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英语学科八年级下册Unit9 SectionA 1a---2c

达标试题 (A卷)

宁阳十中 陈丽

1 (完成单词)

① I went to an a_____ park with my father yesterday.

② I have n_____ been to a zoo, I’m going there tomorrow.

2 (选择题)

①—I don’t want to watch Tv.

─ _________________.

A Me too B Me neither C Me as well D So do I

②─Have you ever seen the film?


A No ,I have B Yes,I haven’t C Yes ,I have D No ,I don’t

③ Have you ever _____ to a water park?

A been B gone C went D go

④ ____ of my parents likes music.

A Both B Neither C All D Every

⑤ Have you_____ heard about the story?

A ever B never C yet D neither

3 (完成句子)


A: ______your mother____ _____ ____ the great wall?

B: ______,______ ______.

4 (根据上下文,填入一个合适的单词,补全对话。)

A: Have you______ been to a water park?

B: Yes, I_____. I went there last year.______ about you?

A: Oh, I have ______been there. I want to go there very much.Would you like to go ______ me?

B: That is a good _______. See you tomorrow!

A: See you!


⒈ ① amusement ② never

⒉ ① B ②C ③A ④ B ⑤ A

⒊ Has ever been to ; Yes, she ,has,

⒋ ever have what(how) never with idea



宁阳十中 王长冉


-__you ____an amusement park?


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-Linda _____space museum.


-Tom has__ been to the zoo.



-_____Water City tomorrow.


-Tina_____ at Water World.

6、-__of my parents enjoys music.

A、Both B、Neither C、All D、Every

7、-Have you ever__ Yaoming?

A、hear B、listen C、listen to D、heard of

8、-I__ a letter from him since he left.

A、 has B、didn't had C、haven't receive D、have received

9、-I don't want go to the meeting.It is boring.


A、Me,too B、Me,neither C、me,well D、So do I

10、-Where have you ___these days?

-I have __to Dalian.

A、is,are B、are,is C、been,been D、gone,gone 参考答案:

1、Have,ever been to;No,I haven't.

2、has been to


4、Let's go to

5、had a great time







乡饮中心学校 胡秀芹


1.Have you ever been to an________(娱乐)park.

2.I have been to Japan _________(两次).

3._________(二者中无一个)of the books is interesting.

4_________you ever ________(去过)to DaLian with my friends?

二.用 have, haven’t, ever, never or been填空。

1. Q: Have you _____________ been to Beijing?

A: Yes, I _____________.

2. Q: Have you ever _____________ to England?

A: No, I _____________.

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3. Q: _____________ you ever been to Japan?

A: No, I’ve _____________ been there.

4. Q: Have you _____________ been to the Great Wall?

A: Yes, I _____________.

5. Q: _____________ you ever been to an amusement park?

A: No, I _____________.What’s a an amusement park?

一. 从11栏中找出1栏各句相应答语。


1.Have you ever been to the Great Wall? ( )

2.How much is this pair of shoes? ( )

3.How far is it from school? ( )

4.How long have you been learning English? ( )

5.Where is Lily ? ( )

6.What should I do if my clothes are out of style? ( )


A. Thirty-six yuan.

B. Since I was 6 years old.

C. No,I haven’t.

D. Ten minutes by bus.

E. She has gone to Engliand.

F. Maybe you should buy some new clothes.

答案:一、1. amusement 2. twice 3.Neither 4.Have been

二.1.ever,have 2.been,haven’t 3.Have,never 4.ever,have 5.Have,haven’t


英语学科八年级下册Unit9 SectionA3a---4达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 陈丽

1 (完成单词)

① I want to travel ,e______ to Beijing.

② There are many famouse c______ in Disneyland, such as mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. ③ Disneyland is also a _______(主题) park.

④ It has all the normal _______(有吸引力的事物或人)。

⑤ He likes to travel to Disney’s own ______ (岛屿)。

2 (用动词的适当形式填空。)

① Have you ever _______(study) with more than three friends?

② Has Tom ever ________(travel) to China?

③ Have you ever _______(say) something you didn’t want to say?

④ I have never ________(argue) with my parents.

3 (完成句子)

① 你可以在船上同米老鼠吃饭。

You can eat dinner with Mickey Mouse_________________.

② 晚会是以一首英语歌曲结束的。

The party ____________ with an English song.

③ 但是船乘的不是相同的路线。

But the boats _______ ______ ______.

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④ 你能看到迪士尼人物一直围绕着迪士尼乐园走动。

You can see Disney ________ _______ around Disney _______ _________ ________. 附答案:

⒈ ①especially ②charactors ③theme ④attractions ⑤island

⒉ ①studied ②traveled ③said ④argued

⒊ ①on board ②ended up ③take different routes ④charactors walking all the time



宁阳十中 王长冉


-Perhaps we____Mickay mouse.

2、-There are many attactions_____(在船上).

3、-We can see Donald Duck walking around the park____(一直).

4、-Most of us have probably_____(听说)Disneyland.

5、-They all____(结束)in the same place.

6、-That is Disney's____(自己的岛屿).

7、-Have you ever__(争吵)with your parents?

8、-What__ jobs do you want to do?

A、others B、the other C、anther D、other

9、E___we have to make some rules to improve the school.


1、have ever seen

2、on board

3、all the time

4、heard of

5、end up

6、own island

7、argued with




乡饮中心学校 胡秀芹

一. 翻译下列的短语。

1. 在船上__________________2.以……结束,结果为…..._______3.听说___________4.去过

某地___________5.全世界____________6.all the time__________7.take a ride__________8.travel to __________9.see sb. doing ______10.more than_________

二. 单项选择

( )1. I ________ never ________ there before.

A. have, been to B. have, been

C. have, gone to D. have, gone

( )2. There are many boats ________ people to travel ________ .

A. to, around B. for, over

C. for, around D. to , to

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( )3. Have you ever traveled ________ another province ________ China?

A. to, of B. in, to C. to, to D. on, of

( )4. The students are very ________ music.

A. interesting at B. interested at

C. interesting in D. interested in

( )5. I’ve never been to a place ________ that before.

A. as B. like C. alike D. like

( )6.—I hear your father _____________to Japan once.

—Yes.He _____________there last year.

A.went;has been B.has been;went

C.goes;went D.has been;has been

三.Complete the dialogue.

A:I’m not feeling well.I _____ _____( get) a cold.

B:_____ you _____ (be) to the hospital yet?

A:Yes,I _____ (go) to see Doctor Li this morning and he _____ (give) me some medicine. B:_____ you _____ ( take) the medicine?

A:Yes,I _____ (take) it just a moment ago.

B:Mr Li is a good doctor.I think you’ll _____ (be) all right soon.

A:I hope so.By the way,where is our teacher?I have to ask for a sick leave.

B:She _____ _____(go) to the office.

答案:一。1.on board 2.end up 3.hear of 4.have’has been to 5.around the world 6一直,总是 7.兜风 8.去。。。旅游 9.看见。。。正干某事 10.超出,多余

二、1-5 BCADB


英语学科八年级下册Unit9 SectionB 1a—2c达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 陈丽

1 (选择题)

① I want to study in an _________ country.

A spoken English B English─speaking C English spoken

D speaking English

② It’s fun _______ another language.

A to learn B learn C learned D learning

③ How long has your brother been _______English ?

A study B studies C studied D studying

2 (根据情景填入合适的单词补全对话)

A: Good morning. Are you Li Ming, the new ________ students?

B: Yes , I am.

A: _________ to my class. I need to ask you some questions.

How_______ have you been studying English?

B: For three years.

A: ________ do you learn English?

B: Because I want to travel _______ over the world.

A: Have you ever been to _______ English---speaking country?

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B: Yes , I have.

A: Good luck with your study.

B: Thank you.


⒈ ① B ② A ③ D

⒉ exchange , welcome , long , why , all , an



宁阳十中 王长冉

1、-Have you been to____(一个说英语的国家)?

2、-Why do you want to_____(提高你的汉语水平)?


-It is ____another language.

4、-_____(多久)have you been studying English?

5、-When did your father_____(开始抽烟) ?

6、-He is a tour guide.He has_____(周游欧洲)

7、-The girl in red is the _____(新交换生).


-____our class!

9、-I don't ___.Could you explain that again,please? 参考答案:

1、an English–speaking country

2、improve your Chinese

3、to learn

4、How long

5、start smoking

6、travelled all over Europe

7、new exchange student

8、Welcome to



乡饮中心学校 胡秀芹


( )1. They’ll ________ the subway to the space museum. It’ll ________ them half an hour.

A. take, bring B. bring, take

C. take, take D. bring, bring ( )2.—Where is Bill?

—He ________ Sydney with his father.

A. has gone to B. has been to

C. have gone to D. have been to

( )3.—How long have you studied English?


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A.For 5 years B.5 years ago

C.Since 5 years D.5 years before

( )4. There are five ________ people in the city.

A. millions B. million of C. millions of D. million

( )5. Have you ever ________ anything you didn’t want to say?

A. say B. said C. saying D. say

二.Make up a dialogue according to yourself.

T: I like traveling over the world.But I have been to only a few places in China.Such as Beijing,Shanghai…What about you?

S: I like traveling too.

T: Where have you been in China?

S: I have been to __________________.

T: When did you go there?

S: ____________________.

T: How do you like there?

S: ____________________.

T: Have you ever been to the USA?(France,Egypt… )

S: ____________________.

三..Puzzle dialogue.

Find the best answers.

1.Has Mr Li ever been to Hong Kong?

2.Have you ever traveled by ship?

3.Have they ever been to the moon?

4.Has Lucy ever been to the USA?

5.Have you ever gone surfing?

A.No,but they’d like to go one day!

B.No,I haven’t.

C.Of course!She comes from America.

D.Yes,he has been there several times.

E.No,I’ve only traveled by train and plane.





英语学科八年级下册Unit9 SectionB3a---4达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 陈丽

1 完成句子

① 实际上,我现在最想做的事情就是睡觉。

____________, now all I ever ________ to do is ________.

② 我成为这所语言学校的学生一年了。

I have __________ a student of this language school _______a year.

③ 我会考虑当一名英语教师而不是一名导游。

I will think about _________ an English teacher _______ _______ a _________ _________. ④ 大卫想要什么样的工作?

第7页 共22页

________ ________ _________ job does David want?

2 根据首字母提示完成短文

When I w______ a young girl, all I ever w______ to do was travel, and I decided that the b______ way to do this was to b______ a flight a_______.I d______ that the most important r______ was to speak English well, so I studied English at Hilltop language school. I____ was because I could speak English t______ I got the job.


⒈ ① In fact , want , sleeping

② been , for , ③ being/becoming ,rather ,than ,tour ,guide

④ what kind of

⒉ was ,wanted ,best ,be/become ,attendant ,discovered ,requirement ,It ,that



宁阳十中 王长冉


-______go there is by air.


-Now all I ever__to do is___.


-It is a really interesting job becauseI can______.


-I__that the most requirement was_______.


-I want to be a____.

6、-I'll think about becoming an English teacher____(而不是)a tour guide.

7、-You need to improve your English,e __ listening skills.



9、-I __a flight attendant for one month.

A、have became B、became C、was D、have been

10、-__was because I could speak English __I got the job

A、That,that B、It,it C、It,that D、That, it


1、The best way to


3、travel all over the world

4、discovered,to speak English well

5、tour guide

6、rather than


8、How long have,studied




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乡饮中心学校 胡秀芹


1.It _____ (花费) him two hours to fly to Japan last time.

2.He has been a _____ _____(导游) for two years.

3.That boy is so crazy about music that he can play several kinds of _____ _____(乐器).

4.Have you ever been to the _____ _____ _____(水上公园)?

二。Choose the best answer.

1.—Where is Bruce?Is he at home?

—I think he _____ school.

A.has gone B.has been

C.has gone to D.has been to

2.—I have never been to European countries.What about you?


A.So do I B.So have I

C.Neither do I D.Neither have I

3.Yesterday he _____ to work,so he wasn’t late.

A.by taxi B.by a taxi

C.take a taxi D.took a taxi

4.—How long have you studied English?


A.For 5 years B.5 years ago

C.Since 5 years D.5 years before

三. 完型填空 be a football match in London and he could not do anything in his office. He home after work. Supper was ready and he went to his after that. But he could not fall asleep. He was afraid he would the match though he had told his wife to wake him up at once in the night. He had to and began to read some evening newspapers.

Finally the match began. His team lost the half of the match. He became angry. He was so sleepy that he did not know when he had gone to . The next morning his wife brought some bread and milk into the sitting-room. She found he was sleeping on the sofa and called out ―Oh, dear! Get up, or you’ll be today. It is five to seven!‖

Hearing this, Mr Smith jumped off the chair and asked, ―Who won?‖

( )1. A. hated B. hoped C. had D. liked

( )2. A. common B. dangerous C. wonderful D. lucky

( )3. A. hurried B. swam C. walked D. jumped

( )4. A. classroom B. library C. shop D. bedroom

( )5. A. catch B. miss C. lost D. leave

( )6. A. get up B. lie down C. stand up D. go away

( )7. A. last B. third C. two D. first

( )8. A. work B. play C. sleep D. rest

( )9. A. ever B. yet C. already D. still

第9页 共22页

( )10. A. late B. early C. ill D. tired


一..1.took 2.tour guide 3.musical instruments 4.water park

二..1~4 CDDA

三、1-5 BCADB 6-10 ADCDA

英语学科八年级下册Unit9 Self—check reading达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 陈丽

1 完成单词

① The p_______ of China is 1.3 billion.

② Yao Ming is an e_______ basketball player, now he plays for NBA.

③ He didn’t go out because it’s ________.(黑暗)

④ Students need a happy e________ to study.

⑤ In summer , the t_______ is very high.

⑥ Animals like to live in a n_______ place.

⑦ There are four s_______ in a year.

2 完成句子

① 在东南亚的这个小岛是一个度假的极好地方。

This small island in ________ Asia is a ________ place to ________ ________ _________.

② 一方面,超过四分之三的人口是中国人。另一方面,新加坡也是一个说英语的国家。 _________ ________ ________ _________ , more than ________ _________ of the

________ are Chinese. ________ ________ ________ _________ , Singapore is an __________ country.

③ 无论你是喜欢西餐还是印度食物。

__________ you like western food _______ Indian food.

④ 别忘了在早晨5:00叫醒我。

Don’t forget to ________ _______ ________ at 5:00 in the morning.

⑤ 因为离赤道近,所以一年到头温度几乎是一样的。

The _______ is almost the same _______ _______ ________ beause it is ________ to

the ________.


⒈ ①population ②excellent ③dark ④environment ⑤temperature ⑥natural ⑦


⒉ ① Southeast , wonderful , take a holiday

② On the one hand , three quarters of , population

On the other hand , English---speaking

⒊ Whether , or ⒋ wake me up ⒌ temperature, all , year ,round ,close , equator



宁阳十中 王长冉


- of Shanghai?


第10页 共22页

- of students are girls.


-You won't rice noodles.


-The lions are probably awake 5、在新加坡温度一年到头几乎是一样的。

- .

6、in the moring.


-Hainan Island is a 参考答案:

1、the population

2、More than three quarters

3、have any problem finding

4、during the daytime

5、temperature,all year round

6、wake up

7、wonderful,take a holiday


乡饮中心学校 胡秀芹


One day a man went home and said to his wife, ―I bought something for you. ‖ ―Thank you! ‖ said his wife. ― What have you bought for me?‖ ―I’ve bought a gold ring (金戒). Here it is.‖ He took it out for his wife to see. Then he dropped it to the ground. He began to look for it on the ground, but it was dark in the house and he could not see anything. Then he went out and began to look for it in the street. Just then a friend came along. ― What’s the matter with you?‖ asked his friend. ― I am looking for my ring. I lost it just now.‖ said the man. ― Where did you lost it?‖ ― I lost it in my house.‖ ― You lost your ring in your house, but you are looking for it in the street. How foolish it is!‖ ― Ah,‖ said the man, ― But it is dark in my house. I shall never find it there. Bet here in the street, it is much brighter, I can see everything.‖

( )1. The man bought a ring for his ________ .

A. son B. wife C. mother D. daughter

( )2. He lost his ring ________ .

A. in the street B. in the house

C. at house D. in the house

( )3. _______ the man was looking for the ring, his friend came up.

A. Before B. After C. When D. Because

( )4. Why did the man begin to look for the ring in the street?

Because ________ .

A. he lost it in the street

B. it was much brighter in the street

C. his friend came up

D. he wanted someone to help him

第11页 共22页

( )5. The friend thought the man was _________ .

A. clever B. bright C. interesting D. foolish


以 My English Teacher为题,写一篇短文。


1 张玲,沈阳人,28岁,高个儿,短头发,戴着眼镜;

2 教书五年,曾经在美国学习了一年英语,英语说得很好;

3 对我们很好,总是面带笑容,和同学们相处融洽;

4 课上得很好,深受同学们欢迎。

My English Teacher



一.1-5 BCADB

二、略英语学科八年级下册Unit10 第五课时(Self check)


命题人:陈丽 宁阳十中


feel like look through get along cross make help with

1. Mr Li teaches us English and he ______it very intresting.

2. When the light is green,you can ______ the street.

3. I _______well with my parents and they make me their friend.

4. My mother was ill,so I _______cleaning and cooking.l

5. If you want to find a job,you can ______the newspaper.

6. I ______part of the group now.

答案:1.makes 2.cross 3.get along 4.helped with 5.look through 6.feel

英语学科八年级下册Unit 10 SectionA 1a----2c达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 田振元

⒈ He is a good student ,________ _________ ? (变反义疑问句)

⒉ It looks like rain , ________ _________ ? (同上)

⒊ You are late , ________ _________? (同上)

⒋ He has never been to Beijing ,________ _______ ? (同上)

⒌ You love violin music , _________ _________ ? (同上)

⒍ 你认为雨到中午会停吗?

Do you think it will stop ________ ________ ?

⒎ 周末总在下雨,不是吗?

It always _______ _______ _______ ________ , _________ _________ ?

第12页 共22页

⒏ ---Yu Qiuyu is an excellent writer ,isn’t he?


A Sure ,he is B He sure is C He is sure D No, he is

⒐ ----Do you think it will be sunny tomorrow?

----__________. We can climb the mountain tomorrow .

A I hope not B I hope so C No, it isn’t D I don’t think so


⒈ isn’t he ⒉ doesn’t it ⒊ aren’t you ⒋ has he

⒌ don’t you ⒍ by noon ⒎ rains , on ,the , weekend, doesn’t it, ⒏ B ⒐ B

英语学科八年级下册Unit10 第一课时(Section A 1a-2c)


命题人:陈丽 宁阳十中


1.It’s a fine day,_____?

A.isn’t it B.is it C.doesn’t it

2.-Yao Ming is a famous basketball player,isn’t he?-______.

A.Sure he is B.He sure is C.He is sure

3.-I hate waiting for the bus.-_____.

A.I hope not B.So am I C.So do I

4.After work in the morning,we have our lunch____.

A.at noon B.in the evening C.at night

5.-Do you think the rain will stop by noon?-_____.I want to play football.

A.I think B.I hope so C.I hope not


A:It’s really cold today,_____?

B:______.I hope the bus comes soon.

A:You often go to school by bus,____?

B:No,I often go to school____.Only today not.

A:____does it take you to go to school by bike?

B:Twenty minutes.


答案:一、A B C A B

二、isn’t it Yes,it is don’t you by bike How long


乡饮中心学校 张金霞


1、He is a student, ?

2、You can speak English , 3、We play football every ?

4、She will have a long 第13页 共22页

5、They went to the park last 6、He likes apples , 7、They didn’t go to Beijing yesterday,?

8、You never have ?

9、Don’t be late again , ?



rain, doesn’t it?


Do you think it stop noon?


I my .


一、1、isn’t he 2、can’t you . 3、don’t we 4、won’t she

5、didn’t they 6、doesn’t he . 7、did they 8、do you 9、will 二、1、looks like 2、will by 3、forgot umbrella

第14页 共22页 you

英语学科八年级下册Unit 10 Section A 3a---4达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 田振元

⒈ He said g_______ to me when he left.

⒉ He bought some books in a b________.

⒊ Don’t c_______ the road , it’s dangerous.

⒋ He is waiting in an __________ .(电梯)

⒌ The prices in the store are really l________ , so it is crowded every day.

⒍ 考试前, 你最好浏览一下你的笔记。

You’d better _______ _______ your notes before the exams.

⒎ 你打算去哪个海滩?

_________ ________ are you going to ?

⒏ ----This is a great weather, isn’t it?

---- ____________________ . (的确是)

⒐ ----There is no milk , is there?


A Yes , there isn’t B No , there isn’t C Yes, there are some D No , there is. 附答案:

⒈ goodbye ⒉ bookstore ⒊ cross ⒋ elevator ⒌ low

⒍ look through ⒎ which beach ⒏ It sure is ⒐ B

英语学科八年级下册Unit10 第二课时(Section A 3a-4)


命题人:陈丽 宁阳十中


1. Don’t c____ the street when the light is red.

2. This line is s____,I have waited 20 minutes.

3. The price of the orange was very l____.I bought 5 Jin.

4. The supermarket is very c_____,and many people can’t come in.



Many people are ______ ______ the newspaper.


It ____ often in summer,_____ _____?


It’s ____ _____ hot ____me.


Many people _____ _____ ______ _____ to buy books.

答案:一、1.cross 2. slow 3. low 4.crowded

二、1.looking through 2.rains,doesn't it 3.a little, for 4.are waiting in line


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乡饮中心学校 张金霞


1、I want to buy some books, so I can go to a .

A、supermarket B、hospital C、bookstore D、restaurant

2、——Have a good day !

——________. You, too.

A、Thank you B、The same to you C、OK D、All right

3、——Today he is very unhappy ,isn’t he ?

——。He didn’t pass the exam.

A、Yes ,he is . B、Yes ,he isn’t C、No ,he is . D、No, he isn’t.

4、My grandpa lives in a village ,but he doesn’t feel .

A、alone alone B、lonely alone C、alone lonely D、lonely lonely

5、There are few people in the big house, ?

A、aren’t there B、isn’t there C、are there D、are they

6、His sister walks too to catch up with(赶上)the others.

A、fast B、quietly C、quickly D、slowly


1、The old man likes to talk in a voice .We sometimes can’t hear him.

2、When you leave the school ,you should say ―G ‖to your teacher.

3、When you the road, you should be careful.

4、If you want to know more ,you should look books in the library.


一、1.C 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.D

二、1、low 2、Goodbye 3、cross 4、through

英语学科八年级下册Unit 10 Section B 1a---2c达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 田振元

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⒈ ----How much did this mobile phone _______ yesterday?

----- One thousand yuan .

A cost B spend C take D pay

⒉ ----Where is Tina ?

---- She _______ Water City .

A goes to B will go to C has gone to D has been to

⒊ ----There is some soup on the table , isn’t _______ ?

----- No ,I think that’s water.

A there B it C that D one

⒋ 你是一个篮球迷吗?

Are you a _______ ________ ?

⒌ 你在电视上看足球赛吗?

Did you ________ a football game ________ ________?

⒍ It was really exciting , _________ __________ ?

⒎ 你认为你的新老师怎么样?

_________ _________ _________ __________ _________ the new teacher? ⒏ 你的公寓真大啊!

_________ _________ is your apartment?


⒈ A ⒉ C ⒊ A ⒋ basketball fan ⒌ watch/see , on Tv

⒍ wasn’t it ⒎ What do you think of ⒏ How big

英语学科八年级下册Unit10 第三课时(SectionB 1a-2c)


命题人:陈丽 宁阳十中


1. You’re new here,_______?

2. Your brother loves football,______?

3. There is some water in the cup,______?

4. Your parents enjoy reading books,______?

5. There are few people in the room,_______?


Your best frend Lucy comes to your home,your mother is talking to her.

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 答案:一、1.aren’t you 2. doesn’t he 3.isn’t there 4.don’t they 5.are there



乡饮中心学校 张金霞


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1、How much does this coat ?

A、spend B、take C、pay for D、cost

2、Where’s Mr. Wang ? He’s to the library.

A、go B、goes C、gone D、been

3、—— What do you think of the basketball match?


A、Our team lost the match. B、I didn’t hear of it.

C、It was very exciting D、Our team was a good one.

4、—— You aren’t new here , are you?

——___________. I have just come here.

A、Yes ,I am. B、Yes ,I’m not . C、No, I’m not. D、No ,I am.

5、I like playing tennis.

A、a B、an C、 / D、the


1、How do you like the weather here ?(改为同义句)

do you _____ the weather here?

2、The boy finished working by himself, didn’t he?

,he ,(否定回答)

3、It was really exciting ____________?(完成反意疑问句)

4、He has been to the space museum(改为一般疑问句) he to the space museum?

5、I’m going to 对划线部分提问)

_________ __________ you going tomorrow?

附答案:一、1.D 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.C

二、1、What think of 2、No, didn’t 3、wasn’t it 4、

Has been. 5、Where are

英语学科八年级下册Unit 10 Section B 3a---4达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 田振元

⒈ The people there are friendly ________ me .

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A to B of C for D at

⒉ He went to a new city ________ Saturday night .

A at B in C on D for

⒊ Thanks for ______ me the school last week .

A showing B show C showed D to show

⒋ I enjoyed ________Carlos .

A meet B met C to meet D meeting

⒌ Thanks for the tickets ________ next week’s game .

A for B at C in D with

⒍ They can make _______ a lot faster to finish the work .

A that B it C this D what

⒎ 昨天我玩的很快乐。

I ________ _______ _________ _________ yesterday .

⒏ 在你出现之前,我费了很大的劲去找它。

I had ________ ________ _______ _________ it before you _______ ________ .

⒐ 像你们这样的朋友使得在一个新地方相处变得容易的多了。

Friends like you ________ ________ a lot _______ to _______ _______ in a new place .


⒈ A ⒉ C ⒊ A ⒋ D ⒌ A ⒍ B ⒎ had a good time ⒏ a hard time finding ,

came along ⒐ make,it, easier,get along

英语学科八年级下册Unit10 第四课时(SectionB 3a-4)


命题人:陈丽 宁阳十中


1.与…相处__________ 2.enjoy doing sth .____________

3.做….有困难____________ 4.tell me about youeself____________

5.感觉像________________ 6.be frendly to sb._______________



1. 夏飞的父母及朋友对你很友好。

2. 蛋糕很好吃,饭菜可口。

3. 影碟很好看,你很喜欢。







答案:一、1.get along with 2.喜欢做某事 3.have a hard time doing sth.

4.告诉我关于你的一些事 5.feel like 6.对某人友好



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乡饮中心学校 张金霞


1、I stood there until you came

A、on B、along C、up D、down

2、Thanks so much me.

A、helping B、to help C、for helping D、help

3、I’m tired ,I don’t feel like football.

A、play B、playing C、to play D、in playing

4、He had a hard time to school yesterday morning.

A、to get B、get C、getting D、got

5、Are you enjoying my parents this evening ?

A、meet B、meeting C、met D、to meet


1、昨天我过得很愉快。I yesterday.

2、我的同学们对我很友好。My classmates me.

3、我有两张足球赛的票。I have the football match. 附答案:

一1.B 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.B

二、1、had a good/great/wonderful time、 enjoyed myself、 had fun.

2、are friendly to 3、two tickets for

英语学科八年级下册Unit 10 Self---check达标试题(A卷)

宁阳十中 田振元

⒈ A b________ must sleep more than nine hours a day .

⒉ I was late because the t________ was too busy this morning.

⒊ At l________ , you are still young , don’t lose heart.

⒋ Be careful to look both ways before you c________ the street

⒌ 我们相处的好因为我们两个都喜欢运动 。

We _________ _________ well because we both like sports .

⒍ 我打算浏览一下报纸去找一份假期工作。

I’m going to ________ _________ the newspaper ________ a holiday job . ⒎ 我经常帮助妈妈打扫卫生和做饭 。

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I often _________ my mother _________ cleaning and cooking .

⒏ 你和你的朋友相处的如何?

_________ do you ________ ________ ________ your friends ?

⒐ I like my English teacher , she _______ English so easy .

A makes B thinks C got D made


⒈ baby ⒉ traffic ⒊ least ⒋ cross ⒌ get along ⒍ look through for ⒎ help,

with ⒏ Hw ,get along with ⒐ A

英语学科八年级下册Unit10 第五课时(Self check)


命题人:陈丽 宁阳十中


feel like look through get along cross make help with

7. Mr Li teaches us English and he ______it very intresting.

8. When the light is green,you can ______ the street.

9. I _______well with my parents and they make me their friend.

10. My mother was ill,so I _______cleaning and cooking.l

11. If you want to find a job,you can ______the newspaper.

12. I ______part of the group now.

答案:1.makes 2.cross 3.get along 4.helped with 5.look through 6.feel


乡饮中心学校 张金霞


1、Be careful when you a busy street.

A、go cross B、across C、cross D、crossing

2、There are 1,000 students in this school.

A、least than B、at less C、in less D、at least

3、The traffic always very busy at this time of day.

A、is B、are C、was D、has been

4、How are you getting classmates ?

A、along B、on well C、along with D、on good with

5、He looks ________his father ,doesn’t he ?

A、at B、up C、like D、for


A、 ,isn’t it ?

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B、Yes ,it’s very cold ,and everyone wears warm clothes.

A、You’re waiting for the bus, ?

B、Yes, I wait for the bus for a long time.

A、 it ?

B、No, it isn’t ,But today the bus is late, I think there’s something wrong with it .

A、I agree. , don’t you?

B、Yes. All my classmates go to school by bus every

A、Your school is very far , ?

B、Yes, it’s about 10 kilometers away .


一、1.C 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.C

二、It’s very cold. Aren’t you It’s usually

第22页 共22页 day ,too. late

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