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八年级英语(下) Unit 4 He said I was hard-working. (Section A 3a-4)


1. Lily is not here now, Can I take a m____________.

2. As a student, we are s__________ to study hard.

3. I am m_______ at Sam.

4. I b______ a new bike yesterday.

5. A: what is the m__________ of the word? B: It means”go on”

6. The film is very i________, I like it very much.


1. 你上课应该认真听讲。

You _______ _________ _________ listen carefully in class.

2. 她说她不再生丽丽的气了.

She said she ________ mat at Lily ________.

3. 请给汤姆捎个口信。

Please ________ ________ ________ ________ Tom.

4. 李雷告诉琳达把作业带到学校。

Li Lei told Linda that she ________ homework ________ school.

5. 5上海是中国最大的城市之一

Shang Hai is ________ _________ _________ ________ ________ in China.

6. 并非每个人都能成功。

________ _________can be successful.


一. 1 massage 2 supposed 3 mad 4bought 5 meaning 6. interesting.

二 。1are supposed to

2. was not…..anymore

3. take a message for

4. brought ….. to

5. one of the biggest cities

6. Not everyone

八年级英语(下) Unit 4 He said I was hard-working. (Section A 3a-4)

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第二课时 达标测试题 B 卷


1首先 5 被期望做

2照顾 6 逃跑

3生气 7 使人吃惊的是 4传递 8 找到时间做是


1. He said:” I love reading books “ (改同异句)

He said that ______ _______ reading books.

2. Teacher told us:” Light travels faster than sound “(改同异句) Teacher told us that light______ ______ ______ sound.

3. He said:” Do you like English?” (改同异句)

He asked me ______ ______ _______ English.

4. She asked me:” What do you do?” (改同异句)

She asked me _______ ______ _______

5. They looked after him when he was ill. (改同异句

They ______ ______ _______ him when he was ill

6. I don’t know when we should leave. (改同异句)

I don’t know _______ ____ _________


一.1 first of all

2. look after /take care of

3. be mad at.

4. pass on

5. be supposed to

6. run away

7. to one’s surprise

8. fit…..into

二. 1. he loved

2. travels faster than

3. if I liked

4. what I did

5. took care of

6. when to leave


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八年级英语(下) Unit 4 He said I was hard-working. (Section A 3a-4)

第二课时 达标测试题 C卷


Early, blow, have, when, there, fly, enjoy, kite, be, where, do, child.

A: What were you doing yesterday afternoon?

B: I was 1_______a kite.

A: 2________ did you fly the kite?

B: By the river. A lot of 3________ were flying 4________.

A: It 5_______ yesterday, didn’t it?

B: Yes, but the wind wasn’t strong. It was good weather for flying 6 ________.

A: Whom 7 _______you fly kites with?

B: Zhang Ming and Lin Ying. They both bought two new kites and got there 8________ than I did. A: Did you 9________yourselves yesterday?

B: Yes. We 10 ________ a good time there.


1. flying 2. where 3. children 4. there 5. blew 6. kites 7. did 8. earlier 9. enjoy 10. had


Unit 4 He said I was hard-working.

第三课时 Section B (1a c)


Ⅰ. Complete the sentences with correct words.

1. I’m _____ _____(做得好) reading than listening this term.

2. She broke my favourite gift from my mom. I’m _____(恼怒) at her.

3. Backham is a _____ _____(众所周知的) football player in China.

4. The little girl is always shy. She will be very _____(紧张的) when she makes a speech in public.

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5. History is the _____ (最差的)of all his subjects.

Ⅱ. Rewrite the sentences.

1. “What are you doing, Tom?”

I asked Tom what ____________________.

2. “Do you often come to school by bus?”

My classmate wanted to know if ____________________.

3. “Why can you finish it so soon, children?”

Mom asked the children why ____________________.

4. “Li Xin is better at English than maths,” said the teacher.

The teacher said that ____________________.

5. “My father has been to Hong Kong twice. ” he said.

He said that ____________________.

Ⅲ. Complete the dialogue.

Mary and Liz are getting ready for a large medical conference(会议).

M:What a lot of invitations to send out!

L:Yes. (1) _____ Oh, can you ring up the bus company? We shall need two buses to meet people at the station.

M: No problem. (2) _____

L:6 p. m. on the 26th.

M: OK. I’ll do that. (tries to ring up the bus company) (3) _____ I’ll try again later. By the way,(4) _____ (shows her a list of names) (5) _____

L: It must be a “D”.

A. The line is busy now.

B. Is this a “D” or “P”?

C. What time?

D. When are you going to send out the invitations?

E. I don’t know what this means.

F. Can you have a look at this?

G. There must be over two hundred here.

Ⅵ. Read the passage and complete the sentences.

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Do you know why schools first started?Well,it was like this. From the earliest days man lived in groups. Each group had its own customs and traditions. The people of the group wanted their children to live in the same way and to follow the same customs and traditions. At first the older members of the group taught the younger members everything they knew. This was a kind of “education” which happened long before schools existed.

But then they invented letters and learned how to write. After that schools became necessary because it isn’t easy to teach children how to write. It is a specialized job. So schools started with specialized teachers to work in them.

Nobody knows when the first schools appeared. But we do know that there were schools in Egypt and perhaps in China (and maybe in other countries) about five or six thousand years ago.

Schools like the schools we have today started in the eighteenth century. And it was only a little more than a hundred years ago that people realized that a good education was the right of every child. That’s why all children go to school today!

1. At the beginning,how did the younger ones to learn?

The older people of the group ____________________.

2. When did schools become necessary?

Schools became necessary when man ____________________.

3. What’s the job of teaching like?

Teaching children how to write isn’t easy. It is a ____________________.

4. Where were the first schools?

They were in ____________________.

5. At last what did people realize?

People believed that a good education was ____________________.

参 考 答 案

Ⅰ. 1. better at 2. mad 3. well known 4. nervous 5. worst

Ⅱ. 1. he was doing

2. I often came to school by bus

3. they could finish it so soon

4. Li Xin was better at English than maths

5. his father had been to Hong Kong twice

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Ⅳ. 1. taught the younger members everything they knew

2. invented letters and learned how to write

3. specialized job

4. Egypt and perhaps in China about 5 or 6 thousand years ago

5. the right of every child


Ⅰ. Complete the sentences.

1. My grandmother is more than seventy,but she is very in _____ _____(身体好).

2. After he finished his _____ _____(年终考试),he went back to his hometown.

3. _____ (很幸运),I met my favourite star at that party.

4. Our class didn’t win the relay race because I dropped the stick on the ground when I _____ _____(传递) the stick to Mike.

5. Don’t _____ (抄袭) others’ homework. You can go to ask the teacher if you are not clear about it.

Ⅱ. Choose the right answer.

1. —Could you tell me _____ there is a flight on May 2?

—Just a minute please. I have to _____.

A. that;look for a computer B. whether;find a computer

C. if;check my computer D. where;search my ticket

2. I told him Uncle Wang _____ the TV set for us.

A. will mend

C. is mending B. would mend D. can mend

3. The police asked the little boy _____.

A. where did he live

C. where he lived

4. —_____ was your holiday?

—I enjoyed myself.

A. How B. Where B. where does he live D. where he lives

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C. When D. What

5. _____ whether he will come or not.

A. I’m sure B. I’m sure that

D. I’m not sure C. I’m sure not that

Ⅲ. Sentence transformation.

1. I think he will come on time. (改为否定句)


2. “I’m typing a letter to my penfriend,” Linda says.

Linda said that ____________________.

3. An American will come to our school tomorrow.

Our teacher told us that ____________________.

4. Michel does well in playing football. (同义句转换)

Michel _____ _____at playing football.

5. “Why do you think it’s a good idea?” I asked Lucy.

I asked Lucy why she ____________________.

6. Where does your father work,could you tell me?

Could you tell me ____________________?

7. He doesn’t want to eat anything.

He said he _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____.

Ⅳ. Cloze test.

Mrs King wondered how she was going to look after and feed the seven children. She had good (1) _____. They would do their best to help her.

By this time Mr King had found a house, a place for the (2) _____. Their first job was to put the (3) _____ house together again. Everybody helped. (4) _____ it was finished, they all had to sleep in tents.

Mrs King Brown made sure that (5) _____ would be a warm, comfortable house (6)_____ it was only made of wood. There was a big fire-place for them to sit round when winter came.

This fire-place and the big (7)_____ in Mrs King’s kitchen would need (8)_____ wood. Each boy was told how much wood he had to get. Most of it would come from the (9)_____ on the island. But Mr King told them that if they went to the beaches they would (10) _____ find

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wood. The wood came from the sea.

1. A. a cow 2. A. trees 3. A. wooden 4. A. After 5. A. they 6. A. and 7. A. stove 8. A. many 9. A. beach 10. A. early

B. children B. childre B. big B. Until B. he B. because B. bed B. a little B. mainland B. soon


Ⅰ. 1. good health 2. end-of-year exam 3. Luckily 4. passed on 5. copy Ⅱ. 1~5 CBCAD

Ⅲ. 1. I don’t think he will come on time. 2. she was typing a letter to her penfriend

3. an American would come to our school the next day 4. is good

5. thought it was a good idea 6. where your father works 7. he didn’t want to eat anything Ⅵ. 1~5 BBCDC 6~10 DACCD (C)

Ⅰ.Complete the following words basis learned in this unit.根据本单元所学单词,补全下列单词。

rep_ _ t s_pp_se s_m_ster

s_ prise _v_ _ ge dis_pp_ _nting

m_ss_ge n_ vous

r_sp_nse _nvel_pe

C. her husband C. ship C. new C. When C. it C. but C. toilet C. a lot of C. trees C. often

D. wood D. house D. white D. Before D. she D. though D. basin D. a few D. sea D. also

Ⅱ.Look at the following pictures and complete the dialogues.看图,完成下列对话。

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1.A:Who is your _______ friend?

B:My best friend is Xiao Li._______last week,

we had a big _______and now he isn't _______to me.

A:How did it start?

B:It all started when she asked me _______he could ______my______. A:It was not a good _______for her to copy your homework.

B:No.I think she will get _______ it.

2.A:Did you get your _______ _______today?

B:Yes,I did.

A:How was your _______?

B:My English teacher _______I did _______in English, but my math teacher said I didn't do well in_______.

3.A:What did you _______?

B:I said I _______ going to have a _______party for our teacher this Sunday.

A:That is a good idea.I'll _______some drinks and snacks to the


B:Thank you.

4.A:I am really _______.

B:What did you _______just now?

A:I said I _______really hungry.

B:Here is a piece of _______for you.

A:Thank you.

Ⅲ.Match the words with the pictures.将词与图画搭配起来。






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Ⅳ.Select the correct answer.选择正确答案。

1.What's another word for believe?

(a)say (b) think (c) tell

2.What's a word meaning not hardworking?

(a) lazy (b) dull (c) soft

3.What's a word used for offering advice?

(a) would (b) should (c) want

4.Another word for angry is what?

(a) mad (b) scared (c) shocked

5.School grades go to your parents on a what?

(a)calendar (b) report card (c) space station

Ⅴ.Benny doesn't want to go to bed. He and his dad are arguing. Put the argument in the correct order; number the sentences 1~5.The first one is done for you.排列顺序。


Benny ( )I said:go to bed ( )But what did Mom say?

( )She said what I said:go to bed!

( )What did you say? Mr.Short Benny

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Mr.Short (1)Go to bed

Ⅵ.Look at the picture and complete the article.

One day Mr. White stayed very l_______ in a restaurant. When he

got home at ten o'clock. Mrs.White was sitting at the dinner table waiting

for him. Instead of blaming him, she readily a_______ him if he wanted

to eat something. He said he didn't.

At half past 3,the clock made loud noise. He got up in a hurry and turned on the light. After looking at the clock he s_______ at his wife and asked her to make an explanation.

“Hmm,” she answered,“If it takes you five hours to get home from work, then I think it takes you just as l_______ to go to work. I don't hope you'll be late.”

参 考 答 案


Ⅱ.1.best, But, fight, talking, if, copy, homework, idea, over

2.report, card, report, said, well, math

3.say, was, surprise, bring

4.hungry, say, was, bread

Ⅲ.1.C 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.E

Ⅳ.1.(b) 2.(a) 3.(b) 4.(a) 5.(b)

Ⅴ.(3) (4) (5) (2) (1)

Ⅵ.late, asked, shouted, long



1.I am not good at Chinese so Ihave a_____time when having Chinese classes.

A.good B.hard C.nice D.easy

2.Lucy had a difficult time_____the hill.

A.climb B.climbs C.climbed D.climbing

3.Don’t forget_____your seat to an older person on the bus.

A.to give B.gives C.giving D.give

4.She had a lot of work_____to do.

A.do B.does C.doing D.to do

5.I didn’t see you in Shenzhen_____.

A.this time B.next time C.last time D.the time


1.Your parents can learn your school drades on a r_____card.

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2.Don’t be n_____you can answer the question.

3.Don’t break the stamp on the e______.It’s impolite.




1. lucky(名词)_____(副词)____2.true(名词)-____(副词)____



1. She said she was having a surprise party ____Lana.

2. She was mad_____Mary.

3. Ben will go to Lana’s house ____Friday night.

4. First_____all,Mary told Ben she was having a surprise party for Lana.

5. What are some things that happen ____ soap opera.

答案一(1.luck,luckily 2.truth,truly 3.herself,she)




1. in good health________2.成绩单______3.hard working_______4克服——



1. 划线提问)

_____ _____ Jane say?

2. She said,“I’m excited about going on vacation.”(改写句子)

She said that ____ _____ excited about going on vocation.

3. Mr. Green said he worked hard.(同意句)

Mr. Green said he was _______.

4.The old man is healthy.( 同意句)

.The old man is ____ ____ _____.

答案:一(身体健康,report card,努力学习,get over, 自己的,disappointing)

二(1,What did 2,she was 3,hard—working 4,in good health)


Self check & reading

1、 根据括号内的要求写词或词组。

1.village2.thin 3.eat



7.care for (同义词组8.danger(形容词



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1.his word my eyes.


my dog when I am away.



9.Look out ! You are in now.

10.What he did is a good in my life .


1.Villages 2.Thinner thinnest 3.ate eating eats 4.wife 5

6.begin 7.take care of 8.dangerous 9. dormitories 10.decision

a.毕业b. c.米 d.幸运的是 e.决心 f.公寓 g.打开h、影响 i.关心 j、危险

1.g 2.a 3.d 4.f 5.i 6. e 7. e 8.b 9.j 10. h


Self check & reading


(break) yesterday.

4.I (decide)to study hard.



soap opera?


4.Ben will go to lina’s house Friday night.

all, Mary told Ben she was having a surpised party for Lana.

1.I had 2.I didn’t think it was a goodfor her to copy my homework.

he got mad.

4.The good news is that my teacher said I was hardworking.

5.I was do better.


一、1.get,got 2.was broken 3.to join 4.supposd 5.decision

二、1.for 2.in 3.at 4.on 5. of

三、1.fight 2.idea 3.sorry 4.was 5.sure 6.could

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Self check & reading


1. 坚持)

A.However B. And C.So D.No matter

an assistant tutor at the beginning.

A.as B. Like C. doing D. be

the sea level.

A.over B.above C. on D. onto

better than doing homework.

A.a lot of B. many C.so D.much

5.Usually I finish A.do B.to do C. does D.doing


1.My mother is angry with me .

me. 对画线部分提问)



4.He is from Shanghai.She is from Shanghai,too.(合并为一句)

she 5.Mary said ,“I am proud of my class.”(转化为间接引语)

proud of her class.


1.A 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.D

1.mad at 2.what did 3.How often did eat

4.both and are 5.she was

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