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七八年级英语上半学期第一次月考试卷 一:词汇,根据单词的首写字母补全单词。(10分)

flying in the sky(天空)。

2.It’ with you.

at home is enjoyable.

4.My parents don’t like me to play computer games on the I . 二:用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)

1.There (be) lots of people here yesterday.

2.I can look after 3.I go to the movie (two) a month.

4.She closed the door very (quiet).

5.My sister is 三:单项选择(15分)

( )1. do you watch a movie? ---- Twice a month.

A. How long B. How often C. How soon

( )2.Where your A.do, have B.did, have C.did , had

( )3.There isn’t in today’s newspaper.

A.anything interesting B.some interesting C.interesting anything

( )4.The book is having people like to read it.

A.many B.Few C.a few

( )5.Is there on the Internet?

A.something special B.anything special C.special anything

( )6. There a heavy rain last night.

A. is B.one C.was

( )7.The old man is so third that he can walk.

A.always B. hardly C.sometimes

( )8.To keep healthy ,you must eat junk food.

A.more B. less C. many

( )9.Mike and I sports.

A.like both B. both like C. all like

( )10.Is your friend as as you?

A.friendly B.friendlier C.more friendly

( )11.My mobile phone is different Jim’s.

A.from B.with C.at

( )12.I know my friend all truly care me .

A. about B. with C.from

( )13.Tom is hard-working than me.

A.less B. more C.most

( )14. she help with homework every week?

A. Did B.Do C.Does

( )15.The book is than that noe.

A.good B. well C.netter


Today a beautiful day. My father and I to Penang Hill

again. But this time we to the top .We started 9:30 a.m.

and lots of special Malaysian flowers along the way. About

one hour later, we some tea. Then for another two hours before we to the top. I quite

tired, but the city looked wonderful from the top of the hill.

( )1. A. is B. are C.was

( ) 2. A.got B. go C.went

( ) 3. A. walked B. walk C.swim

( ) 4. A.on B. in C.at

( ) 5. A. saw B.see C.look

( ) 6. A.stop B. stoped C.stopped

( )7. A. drinked B. drank C.drink

( )8. A. walk B. jump C.walked

( ) 9. A. get B. got C.went

( ) 10. A. am B. are C.was


1. They did something special.( 改为一般疑问句)

they special?

2.I dislike the book.(写出同义句)

I the book.

3.I went to 对划线部分提问)

you on vacation? on Sunday.(对划线部分提问) Liu Ming usually do on Sunday? (对划线部分提问) he go to the park?

6.I think many students in our class like PE.(改为否定句) I think many students in our class PE. 六:根据中文提示完成句子,每空一词。(15分)

1. 你的旅行如何?

your trip?

2. 我感觉自己是一只小鸟。

I I was a .

3. 周末你经常干什么?

you often weekends?

4. 你多久做一次运动?

you exercises?

5. 我比汤姆高。

I Tom.


I’m Huang Lei, I think it’s not necessary to be the same. My best friend Larry is quite different from me. He is taller and more outgoing

than me.We both like sports, but he plays tennis better ,so he always wins. However, Larry often helps to bring out the best in me.So I’m getting better at tennis. Larry is much less hard-working ,though. I always get better grades than he does,so maybe I should help him more.

Are the following statements T or F.

( )1.Huang Lei is taller than Larry.

( )2. Huang Lei isn’t as good at tennis as Larry.

( )3.Larry works harder than Huang Lei.

( )4. Huang Lei is more outgoing than Larry.

( )5. Huang Lei thinks he should help Larry more.



有了很多变化,让你想起了小学时的美好时光,请以‘My good friend’ 为题,写一篇不少于50词的短文。

提示句子:My best friend is ……we both like sports very hardworking is good at PE

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