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1. — How long can I __________ the book?

— You can give it back to me when you finish reading it.

A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. buy

2. — Why don’t you take the MP3, Peter?

— I have only $ 5. I can’t _______it.

A. spend B. cost C. afford D. pay

3. — _____ you lend me your camera?

— No problem. Here you are.

A. Might B. Could C. Must D. Should

4. Water, food and air are the ___________ needs for life.

A. cheap B. bright C. correct D. basic

5. Our car ___________ on the way to the valley, so we had to wait for rescue.

A. broke down B. broke in C. broke up D. broke out

6. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, but I’m still wide __________.

A. alive B. awake C. alone D. asleep

7. In winter days, we have to ___________ the snow on the playground.

A. clear B. clean C. cover D. check

8. I wanted to explain, but you didn’t give me any ________.

A. candle B. cause C. change D. chance

9. Her father has __________ greatly since she saw him last time.

A. aged B. avoided C. canceled D. cheated

10. Before 2003, there was no direct airline _____ Taiwan and the mainland.

A. among B. both C. between D. across

11. Mother said no. She didn’t even ___ me to explain the reason behind the decision.

A. agree B. allow C. ask D. advise

12. It was a bitter __________ when they decided not to give him a second chance.

A. culture B. beat C. care D. blow

13. Could you get me some ______? I’m hungry

A. apple B. bread C. butter D. cake

14. _________ I could think of an answer, the teacher asked someone else.

A. Because B. As C. Before D. After

15. My heart always ___________ faster when I speak in public.

A. catches B. beats C. blows D. connects

16. Making a plan is only a start. You have to ________ it ________, and keep to it.

A. carry; on B. carry; out C. cheer; up D. clean; up

17. I’ll __________ you some grapes after the trip.

A. burn B. allow C. add D. bring

18. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy a __________ future in this company.

A. bright B. blue C. boring D. beautiful

19. Don’t worry ______ him. He will be back soon.

A. of B. for C. about D. at

20. The old man became______ several years ago. He could no longer see anything.

A. blind B. brave C. comfortable D. common

21. We have to try harder and ____________ a better idea to solve the problem.

A. come on B. come up with C. come true D. come out

22. — Dad, why not ______ having noodles instead of dumplings?

— Good idea. I’ll get for you.

A. compare B. complete C. consider D. control

23. Of course we have such a lot in _________; we’ve been friends for years.

A. agreement B. connection C. communication D. common

24. His new book ___________ this week, and I’m looking forward to it.

A. comes on B. comes along C. comes out D. comes over

25. They had faced one difficulty after ___________ with bravery and determination.

A. another B. the other C. other D. others

26. If anything goes __________ your wishes, don’t be sad. There might be

something cheerful __________ the corner.

A. beyond; in B. out of; at C. against; around D. for; on

27. I made a speech on my graduation ceremony, and my mother was ______ to tears.

A. almost B. beyond C. close D. about

28. Look, there are so many _______ in the sky. It’s going to rain.

A. clouds B. clothes C. coals D. coins

29. John has been in hospital for months, and he isn’t getting _________ better.

A. bit B. any C. anyway D. always

30. Study hard, ______ you’ll pass the exam.

A. because B. before C. but D. and

31. If anything ___________ to him, please call me as soon as possible.

A. happen B. happens C. is happened D. happened

32. You may go fishing if your work _____________.

A. is done B. will be done C. done D. does

33. Betty and her classmates are going to _______ a school magazine, and the

magazine __________ New Standard.

A. start; will call B. be started; will be called

C. start; will be called D. be started; will call

34. You ____________ to the ball. Why didn't you go?

A. invited B. are invited C. will invited D. were invited

35. The old people and the children must ____________ in our country.

A. take good care B. be taken good care

C. take good care of D. be taken good care of

36. The Olympic Games ________ every four years.

A. are held B. were held C. are holding D. will hold

37. Our English teacher, Mrs. Black, ________ in our school since 1992.

A. works B. worked C. will work D. has worked

38. — What are the neighbors doing, Joe?

— Oh, they _______ a party.

A. have B. had C. are having D. have had

39. I _______ the CDs to you if I have time tomorrow.

A. return B. returned C. have returned D. will return

40. — It’s raining. When did it start?

— As far as I know, it ____ for three hours.

A. rains B. rained C. has rained D. will rain



The One Moment

A large crowd of anxious teenagers tried to crowd into the huge building all at once, but, of course, were unsuccessful. I got out of my mom’s silver Volvo and in the middle of the parking lot, examining the old building. What was beyond those , red double doors? I didn’t have an answer. My feelings were indescribable. I was nervous, but at the same time. Knots(结) were turning inside my stomach. My curiosity was getting the better of me. I got the to walk up to the doors, but I couldn’t open them just yet. I had to pause (stop) and Whatever lay beyond those doors could change my the results would be. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to imagine them . My trembling arm and took hold of the handle. A gust of wind blew into my face I opened the door. My heart was rapidly and I stopped breathing. I stepped forward with my right foot and the door shut me. The nervousness left my stomach, but the excitement with me. I had finally entered high school. I had been waiting for this moment my whole life.

41. A. sat B. stood C. lay D. stopped

42. A. heavy B. small C. big D. light

43. A. anxious B. happy C. surprised D. excited

44. A. strength B. power C. ability D. courage

45. A. wait B. think C. repair D. doubt

46. A. thought B. journey C. school D. life

47. A. either B. too C. yet D. even

48. A. gave up B. held up C. reached out D. came out

49. A. until B. while C. before D. as

50. A. jumping B. beating C. hitting D. knocking

51. A. before B. beside C. behind D. above

52. A. stayed B. walked C. disappeared D. agreed




A. August 8 B. August 12

C. December 8 D. December 12

54. Where is William from?

A. America. B. Spain.

C. England. D. New York.

55. How long will William stay in the USA?

A. Two weeks. B. One week.

C. Two months. D. One month.

56. Where can you find the card?

A. At the school. B. At the bus stop.

C. In the airplane. D. In the hospital.


Which country grows the most tea? The answer is India. It grows three times as much as China. Which country drinks the most tea? It’s neither China nor Japan. It’s Great Britain.

In the wild, tea plants may be 30 feet tall. But a plant grown for market is pruned. Pruning keeps the plant only three or four feet tall. This is an easy height for tea picking. Only the two top leaves and bud of each new shoot are picked. So to make money, tea plantations must be huge.

In general, there are two kinds of tea. Black tea and green tea. Black tea is fermented. In the process, the tea loses nearly all of its healthy qualities. Green tea is

example, it may prevent heart disease.

How did we get tea bag? The answer: by accident. Tea merchants used to send samples in tin boxes. This was costly. One merchant thought of a cheaper way. He sent samples in small silk bags. Customers would cut open the bag. They would brew the leaves as usual. One customer put the bag into a pot. Then he just poured hot water over it. And the tea bag was born.

Shen Nong was the first to drink tea. (Shen was a Chinese emperor.) This was about 2737 B.C. Shen had bad digestion. So he drank several cups of hot water daily. One day something happened. Leaves from a wild tea tree fell into the hot water pot. The next cup was poured. The water was now colored. Shen sipped it. He liked it. He drank it all. Shen was proud of his new drink. He served it to his guests. Word spread. People thought this way. Tea is good enough for the Emperor. So it must be good enough for the people. Tea became the drink of China.

57. The best title for this passage should be ________________.

A. Black Tea B. Tea Plant

C. About Tea D. Tea Bag

58. One difference between green tea and black tea is that green tea __________.

A. must be pruned B. has a better taste

C. is fermented D. is healthier

59. What does the underlined word mean?

A. Keeps. B. Makes. C. Produces. D. Loses.

60. We can know from this passage that __________.

A. tea bag was invented by a merchant

B. tea is better than any other drink

C. tea is popular in many countries

D. tea only grows in warm climates


Geography is the study of Earth and its climates. Scientists use it to study global warming and track the weather. Governments use it to learn where people live and work and to plan what to do with the land. It is now easier than ever to use geography because of a science called space technology.

The United States launched its first satellite in 1958. Some space missions that followed were geographical studies. In fact, earth science is a big part of the work of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Astronauts looked out of the space shuttle. They decided to take photographs of Earth from their vantage point. Over the years, picture quality improved. Shuttle photography now shows land features, such as rivers. It can even show the streets of large cities. Photos of the same places at different times show how the land is changing.

NASA does not use just photographs, though. In 1958 it launched TIROS (the Television Infrared Observation Satellite). This first use of a satellite to study Earth was effective in giving weather forecasts. It led to the creation of new space tools to

use in geography.

The Landsat Program began in 1972. This satellite sent detailed views of Earth from space. The pictures were so precise that scientists could count the number and kinds of crops in a field. Landsat showed where Earth’s surface had faults along which earthquakes might happen. This information helped in the planning of new cities and factories. Landsat also made discoveries. In Antarctica it located ranges of unknown mountains. It pinpointed small lakes in Virginia that were no ton maps. Landsat, now more advanced, still flies today.

Another space tool is Earth Observing-1 (EO-1). This spacecraft flies right behind Landsat. It takes pictures of the same sites. The two sets of pictures, viewed together, show how cities grow and how other places, such as rain forests, become smaller over time. This helps scientists learn how people affect geography.

One of the newest space tools is the Geographical Information Systems (GIS). GIS is computer software that helps scientists to study Earth. GIS is different from earlier space tools. Businesses, schools, and even average people — not just the government —can use it to show them how changes in the planet might affect them.

61. Why do governments study geography according to the passage?

A. To improve the environment. B. To make the land use plan.

C. To make new discoveries. D. To count the crops in a field.

62. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. The U.S. satellite program began in 1972.

B. Landsat was able to take pictures of other planets.

C. TIROS was successful in giving weather forecasts.

D. GIS can only be used by the government.

63. EO-1 takes photographs of the same places as Landsat because __________.

A. the two groups of pictures can show the changes of Earth

B. EO-1 is practicing for future photography missions

C. Landsat is out of date and new pictures are needed

D. Landsat can’t send detailed views of Earth from space

64. From the passage, we can infer that ___________.

A. GIS is the newest computer to study Earth

B. NASA only depends on photos to study Earth

C. satellite pictures can give more detailed information

D. recent U.S. satellites are as advanced as the old ones


Over the last 70 years, researchers have been studying happy and unhappy people and finally found out ten factors that make a difference. Our feelings of well-being at any moment are decided to a certain degree by genes. However, of all the factors, wealth and age are the top two.

Money can buy a degree of happiness. But once you can afford to feed, clothe and house yourself, each extra dollar makes less and less difference. Researchers find that, on average, wealthier people are happier. But the link between money and happiness is complex. In the past half-century, the average income has sharply

increased in developed countries, yet happiness levels have remained almost the same. Once your basic needs are met, money only seems to increase happiness if you have more than your friends, neighbors and colleagues.

“Dollars buy status (social position), and status makes people feel better,” say some experts, which helps explain why people who can seek status in other ways, scientists or actors, for example, may happily accept relatively poorly-paid jobs.

In his research, Professor Alex Michalos found that the people whose desires, not just for money, but for friends, family, job, health, rose furthest beyond what they already had, tended to be less happy than those who felt a smaller gap. Indeed, the size of the gap predicted happiness about five times better than income alone. “The gap measures just blow away the measures of only income.”says Michalos.

Another factor that has to do with happiness is age. Old age may not be so bad “Given all the problems of aging, how could the elderly be more satisfied?” asks Professor Laura Carstensen. In one survey, Carstensen interviewed 184 people between the ages of 18 and 94, and asked them to fill out an emotion questionnaire. She found that old people reported positive emotions just as often as young people. Some scientists suggest older people may expect life to be harder and learn to live with it, or they’re more realistic about their time running out. Older people have learned to focus on things that make them happy and let go of those that don’t.

“People realize not only what they have, but also that what they have cannot last forever,” she says. “A goodbye kiss to a husband or wife at the age of 85, for example, may bring far more complex emotional responses than a similar kiss to a boy or girl friend at the age of 20.”

65. Some actors would like to accept poorly-paid jobs because the jobs__________.

A. make them feel much better B. provide chances to make friends

C. improve their social position D. satisfy their professional interests

66. Professor Alex Michalos found that people feel less happy if _________.

A. the gap between reality and desire is bigger

B. they have a stronger desire for friendship

C. the hope for good health is much greater

D. their income is far below their expectation

67. We can infer from the passage that older people _________.

A. would like to have more goodbye kisses than young people

B. are used to living a hard life because they are kind to others

C. express their positive opinions just as some young people do

D. find it easier to feel happy because they are more realistic

68. According to the passage, the feeling of happiness _________.

A. increases gradually with age B. is controlled partly by desires

C. has little to do with wealth D. is decided mostly by genes


Although cliff diving may bring great excitement, it’s a very

dangerous sport that people should be careful about. It is completely

wrong to think that the diver is cushioned by the water below—this

could not be further from the truth. When jumping from a


that is over 70 feet high, a diver hits the water at over 46 mph (miles per hour). Such high speeds make the point of contact feel like a wall, so the diving skills are very important.

Professional divers are trained and well-prepared to make dives. However, non-professionals should never dive because a diver’s body position at the time of contacting water is very important to his or her safety. Because of the great danger, divers should always seriously think about their skills before trying any moves.

Although there is no truly safe way to jump off a cliff, non-professional divers are encouraged to pencil dive. To do a pencil dive, the jumpers leap their feet first off the cliff, keep arms at their sides with legs together and pointing downward. The diver should keep the body tight and vertical. This is safer because it makes the point of contact smaller when the diver enters the water and puts less stress on the body.

Wearing a wet suit while diving will result in less pain. So it is wise for new divers to wear wet suits. But professional divers suggest staying away from water shoes. Although wearing shoes might seem like a good idea, they actually increase the force of impact because they increase the surface area of the diver at impact. The increased force of impact puts stress on a diver’s body and can lead to broken bones. Without a doubt, diving without shoes is the safer way to go.

Besides the height, speed, water depth and body position, it is also important for divers to make wise decisions when they are thinking about diving. Cliff diving tests both a person’s physical and mental skills, so it is never a good idea to jump with a sudden idea. A person needs to be of sound mind and in good health to even think about a dive. One should never try a dive if he has drunk wine. What’s more, a person should never make someone who is not feeling 100% confident dive.

69. What does “this could not be further from the truth” mean?

A. There’s no doubt that this idea is definitely true.

B. This idea is thought to be completely wrong.

C. It depends on the real situation on the spot.

D. Nobody knows whether this idea is true or not.

70. Why didn’t professional divers suggest wearing shoes?

A. Because wearing shoes can put more weight on to the diver

B. Because wearing shoes can cause the diver to feel uncomfortable

C. Because wearing shoes can make the point of contact bigger

D. Because wearing shoes can certainly lead to broken bones

71. According to the passage, a good cliff diver should be __________.

A. well-prepared and skillful B. professional and strong

C. creative and smarty D. confident and brave

A/B班级_____ 姓名___________ 分数________



Ethiopian children are crazy about football but few of them

have footballs of their own. They have to play with a paper


Like all children, they find time to play but they also have to

do a lot of work. Some children have to help their parents look

after younger brothers or sisters from the age of five. Many

young boys have to look after animals and the girls have to help

their mothers carry water.

At present only one third of small children go to primary school because there are so many children and so few schools. The classes have to be very large. In one school I went to there were 90 children in a class!

Traditionally the Ethiopians do not eat many vegetables. This is very bad for children, so many schools have their own garden where youngsters can grow their own vegetables.

There is no public transport, so children have to walk to school. One child I spoke to had to walk for even six hours! Many walk for two or three hours. But the Ethiopians love going to school because they know how important education is.

The Ethiopian government wants more children to go to school, and organizations like UNICEF are helping them. Many of the children want to be doctors and they will have to work hard but they know that they are Ethiopia’s hope for the future.

Ethiopia n. 埃塞俄比亚

UNICEF = United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

72. Do Ethiopian children like playing football?


73. How many Ethiopian children can go to primary school?


74. What is Ethiopians’ bad eating habit?


75. Who are helping Ethiopian children to get education?


76. What can you learn about Ethiopia from the passage?




77. 我和妈妈都不喜欢红色,所以选择了蓝色的。

______________________________ like red, so we chose the blue one.

78. 你最好每天运动一小时,这样你才能通过考试。

_____________ do exercise for an hour a day and you can pass the exam.

79. 同学们都在忙着为考试做准备。

All the students ______________________preparing for the exams.

80. 快点, 该睡觉了。

Come on. _________________________ go to bed.

81. 他年龄太小了,不能自己购物。

He is ________________________ go shopping by himself.

82. 我上周用了两天时间为妈妈选了一件礼物。

______________________________ find a present for Mom last week.

83. 我一到上海就给你打电话。

I’ll call you ____________________________________ I arrive in Shanghai.

84. 今天下午没课,为什么不出去玩玩呢?

We don’t have class this afternoon. ____________________ go out to have fun?

85. 我的电脑出问题了,你能帮我修一修吗?

___________________________ my computer. Can you help me repair it?

86. 杰克会和同学们相处得很好。

Jack will _________________________ his classmates.


The winter in Beijing is ___________________________ that in New York.

88. 你征求老师的意见了吗?

Did you ___________________________________________________?

89. 纽约以其摩天大楼驰名。

New York _____________________________________ its skyscrapers.

90. 她喜好打网球。

She _________________________________________________________.

91. 老师要我们今天把这本书看完。

The teacher ______________________________________ this book today.

92. 我真的认为这不是个好主意。

I really _____________________________________________________.

93. 香山公园是北京最有名的景点(tourist sight)之一。

Xiangshan Park is ________________________________________ in Beijing.

94. 黄河是中国第二长河。

The Yellow River is _____________________________________ in China.

95. 永远不要停止梦想。

Never __________________________________________________.

96. 他过去常常在早上跑步。

He _____________________________ in the morning.

参考答案 单项

1-5 CCBDA 6-10 BADAC 11-15 BDBCB 16-20 BDACA 21-25 BCDCA 26-30 CCABD 31-35 BACDD 36-40 ADCDC


41-45 BADDB 46-50 DACDB 51-52 CA


A篇53 —56 BBAC B篇57— 60 CDAC C篇61— 64 BCAC D篇65— 68 CADB E篇69—71 BCA 阅读表达

72. Yes, they do. 1

73. One third / .


74. They don’t eat many vegetables.

75. The Ethiopian government and organizations like UNICEF. 76. 答出以下任意两点即可得满分

The living condition for children is very bad. Educational problems must be solved.

Ethiopia will develop quickly if the children get good education.


77. Neither mum nor I 78.You’d better 79. are busy 80. It’s time to 81. too young to 82. It took me two days to 83. as soon as 84. Why not

85. There is something wrong with 86. get along/on well with 87. as cold as

88. ask your teacher for advice 89. is famous for

90. enjoys playing

91. asked us to finish reading 92. don’t think this is a good idea. 93. one of the most famous tourist sights 94. the second longest river 95. stop dreaming 96. used to run

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