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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

一、 词汇


1.Have you ever been to an________(娱乐)park.

2.I have been to Japan _________(两次).

3.I like fruit,________(特别) apples.

4.Our life has_______(改变) a lot.

5.What do you want to be when you ________(毕业)?


6.Have you ever seen this kind of ________ instrument? ( music)

7.England is a ________ country. ( Europe)

8.The basketball match was very ________. ( wonder)

9.I have ________ English is very useful.(discover)

10.The twins have been to the ________ States. (unite)

二、 单项选择

( )1. I ________ never ________ there before.

A. have, been to B. have, been

C. have, gone to D. have, gone

( )2. There are many boats ________ people to travel ________ .

A. to, around B. for, over

C. for, around D. to , to

( )3. Have you ever traveled ________ another province ________ China?

A. to, of B. in, to C. to, to D. on, of

( )4. The students are very ________ music.

A. interesting at B. interested at

C. interesting in D. interested in

( )5. I’ve never been to a place ________ that before.

A. as B. like C. alike D. likes

( )6. They’ll ________ the subway to the space museum.

It’ll ________ them half an hour.

A. take, bring B. bring, take

C. take, take D. bring, bring

( )7.—Where is Bill?

—He ________ Sydney with his father.

A. has gone to B. has been to

C. have gone to D. have been to

( )8. The village is ________ the mountains.

A. among B. between

C. in the middle D. along

( )9. There are five ________ people in the city.

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A. millions B. million of

C. millions of D. million

( )10. Have you ever ________ anything you didn’t want to say?

A. say B. said C. saying D. say

三、 完型填空 possible. There would be a football match in

London and he could not do anything in his office. He

home after work. Supper was ready and he went to his

after that. But he could not fall asleep. He was afraid he

would the match though he had told his wife to

wake him up at once in the night. He had to and

began to read some evening newspapers.

Finally the match began. His team lost the half of the match. He became angry. He was so sleepy that he did not know when he had gone to . The next morning his wife brought some bread and milk into the sitting-room. She found he was sleeping on the sofa and called out “Oh, dear! Get up, or you’ll be today. It is five to seven!”

Hearing this, Mr Smith jumped off the chair and asked, “Who won?”

( )1. A. hated B. hoped C. had D. liked

( )2. A. common B. dangerous C. wonderful D. lucky ( )3. A. hurried B. swam C. walked D. jumped

( )4. A. classroom B. library C. shop D. bedroom ( )5. A. catch B. miss C. lost D. leave

( )6. A. get up B. lie down C. stand up D. go away

( )7. A. last B. third C. two D. first

( )8. A. work B. play C. sleep D. rest

( )9. A. ever B. yet C. already D. still

( )10. A. late B. early C. ill D. tired

四、 阅读理解


One day a man went home and said to his wife, “I bought something for you. ” “Thank you! ” said his wife. “ What have you bought for me?” “I’ve bought a gold ring (金戒). Here it is.” He took it out for his wife to see. Then he dropped it to the ground. He began to look for it on the ground, but it was dark in the house and he could not see anything. Then he went out and began to look for it in the street. Just then a friend came along. “ What’s the matter with you?” asked his friend. “ I am looking for my ring. I lost it just now.” said the man. “ Where did you lost it?” “ I lost it in my house.” “ You lost your ring in your house, but you are looking for it in the street. How foolish it is!” “ Ah,” said the man, “ But it is dark in my house. I shall never find it there. Bet here in the street, it is much brighter, I can see everything.”

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( )1. The man bought a ring for his ________ .

A. son B. wife C. mother D. daughter ( )2. He lost his ring ________ .

A. in the street B. in the house

C. at house D. in the house

( )3. _______ the man was looking for the ring, his friend came up.

A. Before B. After C. When D. Because

( )4. Why did the man begin to look for the ring in the street?

Because ________ .

A. he lost it in the street

B. it was much brighter in the street

C. his friend came up

D. he wanted someone to help him

( )5. The friend thought the man was _________ .

A. clever B. bright C. interesting D. foolish


George liked flying a plane. Once he bought a small plane and learned how to fly it. He soon became so good that he could make his plane do all kinds of tricks(技巧).

George had a friend. His name was Peter. One day George said to his friend, “ Peter, would you like to have a trip in my plane?” Peter thought, “ I’ve traveled in a big plane several times, but I’ve never been in a small one, so I’ll go.”

They went up, and George flew around for half an hour and did all kinds of tricks in a shaken voice(颤抖的声音), “ Well, George, thank you very much for these two trips in your plane.”

George was very surprised and asked, “ Two trips? ”

“Yes, my first and my last.” Answered Peter.

( )6. Peter ______ his friend’s plane.

A. had to fly in B. was asked to have a trip in

C. was asked to fly D. asked George to fly

( )7. Peter went up with George in the plane because ______ .

A. he liked traveling very much

B. George was good at flying his plane

C. he had never traveled in a small plane

D. Peter could do all kinds of flying tricks

( )8. They were in the plane for ______ minutes.

A. forty-five B. sixty C. thirty D. some

( )9. How many times did Peter travel in his friend’s small plane?

A. Once B. Twice C. Three times D. Several times

( )10. From the passage we know that ______ .

A. Peter thanked George for the nice trip

B. Peter thought it was wonderful to have such a trip

C. Peter felt surprised that his friend could fly so well

D. Peter was worried about his safety while George was doing tricks in the sky

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五、 书面表达

以 My English Teacher为题,写一篇短文。






My English Teacher



一、A)1. amusement 2. twice 3. especially 4. changed 5. graduate

B)6. musical 7. European 8. wonderful 9. discovered 10. United 二、1-5 BCADB 6-10 CAADB

三、1-5 BCADB 6-10 ADCDA

四、1-5 BBCBD 6-10 BCCAD


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