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ever gets up early


a day.

because of my terrible toothache.

6,How often (do) her homework?

7,Eating fruit can help you (get) more vitamins,

8,Eating vegetables every day is a lifestyle.It’s good for your .(health) (little) junk food than vegetables.

10,I often watch TV (two) a week.

11,—How often are the Woeld Cup held?

—four years

.A,Every B,Each

C,In D,For

he passses the exam.

A,Although; but B,Because; so

C,Although; / D, / ; so

13,Tina wants me her her Chinese.

A.to help; with

B.help; to study

C.helping; with

D.to help; studying


A.healthy B.health

C.healthily D.unhealth

15.The old men are playing chess.Would you mind the music?

A.turning down B.turn down

C.turns down

16.She says that her brother is good swiming.

A.for B.at

C.to D.of

17—How do you go to school every days?

A.By foot B.On foot

C.Usually D.Never

18.— ?

—Yes, I do

A.plying basketball B,plying the basketball

C.play a basketball D.play basketball

19.Thank you for me my lessons.

A.help;with B.help; of

B.helping; with D.helping; of

20.I spent a lot of time English last weekend.

A.to practice speaking

B.practicing to speak

C.practicing speaking

he was ill.

A.Although B.because

C.if D.so


A.always B.hardly

C.usually D.sometimes

23.“85% of the students in our class like reading English.”means(意思是)“ students in our class like reading English.”

A.All B.Most

C.Some D.No

A.everyday; wvery day B.everyday ;everyday

C.every day; every day D.every day; everyday

25Don’ the tunnel

A. Past B.across C.over D.through


26. She ofthen 对画线部分提问)


27.My mum ate junk food yesterday. (用often 改写)

My mum junk food. 对画线部分提问)

Does he go to visit his grandparents?

29.He always helps others.(改为否定句)

He helps others.

30.Drinking milk every day is good for your health(改为同义句)

It’t=s good fot your health every day.


people’s health.Many people

like to play sports games. They buy turn on their TV sets to then

Sports with the seasons Peoples play games in different seasons.Sometimes they play inside the room .Sometimes they play outside .We can sports are rather people everywhere like them .Football,for example,is very popular in the world. Sometimes different countries cannot ;understand each othener.but afther a game they ofthen become very to each other.

1.A.good for B.good at C.good about D.good of

2.A.other B.others C.the other D.the others

3.A.and B.but C.or D.so

4.A.read B.look C.look for D.watch

5.A.change B.begin C.finish D.like

6.A.same B.different C.the same D.the different

7.A.saw B.look C.play D.did

8.A.so B. but C.or D.although

9.A.from B.to C.on D.for

10.A.friend B.friendly C.friends D.more friendly


For most people ,it is easy to read faster .Your reading speed is just a matter of habit .At first,however ,you may need to change your bad reading habits.It is important to pay attention when you read . Some people read books and watch TV at the same time. They can’t cincentrate on the reading material as well as the TV programs .A teather once told me that I did three things;pay attention, pay attention and pay attention.

There are some simple things that you can do to pay more attention and get more from reading .Many researchers say that you will improve your y=reading ability if you the passage before you actually read every word of it .Previewing is a giid way to improve your ability to pay attention.

To do a preview you should ;

Spend 30~60 secinds ;

Look at the title of the passage;

Look at the title headings and subheadings. They are usually underlined ,in italics (斜体字) or in dark print;

Look at the pictures,forms and explanations ;

Read the first and last sentence of each paragraphs quickly and glance at the first sentence of erach paragraph;

Close the book and ask yourself;

—What is the main idea?

—What kind of passage is it?

—What is the authe’s purpose ?

You might not think that you could do all these things in si little time , but if you do the preview correctly. You will have a general idea of the passage.If you have a general idea ,you will be able to understand and remember the passage better.,If you can preview better,your ability to pay attention will be better .

1.The writer tells us how to preview in order to .

A .improve our ability to pay attention

B.help us read books as well as watch TV

C.teach us how to write a passage

D .teach us how to write a passage

2. According to the passage.how many things should we do when we preview a passage ?

A.3 B.6. C. 9 D.12

3.Which of the following has the same meaning as the wore “preview” in this passage?

A.To wash your face before going to sleep

B. To buy some eggs before making a cake .

C.To read an introduction to a film before seeing it

D.To have a short rest before going to the classroom

4.What is the best title for the passgage ?

A. Reading Ability B.Habits C.Pay Attention D.Preview

5 .The underned word “preview” probably means in chinese.

A.预览。 B.复习 C.回顾 D .查看

Everybody knows that exercise is important. We all need to exercise. Doctors say it is good for us .It makes your heart and body strong.Children who ofren exercise are more alert.This means they do better intests and schoowork than those who don’t exercise.

There ate many ways to exercise. You can walk,run ,swim,skate or play ball games .Make sure you exercise in the following ways.

No.1 You have to like what you are doing .

No.2 Exercise enough, but not too much .It’s best to exercise twice each week .Thirty minutes each time is enough ,

No.3 Try all kinds of things until you find one ,two or three sports righy for you .

Lots of people choose to exercise at fitness centers ,Why?Because there is a lot of sports equipment there .The equipment will help exercise your arms , legs and other pares of your body to make you healthy. Some people buy sports equipment .but it is expensive.

Exercising can be fun .Friends can exercise together at a fitness center .or they can play sports together outside .How do you exercise ?

6.In the passage,the writer tells us that we all need to 7.The children who do not exercise are not as alert as the children who do (T/F)

8.It is best to exercise a week each time .

A.once . Thirty minutes

B.two times ,an hour

C.twice ,an hour

D.twice,half an hour

9.What is the meaning of “equipment”?

A.器材 B.工具 C.家具 D.产品

10.Why do some people like to exercise in the fitness center?

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