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八年级下册6单元测试 未传

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新目标英语八年级下册 第六单元测试题


1. He has been watching English movies ----about two months .

A. since B. for C. in D. during

2. I'd like ---- envelopes because they are interesting .

A.to store B. storing C. store D. stored

3. How long ---- yesterday ?

A. have you sleeping B. do you sleep C.did you sleep D. did you asleep

4. I've been skating ----nine o'clock .

A. for B. over C. since D. at

5. ----do you take a shower ? Once a week .

A. How long B. How much C. How often D. What time

6. The baby mice were ---- frightened---- they couldn't move .

A. so ...that B. such ...that C. so...many D. such ...much

7.I ----to Hong Kong twice since I came to China 3 years ago .

A. went B. go C. have gone D. have been

8. Thank you so much for---- me the beautiful china.(瓷器)

A. sent B. senting C. giveing D. sending

9. The headteacher is always saying my hair is too long . He's right . I think you'd better---- cut .

A. make B. have C. to make D. to have

10. You seem to like sweets . ---- A. So do I B. So I do C. So am I D. So I am

11. He is ---- a friendly man that people miss him very much .

A. so B. such C. them D. /

12.Who was the first ---- to the classroom today ?

A. to come B. came C. coming D. comes

13.I'll do my ---- to help him finish the work .

A. good B.well C. best D. better

14. My classmate says ---- I have to get up early .

A. that B. where C. if D. what

15. My aunt arrived here ---- a warm spring morning .

A. in B. at C. on D. by


1.Our class is ----------- (organize) a talent show to raise money for education.

2.I need extra English lessons . Do you know a ----------- (better) English teacher ?

3. My ----------- (hobby) are collecting old coins and flying the kites .

4.I didn't finish writing my test because I ----------- (run) out of time .

5. I am ----------- (interest) in the writer job .

6. When did you get your first pair of ----------- (skate)?

7. I collect shells because they are----------- (beauty )

8. Thanks for----------- (invite ) me to your house .

9.Would you like to visit the Summer Palace if the rain ----------- (stop) tomorrow ?

10.How long has your mother ----------- (teach) math at this school ?



1。 We have been living here for 12 years .(改为同义句)

We have been living here ----------- 12 years -----------

2. The old man has been away home 根据划线部分提问)

----------- -----------has he been away home ?

3.Why do you like English ? AChinese woman once asked me .(合成一句话)

A Chinese woman once asked me----------- ----------- ----------- English .

4.Mr and Mrs White have been to the West Lake twice .(改成一般疑问句)

----------- -----------Mr and Mrs White have been to the West Lake twice?

5."Don't stand in the way ,"the policeman said to the boy .(根据句意进行改写)

The police told the boy ----------- play stand in the way .


Woman: Alison, how long have you been skating ?

Alison: (1)

Woman: Wow ! Sam , how long did you skate ?

Sam: (2) I started at nine o'clock in the morning and stopped at one o'clock in the afternoon. (3) Woman: (4) ,Victor?

Victor: At nine o'clock .

Woman: So you 've been skating for ...

Victor: I've been skating for five hours .


Celia: Umm, let's see ... I skated for two hours .

A.I've been skating for five hours .

B. How long did you skate ,

C. I skated for four hours .

D. When did you start skating ,

E. I'm very tired

(1)( ) (2)( ) (3)( ) (4)( ) (5)( )



八年级新目标英语unit 6 test 答案


1-5:BACCC 6-10:ADDBB 11-15:BACAC


1.organizing 2.good 3. hobby 4.ran 5. interested 6.skates

9.stops 10.been teaching.


1.since ago 2.How long 3.why I liked 4.How often 5. not


Marathon , raise , charity , skaters , been , started

五、根据短文选择正确的答案。( 10分)

1-5:BCACA 6-10:AACCC


1-5 : ACEDB



1.The writer is Leo

2. He thinks Harbin is very interesting city with a very colorul history .

3.He has been teching in China for two years .

4. He is from Australia


1.T 2.T 3.F 4.F


1-5: BCABA 6-10: ABACC

7.beautiful 8.inviting

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