过 The best way to relax is through exercise. They are going through the forest. 6 such adj. pron. 这样的 I never say such things. Such was the results. He knows six languages, such as Chinese and French. 例如

7 together adv. 在一起 Let ‘s go shopping together.

8 die v.死亡 She is afraid she is dying. Her pet died last night.





20 45





Read the article again and answer the questions.

1. How many percent of the student do not exercise at all? Twenty percent . 2. How many percent of the students use the Internet every day? Ninety percent .

3. How often do most students watch TV? What do they usually watch?

They watch TV every day. They usually watch game shows.
4. What does the writer think is the best way to relax? Why? Exercise . It is healthy for the mind and the body.

5. Do you think the students at No. 5 are healthy? Why or why not?

No , I don’t think so. Because they watch TV more and exercise less.

Eighty-five percent of the students always watch T

Forty -five percent of the students usually exercise

Ten percent of the students often use the Internet. Two percent of the students sometimes watch TV .

Thirteen percent of the students usually watch TV

every day
hardly usually sometimes




11 than prep. conj.比 I am taller than her. I am taller than she is.
more than =/= less than 多于 少于 He exercises more than two hours. I have less than ten friends.

9 magazine n. He enjoys reading a magazine.

10 however adv. I like English but I don’t like math. I like English, however I don’t like math.


Add five questions to the survey on page 81. Then ask three clas

smates the questions and take notes. Discuss and decide: Who is the healthiest student?

Healthy / unhealthy lifestyle?
Lisa sleeps eight hours every night. She eats a good breakfast and she exercises every day. She never eats junk food.

Healthy / unhealthy lifestyle?
Pam likes watching TV. On weekends, she never exercises and she doesn’t like fruits or vegetables. She eats junk food. And Pam never goes to the doctor.

Healthy / unhealthy lifestyle?
Tom is tall and thin. He plays tennis three times a week and he runs every Saturday. He never watches TV. He eats fruits and vegetables every day and sleeps nine hours every night.

How can we keep healthy? Try to eat more healthy food
and less junk food. Try to exercise every day. Everyone must sleep 8 or 9 hours every night.

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