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Unit 2

How often do you exercise?

Have a talk
What do you do on weekends?
1. Do homework 2. exercise 3. Go to the movies 4. Play football 5. Watch TV

6. read

Grammar focus频度副词
----What do you usually do on weekends? ---- I always exercise. ---- What do they do on weekends? ---- They often help with housework. ---- What does she do on weekends? ---- She sometimes goes shopping.

---- How often do you go to the movies? ---- I go to the movies maybe once a month. ---- How often does he watch TV? ---- He hardly ever watches TV. ---- Does he go shopping? ---- No, he never goes shopping.

3a Complete the questions with do or does.
1. How often _____ he play soccer? does 2. ______ you drink milk? Do 3. How often ______ they stay up late? do 4. ______ Sue eat a healthy breakfast? Does 5. How often ______ you eat apples? do 6. ______ your parents play sports? Do

Then match the questions and answers.
a. Yes, she usually does. b. Hardly ever. I don’t like them. c. He plays at least twice a week. d. No, they don’t. They’re too busy. e. Never. They always go to bed early. f. Yes, I do. Every day.

1. How often dose he play soccer? 2. Do you drink milk? 3. How often do they stay up late? 4. Dose Sue eat a healthy breakfast? 5. How often do you eat apples? 6. Do your parents play sports?

总结:how often“多久一次”询问动作的频率。 答语:(1)every+名词单数 everymorning/afternoon/evening/day/Sunday/weekend/ week/ month/term/year/… (2)次数+一段时间 once a day / twice a week / once or twice a year / two or three times (3)频度副词 always(100%)---usually(90%)---often =all the time =at times (60%)---sometimes(30%)---hardly ever(10-20%) ---never(0%) =seldom

3b use the words given to write questions.
Questions: ? How often do you help with housework ? (how often/ help with housework) ? What do you usually do at weekends ? (what / usually/ do/ weekends) ? How often does your best friend do exercise? (how often / best friend / exercise) ? what do you usually do after school ? (what / usually / do / after school)

Then ask and answer them with a partner.
My partner’s answers:
1. I always help with housework. 2. I usually surf the Internet. 3. He does exercise everyday. 4. I usually do my homework after school.

1) always: adv. 总是, 一直
She always wears a red dress and white shoes.

2) usually: adv. 通常, 常常
often: adv. 常常
We usually/often do homework after school. She usually/often watches TV on weekends.

3) sometimes: adv. 有时
Sometimes I work in the day and sometimes at night. 4) hardly ever: 几乎很少, 几乎不

I hardly ever watch soap operas.
5) never: adv. 从不, 决不

She never stops talking.


频 度 副 词


always almost always usually often sometimes occasionally seldom hardly ever almost never never

其他表示频度的词 every day once a week/month/year twice a week/month/year three

times a week/month/year four times a week/month/year

3c What can you do to improve your English?

read English books

sing English songs

speak English with foreigners

join the summer camp

watch English movies

read English newspapers

do some English exercise

Interview: Who’s the best English student?
A: How often do you …? B: Once a week/Every day/Twice a month /Hardly ever/Never/Sometimes/… read English books sing English songs watch English programs listen to English tapes join the English corner (参加英语角) chat with foreigners(与外国人聊天) write English diaries read English stories play English games

Add more things to the chart. Then ask your classmates the questions and find the best English student.
How often do you… Names Frequency

A: How often do you read English books?

B: I read English books about twice a week.

一、句型转换 1. She goes to the movies three times a month.(对划线部分提问) ____ _____ _____ she go to the movies? How often does 2. My mother wants me to play the guitar. (同义句转换) My mother______ _____ me to play the would like guitar.

3. We eat meat twice a week. (同义句) have times We ____ meat two _____ a week. 4. I always exercise after school. (变成完全否定句) I never exercise after school. _____ 5. I practice the piano every day. (对划线部分提问) How ____ _____ often do you practice the piano?


1. --Can you understand me ? C --Sorry, I can ______ hear you clearly. A. almost B. ever C. hardly D. nearly C 2. He tries ____ English. A. learn B. learning C. to learn 3. An apple a day is good ___ your health. C A. at B. with C. for D. in

C 4. ---_____ do you go to the movies ? ---Once a week. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How much 5. _____ I’m not very healthy. A A. Maybe B. May be C. May D. Can 6. I have a ______ habit. B A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. healthily

B 4. We watch TV ___ seven ___ Sunday

A. at, in
C. on, in

B. at, on
D. on, on

5. The students exercise every day and

D they try _____ healthy.
A. keep C. kept B. keeping D. to keep

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